40+ Cool DIY Piggy Banks For Kids and Adults

Saving money can be difficult at times, but what if you have an amazing DIY piggy bank to do the deed? These DIY piggy bank ideas will motivate you every day to save some more money.

Making your DIY coin bank is a good way to save money and a fun summer project. And here we have some fantabulous DIY piggy bank ideas for you to try out. 

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1. Tin Can DIY Piggy Bank

Tin Can Piggy Bank

Image & Tutorial by littleladoo

DIY piggy bank for adults can be fun too. For instance, look at this cute DIY savings bank. It is unbreakable, sturdy, and budget-friendly. All you will need for this cute DIY project are an old tin can, pink sponge, google eyes, pink metallic paint, pink cardstock paper, a piece of cardboard, and a hot glue gun. 

2. Tissue Box DIY Piggy Bank

Image and Tutorial by crayola

I love a repurposed DIY project like this one. This is a great option if you are looking for a DIY piggy bank for kids. It is made out of simple waste materials like an empty tissue box, disposable plate, acrylic paint, brushes, scissors, and pencils. This DIY money bank is a ‘pig’ deal!

3. Mason Jar Piggy Bank

Image and Tutorial by firefliesandmudpies

How about a superhero DIY piggy bank mason jar? If your kids have started receiving daily allowances, then this kind of DIY piggy bank jar is perfect for them. I love how simple and easy these DIY piggy banks look. All you will need are a mason jar, spray paint, mason jar coin slot lid, and duct tapes.

4. DIY Water Bottle Piggy Bank

Image and Tutorial by ourkidthings

Yet another cute DIY project for your kids. With these kinds of cute piggy bank ideas, you will not have to waste money on expensive piggy banks. All you will need for this coin bank are empty water bottles, pink paper, googly eyes, pink pipe cleaners, pink wooden beads, hot glue, and scissors.

5. Mini Mason Jar Coin Banks

minion-mason-jars-piggy bank

Image and Tutorial by kastyles

Mason jar coin bank ideas are so much fun and super cool. Look at these cute minion mason jar coin banks! I love how fun and cute these look. These are perfect coin banks for kids; they will make saving money fun for kids. All you need for these are mason jars, acrylic paints, googly eyes, and mini pipe cleaners

6. DIY Pink Pig-gy Bank

Image and Tutorial by doterra

How adorable is this pink piggy bank?! I just love this one, you can place it anywhere to add some extra fun to your indoor decor. You will need some basic supplies. There is also an easy tutorial that will accomplish this beautiful task at hand. This is the perfect way to find space for your spare changes and simultaneously save money.

7. Sparkle and Shine Coin Bank


Image and Tutorial by taylorbradford

If you search the internet, you will find several interesting DIY coin bank ideas, but this one is truly unique. I love the bling! It is super cool and trendy. This one is perfect for young adults and adults. 

8. Cereal Box Piggy Bank


Image and Tutorial by kixcereal

Can you imagine a piggy bank made out of an empty cereal box?! How amazing is that? It is super easy and cool to make. Get your kids involved in this craft project. You can teach them the importance of saving money with this kind of engaging project.

9. Formula Can Piggy Bank

Image and Tutorial by ithappensinablink

If you ask me, this has to be one of my favorites on this list. I love how crafty and boho it looks. This is a repurposed piggy bank that is recyclable. You can explore your creativity with this DIY piggy bank. All you will need for this one here are an empty formula can with a lid, a fat quarter, ribbon, sequin string, mini chalkboard, clothespins, hot glue, scissors, mod podge, and coordinating cardstock.

10. DIY Piggy Bank Mason Jar

DIY Piggy Bank

Image and Tutorial by sayyes

Another mason jar piggy bank idea for you! This one is all the more simple to make. You can make a few of these to save money according to allowances. So if you have some mason jars at home and some basic supplies, get ready to make a few of these and encourage saving money.

11. Sequin Piggy Bank

DIY Piggy Bank

Image and Tutorial by handmadecharlotte

Saving money has never been more fun with these sequin colorful piggy banks. It is easy and fun to decorate these DIY piggy banks. Your kids will have fun spreading out the sequins and organizing them by color. 

12. DIY Wooden Piggy Bank

Image and Tutorial by thecreatedhome

You will love these DIY wooden piggy bank ideas. These are perfect crafts for kids. You can make a few of these animal wooden piggy banks for your kids and encourage them to save money. I love the penguin piggy bank. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section.

13. Bottle Piggy Bank

Green Painted Water Bottle Piggy Bank

Source : iswitchenergy

If you are looking for a perfect opportunity to teach your kids the value of money, then this is a good way to start. This one is a simple and easy DIY coin bank idea for kids. It is super cool and I just love the touch of green color.

14. Llama Piggy Banks


Image by delineateyourdwelling

Who doesn’t love a fun DIY project? If you are looking for something like that, then these are perfect for you. These colorful llama DIY piggy banks are just too cute to ignore. 

