35 Beautiful Easter Garlands Ideas For A Sensational Spring

As the season shifts and spring breathes new life into the world, everything begins to sparkle under a warmer sun, signaling the arrival of Easter. This is the perfect moment to welcome the vibrancy of the season into your living space. These charming decorations are not only a nod to the festive spirit but also a wonderful way to brighten up your surroundings.

Easter garlands can be draped over doorways, strung across windows, or elegantly placed on dining tables, offering a versatile and festive touch to any room. Embrace the opportunity to experiment with designs, incorporating the soft, serene hues of spring or the cheerful vibrancy of Easter motifs. 

Whether you opt for a DIY project or select a pre-made piece, these garlands can add a special touch to your home, mirroring the renewal and beauty of the season.

Let these inspirations guide you as you decorate your home for the season, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere that celebrates the beauty of rebirth and renewal.

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1. Blooms and Bunnies in Beadwork

Image by ivorybarn

A garland of felt carrots interspersed with wooden beads drapes with a natural grace, infusing the space with spring’s bounty. It frames a charming display of Easter art, bunny figures, and floral arrangements, evoking a garden’s awakening. This decor, rich in textures and soft hues, is an exquisite nod to Easter that complements an earth-toned nursery. It’s a blend of botanical beauty and handcrafted detail, perfect for a peaceful and playful sanctuary.

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2. Whimsical Wonders and Earthy Undertones

Image by bloomgrowco

Above, a playful garland with pastel and earthy felt balls dangles, infusing the space with a touch of mirth. Nestled below, a vibrant Easter-themed bookshelf balances childhood charm with subdued natural tones. Adding a burst of freshness, a bouquet of spring flowers stands out against the neutral backdrop. This setup embraces Easter joy while maintaining a peaceful, earth-toned nursery aesthetic.

Expert tip by TCH – 

“Creating Easter garlands became a joyful tradition in my household. We mix pastel colors with natural elements. It’s amazing how a simple garland can transform a space into a festive springtime celebration.”

3. DIY Easter Storybook Charm with Earthy Elegance

Image by sprinkleofsparklehouse

Hanging gently, a felt garland dotted with carrots adds an Easter flair amidst earthy spheres. It gracefully underscores a collection of vibrant Easter storybooks. The books add splashes of color, yet the garland’s muted tones anchor the display in earthiness. This charming arrangement marries the festive spirit of Easter with a nursery’s tranquil vibe.

Expert tip by TCH – 

“I’ve discovered the beauty of simplicity in making Easter garlands. A string of painted easter eggs or a garland of simple white flowers can be profoundly elegant. It’s all about celebrating the season’s colors and textures.”

4. Rustic Reverie with a Hop – Easter Party Supplies

Image by rodworks

Suspended above a weathered wooden console, a garland of crochet bunnies whispers nostalgia. Below, a string of felt carrots dangles, adding an earthy yet festive touch. Flanked by mossy greens and patterned eggs, the display spells rustic charm. This ensemble blends Easter excitement with the organic textures ideal for a nature-inspired nursery.

Expert tip by TCH – 

“Every year, I experiment with different materials for Easter garlands. Last year, I used paper flowers and felt bunnies, which added a playful touch to my living room. It’s a fun way to involve the kids in holiday preparations.”

5. Vivid Vibrance and Playful Pops

Image by invitemeshop

Defying the usual earth tones, a vibrant felt letter garland proclaims “HIP HOP” in a rainbow of colors. Below, a rabbit garland adds a playful dimension against the vivid backdrop. The collection of Easter decorations is a kaleidoscope of color, yet they can be a whimsical accent in a neutral nursery. This joyful display brings a burst of energy, ideal for a lively Easter celebration.

6. Contemporary Cheer with a Twist of Tradition

Image by burntbuttercake

Draped across the mantel, a colorful letter garland spells out “HAPPY EASTER PEEPS,” marrying modernity with merriment. Below, the fireplace filled with neatly stacked wood logs adds an earthy, organic feel. Arrayed above, a rainbow of bunny silhouettes and pastel houses contribute to the festive whimsy. This vibrant setup offers a contemporary take on Easter, suitable for a nursery that embraces bold color and traditional textures.

7. Vintage Charm with a Festive Flair

Image by thehappyscraps

Perched above a rustic backdrop, a paper easter banner garland infuses an antique vibe with Easter greetings. Paired with it, a felt ball spring garland adds a playful contrast with its subtle pops of color. Below, the carrot garland dangles playfully, providing an organic touch to the vintage setting. This ensemble, set against distressed wood, blends timeless elegance with festive fun, suitable for an earth-toned nursery.

