40+ Best Unicorn Crafts That Are Super Fun To Make

Who can resist unicorns? Nowadays, this magical animal is being touted as a symbol of embracing individuality and living a life as colourful as a rainbow. Unicorns have a special meaning to most families and their closest friends. Unicorn crafts are trending among kids, teens, and adults alike, with kids and teens, in particular, embracing the magic of unicorns.

In this post, we’ve curated the most adorable Unicorn Crafts that your children will simply fall in love with! These Unicorn crafts are super cute and super fun to make! And the best part is that they can be made with just a few simple supplies.

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40+ Best Unicorn Crafts For Kids and Adults

I have always been attracted to unicorns. I love the way they look and how graceful they are. When I was little, my mom would tell me stories about how the unicorns were making their way through the forest. She would tell me how they were so fast that you could not catch them and how they were kind and beautiful creatures. How can you miss seeing a unicorn? I know it’s out there somewhere! I may be a little late to the party, but here I’ve compiled some of the best unicorn crafts to inspire you to make your own.

1. Unicorn Horn Headbands

Image and tutorial by: creativegreenliving

All kids love wearing accessories with the touch of their favourites, such as cartoon characters and a lot more. In a similar fashion, kids adore stuff that exhibits unicorn features such as headbands and costumes.Unicorn headbands are the perfect accessory for a unicorn party accessory or even simply for playing.

This unicorn headband is simply put on a plastic headband with a felt unicorn horn and two-colored unicorn ears.

2. Cardboard Tube Unicorn

Image and tutorial by: kidscraftroom

These Paper Roll Unicorns are easy to make, and their fingerprint rosy cheeks add a lovely personal touch! They’re sure to inspire imaginative play and storytelling for a lot many days. Just go and grab your TP Rolls right now to make this whole herd of colorful unicorns with the tutorial provided here.  

3. DIY Unicorn Pumpkin

Image and tutorial by: creativegreenliving

This is a super cute no-carve pumpkin craft featuring everyone’s favorite animal: Unicorns!

The best part about these toys is that they can be customized to look just like the kids’ favorite toy faces. You can either make a cute unicorn girl pumpkin or a cool unicorn boy pumpkin with sunglasses; both are Easy and adorable! Aren’t they?

4. Unicorn Painted Rock

Image and tutorial by: ilovepaintedrocks

The one thing you might love more than painted rocks is unicorns! These are easy to make and will add elegance to any space, whether you’re decorating a room or anything else. 

To give them a magical finish, use a fine detail paintbrush to apply Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer over the mane. And then, to make the rock weatherproof for hiding outside, add a coat of clear spray sealer.

5. DIY ‘Stained Glass’ Unicorn

Image and tutorial by: ohhappyday

These ‘stained glass’ unicorns make an eye-popping installation for a Unicorn party or are even lovely as window decorations.

6. Unicorn Valentine Card Box

Image and tutorial by: designdazzle

What can you do with two shoeboxes? How about making this Unicorn Valentine Card Box! This valentine card box, An accessible DIY version of the classic Valentine’s cardholder, is super fun to make with only a few basic supplies. It would be greatly appreciated by any little girl wanting to bring a little something special to school to collect her valentines!

7. Unicorn Valentine Card Box

Image and tutorial by: artsyfartsymama

Here comes another pretty cute Unicorn Valentine Card Box that kids will love showing off at their Valentine’s Day party!!

The best thing about this craft is that you can either paint it or leave it as it is; wrapped inside the white sheet. So much more accessible and way less time-consuming! this Unicorn Valentine Card Box is ready to be taken to any Valentine’s party, and every kid would indeed be super excited to fill it up with Valentine cards from their friends!!

8. Paper Bag Unicorn Craft

Image and tutorial by: iheartcraftythings

It’s pretty easy to make this papercraft. Just Start by cutting out a unicorn trunk and ears from white cardstock. Then cut out a horn from a gold cardstock (or whatever color you like). Now, you can customize the horsehair with colors of your choice, cut slits along the edge, and fray the edges to make it look like frayed hair. You can also go with a colorful rainbow theme; it will look fantastic. 

Additionally, It is always a good idea to trim an inch or two off the bottom of the paper bags to fit toddlers’ and preschoolers’ arms properly.

9. Popsicle Stick Unicorns 

Image and tutorial by: gluedtomycraftsblog

Using some bare wooden popsicle sticks, colorful cardstock paper, and school glue, you too can pull together these magical creatures within minutes with your child. These craft stick unicorn heads are just perfect for kids to recreate and play with. Simply grab the craft supplies and help your kids create their own legendary one-of-a-kind unicorn from popsicle sticks today! 