15. How to Make Your Own Piggy Bank?

DIY Piggy Bank

Image and Tutorial by diynetwork

If you looking for some mind-blowing ideas for homemade piggy banks for adults, then look no further. We all love fun and funds. But sometimes it can get difficult to manage enough funds, and having a piggy bank for that makes things easier. I love how aesthetically pleasing this one looks. Just love it!

16. DIY Milk Jug Piggy Bank


Image and Tutorial by thehilaandhome

Do you like this cute piggy bank? It is super easy to make it! All you need for this one is a gallon milk jug, cardboard egg carton, scissors, pink spray paint, construction paper, black permanent marker, googly eyes, pipe cleaner, craft knife, glue gun, and glue stick. 

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17. Rolling Coin Bank


Image and Tutorial by lovelyindeed

This one is a very special coin bank. It is a perfect addition to your home decor. This has a fun tutorial. It is fun to see the coins rolling down the ramps when you insert the coin.

18. Moo- point

Image and Tutorial by platein28

If keeping things simple and easy is your thing, then this one is for you. All you need is an empty tissue box, and you can turn it into this cute cow piggy bank. 

19. DIY Book Piggy Box

Image and Tutorial by karenkavett

Where are the book lovers?! This one is a book lover’s paradise! You can get a book box from a craft store for this DIY piggy bank. This cardboard box looks like a book but you can open it to store things in it.

20. Piggy Bank Gift Box

fiskars-diy-piggy- bank

Image and Tutorial by handmadecharlotte

I love this! They look so crafty, fun, and adorable. These DIY piggy banks look super cool. There is a descriptive tutorial for you to follow and make a few of these coin banks.

21. DIY Mason Jar Piggy Bank

Source and Tutorial by mamalaladiy

Mason jar crafts are versatile. You can experiment a lot with mason jars. This mason jar coin bank is super easy to make. All you will need is a slotted lid to replace the normal lids of the mason jar. Check out some more mason jar craft ideas for your home- 30+ Effortless Mason Jars Crafts Ideas For Your Home.

22. Rainbow Mason Jar Piggy Bank

DIY rainbow piggy bank

Image and Tutorial by livingwellmom

I love rainbows; I can’t get enough of the colors in this DIY piggy bank. You can make this one with acrylic paint, paintbrushes, cardstock paper, laminator, scissors, and mod podge.

23. Leather Piggy Bank


Image and Tutorial by lovelyindeed

This is a perfect DIY project for adults. You can make this leather piggy bank for your kids to encourage them to save money for the future. It is a great way to teach your kids some ways to handle allowances. I love this sophisticated leather piggy bank.

24. Crochet Piggy Bank

DIY Piggy Bank

Image and Tutorial by nickishomemadecrafts

This DIY piggy bank is so fast and fun to create. Instead of throwing away your empty tissue box reuse it to make this adorable DIY coin bank. You also have an easy tutorial here to make things simpler.

25. Easy DIY Piggy Bank

DIY Piggy Bank

Image and Tutorial by homemadeginger

If you are planning to teach your kids healthy money habits, then you should certainly get a piggy bank for them. This is a set of three mason jar piggy banks that will help your kids to segregate the allowances.

26. Cardboard Box Piggy Bank

DIY Piggy Bank

Image and Tutorial by instructables

Here is an easy DIY piggy bank idea for you made out of cardboard, cord, and elastic tape. This is a great way to repurpose an old cardboard box. The best part about this one is that you can choose and change the shape of the piggy bank. 

27. DIY Coin Bank

DIY Piggy Bank

Image and Tutorial by cutoutandkeep

If you are having a problem dealing with spare changes, it is time to make yourself a fancy DIY piggy bank. This piggy bank will compliment your decor. She has beautifully transformed an unattractive coffee can into something fancy and beautiful. This one is an easy and fun project; go ahead and give it a try!

28. Totem Pole Bank

Totem Piggy Banks

Image and Tutorial by mermagblog

Totem pole coin banks are so innovative and unique. I love these. It looks fun and is super cool. You will need three cans, duct tape, a knife, and glue for this one. 

29. Lunch Box Piggy Bank


Image and Tutorial by studiodiy

I love this pink coin bank. This one is a super easy DIY coin bank. All you will have to do is paint the lunchbox pink and follow the tutorial.

30. Little Piggy Bank

DIY Piggy Bank

Image and Tutorial by thelittleredhouse

As a kid, I had a similar piggy bank. So I wanted to make something similar for my little niece. And she was ecstatic at the sight of this little piggy. This is a fantastic tissue papercraft that is super fun and cool. Here are some more tissue paper craft ideas that you can check out 15+ Amazing Tissue Paper Crafts For Your Fun Time.

