40+ Best Animal Crafts For Kids & Toddlers

Animal crafts for kids are fun and easy, and here I have curated an interesting list of animal crafts ideas that will impress your kids.

Here you will find everything from simple animal crafts for toddlers to animal crafts for preschoolers. In this list, you will find unique animal art and crafts ideas that can be a productive way of improving motor skills and enhancing the creative mind.

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Let us delve into this sea of ideas without much ado.

Farm Animal Crafts

Look at these beautiful farm animal crafts, so adorable! The common aspect of these ideas is that they are all farm animals. Your kids will love these cute farm animals that they probably watch in some cartoons. These are some excellent choices for animal crafts for kindergarten kids.

1. Handprint Sheep Craft For Kids

(source- simpleeverydaymom)

There is hardly anything cuter than fluffy white sheep! And handprint craft ideas are fun for kids. Your kids can recreate a few of these amazing handprint sheep quite easily. With just cardstock paper, scissors, glue, a sheep template, a black marker, and a pencil, your kids can make a few of these fluffy cuties.

2. Paper Cow Craft

(source- mombrite)

My niece loved these cute paper cows when I showed them to her. The next thing I know, she ran around screaming “Moo” all over the house! This craft idea is perfect for kids who adore cute farm animals. You can even use this craft idea to teach your preschoolers about various kinds of cows. I love how adorable this big-eyed cow has turned out!

3. Horse Head Craft

(source- helloroscreates)

How mighty does this horse look?! The artwork on this paper horse is just too good! This might look complicated, but it is not. I love the whole abstract painting done on this horse gives it a more artistic look. You can always play around with the colors. The best part is the mobile head of this horse!

4. How To Make A Paper Plate Chick Craft

(source- firefliesandmudpies)

This is one of those classic paper plate animal crafts that you should add to the farm animal craft collection. This craft idea will look adorable on the bulletin board or the refrigerator. You will need only some basic supplies like a paper plate, paint, paintbrushes, googly eyes, craft glue, and scissors for this one.

5. Three Billy Goats Gruff Craft

(source- iheartcraftythings)

I love how detailed this animal craft looks. It is a simple craft idea that is perfect for the summer craft project. You will need two paper plates, brown paints, brown tissues, paint brushes, scissors, cardstock papers, googly eyes, and glue for this one. You can also check out some more fun paper craft ideas here- 20 Super Fun Paper Plate Crafts For Kids 2021.

6. Paper Plate Pig Twirler

(source- kidscraftroom)

Yet another interesting paper plate craft idea for your little one. This cute craft idea will look cute hanging from the ceiling; when your kids blow it, it will go round and round. I just love this pink piggy with googly eyes! So adorable!

7. Duck Craft

(Source- messylittlemonster)

This duck craft is such a fun activity for your kids. They will love making a few of these alongside the five ducks swimming in the tub! I like how detailed the craft looks with the bright yellow color, big googly eyes, and the splash of water!

All Farm Animals Crafts

If you want to have your collection of farm animal crafts, then these ideas are for you! Here you will find all the animals that your little ones love and want to pet.

8. Old MacDonald Craft for Kids

(source- theinspirationedit)

I find this nursery rhyme extremely catchy. And Old MacDonald’s farm has the ultimate collection of farm animals! These animal crafts are unique and fun craft ideas for your Easter decorations. Your little ones will love making these cuties. You can also teach them about the farm animals with these craft ideas. Here are some more Easter craft ideas for kids- 35+ Easter Crafts For Kids That Are Super Easy And Fun.

9. Foam Cup Crafts

(source- kidsactivitiesblog)

If you want something more easy and artistic, then how about these foam cup animal crafts? You can create this farm set of animals with the simplest craft supplies. You will only need styrofoam cups, paints, brushes, pipe cleaners, a pencil, craft glue, and scissors.

Zoo Animal Crafts

Kids love zoo animal crafts! And in here you will find all the mighty zoo animal crafts that will fascinate your kids.

10. Easy Lion Craft

(source- inthebagkidscraft)

This lion craft idea is an excellent example of all that you can do with a few scraps of paper. This is an inexpensive craft idea for your toddlers. I love the colors used, makes it more fun and interesting. This one has used some basic and few craft supplies.

11. Hanging Around Monkey Craft

(source- supersimple)

As a kid, I had a special love for monkeys. I found them fascinating; hanging around, fast, and fun. Monkeys are interesting animals. Teach your kids amazing and interesting facts about monkeys with this adorable craft idea. If you are looking for interesting rainforest animal crafts for your kids, then this one is a good choice.

