30+ All-New Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker Ideas You’ll Love

bullet journal sleep tracker

A good sleep does wonders for our body! However, the constant access to our smartphones and long working hours on the screen has started affecting the quality of our sleep. Studies claim that sleeping and waking up at the fixed time each day sets our body’s circadian rythm, also known as the sleep-wake cycle.

A healthy sleep cycle is extremely important for your mental as well as physical health. A sleep tracker is a perfect way to help you achieve that. Here is your complete guide to sleep tracking. Discover what is a sleep tracker and the benefits of tracking your sleep. In the later section of the article, you will also find some bullet journal sleep tracker ideas for your inspiration.

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What Are Sleep Trackers?

A sleep tracker, as the name suggests, is a tool that helps you track your sleep. You can track the number of hours that you sleep in a day, the timings of your sleep, and also the quality of sleep that you get. There are many ways in which you can track your sleep, but in this article, we will exclusively be looking at using a bullet journal to track your sleeping pattern.  

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Sleep Tracker?

All of us have different sleep needs. The old 8 hours a day might not work for everyone. Some people might feel alive and energetic with only 6 hours of sleep, while some might require 9 hours of sleep.

Maintaining a sleep tracker will help you identify your sleep needs to achieve your highest possible efficiency.  Studies have also shown that a proper sleep cycle can reduce your risk of heart failure and diabetes. A healthy sleep cycle will also increase the regulation of weight, appetite, and energy.

Do you have certain times in the day when you feel an energy drop? You can reduce the intensity of those energy drops and also get rid of them altogether, if you sleep well.

Getting good quality sleep is essential for maintaining a good mood and decreasing  your stress levels. As you work on improving your sleep patterns, you will begin to feel more productive and healthy. It also improves your memory and concentration levels.

If you want to start tracking your sleep, you can use the free printable weekly sleep tracker below. It’s perfect for those who have never tracked sleep before. Taking it one week at a time will help you build your sleep tracking habits. 

How to Maintain Sleep Tracker In Bullet Journal?

Maintaining a sleep tracker or a sleep log in your bullet journal is a great way to track your sleep schedule and improve your wellbeing. I have found that its best to follow a simple and effective layout to track your sleep in your bullet journal. You can use the standard monthly layout or opt for a weekly layout as well. You can include a sleep tracker in your weekly or monthly bullet journal spreads, or dedicate a page exclusively for tracking your sleep. 

You can also use your bullet journal to draw correlation between sleep and other aspects of your life such as your mood or your work/study hours. 

If there are certain habits that you are trying to follow to align your sleep cycle like – keep the phone away half an hour before going to bed, working out for at least 30 minutes, or writing in your journal right before bed – you can use your bullet journal to track those habits alongside the sleep tracker.

Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker Ideas

We’ve talked about the various kinds of sleep trackers that you can create in your bullet journal. Here are some visual cues for your inspiration. Find the idea that inspires you the most and aligns with your requirements. 

1. Simple Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker

sleep tracker ideas
Source: byclairee

I love this sleep tracker by @byclairee that I found on Instagram. It follows a monthly layout wherein you can track your sleep schedule and the number of hours that you slept for. All you have to do is list down the number of days in the month vertically and the hours that you sleep horizontally at the top of the page. Use highlighters to track your sleep to get an overview of how your sleeping pattern has been during the month. 

2. Mood And Sleep Tracker For Your Bullet Journal

sleep tracker bujo
Source: bujonoteswith.nina

This is a mood and sleep tracker that I found on Instagram by bujonoteswith.nina. Your mood highly influences your sleep cycle and vice versa. So, it is a good idea to keep track of both. This sleep tracker follows a similar layout as the previous one. I love the sunflower theme and colors going on in this spread. 

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3. Cute Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker

sleep tracker for bullet journal
Source: cath_studies

I absolutely adore this blue ‘never go to bed mad’ sleep tracker by @cath_studies. Write down the days of the month along with the week along the vertical axis of the page. Write down the hours that you sleep horizontally next to the dates. Then, you can highlight the hours that you sleep using a blue highlighter. You need not write down the number of hours slept for every single day, instead, you can follow a simpler layout like the previous one. I love the header with cute doodles at the top.

