22 Best August Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas

Summer is coming to an end soon; it is time to check out some ideas for your August weekly bujo pages. 

If you are looking for some quick, easy, and unique ideas for your August weekly bujo pages, then here are some amazing options for you. I have included a wide variety of layouts here. You will certainly find some interesting ideas here that will spark your creative mind. These ideas will help you to have amazing August weekly bujo pages.

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1. Blue August Weekly Bujo

Blue Floral August Weekly Bujo

Source : birdysjournal

Gosh… how beautiful is this August weekly bujo?! This one is a minimalist bujo layout. She has drawn a beautiful blue floral drawing at the top corner and has included a space for the extra notes. I love the color blending in the drawing. Here are some more floral ideas for your bujo pages- 25+ Amazing Flower Doodles For Your Bujo Pages.

2. Yellow Flower August Weekly Bujo

Colourful August Weekly Bujo

Source : birdysjournal

This is another cute floral August weekly bujo idea for you. I love the doodle work in this one. It is colorful, elaborated, and well detailed. She has also incorporated extra space for to-dos and notes. But the best part is the mini monthly calendar.

3. Pastel Weekly Bujo

August Weekly Bujo

Source : journalsbyclara

I love pastel colors. And this one is my first favorite August weekly bujo spread on this list. It has a strong holiday vibe. Aestheticism in this one is on another level. She has even included a quote that makes this weekly spread more interesting.

4. Tropical August Weekly Bujo

Leafy August Weekly Bujo

Source : xprinaspages

If you are looking for an August weekly bujo that is non-traditional, then this one can be your style. She has made task boxes for every day, and this will give you ample space to plan your week. This kind of layout will keep your weekly spread well-sorted and decluttered. 

5. Citrus Weekly Bujo

Source : gemini.journl

If you are going for a lemon or lemonade theme for August, then this might be a great option for you. I love how she has paired yellow and orange together to create a perfect harmony of colors. She has even left space for highlights and things to study. You can also use some pastel washi tapes to brighten the page a bit more.

6. Floral August Weekly Bujo

Floral August Weekly Bujo

Source : graces.clouds

Honestly, this August weekly bujo is super fun. If you have planned to have a floral bujo for August, then this spread idea is perfect. This one is such a simple layout she has included pictures, washi tapes, and adorable floral doodles.

7. Blue Sea Weekly Bujo

Sea Climate Change August Weekly Bujo

Source : toastyjournals

If you want something simple, then how about this tabular August weekly bujo? I am biased for this kind of layout as they look clean and easy to make. She has also made gorgeous doodles to enhance the beauty of this layout. The quote will certainly keep you motivated throughout the week.

8. Sky is Pink

Source : kennsteschonlettering

This August, let’s have a pink sky! I love this one; honestly, this has to be my second favorite August weekly bujo on this list. It is so easy to paint these dreamy clouds that you will have fun making this layout. I love this purple and pink combination. This kind of box planners will keep your weekly spread neat and clean. 

9. Back to School Weekly Bujo

August Weekly Bujo

Source : toastyjournals

This is a perfect back-to-school August weekly bujo spread! If you are looking for something colorful yet spacious, then this one might be the one for you. She has chosen school-themed doodles for covering the top and bottom of the page. Instead of simple lines, she has used floral doodles to separate the days. I love how fun this one looks!

10. Shine like a Sunflower

Source : _life_of_ollie_

For some reason, whenever I think of summer, sunflower pops into my mind. This August weekly bujo is classy and colorful. It will help you to keep your weekly bujo pages sorted and decluttered. And the best part is, this weekly spread is spacious. Here are some more sunflower bujo ideas that might interest you- 28 Bright Sunflower Bullet Journal Ideas.

11. Summer August Weekly Bujo

Pink August Weekly Bujo

Source : allydoodlesdesigns

If you want to keep things easy, then this one is the best for you. I love how cute and simple this August weekly bujo has turned out. With just one color, she has made this chic weekly spread. To enhance the fun, she has included cute summer doodles. You can use a patterned washi tape at the top to create a fancy border. Here are some cute summer doodle ideas for you- 22 Creative Summer Bullet Journal Doodles To Try.

