28 Healthy Easter Recipes To Enjoy Without Any Guilt

Springtime and Easter may have you considering throwing caution to the wind and eating as much as you want. But at the same time you don’t want to over indulge and waste all your hard work. Also, just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat as much healthy food as possible. 

With so many Easter treats and dishes, it can be tough to navigate the healthy way. But don’t fret. With our collection of super healthy and at the same time really tasty Easter recipes, you can eat all your favorite dishes without worrying about what it might do. 

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28 Healthy Easter Recipes That Are Also Super Tasty

From spicy deviled eggs to easter nest cookies and even a healthy carrot cake, there are some truly mouth watering recipes on this list. And no one would believe that they’re as healthy as they claim to be because of how delicious they taste. So go peruse through a few of these and maybe add them to your Easter menu. You surely won’t be disappointed with any of them. 

1. Vegan French Toast Casserole 

Image and recipe by shaneandsimple

This might just be the perfect holiday breakfast for a healthy start to your celebrations. Creamy custard and crispy french toast come together in a wonderful sweet treat that hearty and comforting. There are no processed ingredients so you know this healthy Easter brunch recipe is the real deal. With pumpkin spice, vanilla extract and plenty of chopped nuts, you get everything you could possibly want in a delicious breakfast casserole. 

2. Cauliflower Gratin 

Image and recipe by coleycooks

An easy to make cheesy side dish can be a lifesaver when you have so many things to do in the kitchen. Topped with garlic, thyme and a touch of cream, you know that this Easter dinner healthy recipe is going to taste delicious. You can make it ahead of time so you free up time and space in the kitchen. And because it’s such a healthy and light version compared to other gratins, you can load up on this side dish guilt free. 

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3. Roasted Vegetable Lasagna 

Image and recipe by spendwithpennies

Rich flavors of eggplant, peppers and zucchini meld together to bring this decadent vegetable lasagna. Light and healthy, this dish is a must serve at your Easter feast this year. Using ricotta you can make sure that this Easter dinner healthy recipe doesn’t skimp on taste while still being as creamy as possible. The crunch of all the veggies is also bound to give the dish different textures while eating. For a twist on the classic lasagna recipe, this one is a must try. 

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4. Strawberry Poppy Seed Salad 

Image and recipe by happykitchen

Want a mighty delicious salad for your Easter table this year that is not just healthy but also packs the right punch of flavor? You are in luck. This salad recipe is easy to make, fun and colorful enough to catch everyone’s attention and tasty enough to have them reaching for more. With asparagus, blue cheese and rhubarb, you can be sure that this Easter side dish recipe is healthy and popular with everyone who takes a bite. 

5. Spicy Deviled Eggs 

Image and recipe by healthyseasonalrecipes 

We all know the classic deviled eggs recipe but how about a fun twist on it? Drizzled with sriracha and spices, this recipe has just the right amount of heat to make it a crowd favorite. These deviled eggs are easy to make and get done in under 45 minutes which is a bonus. The best part about this healthy Easter brunch recipe is how it’s low fat yet completely delicious. And you can easily make them ahead of time. Honestly you can’t go wrong with this one. 

6. Unicorn Rainbow Dip 

Image and recipe by chocolatecoveredkatie

Bring actual magic to your dessert table with this unicorn rainbow dip. With its fun colors and divine flavor, you can be sure that it’s going to be a favorite among kids and adults alike. With the flavors of cheesecake, you know that this dip is going to taste amazing. And since it’s a healthy Easter dessert recipe, you can let yourself indulge guilt free. So go ahead and make a bowl of magic for Easter this year. 

7. Superfood Salad with Blueberry Lemon Vinaigrette 

Image and recipe by wholesomedelicious

This is the ultimate salad recipe with all the good things in a bowl. Combined and dressed with a lemon blueberry vinaigrette, you can be certain that this side dish is going to steal the show at your Easter dinner. If you want to celebrate the coming of spring this Easter, you have to try this easy and fun Easter dinner healthy recipe. With the flavors of berries, lemon, walnuts and avocados, this salad is an explosion of flavor and health. 

8. Ham Gruyere and Apple Galettes 

Image and recipe by eatingwell

Doesn’t this galette look perfect for Easter brunch? You can be sure that it tastes just as good as it looks. The freshness of the apples really balances the smokiness of the ham and richness of gruyere. With a low sugar content and amazing taste, this galette is the perfect dish for a healthy Easter brunch recipe. You can even use pre-prepared pie crusts to make it easier.

