35+ Open Kitchen Ideas that are Unique and Functional

Kitchens are the hearts of our home, where some of the best times are spent. Creating a lively, fun, and appealing atmosphere will make you want to cook more often. These open kitchen ideas are perfect for smaller or larger spaces.

If you want to make tiny changes to your kitchen or wish for a complete makeover, this list will come in handy. So, check out these innovative and functional open kitchen designs for your remodeling inspiration.

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1. Modern Open Kitchen Dining Room

From sarabcline

This well-lit and ventilated open kitchen dining room will be the perfect hang-out spot for your guests. The use of white cabinets makes the space even brighter. Adding the black island with stylish high stools gives extra seating space. Do try this idea for a seamless transition from the kitchen to the dining room!

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2. Adorable Open Kitchen Cabinet Idea

From happily ever adventures

I love how adorable and cozy this open kitchen idea is. A bright blue island perfectly compliments the white walls and cabinets. These rattan bar stools and lanterns add an attractive appeal to the kitchen and make it very inviting. Finish the design with some rose gold accents, and voila!

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3. Sophisticated Open Concept Kitchen Idea

From hygge_by_kate

This sleek and sophisticated open-concept kitchen idea is all you need for your kitchen remodeling! Using white seamless kitchen cabinets with black walls adds a classy look to the interiors. The maple wood flooring and a matching top cabinet perfectly contrast this stylish open kitchen.

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4. Terrazzo Open Kitchen Living Room Design

From better.homes.studio

You can easily remodel your open kitchen on a budget by adding this terrazzo backsplash and flooring. This open kitchen living room design is a perfect balance of brightness and elegance. It is a great choice for remodeling a small open-plan kitchen and living room. Using lighter tones makes the open kitchen appear spacious and lively.

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5. Classy Open Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

From better.homes.studio

Add colorful detailing to your classic wooden open kitchens to revamp on a budget! These colorful hanging lights and chairs are an affordable twist to your open kitchen space. They help enhance the wooden tones of your open kitchen cabinets. Do try this cozy open-concept kitchen idea!

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6. Charming Open Concept Kitchen Idea

From zure.com.au

Isn’t this open-concept kitchen idea so appealing and full of light? You can build one for yourself by adding these sleek white open kitchen cabinets. They perfectly balance against the wooden flooring and make your open kitchen layout very soothing.

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7. Industrial Open Kitchen Dining Room Idea

From atelier_paulrobida

This industrial open kitchen layout is perfect for a tiny open-plan kitchen living room. The black interiors perfectly contrast with the light wood. The use of open shelving kitchen ideas brightens up this interior. The black backsplash beautifully complements the shelves.

8. Arched Open Kitchen Living Room Idea

From simplecede

Opening up to the living room, this arched kitchen is the best example of cute and classy. The neutral-toned open kitchen cabinets look beautiful against the soft blue mosaic. The wooden accents in this open-shelving kitchen are a treat to the eyes!

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9. U-Shaped Open Concept Kitchen Idea

From thecitybuilders1

This U-shaped open-concept kitchen is a great way to get the most out of your kitchen space. If you want an open kitchen but can’t compromise much of your countertop, go for a similar U-shaped interior. Use wooden accents for a timeless look!

10. Compact Open Plan Kitchen Ideas

From kklei.pracownia

Try this idea if you have a smaller space to remodel your open kitchen living room. The soothing neutral tones of beige flooring and grey-white open kitchen cabinets give the space a bright yet classy appeal. The U-shaped counter makes the best use of space for your cozy open kitchen!

11. Modern Open Kitchen Layout Idea

From westofmainshoppe

This idea is the best way to go if you have a wider open kitchen space. The white interiors with a marble island make the open kitchen dining room very lively and spacious. It is a pleasant contrast to the wooden floorboards, and the gold accents add a subtle luxury!

12. Grey Farmhouse Open Kitchen Layout

From westofmain

I love how unique and stylish this open kitchen layout idea looks. The contrast of flint purple open kitchen cabinets with warm wooden tones is such an elegant sight. These minimal bar stools will always be full of admirers for this gorgeous open kitchen.

13. Elegant Open Kitchen Cabinet Idea

From better.homes.studio

Want to add a dining space to your compact kitchen space? Try out this stunning open kitchen dining room idea. The grey cabinets add a tasteful and timeless touch to your open kitchen. And the L-shaped kitchen layout creates enough space for four-seater dining!

14. DIY Open Shelving Kitchen Idea

From Graceful Mommy

Why stop at changing your kitchen backsplash when you can remodel your kitchen as a DIY project? Try this open-shelving kitchen idea to add a stylish yet functional touch to your open kitchen. These kitchen open shelving ideas are easily customizable to suit your kitchen interiors!

15. Minimal Open Plan Kitchen Idea

From The Identite Collective

Check out this amazing open-plan kitchen idea for your next kitchen remodeling. This project was well-thought-out within a budget that you can refer to while planning your open kitchen. You can refer to the complete guide to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing open kitchen layout!

16. Colorful Open Kitchen Living Room Idea

From Maggie Overby Studios

Are you bored of the overused neutrals? Add this splash of color to your open kitchen living room to make it brighter than ever! You can use this simple and affordable open-plan kitchen idea for small or large kitchens. You can customize the colors and prints to suit your style!

