20 Halloween Rock Painting Ideas To Create Spooky Vibes

Halloween is all about fun costumes and a lot of other spooky stuff. How about this Halloween, you can create spooky vibes at your home through halloween painted rocks?  

The fun of painting and hiding rocks is pretty much in trend nowadays. A few simple supplies and steps can help you transform ordinary rocks in your garden into dazzling painted ones. And for the Halloween season, you can theme your rock painting with spooky painting ideas. There are a variety of color choices that can be used for the painting. You can try different stone painting techniques, such as painting with acrylic paint and a thin paintbrush. 

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Halloween rocks make such a great Halloween craft for kids. Kids and adults love to make them together. Here, in this article, we’ve brought to you a collection of over 20 of the best rock painting ideas for Halloween. Let’s dive into them! 

1. Spooky Halloween Rock Painting Ideas 

Image and tutorial by artistro

You mainly need a collection of small round rocks, acrylic paints, and a set of paint markers to create these funny and colorful creepy stones. Their colorful look and creepy smile make them a kid’s favorite. 

Add these spooky creatures to your scary festival crafting collection and bring Halloween rock art magic to life on All hallows’ day. 

2. Halloween Rock Painting Idea For Kids

Image and tutorial by theinspirationedit

Halloween is a great fun time of the year to get creative. And Halloween rock Painting is a perfect idea to enjoy decorating your homes. 

Simply by using posca paint pens, you can design these cute rocks.  

This is a great option for painting rocks with kids. They will have fun exploring a new art form while developing fine motor skills and gaining experience painting rocks.

3. Painted Rocks for Halloween

Image and tutorial by handmadecharlotte

The exciting thing about these painted Halloween rocks is, they aren’t scary at all, instead, they are cute, and what makes them so adorable are their cute features. These sweet printed rocks for Halloween depict how you can make even a creepy creature irresistibly cute by giving it googly eyes, a baby smile, and a hat.

Tip – Depending on your paint, you may need to do a couple of coats to get a solid, bright color.

Use a few shades of green to go for an especially witchy feel.

4. Zombie Painted Rocks – Halloween Rock Painting

Image and tutorial by colormadehappy

I can bet that, as soon as you would have seen the picture of these Zombie Painted Rocks, you would be laughing and adoring their cuteness instead of getting scared by them. 

Zombies don’t have to be dark and sinister – they can be colorful and fun too! You will have a blast creating these zombie-painted rocks. They are exciting and a great Halloween craft for kids as well as adults.

5. Easy Halloween Rocks – Tiny Pumpkin Rocks

Image and tutorial by modpodge rocksblog

These cute little pumpkin rocks are so whimsical and look so adorable! It’s not just their beautiful color filling, but also the pom pom stems that add to their cuteness. Once you have a glimpse of these cute spooky pumpkins, it’ll be really hard for you to resist them.

Tip: The dots in the eyes can be easily made by using the tip of a small paintbrush. Simply dip the end of your paintbrush in the paint and use it for making dots.

6. Halloween Monster Rocks A Fun Craft For Kids

Image and tutorial by theinspirationedit

Looking for ways to celebrate this Halloween within your budget? Then the idea of decorating your homes and for getting the vibes of this spooky season, you can design these super cute monster rocks.

Monster Rocks are a perfect idea for making your Halloween more spooky and amusing. This is an easy and simple craft for both children and adults and involves a lot of fun to create.

7. Sugar Skull Rocks Using Puffy Paint

Image and tutorial by colormadehappy

These Sugar Skull Rocks made out of Puffy Paint are great to help learn the art of rock painting and also to celebrate the Day of Dead. 

There’s a secret though when it comes to painting them. Not all puffy paint is similar, there is a variety of them. The best one is the one with the opening on the applicator. A small opening at the tip assists immensely in making lines, dots and adding finer details. 

8. Magical Halloween Silhouette Painted Rocks

Image and tutorial by adventure-in -a-box 

Design rocks with magical Halloween silhouettes drawn over a vibrant sunset sky!

To start with, you need to first paint the gradient of the sky at sunset. And for this, you’ll obviously have to go with an orange color scheme. 

Paint the rock with a brown-orange color on top, and then, without letting it dry, paint the next color, bright orange, below it, blending them together where they overlap. Then add yellow at the very bottom. And as soon as you are done with the background, you can go for drawing the spooky stuff on the rocks. 

9. Sugar Skull Rock Painting Ideas

Image and tutorial by colormadehappy

Though I’ve already involved sugar skulls before in this article. But those were with dimensional puffy paint. So, this time here’s a more traditional sugar skull rock painting design that requires paint pens instead of puffy paint.

To make this fun creative style on your rocks, trace out the shape of the skull with a pencil and color it white. Then trace the outline of all the facial features and color/design them accordingly.  