12. Crystal Weekly Spread

Source : aprilannarts

Okay, I love this August weekly bujo! Because it is so easy to make this one. All you need is a little time, patience, and some crystal stickers. She has also included a mini monthly calendar and space for your weekly goals. If you love pastel colors, then this one will definitely impress you. 

13. Fly High

Kite Theme August Weekly Bujo

Source : bulletwithchristine

This one is my third favorite on this list of August weekly bujo ideas. I love everything about this layout. It is simple, colorful, and sorted. The doodle work is easy and fun. She has kept space for notes and to-dos. There is also a mini monthly calendar. What else do you need to have a productive week!? She has also included a quote to keep your spirits high. This weekly spread is just brilliant!

14. Lemonacious August

Lemon Theme August Weekly Bujo

Source : bujobycel

If you have a lemon theme in mind for your August bujo pages, you can check this one out. She has used up most of the left page to draw a bunch of colorful lemons and oranges. And on the right side, she has created boxes for the weekly plans. The little quotes will certainly keep your confidence boosted. You can check out some ideas for your lemon theme bujo pages- How To Create A Bullet Journal Lemon Theme?

15. FRIENDS August Weekly Bujo

Source : acoffeycrafts

Okay, honestly, who doesn’t like Friends?! So when I saw this August weekly bujo, my ‘unagi’ was activated. The layout is the simple box style. But the doodle work in this one is too good. The doodles and the quotes are iconic and have certainly added sun to this layout. Check out some Friends inspired bujo ideas here- 20+ Interesting Friends Theme Bullet Journal Ideas For You.

16. Power v/s Love

Colourful August Weekly Bujo

Source : pens.plans.letters

If you are a fan of free-flowing bujo pages, then this one might be for you. The doodle work in this one just depicts a scene of workspace. To be fair, it reminds me of work from home days. Apart from the doodle work, the rest of the layout has no columns or tables. All you need to do is just write down your weekly plans. 

17. Flowers and Leaves

Source : marianablackplans

If you are a fan of watercolors, this one might be just your style. I love painting; it is therapeutic for me. So when I see a way of including the same in my weekly journals, I don’t miss the chance. The layout is simple, and the doodle is beautiful. 

18. Succulent Weekly Spread

Cactus August Weekly Bujo

Source : stabbyspellbook

How lovely does this August weekly bujo look?! She has created a background with a bunch of cute neutral succulent doodles. And that is the whole beauty of this layout. Check out some more succulent doodle ideas here- 20+ Succulent Drawings & Cactus Doodles For Your Bujo.

19. Bee Yourself

Bee Theme August Weekly Bujo

Source : marianablackplans

Yet another favorite of mine! I love this bee work in this August weekly bujo. It is almost like a story laid out in front of you. With this bujo page, bring colors into your bujo pages and ‘bee yourself’. 

20. Chanel August Weekly Bujo

Self Care Theme August Weekly Bujo

Source : theaveragebulletjournal

This one is a great option for the pastel color lovers out there! I love the doodle work and the pastel colors. She has left enough space for notes and dinner plans. If you are looking for something simple and beautiful then this is it for you.

21. Meowy August

Lettering August Weekly Bujo Layout

Source : cynthiabujo

Whether you are a cat person or not, you will love this August weekly spread. The layout is simple and cute. The doodle work is fun. And there is also space to keep track of the weekly events.

22. Musical August

Source : bulletbycait

This one is a non-traditional weekly bujo idea. If you are looking for something minimal, then this one is the best option you have got. The doodle game is minimal. But what caught my attention was the music note at the top of the page. It adds an artistic touch to this layout.

There you go, people. We have exhausted all the unique and interesting August weekly bujo ideas. You will certainly find something on this list that will get your inner creativity flowing. Let us know your favorite one in the comment section below. Happy journaling, people!

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