35+ Birthday Cakes For Boys – Ideas & Recipes

Birthdays are that special time of the year for your little ones. The day they get to fulfill different fantasies. Things they usually do only at Halloween and Christmas. Like dressing up and eating a ton of candy.

Birthdays are not complete without a great cake. And with baking becoming so popular, you can now make your little boy’s dream cake right at home. So why not make this day a little more sweeter with ideas for birthday cakes for boys that they would appreciate, admire and more than anything love to eat.

Below is a collection of easy to make but completely mind blowing birthday cake ideas for boys ideas that you can quickly whip up in your kitchen for a splendid birthday party for your little prince.

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1. Dino Mite Dinosaur Birthday Cake

Image and tutorial by wilton

Birthday cake designs for kids can range from simple to all out and this one is ancient. The adorable prehistoric dinosaur birthday cake for boys is going to be a solid delight at your little boy’s birthday party. Sure, to go down in history – get the pun?

This little boy’s birthday cake will be a highlight that other guests will love and is really easy to make with the right tools. The light vanilla buttercream frosting is the icing that leaves people wanting more too.

2. PJ Masks Birthday Cake

Image and tutorial by mykidslickthebowl

Kids really love anything themed after cartoons and so your little boy will like this rainbow PJ Masked themed cake very much. This little boy’s birthday cake is a great mixture of fun and delicious. It is an easy birthday cake idea but the payout you get from the joy on your kiddo’s face will be worth the effort. Try this idea for a simple birthday cake for 3 year old boy.

3. Dirt Worm Chocolate Birthday Cake

Image and tutorial by mommyhatescooking

One thing that all children seem to universally love is getting their hands dirty in the backyard and digging for worms. And no matter how much you tell them not to, they won’t stop. This simple birthday cake idea takes inspiration from what children love and turns it into a delicious birthday cake for boys. One look at this and the boys will want to get their hands on it as soon as possible.

4. Banana Baby Birthday Smash Cake

Image and tutorial by sugaryandbuttery

For a baby boy’s first birthday cake like no other, here is a really pretty healthy version of a little boy’s birthday cake with banana and whole wheat flour. It is such an adorable first birthday cake as you little boy can just go crazy with a boy smash cake. Also, the amazing butter and cream cheese frosting will not disappoint.

5. Funfetti Oreo Birthday Cake

Image and tutorial by lifeloveandsugar

Golden oreos and birthday cake filling in one cake! Yes yes yes. Use this recipe to make a no fuss idea for a birthday cakes for 10 year old boy. Cheesecake is such a popular cake option and with this birthday cake cheesecake you have a perfect and easy fun cake idea.

6. Pinata Cake with Sprinkles

Image and tutorial by asubtlerevelry

A unique but absolutely fulfilling cake idea for boys, this one is a hidden gem. No seriously, there are gems hidden in this birthday cake for boys. Even though it looks complicated, this pinata cake is an easy birthday cake idea which your guests would also enjoy seeing cut open.

7. Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

Image and tutorial by wilton

Who doesn’t love Mickey? This amazing Disney boy birthday cake will be the highlight at your little boy’s party. This little boy birthday cake is a great character birthday cake for your Disney party theme.

8. Ultimate Sundae Cake Recipe

Image and tutorial by queensleeappetit

This sundae themed birthday cake is actually a great idea for a boy’s 21st birthday cake. It has chocolate, vanilla, buttercream, caramel and the toppings of sprinkles, ganache, cherries and more. It isn’t everyday that your boy turns 21 so this all out fun cake idea is sure to reign supreme in your celebrations.

9. Giant S’mores Cake

Image and tutorial by awwsam

No you’re not dreaming. This campfire delight is actually now available in a cake recipe and would be a fantastic boy scout cake idea for your little boy. Boy birthday cakes don’t require too much fussing and this birthday cake idea while he reminisces about his amazing camping trips.

10. Thomas the Train

Image and tutorial by theexploringfamily

Easy birthday cake ideas are the best and it doesn’t get easier and more classic than this Thomas the Train birthday cake. A great birthday cake for your 3 year old boy, this simple cake recipe is easy to make, easy to decorate and very delicious to eat.

11. Fish Cupcake Cake

Image and tutorial by mycakeschool

This easy to make pull apart fish cupcake cake is a novel boys birthday cake idea. It is such a fun and simple birthday cake idea that you could even ask your little boy to help you with the decorations. Be prepared to get asked how you think up such ideas for birthday party cakes for boys.