10. Easy Halloween Rock Painting Ideas: Halloween Story Stones

Image and tutorial by ilovepaintedrocks

If you’re looking for a simple rock painting idea to design with your kids then this Halloween-themed craft is a must to try out. These Halloween-painted rocks are absolutely exciting ideas that are super easy and fun to create. 

Follow this tutorial which puts out each step in a very simple and easy manner. Make these spooky creatures of Halloween; the bat, the spider, and the spooky pumpkin. 

11. Halloween Painted Sea Shells

Image and tutorial by thekeeperofthecherrios

These fun little shells can be designed without much effort and the best thing is, they would be great as ornaments for a Halloween tree.

To make this simple yet exciting craft, paint each shell with the desired color and let it dry. Then add all the details on the shell and cut out a witch hat and Frankie bolts. At last, add some raffia for hair.

12. Hand-Painted Halloween Rocks

Image and tutorial by hobbies-and-crafts

An awesome craft, hand-painted to make your Halloween rock and roll!

While you paint this sweet Halloween rock, you will need a medium brush to paint the rock in Cadmium Yellow, Jack-O-Lantern, and White. Overlap and blend the colors as you paint.

To add the ultimate sparkling beauty, use a medium brush to apply Gold and the Twinkling Glitter.

13. Painted Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin Rocks

Image and tutorial by adventure-in-a-box 

During this autumn turn rocks into jack-o-lantern pumpkins!

If you don’t want to grow pumpkins but want to satisfy the autumn craving for pumpkins, paint a bunch of pumpkin rocks instead of bothering to grow them in your garden. Plump and round little rocks are perfect for designing pumpkins on them, after all, they already look pretty much like miniature pumpkins.

14. Jack Skellington Painted Rock Craft

Image and tutorial by homemadeheather

Jack Skellington painted rock craft is truly fun for the kids. And it’s perfect for those who are huge fans of Jack Skellington and the Nightmare Before Christmas! 

They will look great on your display. So, don’t forget to use them for decorating your home. 

15. Stone Sugar Skulls

Image and tutorial by alisaburke.blogspot

These are fabulous!! You’ll even start loving the space of your house wherever you may plan to keep them as decor!! If you have a collection of rocks that you’re wanting to paint but you are also a  bit timid to get started, then this is the perfect project to get you started! 

You’ll love the way, how this craft made out of very basic and simple things looks so adorable!

16. Painting Mummy to Make Fun Halloween Rocks 

Image and tutorial by rockpainting101

Grab some paint pens to bring this fun spooky Halloween stone painting craft to your celebration.

The best thing about this painting idea is you can Try it for a lot of color combinations! Here in this tutorial, yellow is added to the wet white paint. But you obviously Check out how they look with pink, gray, & green!

17. Friendly Frankenstein’s Monster Painted Rock

Image and tutorial by rockpainting101

Frankenstein’s monster-painted rock is a great spooky and fun Halloween rock painting idea. There is something special about this character that attracts the love of all. Also, the crooked smile makes him look friendly and thus more fun-loving. 

Make a friendly Frankenstein’s monster rock with your kids and enjoy the vibes of the Halloween season as much as you want.  

18. Halloween Rock Magnets

Image and tutorial by thisheartofmineblog

It’s a perfect little idea, especially for those who live near the beach. Their homes are definite to be covered in flat rocks of all shapes and sizes and what else do you need to make this exciting craft! 

Gather these tiny flat rocks and paint them however you like! convert them into Black cats, pumpkins, or ghosts, whatever you wish to! 

19. Rock Mummies

Image and tutorial by instructables

Create these mummies with the simple instructions in the tutorial and add them to your Halloween decorations. Kids usually love such cute little creatures so let them make their own for Halloween this year. 

Additionally, You can make the mummy look a bit dirty and thus more realistic (old) by adding some grey paint to some of the edges of the mummy strips. 

20. Cute Halloween Painted Pumpkin Rocks for Play

Image and tutorial by kidsactivitiesblog

Design these cute pumpkin rocks to use as treasures, decorations,s or for some Halloween-themed game.

A simple Halloween-painted rocks art project that is great fun for kids of all ages! These fun and easily painted pumpkin rocks are perfect for homemade games, story-telling, counting, and open-ended play.

These are fabulous! Seriously, it’s hard to tell some of these are rocks. Using plenty of different colors for this craft and designing creatures with different expressions is another level of fun. These can be used in the garden or in the home and they undoubtedly add in abundance to the decoration of any space.

You can combine all of these to make a little scene in your yard! Kids are sure to have a lot of fun painting and playing with them.

I love finding and sharing the best inspiration and ideas for bullet journaling, DIY projects, and recipes.

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