30 Easy DIY Monster Crafts That Are Super Fun To Make

Even though at one point in time, the mention of monsters was enough to make children cry, times seem to be changing. Monster crafts and everything monster-themed is really sweeping the trends currently.

Monsters can be really helpful in helping kids understand their fears and emotions. Also, they can be funny-looking once they get over the initial fear. When done right, children can really come to love monsters. They’re cute and cuddly and even with their multiple eyes and scary teeth, they can look friendly and inviting.

Every monster craft that you create can have a different personality and characteristics. Don’t be fooled by their eyes and their toothy smiles. They’re harmless and kids will have loads of fun learning about different ways to make their monsters.

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We’ve come up with a list of some really easy-to-make monster crafts that your kiddos will enjoy doing with you. Try them out and find out which one is your child’s favorite.

1. Monster Plushies

Image and tutorial by homemadeheather

Monster dolls are really versatile little crafts for you to make with your children. This easy-to-follow tutorial makes really adorable monster crafts for kids. Both boys and girls will adore it. You can easily customize the expressions and features of each plushie. Give each one a different personality and have fun while doing this cute monster craft.

2. Monster Pumpkin Candy Holder

Image and tutorial by persialou

We always appreciate a cute monster craft, don’t we? This adorable and very creative pumpkin monster craft for kids is great for the Halloween season. Also, it’s really the most innovative thing to have when handing out candy for trick or treating.

3. Monster Blow Painting Craft

Image and tutorial by glitteronadime

Art can really help to bring out a child’s creativity. And if you can mix it in with something novel they will appreciate it even more. This monster art and crafts project is a really fun activity. The best part is that you’ll make a ton of different paintings each time you try it. Let your child have a go at this monster craft for preschoolers.

4. Fuzzy Pipe Cleaner Monsters

Image and tutorial by diythought

Pipe cleaners can make for the most amazing craft materials ever. In this crazy craft tutorial, you’ll find everything you need to start your collection of fuzzy monsters. There really isn’t a wrong way to make these monster crafts for toddlers. And they’ll have so much fun doing it too.

5. Monster Lanterns

Image and tutorial by craftsbyamanda

Cute and spooky at the same time. These paper roll monster crafts are easy to make, Children will have a lot of fun coloring these. You can teach them how to make a monster. Plus this monster craft for kids changes appearance according to day or night. Isn’t that exciting?

6. Monster Bookmark Craft

Image and tutorial by darcyandbrian

Not all monster crafts are supposed to be scary. These monster art bookmarks might even encourage children to read. Creative cute monster crafts like these are easy to make and really fun to do.

7. Quilled Paper Monster Craft

Image and tutorial by whisperedinspirations

Your kids will love quilling these monster crafts for kids. Even though they look so intricate and delicate, it is really easy to make. You can call it spooky or funny but no matter what, these monster crafts will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

8. Tie Dye Monster Craft

Image and tutorial by abcsofliteracy

More than anything, crafting can really help develop your fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This is a tutorial on how to make a monster using tie-dye coffee filters. It is a really unique and cute monster craft that children of all ages will enjoy making.

9. Monster Energy Can Light

Image and tutorial by instructables

Although this monster energy can craft requires some tools to finish, it is worth it. This works as a great night light that shows off how unique your crafting technique is. Be sure to use the right tools so that there are no jagged edges. Also, isn’t this a great way to upcycle metal cans?

10. Paper Plate Monster

Image and tutorial by homemadeheather

Sometimes the easiest crafts are made using things you can easily find lying around the house. This adorable monster craft for preschoolers is made using paper plates, puffy paint, and some felt. Do we need to say much more to get started on this monster craft for kids?

11. Popsicle Stick Monster Craft

Image and tutorial by todayscreativeideas

This is a great monster craft for kids. Both easy and useful, children who like working with their hands would like this. Since it is not spooky, it would even make really nice decorations at monster-themed birthday parties. This is a cute monster craft that you can even customize to your liking easily.

12. Monster Rocks

Image and tutorial by madincrafts

Make pretty pebble monster crafts for kids with this unique tutorial. This one incorporates painting in the best way. So now your kids can easily show off creativity. Also, the googly eyes are such an easy way to make this a cute monster craft instead of scary.

13. Paper Cone Monsters

Image and tutorial by easypeasyandfun

Paper crafts? Check. Paper monster crafts for toddlers? Yay!! This is a great project for little kiddos. Although looking at how cute it is, everyone would enjoy doing it. Let out your goofiness and make them as silly as possible so that the children will be giggling the whole time. After all, it’s time to get creative.

14. Hand Paper Monster Craft

Image and tutorial by artycraftykids

Although this is a monster craft for kids, others can have fun making this too. You can easily adapt this tutorial for cute monster crafts so younger kids can have fun too. The fun part about crazy crafts like these is you don’t have to be perfect. These monsters will look cute either way.