9. Crustless Vegetable Quiche

Image and recipe by reciperunner

This recipe has everything you love about the quince but none of the heavy crust to get in the way. Think of all the delicious veggies like broccoli, bell peppers and sun dried tomatoes in a cheesy mixture. This healthy Easter brunch recipe is bound to steal some hearts with it’s guilt free ingredients. Try this easy to make dish this year for a creamy cheesy quiche that everyone will adore. 

10. Brownie Cheesecake 

Image and recipe by chocolatecoveredkatie

This might just be the most decadent recipe available for chocolate lovers. Not only is it a chocolate cheesecake, but the crust is made with a show stopping brownie. Talk about taking things to the next level. With a recipe like this, you no longer have to choose between cheesecake and brownies for Easter dessert. This vegan recipe can be made gluten free. So indulge yourself and your guests with this healthy Easter dessert recipe. 

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11. Pecan Crusted Honey Mustard Salmon 

Image and recipe by wholesomelicious

For the healthiest dinner recipe, most of us choose salmon. So why not give this delicious fish a twist. Not only is this dish laughably easy to make, but it tastes so good, it will be like a fine dining experience. Make this really easy Easter dinner healthy recipe to give everyone something to remember this year. 

12. Carrot Cake Pancakes 

Image and recipe by runningwithspoons

Pancakes are the perfect dish to satisfy you and your family after a morning of Easter egg hunts. Gluten free and made with whole foods, you can dig into them guilt free. Also, they taste like carrot cake which really is a great thing to have for brunch isn’t it? So for a decadent and indulgent healthy easter brunch recipe, you have to try these pancakes. Nutrition never tasted so good for sure. 

13. Healthy Easter Nest Cookies 

Image and recipe by joyfoodsunshine

This is a completely no bake cookie recipe that will make you go ‘wow’. Made with completely healthy ingredients, you can indulge in the celebrations without worrying about your diet. Also, don’t these cookies look absolutely adorable? For a fun and easy healthy dessert recipe that oozes peanut butter and chocolate flavor, this is the one to try.  

14. Smoked Salmon Cheese Ball 

Image and recipe by downshiftology

Ever thought of making a cheese ball with salmon? Well, this is your chance to try. Although it might sound like it’s complicated, this dish is really simple and tastes amazing. With flavors of smoked salmon, lemon peppers, cream cheese android onion, this dish is what your dinner party didn’t even know it needed. The perfect Easter side dish is healthy and absolutely delicious, once you make it, you’ll keep making it for every special occasion. 

15. Healthy Egg Salad 

Image and recipe by kimscravings

More often than not, we consider egg salad less than healthy. It does have a lot of mayo and fat which can make it unideal for a healthy menu. That is why we have this skinny version which is just as delicious but which you can indulge guilt free on Easter. You can serve this egg salad on toast, in lettuce cups and even in a tortilla wrap. It’s the easiest healthy Easter brunch recipe to start with. 

16. Cauliflower Pizza Crust 

Image and recipe by downshiftology

Gluten free, low carb and great for those on keto, this is the kind of pizza that makes you go “yaaay”. With a blend of cauliflower, eggs and cheese, this is the easiest pizza you will make. It’s great as a side dish or even a light main course if you like. Try your hand at this healthy Easter side dish recipe and you’ll see just how popular it is with everyone. 

17. Hot Cross Muffins 

Image and recipe by nourisheveryday

Made with a rich almond flour, these muffins are dairy and gluten free. They are baked with apple chunks in the center which makes these muffins so sweet and moist. If you like baking with fresh fruit, you’ll adore this healthy Easter brunch recipe. It is easy to make and the cashew butter crosses on top really add to the flavor of the muffins. For a paleo treat at breakfast or tea time, you can’t go wrong with this one. 

18. Strawberry Oatmeal Bars 

Image and recipe by chocolatecoveredkatie

Sweet strawberries meet healthy oatmeal crumble to make the best breakfast bars you’ve ever tasted. Perfect to serve at Easter brunch this recipe has everything you could ask for. The oats give the healthy Easter brunch recipe a chewy texture so it feels like you’re eating candy. And because we have strawberries, you have natural sweetness which makes these even more healthy. You can eat them just like that or add some coconut butter drizzle on top to make them even more amazing. 

