10 Best Bullet Journal Notebooks 2024 – All You Need To Know

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If you are starting your bullet journal journey or are a seasoned bullet journaler, choosing a bullet journal notebook can be quite confusing. There are several styles available online and in stores that are suitable for different purposes. You’ll find everything from basic and minimalist designs to professional art journals. So, how do you select the perfect one for you? Well, we have got you covered! This guide answers any questions you have regarding the best bullet journal notebook for you!

If you are new to the world of bullet journaling, check out our beginners’ guide to bullet journaling and some simple bujo page ideas!

How To Choose The Best Bullet Journal?

1. What size bullet journal is the best for you?

Bullet journals are available in a wide variety of sizes from pocket-friendly to the size of a sketchbook! However, the best way to choose the right size for yourself is by considering your lifestyle and where do you plan on journaling! If you travel a lot and want your bullet journal notebook in your back pocket, go for a smaller size. But, if you plan at a desk or journal at home, you could go for a larger notebook. This size is also great if you want to jot down notes, or you have a lot of information you want on a single page.

The most popular size for bullet journal notebooks is a medium, also known as A5. This book falls right in the middle of the above options. It is great for taking out and still spacious for taking notes. It will easily fit a backpack, handbag, laptop bag, or tote.

2. How many pages do you want in your bullet journal

Yet again, there is a wide variety available online and in-stores. From thick 500 page journals to thinner 50-page journals. If you plan on journaling daily, go for more pages as it will last longer. However, if you only plan on jotting important events, or tracking things, you can opt for lesser pages. Also, do think about whether you will be writing on the back or front of each page or using both sides of the paper.

3. What do you want the paper to look and feel like?

The classic standard for bullet journal notebooks is a dotted grid paper, but there are other varieties available including plain, lined, or grid. If you write in an abstract manner, try going for dotted grids or plain pages. But, if you want a neater and uniform look, lined or grid pages are a better option!

How smooth or thick do you want your pages to feel when you write on them? If you use thick, heavy markers, try going for thicker paper to avoid color-bleeding. However, if you prefer a more tactile experience, you can opt for smooth thin paper.

4. What kind of cover is best for you?

There are two common types of covers in bullet journal notebooks: softcover and hardcover.

Soft Cover: If you want a flexible notebook that easily curves to fit your backpack or pockets, opt for a softcover.

Hard Cover: If you like journaling in outdoor spaces where a hard surface is difficult to find, placing your hardcover notebook on your knees is the most comfortable choice. So, consider where and how you will be using it while deciding on hard or soft covers.

Both these styles also come in a wide variety of materials used to make them. There are cloth covers, cardboard, recycled paper, or even leather. You can select the material depending on its look and feel.

10 Best Bullet Journal Notebooks

Here are some diverse and best bullet journal notebooks that are an all-time favorite. You can review each one and select the best option depending on what suits your needs the best!

Leuchtturm1917 (The Original Bullet Journal)

The Leuchtturm1917 is a classic in the bullet journaling world. It is available in several color options in A5 size. It is spacious enough for detailed journaling and tiny enough to fit in your backpacks easily. If you want a minimal and pocket-friendly option, this is the best bullet journal notebook out there!

Source: leuchtturm1917.us

Best Features: The notebooks come with numbered pages and the paper quality is ink proof. The thread-bound notebook lays flat for comfortable journaling. It also comes with an elastic closure and an inner pocket. Four index pages along with bullet journaling tips are included in the journal.

  • Color Options: Many
  • Page Design: Dotted, Plain, Ruled, Squared
  • Size Options: A5
  • Paper Quality: 80 GSM (Thin)
  • Cover: Hard or Soft

This complete journaling package that Leuchtturm1917 notebooks offer has made it a popular choice among bujo artists. As Shelby from LittleCoffeeFox says, “The quality is incredible and it just feels so luxurious to write in every day. In fact, I can confidently say that my bullet journal habit became much easier to establish once I switched to a Leuchtturm1917 for the first time.”

Moleskine (Best Bullet Journals For Artists)

Now you can easily plan, map, and track your dreams in this amazing bullet journal notebook by Moleskine. It is the best bullet journal notebook for artists and you can unleash your creativity on good quality, dotted pages. It is an excellent way to creatively list your short or long-term goals, journeys to take, or whatever matters the most to you! The best part about these bullet journal notebooks is their unstructured interior that gives you space to personalize the layout in any way you love!