12. Cute Paper Giraffe

(source- colormecrafty)

Bring the tall giraffe into your kid’s room with this easy and fun paper giraffe craft idea. This one is a fun way to let your kids exhibit their creative minds. I love the fun colors and the cute smile. Let your kids mix and match the colors to create a giraffe out of their imagination.

13. Easy Paper Elephant Craft For Kids

(source- lookwerelearning)

Elephants are the first thing a kid wants to see at the zoo! And this elephant will not fail to impress your toddlers. If your kids are fans of elephants, then this easy and fun paper craft is perfect for them. This is a really simple art project that uses some basic supplies and some patience.

14. Paper Tiger Craft For Preschoolers

(source- colormecrafty)

This fun paper craft idea is enjoyable for all ages. Your kid can easily make this paper tiger and add it to the collection of zoo animal crafts. This craft idea will require minimum parental guidance so it is perfect for preschoolers.

15. Paper Roll Panda Craft

(source- nontoygifts)

If you have some empty paper rolls lying around, then gather those to make these cute pandas! Pandas are the cutest, don’t you agree? And this craft idea is certainly one-of-a-kind. You will need empty paper rolls, paints, black markers, scissors, glue, a pencil, paintbrushes, and empty containers for this one.

16. Rhino Craft Idea

(source- simplemomproject)

This craft tutorial has a free printable that makes the whole craft idea easy peasy! It is effortless and will save a lot of time. With minimal parental guidance, your kids can cut out this cute rhino and decorate the room!

17. Cardboard Tube Zebra

(source- craftsbyamanda)

This cute cardboard tube zebra is perfect if you are working on a zoo project or forest animal crafts unit. She has made this beautiful zebra with just cardboard tubes and cardstock paper. You can also use empty toilet paper rolls as cardboard tubes. This is a great example of how to reuse empty toilet paper rolls. Check out some more unique ways to reuse empty toilet paper rolls- 30+ Innovative Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For You.

18. Paper Crocodile Craft

(source- easypeasyandfun)

Who knew that a paper crocodile could look this detailed and crafty?! I just love this green crocodile! This is a super fun craft idea that will help to brush the motor skills. All you need for this one are a printable template, green paper, white paper, glue, and scissors.

19. Welcome to the Zoo

(source- firstpalette)

Surprise your kids this summer with a whole zoo animal craft set! I love how innovative each of these ideas looks. All you will need are some paper plates, poster paint, white glue, paintbrushes, scissors, wiggly eyes, construction paper, colored markers, craft stick, pom pom, and other decorative supplies.

Arctic Animal Crafts

These arctic animal crafts are super COOL! I love the whole colors scheme and the mighty look. Makes the craftwork look more realistic and fascinating. Let’s check out all that we have in store for us.

20. Painted Polar Bear Craft

(source- diythought)

This polar bear painted craft is easy and super cool. This is a perfect animal craft idea for toddlers. This is a very environment-friendly craft idea that is within the budget. You can either use a fork or empty toilet paper roll tube to paint the polar bear.

21. How to Make a 3D Circus Seal?

(source- auntannie)

Have you ever taken your kids to one of those water circuses? Kids love seeing those trained seals playing around. This craft idea is unique. It is perfect for older kids and fascinating for younger ones. The tutorial is elaborate and detailed; with the free printable template, you can easily make a few of these amazing circus seals.

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22. Arctic Fox Craft

(source- thecrafttrain)

This arctic fox craft is so interesting and unique. It is a 3D pop-out arctic fox that is too cool to ignore. This is a good craft idea to add to the winter animal crafts collection. I like how the arctic fox is all surrounded by snowfall.

23. Handprint Walrus Craft for Kids

(source- simpleeverydaymom)

This handprint walrus craft for kids has all my love! It is a fun and easy craft that is perfect for kids. This is a great way to celebrate the Christmas holiday. All you need are colored cardstock, craft paper, white card stock, black marker, scissors, glue, and walrus paper template.

24. Cute Pinecone Penguin

(source- hellowonderful)

Pinecone animal crafts are so much fun. Your kids will love collecting these pine cones and then get to the crafting. You can make a few of these pinecone penguins to decorate your Christmas tree. Here are some more Christmas ornament ideas for your tree- 30+ DIY Christmas Ornaments For Your Christmas Tree.

25. Craft Stick Arctic Animals

(source- creativelybeth)

Popsicle stick craft ideas always blow my mind. They are eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and super fun. And the best part is that they are versatile. You will need some basic craft supplies, and you can have your own set of arctic animals. Here are some more craft ideas that you can recreate with popsicle sticks- 25+ Fantabulous Popsicle Stick Crafts For The Summer Time.