To recreate such amazing headers, refer- 20 Best Bullet Jornal Fonts For Your Bujo Pages 

4. Circle Sleep Tracker For Your Bullet Journal

sleep tracker
Source: hannahbanana_ig

This monthly sleep tracker follows a different layout than the ones seen so far. This is a circular sleep tracker by hannahbanana_ig on Instagram. Use a compass to create a circle and then divide the circle into equal parts to represent the days of the month and the hours of sleep that you receive. It also has a notes action at the bottom. 

5. Sushi Themed Sleep Log

bullet journal sleep log
Source: study.susan

Here is yet another adorable sleep tracker that I found on Instagram. This one is sushi themed and follows a similar layout to the first few sleep trackers on the list where you write down the days of the month on the vertical axis and the hours on the top. Use a highlighter to mark the hours slept. You can also use a black pen to write down the total number of hours that you spend sleeping. 

6. Sleep Log With Night Time Routine

bullet journal sleep tracker
Source: zaynah.studies

This is yet another sleep tracker that I found while scrolling through Instagram by zaynah.studies. Apart from the minimalist, functional layout, I like the section for a night routine that this spread has. The tasks that you do at night before sleeping highly influence your sleep cycle. Having an ideal night time routine will help you sleep better and improve the quality of your sleep as well.

7. Sleep Tracker For Healthy Sleep Habits

sleep log ideas
Source: bujoserendipity

I love the minimalist layout and the theme of this sleep tracker by bujoserendipity. The line doodling on top is the limelight of this sleep tracker. But apart from that, I really like the simple black and white theme which makes this tracker soothing and easy to follow. 

For more such minimalist layouts and bullet journal spreads, refer- Minimalist Bullet Journal Ideas For Your Bujo Pages

8. Sleepy Sheep Sleep Tracker

bullet journal sleep tracker
Source: lujo.bujos

This adorable sleepy sheep themed sleep tracker is by lujo.bujos. The layout is very similar to the rest of the sleep trackers on the list where you highlight the number of hours slept following the horizontal and vertical axis. The sheep doodling adds extra cuteness to the page. 

9. Minimalist Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker

minimalist sleep tracker
Source: gingerofthecentury

I love this minimalist tracker by gingerofthecentury on Instagram. This tracker helps you to track your sleep, mood and stress levels. As you already know, your stress levels impact your mood and this in turn impacts your sleep pattern and the quality of your sleep as well. This is also true the other way round. So it is a great idea to keep track of all three of them. This one follows a line graph layout with a key representing the different lines for stress level, mood and number of hours slept. 

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10. Cute Pink Sleep Tracker

sleep tracker layout
Source: alotmallforyou

Here is a cute pink themed sleep tracker by alotmallforyou. I love the simple layout and the adorable doodles on this page. The header is written using neat hand lettering font which adds to the look of this page. You can also add stickers and use washi tape to decorate this page further.

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11. Scrapbook Themed Sleep Log

sleep tracker ideas
Source: my.sweet.journal

This footprints themed sleep log has details of what time you fall asleep, when you wake up and total hours in bed. I love the scrapbook feel of this bullet journal sleep tracker. This follows a monthly layout and maintains a systematic log of your sleep pattern. Recreate this in your bullet journal to track your sleep and improve your sleep quality. 

12. Happy And Bright Sleep Log

bullet journal sleep log
Source: thedotsandgrids

Here is a bright habit tracker and sleep tracker bullet journal spread. By following this layout, you can track your habits as well as sleeping pattern in the same page. I love the happy and bright colors used and the fun vibe going on in this page.

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13. Sleep Log For Better Sleep Habits

bujo sleep log
Source: cynthiabujo

I like the color scheme followed in this sleep tracker. The font is also quite intriguing. This sleep tracker also has two dotted lines through the page that represents your ideal sleep timings. In this case, it is 11 pm to 8 am. 