8. Personalized Pastel Pleasantries

Image by bloomgrowco

Floating above, a garland of soft-hued bunny silhouettes brings a gentle cheer to the nursery. Below, personalized Easter baskets adorned with names add a bespoke touch. The pastel ribbons and bunny ears peeking from the baskets lend a playful air. This home decor idea combines personalization with a soft, earthy aesthetic, perfect for a child’s Easter celebration in a nuanced nursery space.

9. Homespun Hares and Rustic Charms

Image by flossie_and_boo_

Adorning the wall, a garland of fabric bunnies adds a homespun touch to the nursery’s earth tones. Each bunny, with its unique pattern, hangs from a rustic twine, offering a homemade feel. Below, the soft blooms and willow branches complement the natural vibe. This garland perfectly blends handcrafted appeal with a rustic nursery ambiance.

10. Spring Easter Serenity in Earthy Hues

Image by willowbloomandhome

The garland of felt carrots and speckled eggs lends a touch of Easter to the crisp white wall. Above, a easter wreath of pastel eggs encircles the spirit of spring, complementing the soft color scheme. The table below, adorned with natural elements, anchors the decor in earthiness. This setting merges the freshness of spring with the grounded, calming palette of an earth-toned nursery.

11. Enchanted Teepee Easter Retreat

Image by sleepee.teepeez

Softly lit by a pastel egg garland, the teepees create a whimsical nook within the nursery. Accompanied by plush pillows and fur-like textures, they offer a cozy escape. Personalized wreaths add a unique touch to each child’s space, integrating the Easter theme. This magical corner combines comfort with festivity, a perfect blend for a tranquil yet playful earth-toned nursery.

12. Vintage Easter Extravaganza

Image by feliciaserroize

Beneath a classic framed artwork, a garland with patterned eggs dangles with old-world charm. It gracefully complements the trove of vintage Easter toys and decorations below. This display is a nostalgic journey through past Easter celebrations. It beautifully merges with the timeless elegance suitable for an earth-toned nursery that treasures the past.

13. Elegance with Whimsical Wabbits

Image by creativeonthecheap

A rustic garland featuring cutout bunnies and carrots strung with twine exudes simple charm against the natural wood mantelpiece. This garland, interspersed with fluffy pompoms, brings a touch of whimsy to the sturdy stone backdrop. It’s a celebration of spring that harmoniously blends with the nursery’s earthy decor.

14. Pastel Parade on the Mantel

Image by jennys_homemade_crafts

Transitioning effortlessly into spring, the soft pastel hues of the garland on the white mantel evoke serenity. Below, the pom-pom garland adds a whimsical touch, mirroring the fluffiness of a bunny’s tail. The ceramic rabbits stand in a harmonious line, complementing the earthy tones of the room. The entire setup serves as a subtle nod to Easter, perfect for a nursery designed with a gentle palette in mind.

15. Classic Elegance with a Bunny Twist

Image by therangeuk

A garland of plush bunny heads, each adorned with a quaint burlap bow, brings a soft charm to the mantelpiece. Above, a wreath of speckled eggs nestled among twigs captures the essence of a spring nest. Flanking the hearth, lanterns display candles and a cascade of colorful eggs, blending tradition with the jubilance of Easter. This refined ensemble, marrying classic decor with Easter whimsy, is a perfect fit for an earth-toned nursery.

16. Monochromatic Magic with Pink Accents

Image by florrie.poms

Suspended against a striking black mantel, a delicate garland with pink and white bunny motifs adds a gentle contrast. Above, a wreath adorned with pink buds encircles the reflective tranquility of a circular mirror. Personalized blocks spell out “AUBREY,” infusing a sense of identity into the nursery space. This elegant display, with its monochromatic backdrop and soft pink touches, creates a sophisticated yet whimsical atmosphere for Easter.

17. Plush Pastels and Golden Accents

Image by pearlandjane

A garland of fluffy white pompoms hangs with elegance beneath a gilded mirror, spelling “HIP-HOP” in tender hues. Flanked by pastel bunnies, the scene is both stately and sweet, ideal for a festive yet refined nursery. The gold of the mirror and softness of the garland’s colors blend opulence with innocence. This arrangement brings a luxurious touch to the Easter celebrations within an earth-toned nursery setting.

Expert tip by TCH – 

“I’ve been making Easter garlands for local church events for years. The key is durability and ease of storage. Fabric flowers and ribbons work well and can be reused, blending tradition with practicality.”

18. Eclectic Elegance with a Burst of Color

Image by modernjunecleaver

Cascading above a retro console, a vibrant egg garland injects a spectrum of color into the nursery. Beneath it, a stark contrast of earthy wood and curated bone collection intrigues and surprises. The juxtaposition of vivid Easter decor with natural curiosities creates a uniquely eclectic space. This setting is a bold departure from traditional nursery themes, embracing a more adventurous and colorful earth tone palette.

