Turkey Crafts for Kids – Fun Craft Ideas for Fall 2024

There is nothing more symbolic than turkey on Thanksgiving. And here in this list, you will not fall short of ideas of turkey crafts.

These turkey crafts for kids are easy, simple, and innovative ways to let your kids participate in the Thanksgiving decorations. After all, crafting is a great way to polish the motor skills of kids. You can also check out some more craft ideas for kids here- 20+ Cute Mason Jar For Kids That Are Too Cool.

Let’s check out the unique turkey crafts for kids in this curated list of ideas.

1. Gobble Gobble Globes

Turkey Crafts

Image and Tutorial by ilovetocreate

I love these kinds of turkey crafts for toddlers; they are bold, blingy, and festive. I mean, look at that golden color makes it look perfect for the Thanksgiving decor. Your kids will gobble up this creative and gorgeous craft project in a second!

2. Turkey Hat Crafts For Kids


Image and Tutorial by craftymorning

I love party hats, especially if they are handmade. So how about these easy turkey crafts for kids?! This is a great activity for the kids to do on Thanksgiving. All you will need for this are feathers, colored papers, scissors, glue, tape, elastic string, and black markers.

3. Wine Cork Turkeys

Turkey Crafts

Image and Tutorial by onelittleproject

What is a list of turkey crafts for kids without some upcycled ideas? This is one such craft idea. It is quick, easy, fun, and non-conventional. All you will need for these little wine cork turkeys are wine corks, felt, tiny googly eyes, a hot glue gun, serrated knives. Check out some more wine cork craft ideas here- 25 Wine Cork Crafts For Your Next House Party.

4. Mason Jar Turkeys

Turkey Jar Crafts

Image and Tutorial by onelittleproject

Mason jar craft ideas always leave me amazed. They are so versatile and a great way to repurpose empty jars. These repurposed mason jars are perfect turkey crafts for kids. They are easy, crafty, and super fun. You can even use these jars to store candies; your kids will certainly love that idea. Here are some more mason jar craft ideas for you to explore- 30+ Mason Jars Crafts Ideas For Your Home.

5. Paper Turkey Craft


Image and Tutorial by iheartcraftythings

These paper turkey crafts for kids are so cute! These are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. You can get the little ones to make a few of these paper turkeys and decorate the house for Thanksgiving. Go ahead and spend some quality time with your kids while making this colorful paper turkey.

6. Wood Slice Turkey Crafts for Kids

Woodslice turkey thanksgiving craft

Image and Tutorial by thecraftpatchblog

Turkey crafts for kids are a fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving. So, introduce this cute little wood slice turkey to your kids this year and get them involved in some craftwork. All you need for this one are wood slices, glitter washi tapes, googly eyes, a florist wire, orange cardstock, and a hot glue gun.

7. Turkey Headband Craft

Image and Tutorial by iheartcraftythings

If your kid wants a headband but not the usual flower crowns and turkey hat crafts, you can surprise them with this crafty turkey headband. Your kids will have a gala time making these headbands and then play pretend turkeys!

8. Felt and Paper Twist Door Turkey

Image and Tutorial by littlemisscelebration

Instead of a traditional festive wreath on the door, how about a twisted door turkey?! I love how beautiful this one looks. The color combination is on point, and the craftwork is flawless. Go ahead and help your little one make a sassy door turkey like this one!

9. Paper Fan Turkey

Image and Tutorial by agirlandagluegun

Have you ever made those paper fans as a kid? It was such a fun and easy thing to do, right? This craft idea is also a super and a great addition to turkey preschool crafts. . You can get your kids to make a few of these fun and colorful paper fan turkeys to source up the house.

10. Macaroni Turkey Craft


Image and Tutorial by iheartcraftythings

Who doesn’t like some easy kids turkey crafts ! All you need for this creative craft idea are cardboard, elbow macaroni, acrylic paints, sandwich bag, parchment paper, googly eyes, orange marker, and glue.This one here is a great choice if you are looking for some unique preschool turkey crafts.

Thanksgiving Windsock

Image and Tutorial by hapinessishomemade

If you are looking for some easy and quick turkey crafts, then let me introduce you to these turkey windsocks.  This is under a 30-minutes craft idea. I love all the colors and the cute eyes! All you will need for these beauties are recycled food cans, brown paint, glue, painter pens, ribbons in fall colors, feathers, felt, and construction papers.

12. Construction Paper Turkey Craft

Turkey Crafts

Image and Tutorial by twitchetts

This one is a beautiful 3D turkey craft. Your kids can make this one with easy. It is a little time-consuming craft idea, but that is also a great way to teach them patience. I love the color scheme in this 3D turkey craft. You should give this one a try!

13. Paper Plate Thanksgiving Wreath


Image and Tutorial by iheartcraftythings

If your kids love to deck up the house for the festive season, then they will love this Thanksgiving wreath. It is super simple to make and perfect to hang on the doorknob or above the mantle. I love how creative this one has turned out!  Here are some amazing paper plate craft ideas for kids- 20 Super Fun Paper Plate Crafts For Kids in 2021.