10. Unicorn Valentine Holder

Image and tutorial by: iheartcraftythings

If your kid is crazy about unicorns, then this simple valentine holder made of two paper plates will be a perfect idea for them.

This paper plate unicorn Valentine holder pairs well with Unicorn Valentine Cards. Moreover, you can also attach sweet unicorn stampers to the cards to make them extra festive and to give kids a fun non-candy Valentine treat to play with.

11. DIY Unicorn Composition Book 

Image and tutorial by: tikkido

Turning a plain notebook into a magical unicorn notebook is a much better way to customize and claim ownership than just writing name on the cover, isn’t it? Go to school in style by turning a plain composition notebook into this magical unicorn notebook. 

12. Rainbow Ribbon Gift Wrap

Image and tutorial by: tikkido

This craft creates a perfect background for the eye-catching rainbow ribbons, keeping the ribbon in rainbow order with plain white wrapping paper.

Adding pony-like toys to the curled ribbon bow is super fun, but it will look incredible with just the curled ribbon alone. Moreover, one of the most appealing features of this craft is that it can be customized however one pleases; perhaps a cute little toy can be added to the center or a name tag shaped like a cloud. So many fun possibilities!

13. Unicorn Mini Canvas

Image and tutorial by: madetobeamomma

This unicorn canvas is a perfect DIY craft any fantasy-loving child will have fun putting together. It’s a fun simple DIY they can have fun creating and showcasing in their room. You can make these Unicorns either on mini canvases or on a larger canvas with larger flowers. The instructions would still be the same. 

14. DIY Unicorn Pencil Holder 

Image and tutorial by: craftsonsea

A whimsical unicorn craft perfect for keeping the kids busy or as a back-to-school craft. You can quickly adapt this simple craft for kids, and it can be tailored and personalized to your liking, thus helping you create a magical unicorn pencil holder just the way you want it!

15. DIY Unicorn Picture Frame

Image and tutorial by: thetrophywifestyle

This adorable frame not only looks great but is also pretty easy to make! It’s super fun for a kid’s craft or to make and give as a gift!!! Make these Unicorn Picture Frames as birthday party entertainment or for everyday fun with the kids! Regardless of what you choose, these Unicorn Picture Frames are sure to be a smash hit!

16. DIY Unicorn Party Balloons

Image and tutorial by: makeit-loveit

These pretty balloons can be used for decor or just as a party craft that your party guests can take home with them!

Moreover, there’s a little tip that will help you if your balloon is flopping and not standing straight; tighten up the tail of the balloon and wrap it around the base of the stick a few more times. Adding a piece of tape will hold it in place as well.

17. Unicorn Pencil Case

Image and tutorial by: myheavenlyrecipes

The supply list for this craft is pretty simple, and whatever you don’t already have at your home, you can just grab it at your local craft store. 

In the picture, the colors are just suggestions; you can use any kind of fabric in the Unicorn Pencil Case so every child can make it unique and enjoys creating this craft as much as possible. Also, combining different colors of felt fabrics is a great way to add variety.

18. Unicorn Planter – Magical DIY Succulent Plant Pot Idea

Image and tutorial by: easypeasyandfun

A DIY unicorn planter can be a magical home for your succulent (or any other plant).

If you have a succulent plant, you can make it even prettier by decorating the flower pot. And if you’re thinking about succulent planter ideas for your home, there’s nothing that would be more awesome than a unicorn.

19. Popsicle Stick Unicorn Craft

Image and tutorial by: artsycraftsymom

Popsicle Stick Unicorn Craft is a fantastic way to make your holidays magical! Featuring a glittery horn and rhinestones, this Unicorn is gorgeous!

Speaking of color, the typical Unicorn is white, but you can also add some color to make a beautiful, magical, colorful craft! Indeed, the Unicorn here looks like a princess, and you are not mistaken, and it’s fun to see it blinged out as well!

20. No-Sew DIY Unicorn Sleeping Masks

Image and tutorial by: blog.birdsparty

In addition to making excellent slumber party photo booth props, these cute unicorn sleeping masks are also just suitable for party crafts. Bring your kids into these crafts, and they’ll have a blast crafting them.

You’ll surely love adding crafty, personal touches like these to any of your parties. However, they also need to be convenient and hassle-free. These Unicorn sleeping masks do precisely that for you.

