25 Mental Health Bullet Journal Ideas To Help You

Mental health is as important as your physical health. But it often gets difficult to maintain good mental health with a crazy and hectic schedule. If you are looking for ways to improve your mental health, then check out these mental health bullet journal ideas.

The best thing about bullet journals is that they are versatile. You can use it as per your needs. For instance, you can track your health, your progress, and even your mental health.

Why Use A Bullet Journal For Better Mental Health?

One may argue that bullet journals and personal diaries are not that different when it comes to mental health, but that is not true. A bullet journal method is very unique and customizable. A bullet journal helps you to keep your thoughts and ideas sorted, which is a big help if you struggle with mental issues.

When you are struggling with mental health problems, venting out your emotions and feelings becomes important. And a bullet journal is the perfect outlet for that purpose.

Bullet Journal For Mental Health Page Ideas

Here we have assembled a list of ideas for the mental health bullet journal. You will find all sorts of ideas here according to the purpose. Go through the ideas and find the one that works best for you; you can even improvise to make a mental health bullet journal that works for you.

What I Already Do Page

Source – CissMophy

For a good mental health bullet journal, it is always best to know your current mental state. You can do that with the help of a layout like this one. In this layout, she has graphically represented all that she does as a part of her daily routine.

This helps you to focus on the changes you need to bring into your routine. But most importantly, it lets you focus on all the things you already do instead of focussing on all the pending tasks on your growing to do list. It is a good way to start your mental health bullet journal.

Coping Thoughts

Coping with overwhelming can get tricky. Especially, if you are an overthinker and often deal with anxiety then you should add coping thoughts spread to your mental health bullet journal. Next time you are struggling, you can just go through this page to give yourself a feeling of assurance.

Breath Rainbow

(source- kraftykerri)

Relax, breathe, and write. That’s all you need to do to cope with those pesky thoughts. If you can’t stop thinking about something, then write them down in a layout like this one. I love how reassuring this whole layout looks.

Questions To Ask Yourself

(source- msarah2634)

Sometimes anxiety is further exacerbated by external stimuli like the weather. Even your physical health condition can be a potential anxiety trigger. Next time you are struggling, ask yourself these questions. They will help you narrow down on something specific. When you know what is making you feel that way, you can choose to do something about it.

Anxiety Log

Needless to say, one of the biggest nemesis of your mental health is anxiety. But anxiety can be managed and transformed into a productive drive. Let’s see how a mental health bullet journal can help cope with an anxious mind.

  1. Monthly Anxiety Log

(source- creativemindscoffeegrinds)

A bullet journal anxiety log like this one will help you track your everyday anxiety by rating it on a scale of 1 to 5. I love the color pattern in this anxiety log. This old-school graphical representation of anxiety is an easy and effective way to track your anxious mind.

2. Anxiety Tracker With Trigger and Symptoms List

(source- smol.creative)

Anxiety is often accompanied by other physical symptoms and emotions. You can manage anxiety better by using this detailed and categorized mental health bullet journal. It lets you track your emotional and physical symptoms along with your sleep. Another useful section in this anxiety tracker is the one meant for noting down things that made you anxious (trigger list). It also has another section to note down everything that calms your anxious mind.

4. Mood Trackers for Mental Health Bullet Journal

Mood trackers are effective when it comes to maintaining good mental health. An overview of your mood on different days of the week helps you understand your patterns and draw correlations with other aspects of your lifestyle like sleep, diet and exercise.

Here are some more mood tracker ideas that you can check out 25 Best Mood Tracker Bullet Journal Ideas.

Mood Cloud for Mental Health Bullet Journal

(source- keepcalmandeatmorecake)

I love this mood cloud. It is so easy and simple. It will take just a few minutes to recreate this one. By the end of the month, you will have a pretty colorful mood tracker. Hopefully, with a lot of yellow and orange!