31. Upcycled Piggy Bank Craft

DIY homemade piggy bank

Image and Tutorial by penelopesoasis

This DIY piggy bank is unique and has repurposed an empty mouthwash bottle. Your kids can make take this as a summer project. They will certainly enjoy making this adorable piggy bank. This is a great way to be creative and have a fun time.

32. Taxi Cab Piggy Bank


Image and Tutorial by doubledutymommy

Kids are often obsessed with cars; if your kid has the same obsession then this might be perfect for you. Look how amazing the bright yellow cab coin bank turned out! This DIY project takes only 30 minutes and is a fun project.

Felt Piggy Bank Tutorial

DIY Piggy Bank

Image and Tutorial by dreamlittlebigger

If you are looking for something handier than a DIY ceramic piggy bank, then this one might be your thing. I love how easy and creative this coin bank looks. 

34. Shadow Box Coin Bank

DIY Piggy Bank

Image and Tutorial by vikalpah

If you are confused about what to gift your friend this year, how about this DIY shadow box coin bank? I love how simple and easy it is to make this one. You can explore your creativity with this one. Help your friend save some funds for the fun with this DIY coin bank.

35. DIY Charlie Brown Coin Bank


Image and Tutorial by onionringsandthings

It is never easy to teach your kids the importance of saving money. But this piggy bank is a fun way to start it. This is not only a fun project for kids but also a great way to repurpose a Tootsie roll can.

36. Budgeting Jars

Image and Tutorial by willworkfordecor

Making a DIY piggy bank can’t get any simpler than these coin banks. All you need for these are some basic craft supplies. So go ahead, and encourage your kids to save money.

38. Broken Piggy Bank

Image and Tutorial by fouroakscrafts

This is a DIY wooden piggy bank with a good twist. I love how artistic this mauve coin bank looks. This one has to be one of my favorite ones on the list.

38. Minnie & Mickey Piggy Banks


Image and Tutorial by kimberleymarriott

I am in love with these adorable piggy bank jars. There is a detailed tutorial that will help you to recreate a few of these coin banks. Trust me, it is a super fun project.

39. Robot Emoji DIY Piggy Bank


Image and Tutorial by sawsonskates

This DIY piggy bank is shaped like a robot and the color pattern is just too good. It is an easy project to do yourself and made with basic supplies like scrap wood and craft paints. 

40. Mason Jar DIY Coin Bank

Image and Tutorial by factorydirectcraft

This is a perfect gift for your little girl. Let her start saving up for the little joys. I like the Bohemian vibe in this one; especially the cute felt piggy. Here are some more mason jar craft ideas for you- 20+ Cute Mason Jar Crafts For Kids That Are Too Cool.

41. Pink Piggy Bank

Image and Tutorial by misrachelhollis

If pink is your jam, then pick this one. It is easy, simple, and adorable. All you need for this one are pink card stock, corks, drinking straw, buttons, pipe cleaners, glue, scissors, and a knife.

42. Homemade Piggy Bank

DIY Piggy Bank

Image and Tutorial by theclassychapter

If you are looking for a homemade piggy bank for adults, then look no further. If you have some empty food containers and some basic supplies then, that’s all you will need for these piggy banks. 

43. DIY Shadow Coin Bank


Image and Tutorial by amomstake

DIY shadow piggy banks are my kind of thing. They look class no matter where you put them. And the best part is you don’t always have to empty it to count the notes you have saved. Try your hands at this one!

44. Pot o’ Gold DIY Piggy Bank

Image and Tutorial by Playgroundbarkbench

If you’re looking for a cool idea to make a piggy bank from mason jar, then you’ll love making this craft. All you need to make this Pot of Gold is a mason jar, colourful pipe cleaners for rainbow, black acrylic paints, hot glue and a decorative ribbon. Even kids will enjoy painting and decorating the jar.

45. Giant Pencil Piggy Bank

Image and Tutorial by Damasklove

Have a spare mail tube lying at your home? Here’s a crafty DIY for you to turn it into a piggy bank that looks like a pencil. Just add a paper mache cone at the top with hot glue, and make a slit to slide in your pennies. You will enjoy painting the tube to turn into a pencil in your choice of colour.

46. DIY Car Coin Bank

Image and Idea by johannarundel

Looking for a creative DIY idea with Mason jar? You will love making this aesthetic piggy bank with a vintage car on the lid. You can use any toy car and spray paint it a beautiful gold colour to make it stand out.

47. Ice Cream Fund Mason Jar Piggy Bank

Image and tutorial by yesterdayontuesday

If your kids love ice cream, their idea of a piggy bank would actually be ice cream fund. Here’s a cool mason jar craft idea. The use of chalkboard paint makes the jar look super cute and your kids can use a chalk to label it.

There you go, people. You have got here a long list of crazy DIY piggy bank ideas. These ideas are unique and refreshing. Let us know your favorite one in the comment section below. Happy crafting, people.

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