40 Fun & Easy DIY Clay Pot Crafts for Beginners

Clay pot crafts are a good way to show off your creativity, reuse old items, make christmas ornaments that are of a kind and most of all, can be very kid friendly. We have a collection of clay pot craft ideas for all ages and purposes, for every season and holiday and ones that would make amazing gifts too.

Use these ideas to turn your terracotta pot into something new; something that speaks to you and adds to the beauty of your garden or homespace.

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1. Decoupage Flower Pots

Image and tutorial by firstdayofhome

This tutorial for clay pot crafts for the garden helps you make beautiful decoupage clay pots that will liven up your patio. It is really straightforward and simple yet the chinoiserie pattern is so intricate your clay pot will not look like a DIY clay pot in any way.

2. Terracotta Clay Pot Windchimes

Image and tutorial by houseofjoyfulnoise

If you’re looking for a clay pot crafts project to do with kids and keep them occupied, this is a good one to start. It can easily be done as a mini clay pot craft and will also make a wonderful home addition.

3. Clay Pot Wreath

Image and tutorial by sweetpepperrose

This clay pot craft idea is unique and loads of fun to do yourself. You can use terracotta pots, painted clay pots, mini clay pots and just about any other pot you like. Go crazy and make this clay flower pot craft to add a touch of quirky to your garden or backyard decor.

4. Clay Pot Toadstools

Image and tutorial by craftsbyamanda

Use old terracotta pots and saucers to make an enchanted backyard for your kid – or even yourself. If you like having things that aren’t commonly found, you’ll enjoy making these clay pot toadstools.

5. Clay Pot Gnome

Image and tutorial by creatingthroughchaos

This is a super cute painted clay pot craft tutorial that is bound to get some praises. We all like adding gnomes to our garden, but being able to do it using clay pot crafts is impressive right?

6. Clay Pot Mosaic Bird Bath

Image and tutorial by birdsandblooms

Although at first look this mosaic clay pot craft might seem a little difficult it is surprisingly easy to make. Also, it’s perfect if you like having birds come into your garden. Also, it is a large clay pot craft so it would be great for those large pots you can’t find any use for.

7. Terracotta Clay Pot Carrot

Image and tutorial by smartschoolhouse

Tired of the same standard containers to hold your daily items. Now you can keep them in a carrot! This mini clay pot craft makes for the sweetest DIY project and would be great for an Easter clay pot craft too.

8. Terracotta Clay Pot Centrepiece

Image and tutorial by hometalk

This super easy tutorial makes a beautiful centre table piece that will have your guests fawning and praising for days. You can DIY this clay pot craft for spring, make it Christmas themed or come up with any other theme you wish. Clay pot crafts could not be easier.

9. Clay Pot Lighthouse

Image and tutorial by craftsbyamanda

For the days that you feel nostalgic about being at the beach, or even just as an offbeat addition to your backyard, this lighthouse clay pot craft for your garden would be a wonderful addition. Make it as big or small as you like and have fun with yout DIY clay pot crafts.

10. Clay Pot Birdfeeder

Image and tutorial by thegardenroofcoop

Another great clay pot craft idea for bird lovers. All you need is a few clay pots and saucers – great if you’re recycling old ones – and some tools to build this. Think of all the birds you’ll attract to your garden with it. Also, don’t be afraid to add some details of your own to this.

11. Terracotta Santa Clay Pot Craft

Image and tutorial by thecountrychiccottage

A mini santa craft! How can it get any more adorable than this? This clay pot Christmas craft would make for a wonderful Christmas tree ornament. Plus the DIY clay pot craft tutorial is so easy to make with kids, they’ll cherish the time you’ll spend together.

12. Clay Pot Fairy House

Image and tutorial by lifecreativelyorganized

Love Whimsy? Love enchanted stories? Wish you could have fairies in your backyard? With this clay pot craft for the garden, it will seem like you do. Everything about this clay pot craft idea is easy and so pleasing to the eye it will feel like you’re in a fairytale yourself.

13. Gold Foil Lettering Clay Pot

Image and tutorial by nestofposies

Sometimes it is simple and it is enough. If you like having plants indoors but don’t like the plants being boring, then why not transform them into something with a touch of gold. This DIY clay pot craft is easy and simple enough to complete quickly, and can be customized to your liking. All you need to do is decide what you want.

