35+ Birthday Cakes For Boys – Ideas & Recipes

Birthdays are that special time of the year for your little ones. The day they get to fulfill different fantasies. Things they usually do only at Halloween and Christmas. Like dressing up and eating a ton of candy. Birthdays are not complete without a great cake. And with baking becoming so popular, you can now … Read more

30+ DIY Concrete Planters That Are Easy to Make

Concrete planters have the optimal density to promote insulation and keep the soil at an optimal temperature. Their thick walls prevent leakage which could cause damage to the surrounding area. Concrete planters are also environment friendly and long lasting. To add to that they are extremely easy to make with few materials and tools. You … Read more

15 Surprising & Interesting Knitting Statistics 2024

Knitting and Crocheting are the two most popular yarn crafts today. The growing crafting community is constantly on the lookout for new ideas and inspiration to practice knitting as a hobby. They use it to create apparel, accessories, and home goods. While knitting uses two straight needles to make thread loops out of yarns, crocheting uses a … Read more

10 Best Bullet Journal Notebooks 2024 – All You Need To Know

Feature Image Source: travelers-company.com If you are starting your bullet journal journey or are a seasoned bullet journaler, choosing a bullet journal notebook can be quite confusing. There are several styles available online and in stores that are suitable for different purposes. You’ll find everything from basic and minimalist designs to professional art journals. So, … Read more