Moods and Habits

(source- bujoandblooms)

Your daily medication, the time you go to sleep, your exercise and your menstrual cycle can determine your mood. Therefore, it’s helpful to track your mood along with these aspects of your life.

This one is a simple graphical representation of moods and habits. I like such simple mood trackers for my mental health bullet journal. It is easy to recreate and full to fill in the boxes every day.

Pusheen Mood Tracker

(source- bujoandblooms)

I love these Pusheen doodles. It looks super cute! I love how the cats represent all the moods that we often deal with every day. The rest of the layout is the conventional one. Along with mood and habits, this tracker also tracks weather. For some of us, weather and overall temperature also impacts our mood. This tracker lets you understand the pattern better.

Hot Air Balloon Mood Tracker

(source- lightandcandour)

This one is such a happy mood tracker idea. I love how symmetric and adventurous it looks. The idea is simple. You will just have to fill the boxes according to your mood. See how colorful it turns out by the end of the month!

Self Care Bingo for Mental Health Bullet Journal

(source- kitaangel.art)

If your mood tracker is telling you that it is time for some self-care routine, then this self-care bingo might be for you. This layout consists of all the things that make you happy and things that bring you joy. I love the earthy colors used in this layout. And that little boba tea doodle is the perfect way to represent self-care and self-pampering.

6. Level 10 Life

(source- verobujo)

Most of us are struggling to balance between many areas of our life. If you feel like that too, one way to improve your mental health is to create a Level 10 Life spread. A Level 10 Life is a productivity method created by Hal Elrod to evaluate your feelings about the current state of your life. The idea is to step back and reevaluate your life and then take steps to improve.

So the idea is to choose 10 areas of your life. And then you aim to reach 10/10 in each of these areas. You can have specific goals for each area and use this spread to measure your progress and your feelings about it. For most people, the 10 areas are –

  • Home
  • Family & Friends
  • Romance
  • Health & Fitness
  • Finances
  • Career
  • Spirituality
  • Giving & Contribution
  • Health
  • Physical Environment

7. Health Tracker

What is a mental health bullet journal without a practical health tracker? These health trackers will help you to have a good lifestyle by making a good routine to follow every day. Here are some good options for your health tracker. Here are some health and fitness trackers that you can check out 25+ Fitness Bullet Journal Ideas To Keep You Motivated.

(source- astudyblah)

This is a brilliant health tracker. It has your emotional and health tracker on the same page. This one is compact and yet detailed for your mental health bullet journal. I love how it also has a sleep tracker and a notes section.

8. Gratitude Log for Mental Health Bullet Journal

Do you know how to feel positive and thankful even on a hectic and hopeless day? Having a gratitude log! The basic purpose of the gratitude log is to find one good thing that will train your brain to have positive thinking. Here are some ideas for a good gratitude log that you can add to your mental health bullet journal.

Fall Gratitude Log for Mental Health Bullet Journal

(source- magicalbujo)

I just love how colorful this one looks. All you have to do is just note down one good thing each day to keep that mind fueled with positive thoughts.

Being Grateful

(source- forthejoyofjournaling)

I like how creative this grateful log looks. She has used washi tapes and colors to make this colorful gratitude log. So go ahead and feel a little grateful with this gratitude log.

Fruity Gratitude Log

(source- journal__cloud)

I love a gratitude log! This simple gratitude log is a great way to keep me have a positive outlook. Take it easy with this gratitude log and feel a little grateful.

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9. Positive Thoughts

(source- annasphere)

I have learned the hard way that a positive mind leads to a positive and happy life. So here is a great way to keep the positivity level high. I love the drawings in this one. And the layout is simple. All you have to do is note down one positive thought daily.

10. Self Love Playlist

(source- kaydeeyaleni)

I am a big music fan. I have a playlist for every mood. But my favorite is my self-love playlist. It helps me cope with stress and overthinking. You can add a self-love playlist to your bujo to keep your mood happy.