Source: moleskine

Best Features: Comes with dotted pages, an index page, and two ribbon bookmarks. The pages are numbered for easy access and complimentary stickers included for customizing your notes. It lies flat on the surface and opens 180 degrees and the hardcover makes journaling comfortable.

  • Color Options: Many
  • Page Design: Dotted, Plain, Ruled, Squared
  • Size Options: Classic (3.5″ x 5.5″), Large (5″ x 8.25″), Extra Large (7.5″ x 9.5″) Extra Extra Large (8.5″ x 11″)
  • Paper Quality: 70 GSM (Thin)
  • Cover: Hard or Soft

The wide variety and popular branding that Moleskine offers, has made it popular among bullet journal artists. Joyanne from Joy&Life says, “Overall, the notebook is pretty decent for bullet journaling. If you just want a simple bullet journal this could be the one for you. Is it worth the price? Not really”.

Feela Notebook (Best Bullet Journals For Beginners)

If you are beginning your bullet journal journey, Feela notebooks are an excellent start. The notebooks allow you to have a complete experience without spending too much. They are a complete package as they come with tons of beginner-friendly bujo goodies. All you need is this package and you are ready to begin your bujo journey.

This all-in-one set includes a notebook, colored pens, black pens, washi tape, stencils, stickers, and other exciting bujo favorites.

Source: bookshelf_gems

Best Features: It is a hardcover dotted grid notebook and comes with 224 numbered pages. The notebook has four index pages and is thread bound making it sturdy. It also comes with two ribbon bookmarks for easy access. The elastic closure and a pocket in the back complete this journal perfectly.

  • Color Options: Five Colors: Orange, Yellow, Green, Grey, and Black.
  • Page Design: Dotted Grid
  • Size Options: A5 (5.7 x 8.2 x 0.66”)
  • Paper Quality: Thin
  • Cover: Hardcover

Feela notebook is the best bullet journal notebook for beginners and is a popular choice among customers. Reads and Reviews, a blogger and book reviewer said, “As a first-time bullet journaler, I chose this kit as it had all the items I thought I’d need to get started. The journal itself is fantastic: it’s made well, has an index and two bookmarks, and the pages are thick. The stencils are handy.”

Scribbles That Matter (Best Structured Bullet Journals)

Keeping a track of your appointments, goals, tasks, and thoughts is way easier with this Iconic Journal from Scribbles that Matter. It is a very creative organizational system and you can customize it in any way you like. This notebook is an excellent choice for beginners as well. It gives you space to create and set up your bullet journal in any way that you enjoy. These bullet journal notebooks come with tons of features to make your journal experience effortless.

Source: scribblesthatmatter

Best Features: Comes with ultra-smooth, acid-free, 160 gsm paper for smooth writing. Zero ghosting, bleeding and feathering for beautiful double-sided writing. It also comes with a Pen Test page so you don’t ruin your hard work. The notebook has a key code page, dotted numbered pages, index pages, and two color-coded bookmarks for a stress-free and organized setup. Lays flat for comfortable writing.

  • Color Options: Pastel Pink, Mint, Teal, Navy, Lavender, Sky Blue, Grey, Bottle Green, Olive, and Charcoal
  • Page Design: Dotted Grid
  • Size Options: A5
  • Paper Quality: 160 GSM (Thick)
  • Cover: Hardcover (Faux Leather)

Scribbles that Matter notebooks are a popular and highly recommended option among bullet journalists. Rachel from Planning Mindfully says in her review, “You will not be disappointed with a Scribbles That Matter notebook for your next bullet journal! It’s been a terrific option and I envision myself using these much more in the future for my notebook needs.”

Nuuna Notebooks (Most Premium Bullet Journals)

If you are fond of quirky and stylish covers in your bullet journal, Nuuna Notebooks are the perfect choice for you! The notebooks are of superior quality and come in a wide range of cover options. You can find both softcover and hardcover notebooks. Nuuna has the perfect notebook for every mood, from colorful and loud designs to subtle and monochromatic covers. These notebooks are designed to offer you a luxurious blank canvas for a customizable journaling experience.

Source: nuuna_by_brandbook

Best Features: What makes Nuuna notebooks unique are the tons of creative cover options that the brand offers. The size of the notebooks is perfect for on-the-go journaling as well as sit-down writing. They come with a smooth leather cover, strong binding, premium paper, and a lay-flat design to give you a high-quality writing experience. The unique designs are also an amazing gift option for your loved ones.