19. Carrot Cake Cookies 

Image and recipe by wholesomelicious

There is nothing quite as versatile as carrot cake batter when it comes to making healthy Easter dessert recipes. These breakfast cookies are gluten free and sugarless – just the way we like it. If you love the smell and taste of carrot cake, you will not be able to resist having a bunch of these cookies hot out of the oven. With coconut, pecan nuts and plenty of shredded carrots, this breakfast dessert will have everyone swooning with delight. 

20. Chicken and Mushrooms with Asparagus 

Image and recipe by dadwithapan

Easy to make, flavorful and so healthy, you won’t be able to find any reason to not make this dish for Easter dinner. With some butter and olive oil, the ingredients really do begin to shine as the flavor comes out. The soft mushrooms complement the tender chicken and balance the crunch of the asparagus. For those of you who want a fuss free dinner menu, you have to try this easy Easter dinner healthy recipe. 

21. Sausage, Leek and Spinach Leek 

Image and recipe by paleorunningmomma 

This is a healthy Easter brunch recipe that is packed with tons of flavors and your favorite ingredients. THe sweet potato crust and creamy dairy free egg filling make this a satisfying treat after a busy morning of Easter festivities. You could easily make this ahead of time as it can be warmed up easily or even enjoyed cold. 

22. Asparagus Puff Pastry Bundles 

Image and recipe by healthyfamilyproject 

Simple and easy to make, this dish is flavorful without taking up too much of your time to make. If you want to celebrate the spring vegetables in a unique and tasty way, this is the recipe to try. It’s a great recipe because it uses just a handful of ingredients to make a memorable dish. The goat’s cheese gives this Easter side dish healthy recipe a creamy texture that balances well with the asparagus.

23. Healthy Eggs Benedict

Image and recipe by downshiftology

Sweet potato, Canadian bacon and poached eggs make these healthy eggs benedict a treat for brunch times. Not only is this dish easy to prepare, it’s also really flavorful and healthy. Gluten free and paleo friendly, you won’t have to worry about breaking your diet on Easter with a dish like this. The whole dish comes together with a luscious Hollandaise sauce that is creamy and delicious. If you’ve never made eggs benedict at home, this is the chance to try the healthy Easter brunch recipe. 

24. Best Herby Potato Salad 

Image and recipe by halfbakedharvest

Healthy, creamy, and extra herby, this is the potato salad that deserves a place on your table. There is no heavy mayonnaise involved so you know it’s the real deal. It’s all round delicious and without the mayo, you don’t need to worry about it sitting out for long either. If you plan on having an Easter side dish that is healthy and wins over everyone immediately, you cannot skip out on this one. Using different potatoes also gives this dish a unique taste which makes it a great start to your dinner. 

25. Lightened Carrot Cake 

Image and recipe by fitfoodiefinds

Made with whole food ingredients which give this light cake an ultra moist texture, this recipe is perfect for Easter. This is a healthy carrot cake that uses maple syrup and applesauce to sweeten it. It’s low in sugar and even lower in fat, which makes it the perfect healthy Easter dessert recipe. To have the sweetest end to your day guilt free, try this easy recipe this year. 

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26. Sweet Potato Spinach Egg Cups 

Image and recipe by kimscravings 

Loaded with lots of veggies and protein, these spinach and potato egg cups are the perfect appetizer. They’re easy to make and all the ingredients are superfoods. It’s a healthy Easter brunch recipe that gets made in no time. Also, if you have trouble getting children to eat nutritious food, then this dish is a good place to start. 

27. Garlic Tuscan Chicken with Broccolini 

Image and recipe by dadwithapan

Creamy garlic chicken with sun dried tomatoes is just the kind of Easter dinner healthy recipe you need. This kind of dish goes amazing with some crusty bread or over pasta. The flavors really speak of the spring season with fresh herbs and vegetables. If you want a main dish that is delicious and gets done quickly, this is the one for you. 

28. Slow Cooker Ham with Pineapples and Cherries 

Image and recipe by healthyfamilyproject 

A super easy and delicious Easter dinner healthy recipe – this one is flavorful and has a great balance of flavors. The slow cooker really keeps the ham moist and tender while the cherries give it a fresh tartness. With just a handful of ingredients, you can make a dish that is hearty and delicious, just the kind of thing you need for the holidays. 

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