11. Why I love myself

(source- bullet_journal_with_me)

Self-love is the best kind of love. But sometimes it can get difficult and a reminder is really helpful. That is why you should add an extra bullet journal spread that tells you every day why you should love yourself. This is a positive way of maintaining a healthy mind.

12. Lessons I’ve Learned

(source- seed_successful_you)

When life gives you lemon make a lemonade; I would suggest you should even write down the recipe! Everyday life puts us in new situations and we learn new things. You can note down all the lessons you have to learn in your mental health bullet journal.

13. Self Care Practices Tracker for Your Mental Health Bullet Journal

(source- mondaymorningdesign)

Self-care practices are so necessary for a healthy lifestyle but it can get difficult to stick to your daily self-care habits. In that case, you can add a self-care tracker to your mental health bullet journal. Honestly, we can all use this bullet journal spread.

14. Uplifting Quotes

Quotes are my favorite part of a bullet journal. I always make it a point to add some motivating quotes to my bujo pages. But when it comes to a mental health bullet journal you should certainly add some uplifting quotes that will keep your positive energy high.

Balance It

(source- seed_successful_you)

One of the biggest dilemmas we find ourselves in is whether to hold on or let go. Honestly, there is no golden rule for this one. But life is all about the balance between the two. This quote is perfect for your mental health bullet journal.

Believe it

(source- mitabujo)

Believe it until you get it! Manifesting a good and positive thought is important. Keep yourself motivated and positive by adding this inspiring quote to your mental health bullet journal.

Love Yourself

(source- kiwikerrijournals)

Loving yourself is not always as easy as it sounds. Especially, if you are healing yourself, loving yourself can get hard. So, remind yourself every day that it is okay to not be okay with this quote.

15. Medication Tracker

If you are someone who is taking medication for improving your mental health, then a medication tracker is something you should add to your mental health bullet journal.

(source- katrina.unibujo)

I love this layout. It not only tracks your medication but also looks super cute. The layout is simple and easy to recreate.

(source- bujo.withbritt)

A medication tracker can’t get any simpler than this one. It is simple, easy, and fun. With this medication tracker in your mental health bullet journal, never miss out on your medication!

16. Water Intake Tracker

How often do you forget to drink enough water? I have a water intake tracker in my mental health bullet journal! Check out some interesting ways to add a water intake tracker to your bujo.

(source- mybujo.archive)

I just love this water tracker. It is blue, simple, and super cool. The blue flowers and the light blue clouds are just too beautiful. Keep a count of the amount of water intake with this water tracker!

(source- _bu_jo_boy_)

This water intake tracker is giving me major positive vibes! I love how simple this looks. The layout is easy to maintain and you can even count the number of glasses of water you have in a day!

17. Sleep Tracker

A good night’s sleep has the most restorative effect for our mental and physical health. Sometimes, you are asked to track your sleep by your therapist or psychologist. Eitherways, they are a must for a mental health bullet journal. Here are some amazing sleep tracker ideas for you- 30+ All-New Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker Ideas You’ll Love.

(source- yourteenidle)

I love this layout. The colors used are so classy and sober. The whole layout has a very calming effect.

(source- crojober)

If you are looking for a colorful sleep tracker for your mental health bullet journal, then this is your pick. This is perfect for a colorful and fun bullet journal.

(source- myhellobujo)

Count your sleeping hours and your naps with this cute pink sleep tracker. Add this amazing sleep tracker to your mental health bullet journal to have a healthy sleeping pattern.

18. Daily Routine

A daily routine is very important for a focused life. A proper routine helps you to stay motivated and driven even on days when you don’t feel like doing anything. Having daily routines is the best way to stay disciplined and ambitious.

(source- svs.sketches)

This daily routine layout is perfect for a lemon-themed mental health bullet journal. The colors are bright and fun. It will keep your spirits high even when you are having low days.

(source- hellobonjournal)

I love how elaborate this layout looks. It is an all-in-one daily routine layout. You can have your workout schedule to your daily routine on one page. I love how she has also included three kinds of to-do boxes!

