25 Super Fun Rainbow Crafts For Kids

When it comes to crafting and DIY projects, not everything is rainbows and unicorns. But these rainbow crafts are worth all the time and patience.

These rainbow crafts are perfect summer projects for your kids. They are colorful, fun, and beautiful. Try your hands on a few of these rainbow crafts ideas this summer.

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1. Paper Strip Rainbow Crafts

PAper Strip Rainbow Crafts

Image and Tutorial by onelittleproject

This rainbow craft is simple, fun, and has an easy tutorial. You can make this rainbow craft with basic craft supplies. This one is one of those rainbow crafts that will hardly take 30 mins to accomplish. This construction paper craft reminds me of the silver lining.

2. Rainbow Rice

Rainbow Crafts

Image and Tutorial by thebestideasforkids

You can make your rainbow rice easily! This one is one of those rainbow crafts where you need minimal supplies. You will need only rice and paint to excel in this craft idea! The rainbow palette gives the ordinary grains a colorful edge. Follow the tutorial to ace this craft.

3. Pipe Cleaner Rainbow Craft

Rainbow Paper Plate Crafts

Image and Tutorial by madetobeamomma

Rainbow crafts are fun in themselves, but this pipe cleaner craft is marvelous! This craft tutorial has used all kids-friendly supplies. All you will need are colorful pipe cleaners, felt, paper plates, yellow paper, googly eyes, and scissors.

4. Felt Rainbow Crafts

Image and Tutorial by thesavvysparrow

This one is one of those trendy Kawaii rainbow crafts that will brighten up the house. I love DIY crafts which also have an educational value. Look at this cute smiling rainbow craft; it is perfect for enhancing the color recognition skills of your kids. It has a super easy tutorial with detailed directions.

5. Sunshine and Rainbow Craft

Rainbow & Sunshine Crafts

Image and Tutorial by allsmallcrafts

Sunshine and rainbows always cheer me up! So I just had to include this one in the list! Honestly, I can’t get enough of rainbow crafts, and this smiling rainbow craft is everything I need in this pandemic world. It looks super cute and fun! Make your sunshine rainbow craft by following the tutorial.

6. Rainbow Happiness Craft


Image and Tutorial by happyhooligans

This rainbow craft is the perfect way to keep your kids focused on positive thoughts. In only eight simple steps you can accomplish this craft idea.

7. Rainbow Wall Hanging

Kids-Ribbon-Rainbow-Wallhanging Crafts

Image and Tutorial by abeautifulmess

Rainbow crafts are so much fun and whimsical; they are the perfect way to keep your kids engaged. You will need white felt balls, a white foam core board, knife, cutting mat, hot glue gun, ribbons in rainbow colors, and a golden chain. I love wall hangings, they are beautiful and an excellent way to add character to the empty walls. Check out some more DIY wall hanging craft ideas- 17+ Macrame Wall Hangings and Patterns.

8. Coffee Filter Rainbow Craft

Coffee-filter-rainbow-clouds crafts

Image and Tutorial by darcyandbrian

This one is one of those rainbow crafts that will hardly take up 30 minutes of your day. With this craft idea, you can teach your kids all about color theory and blending. This one is easy to make, and that smiling color looks adorable! The tutorial has detailed steps that your kids can follow.

9. Paper Plate Rainbow Craft

Image and Tutorial by preschoolplayandlearn

Paper plate crafts are so versatile! This rainbow craft idea is just too good to not give it a try. It is easy enough for pre-schoolers. They can follow the tutorial to achieve this piece of craft. With some basic supplies, you can make this simple colorful rainbow craft. Here are some more paper ideas for your kids to explore- 25+ Cute Paper Crafts For Kids For A Fun Time.

10. 3D Paper Rainbow Craft


Image and Tutorial by simplyblessy

Kids love rainbow crafts! It is fun to play around with all the colors and come up with something unique. This one is perfect for preschoolers to learn color recognition and enhance motor skills. You will need colored construction paper, school glue, cotton balls, and packing tape for this one.

11. Rainbow Tissue Paper Crafts for Kids

Image and Tutorial by crayonsandcravings

If your kids love rainbow crafts, then this one here is perfect for them. This one is easy, fun, and also affordable. DIY crafts can get a little heavy on the pockets most of the time, but not this one. Let your kids learn the rainbow colors with this fun rainbow craft. You will need colored tissue paper, a small white canvas, white school glue, a pencil, and white balls. Follow this easy tutorial to make this task easier.

12. Card Rainbow Crafts


Image and Tutorial by simpleverydaymom

Rainbow can cheer me up anytime; the same goes for rainbow crafts! This is a simple rainbow craft idea, a perfect way to keep the kids occupied. All you need are some markers or crayons, a rainbow template, scissors, and glue. With this tutorial in hand, you will only take a few minutes to make this one.