21. Unicorn Wall Art

Image and tutorial by: craftwithsarah

The best unicorn home decor ideas are wall art and box frames featuring a unicorn’s face. You can make the Unicorn’s horn even more captivating by using three colors of glitter. After all, glitter and unicorns are definitely a winning combination!

22. Unicorn Bookmarks with Yarn Tassels

Image and tutorial by: karacreates

Take a moment to admire this beautiful unicorn bookmark that is pretty simple to make. Just Cut your unicorns out of a simple unicorn image in Cricut Design Space and then embellish them with tassels. It’s as simple to make these.

23. Unicorn Poop Fluffy Slime

Image and tutorial by: momdot

This Unicorn Poop Fluffy Slime is made without Borax and Shaving Cream. But obviously, you can add shaving cream if you want; it puts in an extra fluffy layer, making your slime feel more like a big batch of whipped cream.

A twist on Unicorn Poop Slime Recipe, this easy to make but very bouncy and fluffy slime is less messy and also easier to put together. With only three main slime ingredients, it’s nearly impossible to mess up this slime recipe, making it a favorite in no time. 

24. DIY Unicorn Hug Bookmark

Image and tutorial by: bigfamilyblessings

This is a fantastic way to use art and literacy to encourage kids to read. These DIY Unicorn Bookmark Crafts are perfect for crafty girls from elementary all the way up to teens!

One of the favorite things about this craft is that it is perfect for using up scrap pieces of cardstock and craft papers. No shopping or unique supplies are needed for this adorable craft!

25. DIY Unicorn Banner Craft 

Image and tutorial by: partywithunicorns

This DIY project will really add a lot of cuteness to your room; You can hang your banner wherever you want. This would look beautiful on a front door with a few balloons, or in a child’s bedroom too.

26. Unicorn Spa Jar

Image and tutorial by: thegunnysack

A Unicorn Spa Jar is actually for cute little girls who love all things glittery and colorful. Use this jar to gift for a spa day, girl’s birthday party, or Christmas gift. 

Make this mason jar simple by spray painting the lid with metallic gold spray paint. Then, on the inside of the jar, paint the bottom and sides of the jar with Mod Podge and sprinkle with gold glitter.

27. DIY Unicorn Dreamcatcher

Image and tutorial by: hellowonderful

If this DIY Unicorn Dreamcatcher excites you and your little ones, then be sure to follow the tutorial to decorate your home with this adorable craft. 

Make this unicorn dreamcatcher by stringing yarn around an embroidery hoop, adding a glittery horn, felt ears, and flowers. The yarn hangings are just simple loops, and you can add lots of texture and variety by choosing various colors, ribbons, and yarns.

28. Over the Rainbow Paper Plate Unicorn Puppets

Image and tutorial by: artycraftykids

With the adorable miniature horses, glittery clouds, and colorful rainbow, this craft is definitely to be adored immensely by kids. 

This is a fabulous create and play craft, where kids can color and cut our free unicorn download to make puppets. Combined with a paper plate rainbow, kids will adore their jumping, sliding, and dancing Unicorns.

29. Magical Unicorn Pooping sprinkles Paper Craft

Image and tutorial by: hellowonderful

Kids are going to love filling up their bottles with their favorite multi-colored sprinkles. They’ll also love that rattling noise it makes. This is a three in an ideal party favor for any unicorn lover: noisemaker, exciting to look at, and a great treat to eat.

Moreover, you can turn the craft into a magic wand and add some magic fairy sprinkle dust. These would be superb to hand out at a kid’s unicorn or rainbow party! You can also use them for decorating cupcakes or as cupcake toppers!

30. Unicorn Necklace

Image and tutorial by: mericherry

These super cool Sculpey necklaces are just perfect for a back-to-school art project or play date. Here’s what you’ll need for this project: white Sculpey, a secret weapon, great paint markers, wood beads, and a nice cord or suede. Now that you have these things, you’re ready to take the first step. Go online and find a picture you like. The clip art is great. In this case, you’ll have to choose a unicorn. Print the image and trim around the edges, then follow the tutorial for the rest of the crafting and designing.

31. U is for Unicorn Letter Craft

Image and tutorial by: musthavemom

U is Unicorn in this fun letter U craft for kids! You can do this exciting art project with your kids, which will help them learn letter recognition quickly! As you do this craft, be sure to talk about the letter U, the sounds it makes, what words start with U, and be sure to discuss unicorns too!