14. Sleep And Mood Tracker Page

sleep log
Source: midwest.journal

This is a sleep and mood tracker by midwest.journal. I love the color scheme and the unique layout of this bullet journal spread. As you already know, your mood and sleep are interrelated. Both invariably affect each other. So why not track both of these elements on the same page. This sleep tracker follows a graph layout with the days of the month on the x-axis and the number of hours slept on the y-axis. The mood tracker also follows a minimal layout with 3 moods. 

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15. Colorful Sleep Log For Your Bullet Journal

bullet journal sleep tracker
Source: thedotsandgrids

Here is a colorful sleep log by thedotsandgrids on Instagram. It follows a monthly layout and also has a quote on the side. Use different colored highlighters for each day of the week. You can also use stickers to decorate the page.

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16. Black And White Sleep Tracker

bujo sleep tracker
Source: journalchill

Here is a circular monthly sleep tracker by journalchill. I really like the black and white theme and the dark look of this sleep tracker. Use a compass to make a neat circle, then divide it into equal parts for the days of the month as well as the scale. Simply use a black pen or marker to shade the hours that you were asleep.

Notice how the two concentric circles represent the ideal sleep time. This graphical representation shows how far you’re deviating from your ideal schedule.

17. Sleep Tracker With Activity Level and Mood

Source: seras.bullet.journal

This sleep tracker by seras.bullet.journal is by far the most meticulous and detailed sleep tracker that I have seen so far. It not only tracks your sleep schedule and sleeping patterns, but also keeps track of your activity levels the previous evening and how you feel when you wake up to determine the quality of your sleep. I am really impressed with the attention to detail and the overall look of this sleep tracker as well.

18. Aqua-themed Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker

Sleep Tracker
Source : megansstudies

I like how this one turned out to look. The comforting shades of blue have created a calming atmosphere. Megansstudies have chosen beautiful shades that go perfectly well with the calmness that can be associated with sleep. You can easily recreate this bullet journal sleep tracker and as it is a simple layout it will be quite easy to maintain. I like how she has used different colors to denote good sleep hours.

19. Light up the mood

Sleep Tracker
Source : letteriee

This sleep tracker is a super easy one by letteriee. It is so cozy and simple. The tracker also has a habit tracker along with the sleep tracker. Both are an essential part of any bullet journal. The mood tracker here is so interesting. Symbolically speaking, it is almost like lighting up your mood.

20. Sleep Tracker in Shades of Pink

Sleep Tracker
Source : creativitybysockergrynet

Creativitybysockergrynet has created a sleeping compass that you will enjoy filling with these shades of pink. The concept here is pretty simple. She has numbered the compass and all you have to do is color them according to the number of days you have slept. You can also use different shades to specify the good and deep sleep days. Stick a few aesthetically pleasing stickers to complete the whole look of this bullet journal sleep tracker.

21. Sleep Tracker Bar Graph

Source : ham_cooky.study7

Bar graphs are one of the simplest ways to keep a tracker of your sleep cycle. They are easy to maintain and easy to recreate. For instance, ham_cooky.study7 has chosen the green theme for this sleep tracker. The setup is simple all you have to do bar graph and simply write down the number of hours you have slept.

22. Polar Bear Sleep Tracker

Source : ana.cireilo_art

This is a fun one. Ana.cireilo_art has said that the aim is to sleep well and sleep enough. So with this fun bullet journal sleep tracker, you can do exactly that. Enjoy your sleeping hours just like this happy polar bear!

23. Sleeping Tracker

Sleep Tracker
Source : bullet.by.shecat

I am loving this one by bullet.by.shecat. The concept that she has chosen for the mood tracker is so interesting and innovative. The sleep tracker is not a complex one to maintain. It is like a simple graph. So with this layout color your moods and graph your sleep!

24. Warm Socks and Cold Days

Sleep Tracker
Source : bullet_journal4life

This sleep journal is so warm. Bullet_journal4life has also included a short quote to remind you that every night. This quote is so unique, it talks about all the cold nights and the warmth of the socks. The layout has a Christmas-like feeling with all the red socks hanging around. But the best part of this one is certainly the column on the extreme right of the page. Here you can write about your floating thoughts that keep you up at night.

