45+ Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids – Fun Halloween Kids DIY

Kids of all ages love Halloween. It is their favorite festival and something they look forward to throughout the year. Halloween is all about fun decorations and creative costumes. But this year get your kids involved in some unique Halloween crafts ideas for kids.

I have curated a list full of fun Halloween crafts for kids; you can keep your kids entertained and occupied with these craft ideas.

Needless to say, crafting is not only good for brushing your motor skills but also great for teaching the importance of recycling and repurposing materials. Let’s check out these amazing Halloween arts and crafts ideas for kids and get a little inspiration.

Pumpkin Crafts For Kids

If you are looking for some fascinating Halloween crafts for a kid’s party, then you can try out some of these unique pumpkin craft ideas. Pumpkins are a must for the Halloween decor, so this year try something a little unconventional. You can check out some traditional pumpkin craft ideas here- 18 Halloween Pumpkin Home Decor Ideas For A Spooky Celebration.

Scissor Skill Pumpkins

(source- nurturestore)

Instead of the traditional pumpkin monsters, this year try out these easy paper pumpkins. I love how simple and bright these look. These are super fun, and these kinds of simple Halloween crafts for kids are all you need to brush up the scissor skills of your kid.

Paper Jack O’Lantern

(source- easypeasyandfun)

I have always loved Halloween paper crafts for kids; they are safe and budget-friendly. For instance, look at this paper lantern; so unique and beautiful. The tutorial for this one is so simple that your kids will have a gala time making a few of these DIY Halloween crafts for kids.

Easy Halloween Lanterns

(source- redtedart)

If you are looking for some easy Halloween crafts for young kids, then this is a great choice. This is a quick and fun craft idea for kids. You can make these luminaires even as Halloween keepsakes. If you have a clean jam jar or even mason jars, then this is a sign to make few Halloween luminaries. Here are some more amazing mason jar craft ideas for you- 20+ Cute Mason Jar Crafts For Kids That Are Too Cool.

How To Make Paper Pumpkins?

(source- diyinspired)

This Fall, bless your house with some mind blowing paper pumpkins. This kind of kid’s craft for Halloween is super easy and fun. These are perfect to spruce up your mantle or decorate your table. You can even use printed papers to give your paper pumpkins more character.

Paper Pumpkin Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

(source- artsycraftsymom)

This easy paper pumpkin craft idea is certainly a hit with kids! The step-by-step will make this one a fun group activity for your kids. You will need only some basic supplies like craft papers, craft glue, quilling strips, scissors, quilling tools, and a small twig, for this one.

Paper Plate Pumpkin Craft

(source- thesimpleparent)

If you are looking for some cheap Halloween arts and crafts for kids, then this one is your pick. I love the Fall, it is the time to get all comfy and crafty. And what is better than a budget-friendly craft idea like this one?! All you need for this one are a paper plate, orange markers, black markers, hole punch, and green pipe cleaners. Here are some more fun paper plate craft ideas that you can explore- 20 Super Fun Paper Plate Crafts For Kids in 2021.

Glittery Pumpkin Mason Jar

(source- thebestideasforkids)

I love mason jar craft ideas. They are super cool, easy, and extremely environment-friendly. Mason jar crafts are certainly in trend and they are here to stay. You can use these blingy mason jars to store candies for ‘trick-or-treat’ guests!

2. Spider Crafts For Kids

Spiders are the perfect kind of spooky Halloween crafts for kids that you want to add to your Halloween decor. Here, you will find some inspiring Halloween crafts for older kids. Your kids will love these craft ideas!

Silly Spider Craft

(source- easypeasyandfun)

Halloween decor is incomplete without some spooky spiders! But this time let’s try out some adorable spiders. You can hang them in front of photo frames, add them to your fireplace mantle, or even use them as hanging Halloween crafts for kids.

Spider Handprint Craft

(source- thebestideasforkids)

Have you ever seen spiders that are this amazing?! I love how smart and innovative these spiders look. These are super easy and your kids will have a gala time making a few of these handprint spiders.

Paper Plate Spiders

(source- iheartcraftythings)

If you have too many paper plates lying around, then go ahead and make a few of these DIY spiders. These colorful spiders are so simple for kids to make and they will make a spooktacular addition to your Halloween decor.

Playful Rock Spider Craft

(source- kidscraftroom)

I am not a fan of spiders but this playful rock spider craft is adorably cute. They are a fab addition to your Halloween night decor and your kids can also play with these spiders. You will have small rocks, acrylic paints, paint brushes, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and glue for this one.