14. Candy Turkey Crafts Jars

Turkey Jar Crafts

Image and Tutorial by yesterdayontuesday

Fall brings with it parties, celebrations, and candies. So, how about this animatic DIY turkey jar to store candies for your kids? I love how simple and easy this craft idea looks. All you need for this one are an empty jar, brown spray paint, colorful faux feathers, googly eyes, and construction papers.

15. Pinecone Turkey Crafts

Image and Tutorial by apumpkinandaprincess

If you want quick and easy turkey crafts for kids, then go for these pinecone turkey crafts. This craft idea will take you and your kids on a walk-in nature to look for some pinecones. Gather some other supplies like pinecones, orange felt, feathers, googly eyes, and glue.

16. Easy Turkey Crafts


Image and Tutorial by cleanandscentsible

Okay, how about we level up the treating game this Thanksgiving? These turkey crafts for kids can also be something useful for adults. It is a great way to pack the treats innovatively. You can even use them to decorate the tables. You just need tulle, M&Ms in Fall colors, pipe cleaners, google eyes, glue, and hair elastics for these turkey crafts for kids.

17. Thankful Turkey Book


Image and Tutorial by b-inspiredmama

Thanksgiving is the time of the year when we all are thankful for the year. And making a thankful turkey book is just the kind of thing you would like to make. This is something so unique and different from any regular pumpkin turkey crafts. All you will need for this recycled turkey thankful book are brown lunch bags, hole punch, rubber bands, craft sticks, construction papers, googly eyes, scissors, and glue.

18. Turkey Tissue Paper Craft

Image and Tutorial by crayonboxchronicles

I love how colorful this tissue paper turkey craft looks! It is easy, quick, and unique. You kids will love this craft idea. And the best part is you will only need basic craft supplies for this one. It also has an easy and detailed tutorial for guidance. You can check out some more tissue paper craft ideas that you can explore- 15+ Amazing Tissue Paper Crafts For Your Fun Time.

19. Turkey Toilet Paper Roll Craft


Image and Tutorial by diyinspired

Empty toilet paper rolls can be upcycled into fantastic craftworks. This is one such craft idea for your kids for a fun time. If you have some empty toilet paper rolls, then go for this turkey with colorful feathers. Here are some more toilet paper craft ideas that your kids will find fascinating- 30+ Innovative Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For You.

20. Bubble Wrap Printed Turkey Crafts for Kids


Image and Tutorial by craftymorning

I just love how unique and colorful this one looks. This one is such a clever craft idea. All you need are a lint roller, bubble wrap, colorful paints, scissors, glue, googly eyes, and colored construction papers. This one certainly has to be one of my favorite ones in this list of turkey crafts for kids.

21. Cardboard Tube

Image and Tutorial by raisinglittlesuperheroes

This one here is an excellent holiday craft idea for your kids. If you have some colorful feathers lying around and some empty cardboard tubes, then I suggest you make this one. I love the whole tribal vibe in this one. But, I am sure your kids will enjoy making this one.

22. Pattern Block Turkey Crafts for Kids

Turkey Crafts

Image and Tutorial by buggyandbuddy

This one looks so unique, colorful, and quaint. I love how abstract these geometric patterns look on this turkey craft. This is a clever project for your kids. It will teach them about shapes and symmetries in an interesting manner. The turkey craft templates will further help you with the task.

23. Egg Carton Turkey Craft

Turkey Crafts

Image and Tutorial by steamsational

This November, make Thanksgiving more interesting than just the turkey dinner, with this crafty turkey. The bright colors, the real feathers, and googly eyes make this Thanksgiving craft a hit among the kids. They are cute and can be used for decorations too!

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24. Coffee Filter Turkey Crafts For Kindergarten

Turkey Crafts

Image and Tutorial by buggyandbuddy

This is a super easy and go-to turkey craft idea for kids. With just a little paint, cutting skills, and gluing you can have some colorful decoration for your house. All you need for this one are a white coffee filter, watercolors, paint brushes, construction papers, glue, and scissors.

25. Painted Bottle Thanksgiving Craft


Image and Tutorial by craftymorning

My favorite kind of crafts is cheap and simple ones. For instance, to make these turkey crafts for kids, you just need some bottle caps and a few basic supplies to accomplish this task. This will look adorable on a Thanksgiving card! Check out some interesting Thanksgiving craft ideas here- 15 Easy and Creative Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids.

There you go, people. We have exhausted the whole list of ideas for turkey crafts for kids. You will find all sorts of ideas here, something that will resonate with your kid’s style. You will find turkey crafts for adults, paper bag turkey crafts, easy craft ideas here. With these ideas, let them explore their creative minds. Let us know which one your kid liked in the comment section below. Keep crafting, people!

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