15. Tin Can Monsters

Image and tutorial by hellowonderful

All you need is some felt and plenty of googly eyes to make this recycled monster can craft. Kids monsters are a great way to get children interested in monsters and let them see that they’re not always scary. Let their imagination run wild with this cute monster craft

16. Monster Origami Monster Bookmarks

Image and tutorial by theinspirationedit

Do you have children who love reading? Or you’re trying to get them interested in it? This monster craft for kids might just help with that. Doing origami with your kids to create this bookmark will be fun. And look at how adorable they are in the corner of the books. Learn how to make a monster corner today!

17. Mason Jar Monster Craft

Image and tutorial by homemadeheather

Looking for cute Halloween decorations to make with the kids? This monster arts and crafts tutorial are easy to follow. Make some monster mason jars for the next birthday party or Halloween. It’s a fun and easy way to store all that candy to hand out isn’t it. It’s loads of fun to make these monster crafts for kids as well.

18. Yarn Pom Pom Monsters

Image and tutorial by thepurplepug

Never thought you’d find a fluffy monster crafts tutorial did you? These mini monster crafts will be great projects to do with preschoolers. They’re easy to do and can be done with scraps you already have lying around the house. Also, doesn’t this cute monster craft look adorable?

19. Stick Monsters

Image and tutorial by craftsbyamanda

This is the type of monster craft for kids that will be classified as the cute kind of scary. This monster art is great for children who love to draw and paint. They can make their own faces and choose vibrant colors for their monsters. Use this tutorial as a guide and have fun learning how to make a monster.

20. Smash Monster Puppets

Image and tutorial by iheartcraftythings

You will not be able to stop at just one or two while making this monster craft for toddlers. With this tutorial, you can make many variations of blobs so that your monster arts and crafts time is as fun as possible. If you try making your favorite monster character from a book, that’ll make the process even more fun

21. Friendly Monster Craft

Image and tutorial by naturalbeachliving

Scary monster crafts are cool around Halloween time, aren’t they? These cute monster crafts, however, will be adorable the whole year-round. The possibilities and customization are endless when your toddler is imagining how the monster should look. This love bug monster tutorial will keep children occupied with hours of fun

22. Toilet Paper Roll Monsters

Image and tutorial by thebestideasforkids

Some toilet paper rolls, tons of googly eyes, a heaping of pom-poms, and markers are all you need for this toilet paper roll monster craft. All the monsters you make will be different depending on what characteristics you give them. Recycling scrap material you have around the house is just an added bonus.

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23. Silly Monster Puppet

Image and tutorial by alittlepinchofperfect

Puppets are a great way to tell stories and let imagination run wild. This monster craft tutorial for toddlers will be a great way to start storytelling. Children will have a lot of fun with activities like these. Plus all of these things are so easy and inexpensive too.

24. Pinch Pot Monsters

Image and tutorial by schooltimesnippets

Clay is a great way to build creativity. This monster arts and crafts tutorial will help your kids learn how to mold shapes. And let’s face it, clay monsters are really fun to make. So try this monster craft for toddlers tutorial today.

25. Egg Carton Monsters

Image and tutorial by thecrafttrain

Egg cartons can be turned into a bunch of different crafts. And funny monster crafts for preschoolers are surely one of those. These little monsters can also hold something in their ‘mouth’. So you not only have fun while making these, but you can also use them later. Cool isn’t it?

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26. Tissue Box Monster Craft

Image and tutorial by thebestideasforkids

Any idea that involves recycling old scrap items is sure to be a hit right? These monster crafts for preschoolers are sure to be very popular as well. They’re probably the easiest tutorial around but your kids will still appreciate all the fun they have making it.

27. Pool Noodle Monsters

Image and tutorial by mamacheaps

If your kids love monsters and monster-themed decorations, ask them to accompany you in making some cute monster crafts. Pool noodles are a great way to add some fun to kids’ playroom decorations. And like always, give your little monsters as many outrageous characteristics as you like.

28. Paint Drip Monster Pots

Image and tutorial by craftymorning

Monster arts and crafts couldn’t get more fun and innovative than this. You can let your imagination and creativity run wild with monster art. It literally requires just 3 steps, 5 supplies, some patience and you have a new monster each time.

29. Softie Gobble Monster

Image and tutorial by mypoppet

Get yourself a recycling helper with this soft plushie gobble monster craft. It is also a pretty great way to teach your kids the basics of sewing while you’re at it. This softie gobble monster will surely help keep your place cleaner by eating all your scrap yarn and papers. Learn how to make a monster softie right here.

30. Love Monsters

Image and tutorial by eighteen25

This cute monster craft for kids is a little different from the rest because they’re Valentine-themed. Isn’t that so cute? You can be certain that each monster is going to turn out different from the other but that the best part about these cute monster crafts.

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