Spider Garland

(source- ohmy-creative)

Learn how to make these fantabulous spider garlands to make a spooky Halloween night! This one will require some craft supplies like a black panacea, pom-poms, orange paper straws, needles, and thread. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to make these amazing hanging Halloween crafts for kids.

3. Ghost Crafts For Kids

Let’s make this Halloween more spooky and mysterious with some DIY ghost crafts for kids for Halloween. These craft ideas are super easy and spooky. Your kids will enjoy making these craft pieces.

Ghost Leaves Crafts

(source- growingajeweledrose)

Can you even imagine that leaves can be transformed into ghosts?! How amazing is that? This autumn you can make these spooky and cute ghosts. I love this eco-friendly craft idea. Instead of paper, you can use fallen leaves to make these ghosts!

3D Ghost Craft

(source- ourkidthings)

If you are looking for friendly Halloween crafts for kids on Pinterest, then you are at the right place. These 3D ghosts are not just spooky, they are also super cute. The ghosts in this craft idea are made by folding papers to form a neat 3D effect. You can even use them as greeting cards!

Coffee Filter Ghost Lollipops

(source- happinesshomemade)

These coffee filter ghost lollipops are super cute and an easy twist to the traditional tissue paper ghosts. This one has an easy tutorial that your kids will enjoy making. You will only need some lollipops, coffee filters, small rubber bands, thin ribbons, and a black marker, for this one.

Paper Roll Ghost Craft

(source- thecrafttrain)

Toilet paper roll crafts for kids are fantastic. They are easy, cool, and inexpensive. This is an easy Halloween craft idea for kids that make use of recyclables. Go ahead, and let your kids boo around with these boo-tiful ghosts.

Yarn Tassel Ghost Garland

(source- alamocitymoms)

Tassel and pom-pom craft ideas are in trend. They are easy and super versatile. To make this ghost garland you will need white yarn, black yarn, baker’s twine, and scissors.

Paper bag Ghost Craft

(source- simpleeverydaymom)

This one is certainly a Pinterest-worthy Halloween craft for kids! Honestly, this paper bag ghost is all treat and zero tricks! There is also a free printable template here, along with the tutorial. Add this fantabulous ghost craft to your list of printable Halloween crafts for kids.

4. Mummy Crafts For Kids

This Halloween, add a twist and spice to your home decor with these easy DIY mummy craft ideas. These are easy, fun, and spooky ideas that will certainly win your kids over.

Masking Tape Mummies

(source- somewhatsimple)

These masking tape mummies are all that you need to make your Halloween night more spooky. This is an easy craft idea for kids that your kids will love. You will need black paper, a white pencil, masking tape, scissors, glue dots, googly eyes, and craft sticks.

Toilet Paper Mummy Craft

(source- pjsandpaint)

One of the things that I like about toilet paper craft ideas is that they are super easy and inexpensive. If you have some empty toilet paper rolls, then you should get your kids to make some DIY mummies. You will only need some basic supplies like black paint, glue, a paper towel, and googly eyes.

Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

(source- whisperedinspirations)

Halloween nights are so special. The decor, costume, and food, everything makes Halloween so special. This craft idea requires only basic craft supplies. Your kids will have a gala time making some of these mummies. You can also chain them together to haul them on the walls.

Halloween Popsicle Stick Crafts

(source- thebestideasforkids)

If you are looking for easy Halloween crafts, then try out this popsicle stick Halloween crafts for kids. Your kids will love choosing the character they want to make. You can add them to your Halloween decorations or attach a magnet and put them on the fridge.

Witch Crafts For Kids

Witches and ghosts make Halloween parties more creepy and spooky. So if you want some easy ideas to make DIY witches, then this is it for you. Let’s see some interesting and innovative ways to make crazy witches.

Craft Stick Witch

(source- thekeeperofthecheerios)

These craft stick witches are so cute and unique. You will need craft sticks, construction papers, scissors, craft glue, a black marker, and googly eyes, for making a few of these witches.

Lollipop Witches

(source- eighteen25)

This Halloween, instead of creepy witches make some adorable lollipop witches. Kids will take only a few minutes to make these lollipop witches dressed in green. With some basic supplies like green tissue paper, lollipops, pipe cleaners, and glue, you too can make some witches.

Paper Cup Witch Craft

(source- nontoygifts)

These paper cup witches are so innovative. If your kids love witches for Halloween nights, then this one is a perfect choice. You will need paper cups, green craft paint, paintbrushes, tea lights, construction papers, googly eyes, and glue, for this one.