(source- minimaljournals)

How cute is this layout?! I love the cute and uplifting messages that the cats have come up with. Maintain a proper daily routine with this cute daily routine.

19. My Ideal Routine

If you are looking for a special routine that you want to follow, try out these ideal routines. I always tend to add this kind of routine to my mental health bullet journal when I have too much workload. This is something you should try out during exam months.

(source- a.journalx)

I love this layout. Along with the detailed daily schedule, you also have space for things you need to do and things you want to do.

(source- lauras.bullet_journal)

Do you like this pictorial representation of what your daily routine will look like? I love it. This kind of layout will make your mental health bullet journal more interesting and colorful.

20. Post Therapy Notes

(source- student_bujo_beauty)

I always find myself in dilemmas and that is when post-therapy comes to my rescue. You can add this to your mental health bullet journal to declutter your thoughts.

21. Done List

(source- planners.pens.and.pages)

The only purpose of adding a done list to your mental health bullet journal is that it keeps you going. A done list is all that you need to finish as many goals as you set.

22. Brain Dump

(source- zebrapen_uk)

I love this brain dump, it is so innovative! Do you struggle with overthinking? Then a brain dump is an appropriate addition to your mental health bullet journal. You can note down everything that has been crowding your mind and keep your mind sorted and focused.

23. Good Day Checklist

(source- chantalkathleena167)

What is your definition of a good day? For me, it is a productive day with some me-time. Add all that makes your day a good day, and then see how much have you accomplished.

24. Symptoms Tracker

Mental health is closely related to certain aspects like a healthy lifestyle, good sleep, and so on. Add a symptoms tracker to your mental health bullet journal and keep an eye on symptoms like headache, insomnia, and all.

(source- consciouslykayla)

Track your nightmares, sleepless nights, disorientation, and intrusive thoughts with this symptoms tracker. I love the crazy brain doodle. This kind of layout is very helpful to maintain good mental health.

(source- craftyenginred)

If you are dealing with anxiety and panic attacks, you should certainly add to your mental health bullet journal. With this tracker, you can track serious symptoms like sweaty palms, heart rate, headache, and so on.

25. Self Care Ideas

Self-care seems like an easy thing to do but in a busy life, it can get difficult. So here are some interesting ways to set a proper self-care routine for you.

Self-care Log

(source- collinjournals)

From your relaxation time to your relationship, everything needs time. With this self-care tracker, you can keep track of all that help you cope with the absurdities of life.

Self-care Menu

(source- consciouslykayla)

I love this box-style self-care log. It is colorful, fun, and versatile. You can improvise and change the icons according to your definition of self-care.

Self-care for Anxious Soul

(source- peaceloveanddoodles)

Self-care is a combination of soul, body, and mental relaxation. And this fun layout has it all sorted for you. This one here will be a fun and smart addition to your mental health bullet journal.

26. Morning and Night Routine

Morning and night routines are versatile. You can set your morning and night routine according to your choice with these amazing layouts.

Sleep Better

(source- mentalhealthbujo)

I love this night routine layout. It is blue and calming, perfect for a sleep tracker. I love that she has added a notes section and also a beautiful quote.

Morning Routines

(source- mentalhealthbujo)

The most important thing about habits is whether they sustain even when your mood isn’t the best. If you have a fixed routine then you will stick to it. So why not have a happening morning schedule with this simple morning routine layout?

27. Compliments Jar

(source- myselfcarebulletjournal)

Don’t you love it when someone compliments you? So why not have space in your mental health bullet journal where you can compliment yourself? I love this idea! It is a smart way to keep yourself motivated and happy. Give yourself that feeling of accomplishment with some amazing compliments.

There you go, people. We have shared ways to make your mental health bullet journal effective and helpful. You can always improvise and make your mental health bullet journal more interesting. Let us know your favorite one in the comment section below. Happy mental peace, people!

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