13. Handprint Rainbow Crafts

Rainbow Crafts

Image and Tutorial by frugalmomeh

This one is cute and lovely. You can easily get your kids to make this and even hang it on their walls! I love the golden bling added to it. It gives the handprint craft a cool edge. With a proper tutorial, and some supplies like paint, paintbrushes, white canvas, gold glitter foam sheet, white foam sheet, glue, and scissors, you can excel at this one.

14. Glue Resist Watercolor Rainbow

Rainbow Crafts

Image and Tutorial by thecraftathomefamily

This rainbow craft idea requires only a few craft supplies. It is suitable for both younger and older kids. This craft idea is perfect for hanging in your window. This one is made by drawing a rainbow with school glue and then coloring it with watercolor once it dries up. Follow the tutorial for more elaborate instructions for this craftwork.

15. Mini Rainbow Pinata Kids Craft

Mini Rainbow Pinata Crafts

Image and Tutorial by madewithhappy

Looking for something easy and fun craft ideas for your kids, then we have got you covered with these mini pinata rainbow crafts. These rainbow pinatas are perfect holiday decorations. You will need empty tissue paper rolls, tissue paper, string, tape, and scissors. Follow the tutorial and you will get your own rainbow pinatas!

16. Rainbow Paper Craft

Image and Tutorial by schooltimesnippets

Here is an innovative and interesting paper rainbow craft idea! You can brighten up your walls with some of these paper rainbow crafts. Rainbow crafts are an excellent way of exploring the color coordination skills of kids. And the best part is your kids can make this one with few basic supplies and a proper tutorial.

17. Popsicle Stick Rainbow


Image and Tutorial by darcyandbrian

Popsicle stick crafts are fun, especially when it is as cute as this one. This popsicle stick rainbow craft also has a felt cloud. It is a fun summer craft idea for kids. The colored popsicle sticks are vibrant and the felt cloud is adorable. It is an apt addition to your kid’s wall. With a little guidance, you too can make a few of these rainbow crafts. Here are some more popsicle stick craft ideas for you to explore- 25+ Fantabulous Popsicle Stick Crafts For The SummerTime.

18. Paper Plate Rainbow Garden


Image and Tutorial by bluebearwood

This one is an elaborate craft idea. It is a collage. And look how mesmerizing it turned out to be! You will need paper plates, glue, colored sand, blue and green paint, pre-cut flower shapes, fine glitter glue, and sequins.

19. Pom-pom Painted Rainbow Crafts

Image and Tutorial by fantasticfunandlearning

Rainbows always bring a smile to my face. And this kind of colorful craft idea will bring a smile to your kid’s face. I love the detailed and descriptive tutorial. You will need some clothespin, colored pompoms, paint, a paper plate, white tissue paper, white cardstock, scissors, and glue.

20. Rainbow Suncatcher Crafts

Image and Tutorial by firefliesandmudpies

I love suncatchers! There is something so archaic and quaint about them. And these rainbow crafts are the perfect way to brighten the house. These colorful rainbow suncatchers are just so beautiful to ignore. You will need pipe cleaners, colored plastic beads, a cookie sheet, parchment paper, scissors, and a fishing line. You should certainly give it a try!

21. Yarn Rainbow Crafts

Yarn Wall Hanging Rainbow Crafts

Image and Tutorial by redtedart

This one is a gorgeously simple yarn craft idea. If you want you can also make a few of these rainbow crafts for the empty wall in your house. You can follow the instructions to make your own yarn rainbow craft.

22. 3D Rainbow Art


Image and Tutorial by twitchetts

This 3D rainbow art is simple and sophisticated. There is a step-by-step process to achieve this extraordinary rainbow craft. This one is easy and can be a colorful decorative piece for your study table.

23. Rainbow Bookmark

Rainbow Bookmark Crafts

Image and Tutorial by redtedart

Are you a bibliophile? Do you think dog-earing pages is a crime? Well, welcome to the club! I love these life-savior corner bookmarks.  You can tuck it neatly over the edge of the book. It will keep your book safe, your page bookmark, and look adorable too! Follow the tutorial to get your own rainbow bookmark.

24. Rainbow Buttons

Image and Tutorial by thecraftathomefamily

I don’t think you will find any easier rainbow crafts than this one. This craft idea is cute, colorful, and requires only a few simple supplies. You can even frame it and make it into a cute DIY gift! Follow the steps to get a perfect rainbow buttons craft.

25. Paper Plate Rainbow Crafts For Your Kids


Image and Tutorial by messylittlemonster

I think this one is my favorite one on the list. In fact, I helped my little niece with this summer project. The colors are so bright and beautiful. And the coloring, gluing, and decorating will certainly get your kids all excited. There is a descriptive tutorial for this one.

There you go, people! We have come to the last part of this long list of rainbow craft ideas. This summer get your kids to make a few for these; crafting improves motor skills, enhances cognitive skills, and keeps them grounded. Let us know your favorite one in the comment section below.

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Happy crafting, people!

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