14. Terracotta Clay Pot Sombreros

Image and tutorial by scrappygeek

These mini clay pot crafts are easy to make and bring you memories of wonderful spring time. You can use them as candy holders or even just as quirky showpieces.

Simple, fun to make, inexpensive and great to look at. What more would you want?

15. Drip Paint DIY Clay Pot Craft

Image and tutorial by diynetwork

These drip dye painted clay pot crafts for your garden are a unique addition for sure. You can be sure that each time you try it, the result will be difficult. Abstract art lovers, raise your hands for bohemian clay pot crafts ideas for spring time.

16. Santa Pants Clay Pot Craft

Image and tutorial by clubchicacircle

Got a couple of terracotta pots lying about? Well it’s clay pot craft time then coz Santa’s coming. This is an easy, fun and quirky Christmas themed clay pot craft that is bound to get a few chuckles. You can use them as outdoor decor or even as a centrepiece inside.

17. Clay Pot Craft for Kitchen

Image and tutorial by decoart

Who said clay pot crafts have to be about sticking and outdoor ideas only? Here we have mini clay pot crafts ideas for your kitchen. These clay pot spoon and fork holders are easy to make and will make a wonderful addition to your kitchen. Also, you have to agree that they’re cute.

18. Mosaic Terracotta Clay Pot

Image and tutorial by runningwithsisters

Mosaicing is such a fun and calming activity. .It is also very easy to do once you have the basics down. Here is the tutorial that will help you change the look of your old terra cotta pots into a DIY clay pot craft like no other.

19. Clay Pot Snowman

Image and tutorial by blessingsoverflow

Clay pot crafts as Christmas ornaments sure seem to be gaining momentum. This DIY clay pot craft is easy and cute and kids will love it. The clay pot snowman craft can be done in just a few easy steps. Think of how great it will look on a Christmas tree.

21. Hogwash Pig Clay Pot Craft

Image and tutorial by craftsbyamanda

Three Little Piggies in a Pot! This cute little DIY clay pot craft would make a wonderful container for your knick knacks. You could also make a gift out of it using your favourite phrase other than Hogwash.

22. Clay Pot Photo Gift

Image and tutorial by thecrazycraftlady

This clay pot craft idea will make for an amazing gift. To top it off it is so easy to make and DIY gifts are so much more heart felt that you’ll surely be appreciated for the effort. So let your creative side free and try out this painted mini clay pot craft.

23. Bell Tower Clay Pot Craft

Image and tutorial by gardenmuse

This is a mini clay pot craft tutorial that makes for a wonderful idea as Clay pot crafts for the garden. You can paint them in spring colors to make sure you have a slice of sunshine the whole year round. Add this to your clay pot crafts for spring list.

24. Clay Pot Angel

Image and tutorial by craftideas

Coming up with imaginative ways to create clay pot crafts doesn’t need to be challenging. This pretty mini clay pot Christmas craft for sparkles and shines. It is a perfect project for kids to keep busy with and make amazing tree ornaments.

25. Outdoor Side Table using Large Clay Pot

Image and tutorial by infarrantlycreative

Finding new ways to repurpose old items is always better than going out and buying new things. Be environment friendly by using this tutorial to create an outdoor side table using a large terracotta pot. By using painted clay pots and adding details, you can give them your own unique touch.

26. Flower Pot Easter Bunny

Image and tutorial by diyncrafts

DIY clay pot Easter crafts are not only easy to make, but also equally fun and will keep children happy with something to do. Using mini clay pots, you can make a bunch of versatile crafts. Also, doesn’t this DIY clay pot bunny look so cute.

27. Polka Dotted Tiered Clay Pots

Image and tutorial by positivelysplendid

Want to keep potted plants but don’t like them to be in boring planters? Want something new and unique for your garden but don’t want to spend too much money on it? We have a tiered clay pot craft planter just for that.

This clay pot craft for the garden will surely receive amazing reviews and add a touch of whimsy to your garden.

28. Clay Pot Turkey Craft

Image and tutorial by darcyandbrian

Find a good spot on your crafts table and make these adorable turkey clay pot crafts with your kids. This is a simple and straightforward Thanksgiving decoration around the house. They don’t take too long to create either.

