25 Easy Christmas Doodles You Can Draw

Decorating your bujo pages with cute Christmas doodles is super fun in the festive season. These Christmas doodles also have some step-by-step tutorials that will help you embellish your bujo pages.

If you are looking for amazing themes for your December bullet journal, then add in some fantastic Christmas doodles too.

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You will certainly find something in this list of Christmas doodles that fits your style. So let’s explore a little!

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1. Xmas Florals Christmas Doodles

Christmas Florals

Source : miss.meissa

If you are a fan of floral doodles, then let me interest you with these Christmas doodles. They are a variety of leaflets and flowers that are associated with Christmas. I love how she has added both the neutral and the colored doodles. My favorite one is the red poinsettia!

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2. Cute Christmas Doodles

Source : bujonotesbysam

These Christmas doodles are perfect for any bullet journal spread. I love the green wreath; has to be my favorite one. These doodles are so bright and colorful that they will set the mood of your winter bujo pages.

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3. Christmas Feels

Source : studyeeter

What is a Christmas without the Santa?! And if you are thinking about how to doodle one, then we have got you. I love the happy Santa in this assortment of Christmas doodles. Which one is your favorite?

4. Christmas Doodles Tutorials

Christmas Doodles

Source : thedoodleogram

Christmas tree, Santa, wreath, and ferns you will find it all in here. If you are like me, always looking for an easy and quick way to decorate your bujo pages, then these are for you.

5. Red and Green

Christmas Wreath Doodles

Source : appy.doodles

This step-by-step Christmas doodle is a savior. You will certainly not have a ‘melt’ down trying to draw some cute Christmas doodles. This doodle is so simple and sophisticated that it is perfect for a minimalist bullet journal.

6. Socks Christmas Doodles

Christmas Doodles

Source : artezaofficial

What is a Christmas without some amazing and colorful socks!? These Christmas doodles are easy and fun. If you are into drawing, then you can easily draw these doodles.

7. Fun Christmas Doodles

Source : studying.med

It is the fun time of the year, and I am obsessing over these Christmas doodles. These doodles are so unique and I love the detailed tutorial. Needless to say, my favorite is the fun Santa. What about you?

8. Christmas Baubles

Christmas Doodles

Source : doodleshoodle_

All you need for your Christmas bujo pages are these Christmas doodles. I just love this one. The bauble in itself is the symbol of Christmas. But it also has a whole bunch of cute little doodles to fill it. This one certainly makes a good cover page for your December bullet journal.

9. Merry Christmas

Source : lisanplan

This list of Christmas doodles has everything that makes Christmas special. I love this kind of doodles; it helps me to fill up the empty corners of the bujo pages. These doodles are easy and quick; give it a try!

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10. Christmas Countdown

Christmas Doodles

Source : mashaplans

I love Christmas and Christmas doodles. Look at these cute doodles! How can one not love them!? This assortment of Christmas doodles has everything that makes Christmas magical; from reindeer to elf, this one has it all.

11. Snowflakes

Source : miss.meissa

Snowflakes look so easy to draw, but only when you are at it do you realize that it can get a little challenging. But, here we have a quick tutorial for you to draw a few varieties of snowflakes for your bujo pages.

12. Tree Doodle Ideas

Christmas Tree Doodles

Source : _bujo_lovers_

These Christmas doodles are the best solution if you find doodling intimidating. I love how simple and easy these doodle ideas look. If you are bored of the same Christmas tree, then here you have 16 different styles of trees to spice things up.

13. Gingerbread House

Christmas Doodles

Source : weloveitalyandletters

What are your favorite things to eat in the festive month of December? For me, it has always been pies and gingerbreads. This tutorial will help you to draw this gingerbread doodle with ease.

14. Christmas Vibes

Source : theinkystory

There is something irresistible about Christmas vibes. And same is the case with these Christmas doodles. These are some super simple and cute Christmas doodles for your bujo pages. If you have an eye for neutral doodles, then these might be your style.

15. Presents and Wishes

Christmas Doodles

Source : mashaplans

Christmas gifts are always something we look forward to. How cute are these Christmas doodles?! They are simple and easy. I just love how colorful and unique they all look.

16. How to Draw Christmas Things?

Christmas Doodles

Source : ginger.bullet.journal

There is nothing called too much when it comes to Christmas doodles. And I think you will agree with me on this. Honestly, I am vibing with these Christmas doodles tutorials. The steps are detailed, easy to follow, and I like the subtle use of colors.

17. Adorable Christmas Doodles

Source : ginger.bullet.journal

If you have an eye for cuteness, then these doodle ideas won’t disappoint you. I think my favorite one is the fairy; it is cute, and the tutorial is easy to follow.