17. Contemporary Open Kitchen Design Idea

From Heartbeet Kitchen

I am in love with this contemporary u-shaped open kitchen design idea. The hardwood floors with open shelving make the space very bright and attractive. However, my favorite part is the custom backsplash which adds an aesthetic touch to this lovely open kitchen.

18. Chic Open Shelving Kitchen Idea

From The Effortless Chic

This mid-century modern open kitchen design is the perfect choice for your kitchen remodeling. With a quartz countertop and brick backsplash, this kitchen looks so bright and appealing. The open-shelving kitchen idea is perfect for adding beautiful plants or showpieces. Check out the complete details here.

19. Soothing Green Open Kitchen Design Idea

From In Honor of Design

You will surely fall in love with cooking in this gorgeous green open kitchen that shall become the heart of your home. The beautiful tinted green open kitchen cabinets add the right amount of color to the space. Wooden accents are also a classy touch to this aesthetic kitchen. Here is the complete guide to creating this open kitchen layout idea.

20. Mid-Century Open Kitchen Living Room Idea

From Jessica Brigham

Green is a timeless color that is a must-have in your open kitchen living room design. These open kitchen cabinets look so attractive and vibrant. The kitchen open shelving is a minimal yet practical touch to this space. Do try this wonderful idea for your next remodel!

21. Lively Farmhouse Open Kitchen Layout Idea

From Emily Henderson

Give your open kitchen layout a vintage touch with this amazing idea. The custom oak cabinets with a vintage island add the perfect wooden interiors to this open-plan kitchen idea. I am in love with this fresh blue-tiled backsplash. It adds a stunning contrast and brightens up the space!

22. White and Wood Open Kitchen Living Room

From Pinteresting Plans

Look how gorgeous this white and wood open kitchen layout idea is. I love absolutely everything about this one, from the kitchen open shelving to the white cabinetry to the lovely neutral wooden stools. Check out the complete details here.

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23. Rustic Open Kitchen Living Room

From Sugar Maple Notes

Making a mood board is the easiest way to plan an open kitchen design. This amazing farmhouse open kitchen design has a rustic wooden look with white open kitchen cabinets. I love how everything blends together, creating a cozy and stylish space.

24. Studio Kitchen Open Shelving Idea

From Oh Joy!

This studio open kitchen is the definition of minimal and luxurious. I love how the brass accents add a sophisticated luxury to this colorful kitchen space. This shall indeed be a conversation piece for all your guests. It’s bright, lovely, and oh-so-tasteful!

25. Black & White Open Kitchen Living Room

From The House of Silver Lining

Three words to describe this gorgeous open kitchen living room: bright, open, and airy! The classic contrast of black and white in this open-shelving kitchen is very classy and elegant. You cannot go wrong with the simple open kitchen cabinets in this space! Here is everything your need to know!

26. Cozy Open Shelving Kitchen Idea

From From My Bowl

Looking to remodel your kitchen space on a budget? Try out this cozy yet functional open kitchen layout. Wooden interiors are diverse, classy, and evergreen, so make that your first choice when you remodel. Using open shelving kitchen ideas can make the space open and less cluttered. Check out the details here!

27. Olive Open Kitchen Dining Room Idea

From Lemon Thistle

Here is a lovely olive green open kitchen idea for a rustic, clean look to your kitchen. The light wood details, stacked tile, matte black fixtures, and open shelving are everything you need for this stunning open kitchen dining room idea!

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28. All-White Open Kitchen Layout Idea

From Nick and Alicia

How much white is too much white? Well, it’s not too much for this stunning open kitchen design. This open kitchen layout turns your builder-grade kitchen into a budget-friendly remodeling project.

29. Tropical Open Shelving Kitchen Idea

From casawatkinsblog

This wonderful idea adds a quirky and tropical feel to your open kitchen living room. The kitchen open shelving stands out against the printed wallpaper, and the yellow wall is a splash of color. Here’s all you need to know for this one!

30. Neutral Kitchen Open Shelving Idea

From blushingboho

Stick to the all-time favorite white tones for your next kitchen remodel. This open kitchen layout is bright, lively, and very sleek. The open-shelving kitchen is very functional and adds extra storage space. It’s a clean, sophisticated, and appealing open kitchen design!

31. European Open Kitchen Cabinets Idea

From thegritandpolish

This affordable open kitchen remodel is all you need to turn your kitchen from boring to brilliant! White or any other neutral shade is the safest choice if you are new at designing. And going all-white is always the best choice! Here are all the details for you to build one.

32. Scandinavian Kitchen Open Shelving Idea

From A Nod to Navy

I love how fresh and lively this open kitchen design is. The all-white interiors are balanced with powder blue chairs and open kitchen shelving. It is a budget-friendly option that you can customize according to your taste.

33. Vintage Modern Open Kitchen Layout Idea

From Addison’s Wonderland

I love this colorful vintage modern open kitchen design. The high open kitchen cabinets give tons of storage space, and the matching island is the perfect place to hang out! Black and gold accents are a unique combination.

34. Porcelain Open Kitchen Dining Room Idea

From cinnstudio

Add some fresh porcelain slabs and a fresh coat of paint to the island to give your open kitchen dining room this stunning look. For that extra touch, add some contrasting accessories, and voila!

35. Hand-Built Open Kitchen Design Idea

From Lobster and Swan

Why spend tons on remodeling when you can do it yourself for half the price? This hand-built open kitchen uses reclaimed wood, recycled crates for open shelving, and old pipes for renovating the space. Here’s how you can recreate the same.

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