12. Lion Birthday Cake

Image and tutorial by usingmainlyspoons

This endearing lion cake with cupcakes making up the mane would be the an apt boy scout birthday cake for your little cub. All you need to do is decorate your main cake in the appropriate frosting and viola, we have a fun birthday cake for a forest themed birthday party.

13. Alphabet Birthday Party Cake

Image and tutorial by thetomkatstudio

For a simple first birthday that is memorable, go for this elegant alphabet birthday cake that is a precious example of a boy’s first birthday cake. The little alphabet details a haphazard manner reminiscent of when kids are learning with blocks. Such a little bundle of whimsy wrapped into this easy birthday cake idea.

14. Race Track Birthday Party Cake

Image and tutorial by twotwentyone

One of the most popular boys cake idea is a race car themed birthday cake. This birthday cake idea for a 11 year old boy would be sublime hit and all the other kids would marvel over the uncanny likeness of the race track mimicked in this birthday cake for boys.

15. Kit Kat Birthday Cake

Image and tutorial by thepurplepumpkinblog

Go all out for the 18th birthday cake with this Kit Kat overload birthday cake for boys. Made with base of cake and covered with kit kat fingers all over the circumference while being topped with all kinds of different candy from reeses cups to M&M, to wafer fingers, this fun cake idea knows no bounds.

16. Cookie Monster Smash Cake

Image and tutorial by beyondfrosting

This is an unequaled cake when it comes to cuteness. If your little boy is a fan of the muppets, then the Cookie Monster themed smash cake is going to be a hit idea for the little boy’s birthday cake. And what’s more the steps are really easy and the end result will have you fun little boys smash cake.

17. Lion King Themed Cake Recipe

Image by nypost

Fondant is your friend for this one. The little Lion king details make for an exemplary disney boy birthday cake that is so easy and fun to make. BIrthday cake ideas for boys don’t need to be complicated and over the top as can be seen in this easy birthday cake idea.

18. Batman Boy Birthday Cake

Image by mommybootcamp

Batman! Have you little boy dress up as Batman this birthday and present him with this birthday cake for boys that he will be so excited to see. The light buttercream frosting and flavor of the cake are an additional point in favor of this little boy birthday cake.

19. Roblox Lego Themed Cake Recipe


Image by partywithunicorns

For a simple yet effective teen boy birthday cake idea, we have something themed in legos. Nothing really screams cake ideas for boys birthdays quite like this one. Fondant details added to the real legos that you can choose to place around the cake will complete the look.

20. Construction Site Birthday Cake

Image and tutorial by merrimentdesign

Go Bob the Builder with this construction themed boy’s birthday cake idea. Ideal as a birthday cake for your 10 year old boy, this one is packed full of flavour and is a fun cake idea. The delicious butter cream frosting will be the yummy highlight once your kiddo is done marveling over this birthday cake.

21. Froot Loops Cake Recipe

Image and tutorial by liveforcake

Bring in a touch of breakfast madness to your little boy birthday cake with some of his favourite breakfast cereal. The light vanilla frosted cake can be elevated to a whole other level and turned into a delicious cake idea for boys with cereal milk infused into the actual cake. Trust me, this genius fun cake idea will knock the socks right off for everyone who tastes it.

22. First Birthday Smash Cake

Image and tutorial by cookinglsl

Let your little one just go crazy with this pretty blue boys smash cake that is both parts delicious and impressive. It is a light layered cake with funfetti and buttercream frosting that makes it an ideal baby boy first birthday cake, mostly for its appealing colour scheme.

23. Spider Man Coconut Date Cake

Image and tutorial by daniscooking

This delicious cake will be the star attraction not only for it’s flavour but for the Spider Man decorations that it comes with. The remarkable cake could be the centre as a birthday cake for your 11 year old boy but when it comes to Spider Man, I think we can all agree that age is just a number.

24. Sports Star Birthday Cake

Image and tutorial by bhg

Let your little buddy a sports star with this decandently iced cake. The best part is that you don’t need too many ingredients to turn out this teen boy birthday cake. If your kid is into a particular sport, you could change the colour scheme according to the colours of his team to make this a fun cake idea.

25. Disney Cars Themed Birthday Cake

Image and tutorial by skazkacakes

It’s a Lightning McQueen cake! I repeat, a Lightning McQueen cake. You will never go wrong with cakes themed after lovable characters from movies for birthday cakes for boys and this one is a very popular choice. This Disney boy birthday cake is as adorable as it is tasty. Try it yourself at the next birthday party.