Witch Hats

(source- cutesycrafts)

Kids love hats; if your little one has planned to dress up like witches this Halloween, then make them these witch hats. For these super amazing and craft witch hats, you will need a paper plate, a party hat, tape, black paint, glitters, Halloween stickers, and glue.

Cute Witch Decor

(source- funthriftymom)

This cute little witch is fun and an easy craft idea that you can make with your kids. Halloween decors come in a variety of materials and types. And this one is a perfect witch decor for your Halloween decoration. With a little supervision, your kids will have a fun time making this crafty witch.

Bat Crafts For Kids

Halloween night and decorations are incomplete without some eerie bats. We can make some amazing and mysterious bats that compliment your Halloween decors.

Halloween Bat Craft

(source- theseamanmom)

If you are looking for some easy and interesting Halloween bat crafts, then check out these toilet paper bats. This Halloween craft is super easy and speedy, it will take only a few minutes to make these DIY bats. So, if you are looking for some easy and fun craft ideas, then this is the easiest option you will find.

Wooden Spoon Bat

(source- masandpas)

These vampire bat crafts are super easy and fun to make with your kids. You can make a whole colony of them, tie them to a string and hang them all around. You can drape them across the ceiling with pegs, and transform them into a bat cave.

Wooden Bats

(source- onelittleproject)

If you are looking for more colorful bats, then this is it! I love how colorful and adorable these wooden bats have turned out. This is such an easy craft idea, you will need only a few minutes to accomplish the task. You kids will love coloring these bats and giving them a vampire look.

Bat Buddies

(source- mollymoocrafts)

In just three simple steps, you can make these goofy toilet paper roll bats! All you need for this one are empty toilet paper rolls, a black marker, and some black craft paper.

Hanging Bats

(source- happyhappynester)

This Halloween bat craft reminds me of Batman! I love how these bats are hanging like real bats. This is an excellent craft idea to deck up your ceiling on a Halloween night. It is a perfect fall craft idea for your younger and older kids.

7. Black Cat Crafts For Kids

Cats might be cute but they are also mysterious and feisty. When it comes to Halloween decorations, this year, add some mysterious black cats along with bats and pumpkins.

How To Make Black Paper Craft?

(source- firefliesandmudpies)

This is a great time to learn how to make a black paper craft for Halloween. This easy DIY kitty craft tutorial also has a free pattern, making this a perfect school craft idea. I just like the pink nose and the happy eyes!

Paper Plate Black Cat

(source- craftsbyamanda)

This fun paper plate black cat is easy to make using the free printable pattern. It is a super-fast craft idea that uses only some basic supplies. This is a good craft idea for younger kids that requires minimal parental guidance.

Halloween Black Cat

(source- artprojectsforkids)

I just love this black cat sculpture. It is a perfect idea for your older kids. I love how sophisticated this cat looks. You will need card stock papers, scissors, glue, and a black marker, for this one.

8. Halloween Food Craft For Kids

No party is a party without yummylicious food! So, here are some amazing recipes that look spooky and taste yummy. You should definitely make a few of these food crafts for your kids.

Mummy Halloween Brownies

(source- prettyprovidence)

These mummy Halloween brownies are so freaking adorable! It is easy and super delicious, and your kids will rave about it! The best thing about these Halloween brownies is that they are super easy and fun to make.

Sweet and Salty Halloween Brownies

(source- southermadesimple)

I love this food craft idea. I even whipped up some for myself! It has a sweet and tangy flavor. And the best thing is that the baker inside you will love it. The sweetness of peanut butter and the saltiness of the crackers make this food craft delicious.

Halloween Donut Monsters

(source- aspicyperspective)

Care to have some kids-friendly monster donuts?! I love how spooky and delicious these look. Let your kids get creative with these sweet and sour no-bake donuts!

Spider Cookies

(source- southernmadesimple)

If you are a fan of sweet and salty snacks, then you are in for a treat! These are great for munching on. You can make these in just a few minutes. So if you are looking for some easy snacks to munch on, then go for this one.

Halloween Pizza

(source- mommymusings)

This Halloween pizza is perfect for your Halloween dinner. This pizza is super simple and has only four ingredients. Get your kids to arrange the mozzarella sticks and see what their imaginative mind creates.

There you go, people. We have exhausted this long list of Halloween crafts for kids. You can pick whichever you kids find most fascinating. Let us know in the comment section below which one they liked the most! Happy crafting, people.

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