13 Bullet Journal Packing List Ideas for Better Organization

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Do you also stress out while prepping for a vacation? Are you worried about leaving behind some travel essentials while packing? Do you feel disorganized? Well, no need to worry now as packing for your next trip is going to be super fun, relaxing, and hassle-free! By creating a bullet journal packing list, you can easily keep track of the things to pack in a categorized manner. The packing list is also a great way to do a final check, whether you have packed everything or not. So whether you need a simple layout of all things at one place or a more decorative spread with categories, this roundup has them all! 

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How To Create a Bullet Journal Packing List?

Before we list some fantastic packing list ideas, here are some essential tips to keep in mind while creating a bullet journal packing list. 

  1. Create the packing list at least a week or two before you go for the trip. This gives you enough time to gather or purchase the items.  
  2. Write down every small and obvious item you need to carry, from your toothbrush to your even your mobile phone. 
  3. Add the packing list spread at the beginning or end of your bullet journal to make it easily accessible. 
  4. As soon as you remember something, immediately add that item to your list.  
  5. You can either create an overall list or categorize into multiple categories such as toiletries, clothes, electronics, makeup, snacks, etc. for a clearer view.  
  6. List one outfit for each day and try keeping two extra pairs, including innerwear, in case of ripping, staining, tearing, etc.  
  7. Switch up your packing list according to the destination and add/remove items based on the vacation mood (camping, cruise, beach, mountains, etc.)

Bullet Journal Packing List Ideas

Here are some minimal and creative packing list ideas that will inspire you. Add this layout to your BuJo and never forget any travel essential; next time you go for a vacation. 

1. Sea Shells Bullet Journal Packing List

Packing List Bullet Journal

First, on our list is this bullet journal packing list by b.bulletjournal perfect for a beach vacation. The layout in uncategorized and is divided into two columns to fully-utilize the space. You can draw tiny doodles like seashells, suitcases, maps, etc. on the top and bottom borders for a touch of cuteness. This is a minimal and colorful layout and keeps all the items on your packing list together for a quick check.  

2. Vacation Bags BuJo Packing List

Give your bullet journal packing list a vacay mode with this fun idea by plentyofplans. Pack your checklist in these adorable, tiny suitcases, with each suitcase for a separate category like clothes, essentials, hygiene, etc. Add some playful colors to the handles and locks of the bags to break the black and white theme. This is a very creative and customizable way of creating an organized packing list.   

3. Two-in-One Bullet Journal Packing List

Packing List Bullet Journal theme 3

Source: bujo_squad

Here is a must-add bullet journal packing list layout by bujo_squad. The most amazing thing about this layout is that it has one detailed list for long vacations along with a column of an everyday item packing list. This is an excellent way of organizing your bag for work/college. You can list down the daily needed items and pack them while going on a vacation too. This layout is also categorized with tiny doodling all over, which makes it organized and super cute. 

4. Scattered Suitcases Packing List

Source: whattopack_

Draw on some suitcases scattered around a sheet to recreate this BuJo packing list idea by whattopack_. It is a very creative and neat way to categorize your packing list layout. Each suitcase for one category, like clothes, essentials, hygiene, etc. allows you to check each item on your list. The light paint in the background using watercolors adds a pop of color to the whole spread. 

5. Space Themed Bullet Journal Packing List

Source: pallcolour

Another great way of categorizing your packing list is this astronaut’s backpacks idea by pallcolour. Design each suitcase in colors, styles, and patterns of its own to enhance the uniqueness of each category. You can add tiny stars to fill up the space around the backpacks. It is an elegant and stylish bullet journal packing list idea. 

6. Aesthetically Floral Packing List

Here is a minimal and effortless way to design your bullet journal packing list by merely adding a floral illustration on one corner of the sheet. Additionally, you can use a stylish calligraphic font for each category’s headings to enhance the aesthetics. You can also customize the illustration according to match the theme of your bullet journal. This idea by livs_bullet_journal is very easy and looks equally creative.

7. Vitamin Sea Beach Packing List

beach vaccation packing list bullet journal

This bullet journal packing list idea by morninglinedesign is a mix of quirky fonts and a pop of hot pink color. The list has three columns, one for each category along with a vacay quote at the bottom. Tiny sprinkling water droplets are drawn next to each heading, which looks very adorable. You can add as many colors as you want and customize the font styles to your comfort.  

8. Colorful Doodles BuJo Packing List

Here is a jampacked packing list idea by spocreative.co to perfectly plan your next vacation in a fun way! The basic layout of the list uses suitcases of different sizes and styles for each category.  A ribbon-style banner is used for the headings, which makes this list stand out. For some finishing touches, tiny vacation doodles like mocktails, polaroid cameras, sunglasses, etc. are drawn all over. 

9. Color-Coded Packing Check-List

france packing list bullet journal

Source: bujopops

Have you categorized your packing list? Why not categorize your checkboxes as well? Recreate this amazing idea by bujopops that allows you to keep track of the items you have already bought or will buy, items packed in the suitcases and items in the backpacks, etc. It allows you to keep a check on the status of the items in your packing list. This is a must incorporate idea for your bullet journal packing list. 

10. Black & Gold Bullet Journal Packing List

Honeymoon packing list bullet journal

Want a packing list that requires little effort but looks very elegant? Try this idea by cardigansandchamomile, which uses hints of gold and the black text to design the packing list spread. Using metallic colors instantly makes anything look fancy, even your packing list! It is a categorized list that is very convenient to use. 

11. Inside the Suitcase Packing List Layout

Open your packing list suitcase to reveal all the items you need to pack for your next vacation, with this idea by lavenderlessonplans. Draw an open bag as the layout for your packing list spread and fill it up with categorized items. Add a tag to the suitcase saying “Packing List” and voila! Your super cute packing list is ready!

12. Cute and Simple Bullet Journal Packing List

Packing List Bullet Journal theme 9

Source: bujojams

This bullet journal packing list by bujojams is a sweet and simple addition to your BuJo. It is a categorized list layout with hints of multiple colors. The neatness of this layout makes it my favorite, and the simplicity allows you to customize it your way. To liven up the list, you can add doodles of clothes, bags, makeup, etc. near each category, as shown. 

13. Map & Compass Border Packing List

Packing List Bullet Journal theme 10

Source: paperie.pl

Our list’s final idea is by paperie.pl, which uses panels for each category along with doodle headings instead of text. For instance, the clothes category has a t-shirt drawn instead of the plain, boring text. The addition of a map-compass collage border on top of the page makes this entirely travel appropriate. You can make it as colorful as you like or leave it black and white like above. 

We hope these diverse bullet journal packing lists met all your requirements and inspired you to create one for yourself. These come handy for last-minute packing as well. So just make one list and store it in your BuJo for quick access any day, anytime!  

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