The craft is a great way to help your preschooler (or kindergartener) learn letters, as it is designed to reinforce each letter with a fun activity that your child can do even on its own.

32. Shoe Shaped Unicorn 

Image and tutorial by: funhandprintartblog

This shoe-shaped unicorn craft is an excellent activity for preschoolers and early elementary-aged kids. It helps work on prewriting skills, fine motor and hand strengthening with the use of a hole punch and by threading yarn. In addition, kids can practice tying knots, which is helpful in learning to tie their shoes.

33. Magical Wood Slice Unicorn Ornaments 

Image and tutorial by: artsymomma

These wood slice unicorn ornaments will be the sweetest Christmas gift for fellow unicorn-obsessed people. They are sure to give your Christmas tree that final touch of decoration.

These Magical Unicorn Christmas Tree Ornaments will delight the kids and are simply wonderful to gift their loved ones.

34. Flying Unicorn Paper Plate Craft 

Image and tutorial by: messylittlemonster

You’ll have an absolute BLAST making this unicorn craft! Your kids will have a lot of fun creating and playing with this paper plate unicorn craft. This unicorn paper plate craft is super easy to make using a printable unicorn template that you can find in the tutorial. Now, go have fun!!

35. DIY Unicorn Mirror

Image and tutorial by: littleredwindow

Turn a boring mirror into a colorful Unicorn mirror, perfect for a little unicorn lover’s bedroom! This project is fun, quick, and easy! 

You and your kids will love this idea so much that you will wish to make all of the mirrors in your house into DIY unicorn mirrors.

It’s super fun to look at yourself with a golden glitter horn and pretty good rainbow hair… it’s like a real-life Snapchat filter!

36. DIY Unicorn Card

Image and tutorial by: simpleeverydaymom

Make this magical unicorn card craft for Mother’s Day or simply mom’s birthday. This cute papercraft can be easily created with a free template and just a few basic supplies. 

Open the card up and write a beautiful message! 

You’ll love how simple and yet how cute this handmade unicorn card is. 

Moreover, if you don’t wish to make this craft into a card, you can simply cut out the cloud and glue the Unicorn onto it too. 

37. DIY Unicorn Mug

Image and tutorial by: thedecoratedcookie

DIY-painted mugs look great and are also relatively easy to make. I bet that you’ll like them so much that you would want to paint all your mugs. Here, oil-based Sharpie paint markers are used, these are the same markers that can be used for rock painting too!  

To create this unicorn craft, first, clean the mug with alcohol, then draw your design and let it dry overnight. Before moving on to filling in another color, wait to give the black outline (if you like) about ten minutes to dry. This will prevent the new color from bleeding from the previous color. And now your beautiful painted mugs are all ready.

38. Glitter Unicorn Horn Christmas Ornaments

Image and tutorial by: sweetredpoppy

They make perfect gifts and are ideal for ornament exchanges! In addition, you can personalize these ornaments by adding a name to the back of them.  

Make these cute ornaments by filling them with Polycrylic. Pour the glitter through the funnel and agitate the ornament thoroughly so that it is completely covered in glitter. Dump any excess glitter into the container. Additionally, You can use a variety of different sizes to create different looks.

39. DIY Mason Jar Night Light

Image and tutorial by: momtastic

As we move on to this craft, we’ll be looking at something brighter: night lights. In particular, this DIY mason jar night light, which makes the dark a lot less frightening, is a great way to end your children’s fear of the dark. 

It is a craft that can be made to work in two different ways. First, you can dress up jars with Seaglass spray and glitter spray, and you can use them as decor, gifts, or even wedding centerpieces. You can also turn the jar into a no-flame nightlight (that is safe for kids).

40. DIY Unicorn Bath Bomb

Image and tutorial by: apumpkinandaprincess

Here’s a bath bomb that plays into the unicorn trend. Make this DIY unicorn bath bomb in your popsicle mold with layered colors and cosmetic-grade glitter. The unicorn shape makes a great homemade gift!

Moreover, as a tip: don’t use regular food coloring, it will activate the mixture and ruin the batch. Use GEL food coloring instead.  

With this blog, we have covered several unicorn crafts made with simple tools or/and templates.  Unicorns are probably the sweetest mythological creatures that almost all kids love! They symbolize love, innocence, and kindness – things that are getting increasingly rare in the modern world. So this Unicorn Day, celebrate their kindly spirit by making some awesome unicorn crafts with your children.

I love finding and sharing the best inspiration and ideas for bullet journaling, DIY projects, and recipes.

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