40 Easy DIY Magnet Crafts Ideas And Tutorials

Whether you’re searching for magnet crafts ideas, exploring magnet ideas for crafts, or seeking magnet crafts suitable for preschoolers or adults, this article is your guide to an immersive and artistic experience.

From mesmerizing fridge decorations to educational projects, discover how these tiny, powerful magnets can transform into captivating works of art. Get ready to dive into the captivating world of magnet crafts and let your imagination soar!

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1. Baby Bluebird Mini Craft Stick Magnets

Image and tutorial by artsymomma

Let your imagination take flight and create Baby Bluebird Mini Craft Stick Magnets, the perfect DIY project to ignite your creativity and bring some adorable avian charm to your refrigerator! Crafted with love, these miniature bluebird magnets are not only delightful to look at but also incredibly easy to make.

2. Constellations Magnets

Image and tutorial by lalymom

Create your own celestial wonders with constellation magnets – a delightful combination of glow-in-the-dark stars, magnet buttons, and white embroidery floss, allowing you to bring the beauty of the night sky to your fridge!

3. Clay Valentine Magnets

Image and tutorial by artsyfartsymama

Spread the love with Clay Valentine Magnets, a delightful craft perfect for Valentine’s Day! With just three simple ingredients, you and your kids can create these charming magnets that make fantastic decorations or heartfelt gifts for your loved ones.

4. LEGO Magnets

Image and tutorial by busykidshappymom

Bring the joy of LEGO to your refrigerator with homemade LEGO magnets! These playful and practical magnets are a great addition to your kitchen, and they also make fantastic gifts. With a strong hold and endless creativity, they’re sure to brighten up any magnetic surface.

5. Glass Magnets

Image and tutorial by playtolearnpreschool

Get creative with Glass Magnets! These delightful DIY magnets are a perfect art project. With just a few supplies, such as glass gems and printable circle templates, you’ll have a fun-filled activity that sparks imagination and creativity in children.

6. Ladybug Magnets Craft

Image and tutorial by rhythmsofplay

Unleash your creativity with Ladybug Magnets Craft! With a variety of options for painting ladybug markings, this craft allows you to personalize your ladybug magnets using acrylic paint, black paint pens, or a combination of both. Get ready to add a touch of whimsy to your refrigerator or any magnetic surface with these adorable ladybird-inspired creations.

7. Bottle Cap Emoji Magnets

Image and tutorial by mixedkreations

This fun and effortless project allows you to transform collected bottle caps into adorable emoji magnets that are sure to bring a smile to your face. With simple steps and a bit of patience for the glue to dry, you’ll have a playful set of magnets ready to decorate your fridge in no time.

8. Crazy Magnetic Hair Styles

Image and tutorial by laughingkidslearn

Unleash your creativity with Crazy Magnetic Hair Styles! Using pipe cleaner pieces and a magnetic wand, you can create whimsical and expressive characters with unique hairstyles. This activity not only sparks imagination but can also be a fun and beneficial tool for children with special needs to explore and understand emotions.

9. Wooden DIY Fridge Magnets

Image and tutorial by yourdiyfamily

Create your own stylish wooden DIY fridge magnets with just a few materials. Sand down the wooden balls, attach slim magnets with strong glue, and enjoy the natural charm they bring to your fridge.

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10. DIY Pom Pom Magnets

Image and tutorial by lovelyindeed

Indulge in the pom pom trend with these delightful fluffy DIY pom pom magnets. Spruce up your space and spread joy with their vibrant colors and playful charm, making them a delightful addition to any magnetic surface.

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11. Crescent Moon Magnets

Image and tutorial by makeandtell

Transform your plain fridge into a celestial wonder with these stunning crescent moon magnets. With a touch of gold and a hint of shine, they effortlessly add a sparkling charm to your kitchen, making every day feel magical.

12. Magnetic Felt Letters

Image and tutorial by.thecountrychiccottage

Unleash your creativity with a Cricut and craft personalized fridge magnets that make for delightful gifts, especially for toddlers and preschoolers. Spell out their names with playful felt letters, turning the refrigerator into a captivating playground for endless fun.