26. Sprinkles Ice Cream Birthday Cake

Image and tutorial by mykitchenlove

I have yet to meet a kid that doesn’t like the combination of ice cream and cake together. After all it is their two favorite things in one. This easy birthday cake design for kids requires some cake, some ice cream, a whole dash of sprinkles and a heaping of love. Bonus points if you use birthday cake ice cream.

27. Paw Patrol Birthday Cake

Image and tutorial by themanylittlejoys

This paw patrol birthday cake for boys is almost too paw-fect. Okay I just had to do that. A fantastic boy’s cake idea, you could whip this up no problem in time for your little fox’s birthday. As far as taste is concerned, you can add any flavour that is suitable for this cake idea for boys.

28. SailBoat Birthday Cake

Image and tutorial by bhg

TO the ocean we go with this birthday cake for boys. This cake is easy to make, tastes so good because of all the creamy frosting and has a nice home made feel to it. It’s almost imperfectly perfect to look at. Have your little sailor make the most of his special day with this cute cake idea for boys.

29. Mickey Mouse Club House Birthday Cake

Image and tutorial by cakesdecor

For a birthday cake idea for your 3 year old little boy, try this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed cake. Disney boy birthday party cakes are one of the most popular options and you cannot miss the fondant details that this cake provides. The birthday cake design for kids have many options but Mickey remains a classic and a great idea.

30. Enchanted M&Ms Birthday Cake

Image and tutorial by enchantedmommy

If you’re looking for a creative idea for birthday cakes for a 3 year old boy, this one takes the cake. Literally. It is so unique and such a fun cake idea that I couldn’t believe it was a cake at first. Little boy birthday party cakes can be so pretty with a little imagination. Plus if your little boy likes M&Ms, this one will be even more of a hit.

32. Rainbow Sprinkles Birthday Cake

Image and tutorial by cakewhiz

This cake is covered with rainbow sprinkles. No other cake ideas for boys comes close to this. Under all the rainbow sprinkles we have white chocolate buttercream and right on top is that adorable fondant topper. To be honest, this would be a great boys smash cake too if you wish. A great baby boy first birthday cake for him to punch and smash as he wishes.

33. Giant Donut Cake

Image and tutorial by partydelights

Although the icing on this cake is pink, this would be a remarkable birthday cake idea for boys. It is a simple, easy yet fun cake idea, especially for little boys who love donuts for dessert. Little boy birthday cake ideas are really easy to execute and this cake is an example of that. Also, with different frosting colours this birthday cake for boys can be transformed according to your liking.

34. Rainbow Featured Birthday Cake

Image by sugargeekshow

Bring the rainbow to the party with this little boy birthday cake idea that is so easy to make. A great idea for a birthday cake for a 11 year old boy, you’ll need a lot of food colouring and a whole ton of frosting but assembling is actually easier than it looks. Top it off with a gold ganache trip to elevate this fun cake idea. Rainbow theme makes a great birthday cake for boys.

35. Reindeer Birthday Cake

Image by newsapi

People love unique cake ideas for boys. Although we think of reindeers mostly at Christmas, your little Santa’s good boy doesn’t need to wait that long to have a reindeer little boy birthday cake. This birthday cake design for kids is simple and easy. And let’s’ be honest, that cute fondant reindeer looks like the best decoration for a birthday cake for boys.

36. Colourful Kit Kat Cake

Image and tutorial by recipegirl

This is a more muted version of a birthday cake with kit kats and M&Ms. Cake ideas for boys like these are fun and simple especially if you have a kid that loves candy. I mean, kids love candy so this little boy’s birthday cake will be a hit with all his friends too. To be honest it is a nice idea even for a birthday cake for a 10 year old boy. Plus, you don’t have to deal with frosting going all over the place with this simple birthday cake idea.

37. Minion Birthday Cake

Image by littlebcakes

Minion themed birthday cakes for boys are such a bit it’s almost comical. I personally love this idea for a little boy’s birthday cake because it is no fuss and you can do everything with frosting and food colouring. This one could also be a pretty cool boys smash cake. Bring out your decorating tools for this and surprise your kiddo with this easy birthday cake idea.

38. Football Birthday Cake

Image and tutorial by crazyforcrust

For your sporty champion, we have this gooey chocolatey VERY easy to make football cake that will be a great birthday cake for a 16 year old boy. Most good things are easy and so is this teen boy birthday cake. Just keep your frosting skills ready for this birthday cake for boys.

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