Sea Animal Crafts

Sea animals are so magnificent. The underwater ecosystem is magical in itself. And these sea animal crafts are super fun. I love how unique these ocean animal crafts look. Let’s check out some of these brilliant sea animal crafts ideas.

26. Paper Plate Fish Craft for Kids

(source- naturalbeachliving)

This fun and colorful paper plate fish craft idea is perfect for preschoolers. It requires some traditional craft supplies. Follow this easy tutorial to make this blue fish with colorful scales!

27. Foam Ball Octopus Craft

(source- craftymorning)

This is a cute sea animal craft idea for your toddlers. They will have a gala time making a few of these cute little octopuses. You will only need fun foam balls, googly eyes, purple paper, purple paint, scissors, sequins, and glue.

28. Handprint Crab Craft

(source- ourkidthings)

This handprint crab craft is a kid-friendly craft idea. All you need for this one are some bends and folds. This craft idea is super fun and is customizable. For this one, you will need heavy red cardstock, googly eyes, a black marker, a glue stick, and scissors.

29. Cardboard Tube Jellyfish

(source- craftsbyamanda)

This one has to be my favorite animal craft idea! I just love everything about this one. With the blue color, cute googly eyes, and uniqueness, I love it all. Jellyfish is an interesting sea animal; teach your kids all about the fascinating facts with this craft idea.

30. Turtle Craft Idea

(source- firefliesandmudpies)

With this tutorial learn how to make this easy and fun turtle craft. This craft idea is perfect for all ages. You will need a printable turtle template, some colorful buttons, a CD, white glue, scissors, a green marker, wiggly eyes, a black felt pin pen, and tape.

5. Forest Animal Crafts

Forest animal crafts are supposed to be interesting and magnificent. Look at these beautiful craftworks, they are just too good to not give them a try.

31. Animal Mason Jar Lanterns

(source- fogs-and-fairies)

Transform regular mason jars into some astounding animal lanterns. These are perfect for decking up the front porch. You can even make these to add to your collection of valentine animal crafts. These are simple and easy craft ideas. Here are some amazing craft ideas with mason jars- 20+ Cute Mason Jar Crafts For Kids That Are Too Cool.

32. Dixie Cup Squirrel Craft

(source- thepintrestedparent)

I love how adorable this handmade squirrel craft looks. All you need for this one are a dixie cup, acrylic paint, paint brushes, construction paper, googly eyes, craft glue, pink pompom, and a sharpie. This is one of those simple pompom animal crafts that you should try out.

33. Paper Plate Hedgehog

(source- housingaforest)

This Hedgehog is one of those cute woodland animal crafts that you simply can’t ignore! I have always been fascinated with them. So I wanted to make this paper plate hedgehog for my niece as a surprise present on her birthday, and she loved it! You only need a paper plate, brown paint, brown paper strips, two black circles, a glue sponge, a stapler, and googly eyes.

34. Bear Ornament

(source- theottoolbox)

If you are looking for some baby animal crafts for your kids, then this is it. I love how cute this one has turned out. Your kids will love crafting and creating a few of these bear ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree.

35. Pine Cone Winter Owl Craft

(source- nontoygifts)

If you don’t want the conventional stuffed animal crafts, then you are in for a treat. Look how brilliant these little pine cone winter owl crafts look! With just a bit of white paint and felt scraps, you can transform ordinary pine cones into mighty owls!

36. How To Make Pom Pom Bunnies?

(source- onelittleproject)

If you know how to make pompoms, you will love this pompom animal craft idea. This simple grey bunny is perfect for the Easter decorations. You will need yarn, felt, pony beads, clear threads, a glue gun, cotton balls, and scissors for this one.

37. Bat Craft for Kids

(source- thejoysharing)

Here is another craft idea to add to your nocturnal animal crafts collection. I love how mysterious this bat looks. You will need some paper plate scraps for this craft idea. This one is a perfect addition to your Halloween craft idea. Check out some more Halloween craft ideas for you- 15 Halloween Crafts for a Boo-tiful Decor.

38. Seashell Animal Crafts

(source- craftymorning)

This seashell peacock craft idea is pure genius! It is a simple and easy craft idea. And I love how colorful it looks. With all the green, blue, orange, and white, this DIY peacock is magnificent.

There you go, people. We have come to the end of this long list of animal crafts ideas. Here you will find easy animal craft ideas and also some amazing safari animal crafts. Pick what you like and spend some productive time with your kids. Let us know in the comment section below which one you liked the most. Happy crafting, people!

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