31 Cute and Easy DIY Fox Crafts For Kids To Enjoy

Most children love doing fall-themed crafts and art projects when autumn starts to roll in. And for some reason one of the most popular fall crafts are fox crafts for kids. These woodland creatures are smart, they are cunning and they have a lot of characteristics that are interesting to learn.

Just like the lovable characters of Fantastic Mr. Fox, Fox in Socks, and Nick from Zootopia, children like making fox arts and crafts. And we are here to oblige them. Below is a range of different fox crafts for children of all ages. These are fun, engaging activities that can be paired with storytime and learning.

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So go ahead and try out a few fox craft tutorials to make some unforgettable memories with your children.

1. Paper Plate Arctic Fox

Image and tutorial by iheartcraftythings

Arctic animals are adorable in real life, aren’t they? Well, it turns out that they are equally cute in craft form. This brilliant yet easy arctic fox craft for toddlers is a great way to keep busy and introduce learning with fun.

2. Freddy Fox Ornament

Image and tutorial by craftpassion

This cute little stuffed fox craft is a great pastime activity. You could do it yourself if you’re looking to make an ornament. It can be used as a DIY keychain, to hang on a nursery mobile. It can even be enlarged according to your wishes. Go crazy with this one and get your kids involved so they can have fun too.

3. Egg Carton Fox Craft

Image and tutorial by gluedtomycraftsblog

Next time you have old egg cartons lying around waiting to be thrown away, use them to create innovative crafts. Take this cute fox craft for preschoolers as an example. It’s easy to make, you don’t need a lot of time and you are recycling. Now that’s what we call smart crafting.

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4. Paper Fox Craft

Image and tutorial by k4craft

This is an innovative papercraft that shows you how to make a fox for kids. Crafting will really help keep children engaged and help them learn more about their surroundings. Combine this fox craft activity with plenty of stories and anecdotes to keep the children interested. It will be twice as fun that way.

5. Popsicle Stick Arctic Fox

Image and tutorial by simpleeverydaymom

Making great memories on a weekend morning with your children is the ideal way to spend time, isn’t it? Why not do this fun arctic fox craft to pass the time easily. This popsicle stick craft is simple and easy. Also, it combines art and craft into one activity so we love it a lot.

6. Paper Plate Fox

Image and tutorial by easypeasyandfun

Foxes have the reputation for being smart and cunning. However, this twisty turvy red fox craft is simply too cute for words. Paper plate crafts like these can be done with the whole family and are always fun. So let’s get crafting now.

7. Fox Sock Puppet

Image and tutorial by woojr

Storytime is always more fun when it is interactive. Puppets are a great way to make stories and lessons more lively. This fox in socks craft for toddlers is a great way to begin that. You can even have your kids help you make the puppets and give them their own characteristics.

8. Cute Fox Book Corners

Image and tutorial by redtedart

If you love to read, or if you’re trying to get someone into the habit of reading, an attractive bookmark is very likely to help you. These adorable fox arts and crafts origami tutorials will come in handy when making nice bookmarks for your children. Most children enjoy doing origami so they would really appreciate this activity.

9. Yarn Wrapped Foxes

Image and tutorial by kidscraftroom

Easy autumn crafts are easy to do and can really put you in the mood for the holiday season. This simple fox craft for toddlers can be made in minutes with just a few handy materials. It’s also a great exercise to develop children’s fine skills. So try this super adorable craft tutorial to have loads of fun with your kids.

10. Paper Roll Fox Craft

Image and tutorial by thecrafttrain

Upcycling old paper rolls to make crafts is something that is getting very popular these days. These tubes can be very versatile and used to make creative art projects with kids. And although foxes are often villains, there is no denying that this red fox craft is indeed very cute.

11. Fox Gift Box

Image and tutorial by diycandy

If you’re planning on a woodland-themed party, keeping with the same idea for gift boxes is a great idea. This fox arts and crafts tutorial is a cool way of getting your children involved in the process. You’ll probably find most of the supplies easily in the house.

12. Origami Fox Finger Puppets.

Image and tutorial by pinkstripeysocks

We all agree that puppets are really cool, don’t we? Well, miniature finger puppets take that cuteness to the next level. And when combined with origami, this fox craft for kids is a great way to build motor skills. Now we get learning and fun in one activity!

13. Footprint Fox Art

Image and tutorial by thepinterestedparent

This is probably the most unique fox craft for preschoolers that we have on this list. All you need for this is paper and paint. Footprint art is a superb way to have fun with your children. They will love the messy paint aspect of it.

14. Paper Bag Fox Craft

Image and tutorial by iheartcraftythings

There are a huge variety of ways you can use paper bags to make crafts. They are versatile and easy to use. Plus they can be found abundantly thanks to all the grocery shopping. This paper bag fox craft for toddlers is too cute for words. Your kids will have a blast making this one.