18. Stocking Garland Doodles

Christmas Doodles

Source : appy.doodles

If you have a Christmas-themed bullet journal in mind, then this stocking garland doodles is just the kind of thing you need. I love the simplicity in this one. The color scheme is subtle and adds the right amount of fun to these otherwise neutral Christmas doodles.

19. Warm Christmas Doodles

Christmas Doodles

Source : chameleon_art_products

If bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens are a few of your favorite things, then these Christmas doodles might be your style. You can easily dress up your bujo pages with these doodle ideas.

20. How to Doodle Santa’s Sled?

Christmas Doodles

Source : appy.doodles

One of my favorite things about white Christmas is the sled ride. And this one here taught me how to draw one for my bujo pages! I love how simple and easy it is to make this one. You can also want to color if you feel like it. After all, color makes everything fun!

21. Neutral Christmas Doodles

Christmas Doodles

Source : study.duoo

Even looking at this Christmas doodles spread makes me happy. Look at these! Especially the smiling snowman, that’s my favorite one. Pick your favorite one and let us know!

22. Christmas Doodles Tutorial

Christmas Doodles

Source : notatkii.ady

These are the steps to ace the doodling game. This tutorial is LIT! I love how in three simple steps she has created mind-blowing Christmas doodles. Go ahead and give it a try.

23. Christmas Edition

Source : bujoabby

These Christmas doodles are all you will need to make your bujo pages festive. The tutorials will help you to accomplish these doodle ideas with ease. With few quick steps, you too can make your bujo pages interesting.

24. Illustrative Christmas Doodles

Christmas Doodles

Source : alicefaitharts

Christmas is all about colors and fun. And these doodle ideas are exactly that! The spread consists of every element that has a Christmas vibe to it. I love how the dominant colors used are all Christmas colors like red, blue, and green.

25. Songs of Christmas

Christmas Doodles

Source : annedrawsworld

This Christmas doodles spread is the ultimate guide to doodling. You will find all that you need in this layout. From Christmas tree to baubles, from Santa to socks, from warm mittens to flower wreath, you have it all in this doodle spread.

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Christmas Theme Bujo

If you are wondering how to create a good Christmas-themed bujo, then here are some brilliant ideas for you to explore.

1. Christmas Doodles Cookie

Source : sarahs.bulletjournal

I love this layout. This Christmas-themed bullet journal is just too perfect. This weekly bujo layout has it all. From amazing doodle stickers to a well-organized layout. But what I like the most is the mini calendar in the top left corner.

2. Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve

Source : arilee.bujo

This is a great way to create a Christmas-themed bullet journal without doodles. You can use pictures and stickers just like these to create an amazing Christmas bujo page.

Christmas Countdown

Are you one of those souls for whom Christmas is the best way to end the year? If yes, then cheer up. Because we have some amazing Christmas countdown spreads for you.

1. Christmas Wishes

Christmas Doodles

Source : _bujo_lovers_

Do you have any special wishes this Christmas? Then here is a great way to use your Christmas doodles. All you got to do is color these cute Christmas doodles.

2. The Beginning

Source : mashaplans

By the end of November itself, it starts to look a lot like Christmas! There is something magical about the Christmas spirit. So how about making a countdown with some cute Christmas doodles? It is certainly fun to color these doodles and wait for the day of celebration.

December Monthly Cover

Monthly covers are the star of any bullet journal. But it often gets tricky to get these right. So here we have some brilliant December monthly cover ideas for you. You can check out some more December bullet journal ideas here- 55+ Innovative Ideas For Your December Bullet Journal.

1. Festive Monthly Cover

Source : bujo_draw_4lif

If you are looking for a bujo page cover that has a Christmas theme, then this one is just perfect for you. It is full of fun Christmas doodles that will cheer you up at a glance.

2. Christmas Ornaments

Source : sarahs.bulletjournal

Christmas is incomplete without some bling and ornaments. And this cover page is a tribute to that same essence of Christmas. It is full of baubles and leaves that will raise your Christmas spirits.

3. Back to December

December Monthly Cover

Source : bulletjournalbymarieke

This December monthly cover page reminds me of the perfect Christmas scene. With the baubles hanging low and the presents spread on the floor, this one has its charm.

Decorative Border

Monthly Decorative Borders

Source : sarahs.bulletjournal

Decorative borders always add some extra charm to bujo pages. Look at this beauty, the layout is simple but the decorative border adds so much character and fun to it.

Christmas Themed Tracker

Source : bonjour_bujo

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There you go, people. We have laid down many options for you to explore this Christmas. I am sure you will find something here that you can vibe with. Let us know your favorite one in the comment section below. Keep doodling, people.

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