29. Halloween Clay Pot Crafts

Image and tutorial by messylittlemonster

Bring a little cute to the spooky with these Halloween DIY clay pot crafts. You can use these little painted clay pots to hold candy that you give out during trick or treating or just as regular halloween decoration. Be ready to have kids be fascinated by your unique mini clay pot crafts.

30. Vintage Crackled Flower Pot

Image and tutorial by craftsbyamanda

If you like crackled pottery but didn’t know how to make them, you’re in for a treat. With this tutorial you can make your very own clay pot craft having a beautiful crackled finish. These beautiful painted clay pots are very attractive to look at and get made in no time.

31. DIY Marbled Terracotta Pots

Image and tutorial by alanajonesmann

Plain terracotta pots make good planters but you may want to give your garden a fresh look with this DIY marbled finish clay pot flower craft idea. You can use mini clay pots or even large clay pots for this and trust me, your garden will have a very unique look by the time you’re done putting out these painted clay pots.

32. Easter Chick Clay Pot Craft Place Holder

Image and tutorial by craftsbyamanda

Colorful Easter decorations using clay pot crafts. Yes please. These plastic spoon clay pot Easter crafts are perfect table placeholders and will make everyone at the table smile. And it’s a wonderful way to repurpose those mini terracotta pots.

33. Mini Thanksgiving Painted Clay Pot

Image and tutorial by thecrazycraftlady

These mini clay pot crafts can pull double duty as being both Thanksgiving as well as Halloween themed. You can of course choose to keep them singular purposed but either way this DIY clay pot craft is a wonderful way to add a wacky twist to your succulent planters.

34. Cute Chick and Bunny Clay Pot Crafts

Image and tutorial by creativelybeth

Another Easter themed delightful clay pot crafts idea that will be a great project to do with kids. This chick and bunny clay pot easter craft can be easily done with a few craft materials and the instructions are super easy to follow.

35. Broken China Mosaic on Clay Pots

Image and tutorial by kenarry

I think mosaic art can be very unique and offbeat when done correctly. This tutorial for large clay pot crafts will help you use your old discarded china in a way that gives ‘waste not want not’ a new meaning. Find all the little pieces and repurpose them to create beautiful clay pot crafts for the garden.

36. Textured Clay Pot Planter for Garden

Image and tutorial by abeautifumess

DIY projects give you satisfaction like no other. And what better way to use clay pot crafts than to make beautiful planters? This tutorial will show you how to creatively make clay pot crafts for your garden for a special look. They’re really easy to make and to be honest, wouldn’t make bad gifts for your plant loving friends either.

37. Clay Pot Nativity

Image and tutorial by craftilyeverafter

Who doesn’t like a good nativity scene? But this one might be the cutest one we’ve seen yet. Mini clay pot crafts come in plenty but this clay pot Christmas craft may be the easiest one to make.

38. Tea Light Holder Clay Pot Craft

Image and tutorial by craftideas

Here is a clay pot craft for winter evenings that will warm you from the inside. You could paint them in different motifs for different occasions. And a bonus is that these clay pot Christmas crafts would make unique gifts too.

39. Clown Clay Pots

Image and tutorial by favecrafts

Some clowns can give you a fright but not these endearing clay pot craft ones. Painted clay pots are such versatile projects to do. They can be made in any size and I think it would be great to show off your creativity. You can use these to decorate your kid’s bedroom or at kids parties.

40. Easter Bunny Clay Pot Craft

Image and tutorial by teachingtinytots

Out of all the clay pot Easter crafts I have seen , this might be one of the most delightful. This clay pot craft would be a perfect Easter basket treat or could be used for decorations at the table as a place holder. Whatever you decide to use it for, this mini clay pot craft will be hard not to smile at.

41. Clay Pot Honey Bee

Image and tutorial by carolinahoneybees

Clay pot craft? Check. Clay pot crafts to make cute honey bees? Double check. If you love spring, bees, gardens and clay pot crafts for spring time, you have found the perfect addition for your garden. Made with a collection of pots of different sizes, this little DIY clay pot craft will make you excited like you’re a child again.

Clay pot crafts – whether mini or large, for the garden or as Christmas decorations are appealing projects to do yourself or with your loved one. I hope that you were able to find a suitable clay pot craft to satisfy your creative streak and add to your growing DIY collection.

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