15. Fox Felt Bookmarks

Image and tutorial by designsbymissmandee

If you or your kids love reading books, then you must have a special love for bookmarks. This simple arctic fox craft is an excellent accompaniment for your leisure activities. Let your children learn to make bookmarks for themselves so they like reading even more.

16. Easy Fox Craft

Image and tutorial by simpleverydaymom

Paper fox crafts for kids are easy to do and usually very mess-free. All the supplies you need for this will probably already be available in your house. This one is so cute that children will be delighted with the end product.

17. DIY Felt Woodland Red Fox

Image and tutorial by liagriffith

Does anyone you know have a special love for woodland creatures? This cute red fox craft stuffie is a great way to spend some time with your family. They make great gifts and children will absolutely adore them. Plus it’s so easy to make yourself it’s almost too good to be true.

18. Fox in Socks Puppet

Image and tutorial by pagingsupermoms

You probably know of Dr. Suess’s Fox in Socks if you have children. Now you can make the character come to life with this super adorable fox in socks craft for preschoolers. To be fair, most children will absolutely love this type of craft. And imagine the puppet readings you can have later.

19. Paper Cup Foxes

Image and tutorial by kidscraftroom

If you’re scouring for an easy and cute fox craft tutorial for your kid’s next project, this is the one for you. All you need are some paper cups and chart paper to get started. The Fantastic Mr. Fox fans will surely enjoy doing this super simple fox craft for kids.

20. Cupcake Liner Fox Craft

Image and tutorial by iheartcraftythings

Never thought that such simple home supplies could make such ingenious crafts. This is a really simple fox craft for toddlers. All you will need are colored cupcake liners to get started. Children love crafts that are simple like this one so pique their interest with this.

21. Egg Carton Fox

Image and tutorial by makefilmplay

This is a slightly different red fox craft from the others. But we can guarantee that it is just as fun, if not more. With this super easy fox craft for kids, you can combine their love for painting with crafting and get the whole woodland animals experience.

22. Popsicle Stick Orange Fox Craft

Image and tutorial by craftcreatecook

Just like foxes have the ability to adapt to different environments, we have the ability to bring you ideas for fox arts and crafts that are unique and creative. Not only is this popsicle fox craft easy to do, it is also really fun and children will have a really good time trying their hand at it.

23. Paper Fox Craft

Image and tutorial by krotak

Sticking, pasting, folding, cutting, and a whole lot of fun are guaranteed with this fox craft for preschoolers. You can teach your children all about the features and characteristics of foxes as you do these crafts together.

24. Leaf Fox Craft

Image and tutorial by craftmorning

Fall projects can really be funny and a little bit different from the rest of the crafts we do throughout the year. Especially when we use actual leaves from the backyard. This outstanding little fox craft for kids requires some bright orange and red leaves, googly eyes, and some glue. That’s it. But the fun has just begun.

25. Hand Coloured Fox Hat

Image and tutorial by thecrafttrain

Most preschoolers and older children like doing crafts to make things that they could easily use and show off right? This easy handmade fox craft to make hats will be right up their alley. It is very mess-free and fun and will take little time to complete as well.

26. Red Fox Mask

Image and tutorial by redtedart

Get your favorite fox stories ready for this amazing Mr. Fox Mask. This easy red fox craft will be ready fairly quickly. You’ll easily find the supplies and it makes a really good costume for the fall weather, doesn’t it?

27. Leaf Art Fox Greeting Card

Image and tutorial by gluedtomycrafts

Handmade greeting cards can really bring out your creativity and show that you care. This cute fox craft is the ideal way to make greeting cards with your little children and show them how to express their imagination.

28. Painted Leaves Fox Art

Image and tutorial by easypeasyandfun

Leaf crafts are easy to do and can be really fun. This fox arts and crafts tutorial is an easy way to get your little kids interested in painting. Also, they’ll love learning more about foxes in the process.

29. Foam Craft Fox

Image and tutorial by gluedtomycraftsblog

Try something different with these star-shaped fox crafts for kids. It is really quick and easy, fun for the kids, and overall very cute. So go ahead and fall in love with making these cute fox friends with your children.

30. Toilet Paper Roll Fox

Image and tutorial by sarahhalstead

Everyone loves Zootopia. And now we have a fox craft for toddlers that is inspired by it. It is really easy to make and needs minimum supplies. The end result will have you and your kids fawning over it no doubt.

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31. Felt Fox Coffee Collar

Image and tutorial by goodhousekeeping

Most fox crafts are for children to do and enjoy, given that they are so cute and easy. But everyone can make amazing fox crafts that are innovative and useful right? This cozy fox craft is great while being simple and adorable at the same time. Plus, if you do have kids, they would surely like to help you make these and use one themselves later.

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