25. Sleep in Gold

Sleep Tracker
Source : ilham.bujo

How Hardrock-like is this layout! It is absolutely magnificent. Ilham.bujo has given this simple sleep compass a classy look. And I love the skull in the midst of all. The concept of this one is simple. All you have to do is draw a golden line to mark the number of hours you have slept. And voila! You have your own bullet journal sleep tracker.

26. Autumn Sleep Log

Sleep Tracker
Source : somekindwords_

Autumn is a beautiful month and so is this sleep tracker layout. Somekindwords_ has drawn this beautiful layout. The doodle is so cute! With all the pumpkin and book doodles and the tiny fallen leaves, this Autumn theme is excellent!

26. Sleep Journal

Source : b.bulletjournal

I love this one. And the biggest flex in this one is the section allotted to random thoughts. B.bulletjournal has won my overthinking mind with this sleep log. The doodle is minimal so if you are not into doodling then this is certainly for you.

28. Butterfly Butterfly

Source : jodie_journals

This colorful butterfly is the reflection of your sleep routine. Jodie_journals has drawn this beautiful butterfly that will cheer you up and also keep a track of your sleep. I like the color designations, how it not only counts the number of sleeping hours but also the quality of your sleep. So go ahead and color the flower petals and the butterflies.

29. Surgical Tools

Source : cissmophy

Circular trackers are so much in trend. Cissmophy has also added some houses and some anchors to the trackers. This tracker layout is so compact. With this, you will have both sleep and mood trackers in one place.

30. Sleep Challenge

Sleep Tracker
Source : theminimalistjournaler

Sohailssanghvi has presented the perfect example of minimalism with this bullet journal sleep tracker idea. The tracker is so simple and is a blessing for a lazy soul like me. If keeping things simple is your style then you can certainly go for this one here.

31. Kitchen Doodles

Sleep Tracker
Source : bujomel.aine

I love this sleep tracker by bujomel.aine and her kitchen doodles. It is a unique doodling idea that you will not find that often crowding the BuJo pages. Besides the fact that this layout is kind of cluttered, it is also convenient as you have all the trackers on one single page.

32. Sleep Tracker Graph

Sleep Tracker
Source : bujomuffe

If you want it all on one single page then you can recreate this bullet journal sleep tracker idea by bujomuffe. I like how minimal she has kept things. The whole layout is sleek and sophisticated.

33. Stranger dreams

Source : journalinblue

This one by journalinblue has chosen the Stranger Things theme. If you are a fan then you know it already. I like how colorful this one is. It is nothing extravagant but it is unique.

34. Color Your Dreams

Sleep Tracker
Source : bella.studyyyy

This is how I like my sleep tracker. Bella.studyyy has chosen all the bright colors for this one. It is a simple bullet journal sleep tracker but what makes it unique is the color pattern. With the little rhombus all over, color your dreams every night.

35. Bullet Journals Set Up

Sleep Tracker
Source : mywhymsicallife

Lime and lemon is the theme of this bullet journal sleep tracker. Mywhymsicallife has created an alluring effect with the help of this contrast of yellow lime and green leaves.

36. Pastel Floral Sleep Tracker

Sleep Tracker
Source : perfectly_imperfect_bujo

How divine does this whole setup look! With the beautiful sleep fairy and the sleepy cloud, this colorful pastel floral sleep tracker by perfectly_imperfect_bujo you can dream on.

37. Move On

Sleep Tracker
Source : art.kyuttt

This sleep tracker is so elaborate. I am loving the whole adventure vibe that art.kyuttt has incorporated in here. With the light hint of forest in the background and an inspiring quote over it, this sleep tracker is truly inspiring.

So there you go, you have so many options to choose from. This long list of the bullet journal sleep tracker ideas has a wide variety of layouts. You can choose from these according to your convenience. Bullet journal sleep tracker is an important layout in your BuJo pages as sleep is undeniably crucial for a healthy and happy life. Do let us know your favorite one from the list in the comment below!

Happy sleeping hours!

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