19. Soft Hues and Storybook Cues

Image by kireihandmade

A felt garland in gentle pastel colors adds a playful yet soft touch above a woven Easter basket. Alongside, the classic “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” book invites timeless storytelling. Felt carrots and eggs, scattered around, offer a tactile experience for little hands. This nursery scene merges the warmth of traditional Easter with the subtle palette of earth tones, perfect for a serene nursery setting.

20. Rustic Charm with a Dash of Easter

Image by peabodyandsassafras

An egg garland in vibrant patterns sways along a rustic mantel, adding Easter joy to the farmhouse decor. Vintage elements like the classic scale, antique window frame, and barn star blend heritage with festivity. Colorful tassels hanging from the window complement the garland’s lively hues. This blend of old and new embodies a nursery that’s grounded in tradition yet playful for the holiday.

21. Whimsical Woodland and Floral Fusion

Image by rebecca_real_life

A bunny bunting, with each silhouette playfully pinned, swings below a rustic wooden mantel, echoing a woodland theme. Above, an ensemble of fresh blooms, a circular wreath, and a pink wooden egg add layers of spring vitality. The juxtaposition of florals and rustic wood elements embodies a nursery that’s rooted in nature’s beauty. This setting creates an enchanting Easter atmosphere with a delicate balance between rustic charm and floral freshness.

22. Serene Simplicity with a Touch of Spring

Image by lumiere_lifestyle

A minimalist bunny garland, with pastel tails, stretches gracefully across a neutral wall, bringing a serene yet festive touch. The crisp white tulips below complement the simplicity and purity of the nursery’s design. This understated decor idea, blending natural textures and soft tones, embodies the calmness of an earth-toned nursery. It’s a harmonious celebration of Easter’s gentle side, perfect for a peaceful nursery setting.

Expert tip by TCH – 

“As a professional event planner, I find that Easter garlands create a welcoming atmosphere. Incorporating fresh flowers and greenery can elevate any space, making it feel like a spring garden.”

23. Homespun Hearth and Greenery

Image by brandielk

Above a classic fireplace, a garland of mossy bunnies leaps with natural charm, bringing an organic touch to the mantel. Paired with topiaries and a lush wreath, the scene is a nod to nature’s enduring beauty. The word “home” rests prominently, grounding the space in warmth and welcome. This décor strikes a balance between homey comfort and the spirited freshness of Easter, ideal for an earth-toned nursery that celebrates life and growth.

24. Garden Fresh and Earthy Delights

Image by burtonplusburton

A garland of felt carrots dangles playfully from a table’s edge, invoking the bounty of a spring harvest. Crates labeled “Cottontail & Co.” stacked on the table hold a variety of green plants, enhancing the garden theme. This display is a charming blend of rustic farmstand and Easter cheer, perfect for an earth-toned nursery that celebrates the natural world. The use of greenery and farm-inspired accents creates a cozy, grounded atmosphere for Easter festivities.

25. Modern Minimalism with Easter Accents

Image by annyanderyn

A contemporary garland with Easter motifs adds a playful touch above a dollhouse, blending modern design with festive charm. The neutral tones of the wall and decor items provide a calm, earthy backdrop. This nursery decor merges clean lines and soft Easter symbols, offering a fresh take on holiday traditions. It’s a perfect example of how Easter can be stylishly integrated into a modern earth-toned nursery.

26. Springtime Serenity in Subdued Tones

Image by thelistedhome

A pastel bunny garland leaps across a gray paneled wall, offering a splash of spring color in a subdued setting. The bench beneath, accented with a patterned cushion and vibrant throw, invites relaxation. Above, cheerful yellow daffodils complement the soft pastel tones of the garland. This peaceful corner is a blend of comfort and Easter charm, ideal for a gentle earth-toned nursery.

27. Soft Serenity with Bunny Accents

Image by _all.ingoodtime

Gentle pastels set a serene tone in this cozy nook, perfect for an Easter morning. Above, a delicate bunny garland adds whimsy, cascading from a rustic shelf. A floral wreath interweaves soft greens and peach tones, marrying the season with earthy hues. Plush toys and a chunky knit blanket invite warmth, ideal for an earth-toned nursery.

28. Handcrafted Whimsy and Colorful Comfort

Image by amapri.designs

A handmade fabric garland, adorned with Easter imagery, brings a cozy and creative touch to the nursery wall. Each piece, featuring cheerful designs such as chicks and bunnies, adds a personal touch. The garland’s soft textures and bright colors are a joyous contrast to the shelf’s muted tones. It’s a charming and playful addition, blending seamlessly with the nursery’s earthy and nurturing atmosphere.