  • Color Options: 40 different styles
  • Page Design: Dotted Grid
  • Size Options: 8.7 x 6.5 x 0.9”
  • Paper Quality: 120 gsm (Thick)
  • Cover: Leather Cover

Nuuna Notebooks are one of the favorite picks among bullet journal artists due to their good looks and even better quality. Laura Cameron from The Well Appointed Desk says, “I was really impressed with this notebook. It felt substantial and the paper felt thick and lush, although it was quite smooth.”

Rhodiarama Notebook (Best For Lettering and Calligraphy Enthusiasts)

Here is a simple yet classy bullet journal notebook option by Rhodiarama that is an excellent option for beginners and experts alike. The notebooks are softcover making them flexible to comfortably fit in your backpacks or handbags. The paper quality of these notebooks is super smooth, acid-free, and offers no bleeding, ghosting, or feathering. These papers are also great for lettering and calligraphy enthusiasts. These notebooks are indeed the perfect choice for any style, theme, or type of bullet journal.

Source: rhodia_officiel

Best Features: Comes with an Italian faux leather cover with Rhodia logo embossed. It has a glued, flexible spine that is super sturdy so your pages don’t fall out. An orange ribbon marker and an elastic closure make it even more convenient. There is also an expandable inner pocket for storing bookmarks, stickers, stencils, etc. The notebooks have 80 sheets (A5 size) and 72 sheets (A6 size).

  • Color Options: 16 vibrant colors
  • Page Design: Dotted, Lined
  • Size Options: A5, A6, Composition
  • Paper Quality: 90 Gsm (slightly thick)
  • Cover: Softcover

The paper quality of Rhodiarama notebooks is what makes them stand out. Dries from Pencil Case Blog says, “My experiences with the Rhodiarama notebook have put them back on the map for me. It’s a simple but good-looking notebook without too many flashy features, but the paper is fantastic for fountain pen use, which is, of course, the most important aspect!”

Northbooks Notebook (Most Affordable Best Bullet Journal)

Your work deserves to be in the spotlight when you open your bullet journal every day! That is exactly what Northbooks Notebooks offer you. The minimalist design is classy to look at and also stays out of the way so you can focus on what you put on paper. These basic designs also provide a canvas for your creative juices to experiment and personalize the design in any manner you love!

Source: gonorthbooks

Best Features: You can journal hassle-free as these notebooks lay flat at 180 degrees. The A5 dotted notebook is held together by an exposed stitch binding that creates an easy lay design. It is a versatile design perfect for bullet journaling, scribbling ideas, drawing, calligraphy, etc. The pages inside provide a smooth, pleasing, enjoyable surface to work on. Finally, the book has 158 pages wrapped in a sturdy card stock cover for a comfortable journaling journey.

  • Color Options: Grey, Black, Kraft
  • Page Design: Dotted, Lined, Squared, Plain
  • Size Options: A5, A5x, B5, 7×10
  • Paper Quality: 90 gsm (slightly thick)
  • Cover: Softcover

The Northbooks Notebooks are a great starting point for beginners and are a super affordable option as well. The Gentleman Reviewer says, “I do think it would be a good starter journal for someone looking to get into bullet journaling. If you’re not using fountain pens, I think this would be a great option if you prefer softcover as well. It only costs $9 for a pack of one and $16 for a pack of two so you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.”

Rhodia A5 Webnotebook (Best Paper Quality Bullet Journal)

Popularly known as the “Webbie”, the web notebooks by Rhodia are the go-to choice for fountain pen users and frequent note-takers. It comes in three cover variants orange, black, and silver and is filled with premium quality 90 gsm paper. The hardcover exterior makes the notebooks very convenient to use in outdoor spaces as well! This range also comes in landscape mode for art and sketching enthusiasts.

Source: rhodiapads.com

Best Features: The faux leather hardcover exterior looks fancy and is super sturdy. It comes with a ribbon marker and an elastic closure. The premium paper quality is acid-free and pH neutral. An inner pocket is provided to store notes, cards, stickers, or stencils. Finally, the rounded corners look elegant and protect the design from tearing or cracking easily.

  • Color Options: Orange, Black, Silver
  • Page Design: Lined, Blank, Dot Grid
  • Size Options: A5
  • Paper Quality: 90 gsm (slightly thick)
  • Cover: Hardcover

The paper quality of Rhodia web notebooks has received excellent reviews from bullet journal artists. Megan from Page Flutter says, “My experience with this notebook has been thoroughly enjoyable. My favorite part is the paper, but it doesn’t end there. The cover has a great texture that’s comfortable to hold, the dot grid is unobtrusive and uniform, and it has my vital must-haves for bullet journaling (the pocket, elastic closure, and ribbon marker).”

