Be Kind – Daily Art Journal

daily art journal be kind

So day one of art journaling was super fun for me. And that got me excited to come back to my journal on the second day. If your first day or any day of trying out a new creative habit doesn’t go as expected, it can be hard to come back. But let me tell … Read more

50+ Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas To Inspire You

Are you looking for a way to stay organized, focused, and inspired throughout the week? Look no further than the bullet journal weekly spread! Such bullet journal layouts allow you to plan out your week, set goals, track habits, and reflect on your progress with ease. Whether you’re a busy student, a working professional, or … Read more

21 Ways To Practice Self Compassion

Give yourself a pat on the back for every act of kindness that you do for others 2. Giving yourself one hour of playtime every day 3. Asking for help without thinking that you are a burden 4. Limiting screen time and tracking off-screen hours 5. Listening to soothing relaxing music for one hour every … Read more

10 Best Hand Lettering Book for Beginners

If you are passionate about hand lettering and are keen to develop this skill, then you definitely need good resources to help you grow your skill in an efficient manner. Now, what can be these resources? Resources include books, practice sheets, online courses, and the like. However, I personally believe that when you start learning … Read more