29. Playful Bunnies and Harvest Delight

Image by buntinginabox

Hopping along a string, felt bunnies and carrots make a delightful garland against a minimalist wall. The whimsical decor piece, paired with children’s artwork and fresh daffodils, celebrates both creativity and the season. The message “Let’s Stay Home” echoes the comfort and joy found in these simple pleasures. It’s a garland that not only decorates but also brings a sense of playful serenity to an earth-toned nursery.

30. Cozy Knits and Softly Lit Nights

Image by storyknits

Hand-knitted bunny garlands in pastel shades drape against a white lattice backdrop, exuding homespun charm. Twinkling lights weave through, casting a warm glow and creating a cozy ambiance. Below, a mantle adorned with handmade knit bunnies enhances the crafty, welcoming feel. This setting is a heartwarming celebration of Easter, perfect for a nursery that cherishes handcrafted touches and soft, earthy tones.

31. Festive Finesse with Earth Tones

Image by alwaysandforeverdesigns

A garland of vibrant, multi-colored felt balls injects a playful contrast atop a classic white fireplace. Nestled between elegant candlesticks, the piece subtly nods to Easter’s joy. Wooden blocks spell ‘always & forever,’ grounding the display in earthy charm. This whimsical yet sophisticated adornment complements any earth-toned nursery with a festive spirit.

32. Fables and Springtime Splendor

Image by the.deley.crew

The mantel bursts with Easter glee, flaunting a colorful “HAPPY EASTER” garland in playful, raised letters. Surrounding it, whimsical artwork and stuffed bunnies create a storybook tableau. Below, the cozy hearth is softened by a cushion with a rabbit motif and a basket of Easter delights. This joyous scene weaves the spirit of Easter into the fabric of a nursery steeped in earth tones and vintage charm.

33. Easter Elegance in Bloom

Image by my_vintage_rose_home

Above the mantel, a delicate garland adorned with speckled eggs weaves amongst twinkling lights, offering a magical Easter glow. The whimsy continues with a tree branch, festooned with colorful eggs, standing as a centerpiece of spring’s rebirth. This scene of celebration, set against a backdrop of timeless nursery whites and pastels, creates a serene yet festive atmosphere. It’s a perfect blend of traditional Easter joy and the soft, calming tones of an earthy nursery.

Expert tip by TCH – 

“For me, Easter garlands are about bringing the outdoors in. I like to use branches from my garden and hang small, decorated eggs from them. It’s a sustainable and natural way to decorate.”

34. Tranquil Tones with a Touch of Spring

Image by the_seasoned_home

Adorning the fireplace mantel, a garland of white bunnies adds a soft, festive touch to the serene living space. The circular mirror, flanked by elegant lamps and tulips, reflects a room filled with natural light and simplicity. The understated Easter decor complements the room’s earthy hues, maintaining a tranquil atmosphere. This setup is ideal for a nursery that values a calm environment with subtle seasonal accents.

35. Elegance in Spring’s Embrace

Image by alwaysandforever

A simple yet elegant garland with soft pink and green pom-poms graces the classic white fireplace, whispering of spring’s gentle arrival. Flanked by candlesticks and a reflective mirror crowned with a fresh green wreath, the scene is timeless. A pair of wooden bunnies adds a touch of Easter charm without overpowering the room’s sophisticated tone. This décor harmoniously blends festive joy with the calm, earth-toned palette of a peaceful nursery.


Q1: What materials do I need to make an Easter garland?

A1: Basic materials include string or twine, decorative items like painted eggs, felt shapes, flowers, and crafting supplies such as glue and scissors.

Q2: How can I create a themed Easter garland?

A2: Choose a theme such as pastel colors, Easter bunnies, or floral designs. Gather ornaments and materials that match your chosen theme for a cohesive look.

Q3: Can I make an Easter garland with children?

A3: Absolutely! Select simple and safe materials like paper cutouts or lightweight plastic eggs for a fun family crafting session.

Q4: How do I hang my Easter garland?

A4: Use small hooks, nails, or strong adhesive tape to securely hang your garland. Ensure it’s placed out of reach if using delicate materials.

Q5: Can Easter garlands be used outdoors?

A5: Yes, but choose weather-resistant materials like plastic eggs and synthetic flowers. Consider a covered area to protect from direct elements.

Q6: How can I store my Easter garland for future use?

A6: Wrap the garland around a cardboard tube or lay it flat in a storage box, separating layers with tissue paper to prevent tangling and damage.

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