Hobonichi Ultra-Thin Notebook (Best For Junk Bullet Journal/Scrapbooking)

The Hobonichi Ultra-Thin Notebook is a slim notebook made using Tomoe River paper. These pages have 3.7mm grids and the notebook comes in two sizes A5 and A6. The A6 is a perfect pocket-friendly option whereas the A5 is a classic bullet journal size. Both these versions are divided into four equal parts, distinguished by a different grid color. This allows you to use a single notebook for different themes or tasks.

Source: 1101.com

Best Features: The Tomoe River paper is ultra-thin and super lightweight but continues to be remarkably resistant to ink bleedthrough. The graph sheet style lets you design diverse layouts for each page. These notebooks have 288 pages and the different sections are an added perk! The stitch-binding offers a lay-flat notebook that is comfortable to write in.

  • Color Options: Orange
  • Page Design: Grid Pattern
  • Size Options: A5, A6
  • Paper Quality: 52gsm (tomoe river paper)
  • Cover: Softcover

Hobonichi notebooks are a basic and budget-friendly option making them a must-try. Pao from the Serial Doodler says, “ I tried Hobonichi’s Plain Notebook (A5) and it did not disappoint…I love how the notebook lies flat. The binding (stitched and glued to the cover) feels really sturdy and well-made.”

Midori’s Traveler’s Notebook (Best For Travel Bullet Journal)

As the name suggests, Midori’s Traveler’s Notebook is truly a travel enthusiast’s best friend. It is easy and comfortable to carry around. The size makes it perfect to slip in maps and tickets while you travel. It’s the best journal buddy while traveling but you can also carry it on a regular basis and get the feel of a vacation! This notebook shall truly inspire you to wake that “Free spirit” every day whether you travel or not!

Source: travelers-company.com

Best Features: The notebook is close to a classic A5 size bujo, but is comparatively slimmer which makes it easy to carry and comfortable to write in. It has a simple structure that makes it perfect for customization. You can paste stickers or add charms to the design as you travel. The more you use this notebook, the more the texture of the leather changes making it truly YOUR version!

  • Color Options: Brown, Camel, Green, Blue
  • Page Design: Plain
  • Size Options: 4.72 x 8.66 inches
  • Paper Quality: MD Paper
  • Cover: Leather, Softcover

The versatile nature of Midori’s traveler’s notebook makes it a popular choice among both travelers and non-travelers. Susan from the Pen Addict says, “I especially like the freedom the Traveler’s Notebook offers, in that you can rearrange and add and remove notebooks to suit your needs. This is an advantage over the Hobonichi Notebook which limits you to the layout chosen by the publishers.”

Frequently Asked Questions When Choosing a Bullet Journal

Can I use a sketchbook as a bullet Journal?

You can convert anything you want into your bullet journal notebook. Sketchbooks are a great blank canvas for you to design your bujo in any way you like. You can also incorporate your favorite sketches or tiny doodles in a sketchbook bullet journal. So, yes! You can use a sketchbook as a bullet journal.

Can you use a regular notebook for bullet journaling?

There is no right or wrong while selecting the best bullet journal notebook for yourself. Any notebook ordered online or bought from local stores works fine. Remember, you can use any notebook as long as it suits your journaling needs.

Which bullet journal is better – Moleskin or Leuchtturm1917?

Moleskine and Leuchtturm are quite similar but still have their own unique features. Which is better? That totally depends on what you are looking for.

Both differ in terms of thickness of paper, Moleskine paper is 70 gsm while Leuchtturm is 80 gsm, making it thicker than Moleskine.

Another difference is the variety of sizes each offer. Moleskine notebooks offer greater size options as compared to the fewer variants of Leuchtturm. So, if you are confused about the right size option to choose, check out Moleskine notebooks. But if you want to go for the classic and popular A5 sizes, try out Leuchtturm!

Where can I buy a bullet journal?

Bullet journal notebooks are easily and widely available across stationery stores, supermarkets, wholesale sellers, etc. You can also have them easily delivered to your doorstep by selecting your favorite option online. The prices of bullet journal notebooks range from super affordable ones to luxurious options.

If you are unsure you can do some research online about the kind of notebook you want and purchase it at a store!

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