13. Seashell Magnets

Image and tutorial by sustainmycrafthabit

Channel the beach vibes into your home decor with seashell magnets. Collect beautiful shells, attach magnets to the back, and voila! You have charming and functional accents that bring a touch of coastal elegance to your fridge or magnetic surfaces. Let the seashells remind you of sandy shores and tranquil ocean waves every time you reach for a magnet.

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14. Butterfly Magnet

Image and tutorial by overtherainbowandback

Capture the enchanting essence of spring with butterfly magnets, serving as delightful reminders to embrace change and transformation. Add a touch of magic to your surroundings and let these fluttering beauties symbolize the endless possibilities that the future holds, while effortlessly enhancing your space with their effortless charm.

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15. Geo Wood Magnets

Image and tutorial by tellloveandparty

Add a touch of modern and natural flair to your fridge with geo wood magnets. Painted and patterned wood blocks, adorned with half circles and geometric shapes, bring a stylish aesthetic while magnets secure them in place. Let your creativity shine and transform your refrigerator into a super cute and personalized display.

16. Magnet Planters

Image and tutorial by grillo-designs

Bring a touch of greenery to your kitchen with these charming magnet planters. Crafted from wooden cubes, adorned with magnets, and filled with succulents, they create a delightful display on your fridge or any magnetic surface, adding a fresh and natural element to your space.

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17. Magnetic Wood Memo Board

Image and tutorial by vintagerevivals

Create a magnetic wood memo board that adds rustic charm to any room. Personalize it with art and notes, and watch as it becomes a focal point that wows everyone who sees it.

18. DIY Patch Locker Magnets

Image and tutorial by briteandbubbly

Elevate your back-to-school style with DIY Patch Locker Magnets, adding a touch of personality and flair to your locker. Keep your schedule, calendar, and locker decorations in place while showcasing your #Patchgame with these adorable and easy-to-make magnets.

19. Clothespin Magnets with Washi Tape

Image and tutorial by makingmanzanita

Elevate your fridge organization with these quick and easy clothespin magnets adorned with colorful washi tape. In just a few minutes, you can create personalized and functional magnets to display notes and photos, adding a touch of creativity to your busy schedule.

20. Pressed Flower Resin Magnets

Image and tutorial by craftsbyamanda

Add a touch of nature’s beauty to your fridge with these enchanting DIY pressed flower resin magnets. Preserve the vibrant colors and delicate petals of summer blooms, bringing a year-round reminder of peaceful garden strolls into your home.

21. Fruit Magnets

Image and tutorial by homeyohmy

Add a splash of summer to your fridge with these adorable DIY fruit magnets made from cement. With their vibrant colors and strong magnets, they’re not only trendy but also functional for holding up your favorite photos and notes.

22. Fridge Magnet Cups

Image and tutorial by madeeveryday

Say goodbye to constant cup requests with these genius fridge magnet cups. Your kids can easily grab a cup, get their own water, and stick it back on the fridge, making hydration hassle-free and keeping your kitchen organized.

23. Refrigerator Scrabble Game

Image and tutorial by craftsbyamanda

Bring back the family fun of Scrabble with this creative twist – a Magnet Scrabble Game on your refrigerator! Enjoy ongoing gameplay where everyone can participate, using themed words or simply challenging each other’s spelling skills.

24. Ice Cream Shaped Magnet Craft

Image and tutorial by akailochiclife

Get ready for some summer crafting fun with these DIY ice cream magnets! These adorable and simple-to-make magnets are a perfect project for all ages.Embrace the summer vibes and enjoy these cute ice cream treats in your fridge while holding up your favorite summer inspiration.

25. Air Dry Clay Magnets

Image and tutorial by.gatheringbeauty

Get ready to add a touch of creativity to your kitchen with these charming air dry clay magnets! These DIY magnets are not only practical but also serve as cute decorative pieces. Get crafting and enjoy the satisfaction of pinning up your notes and reminders in style!

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26. DIY Color Blocked Glitter Magnets

Image and tutorial by thecraftedlife

Get ready to sparkle without the glitter mess with these DIY color blocked glitter magnets! No mess, no fuss – just a beautiful addition to your fridge or magnetic surface. Get creative with color combinations and enjoy the hassle-free glitter crafting experience!

27. Magnetic Storage Tins

Image and tutorial by homemadebycarmona

Get creative and organized with DIY magnetic tins for storing your office or craft supplies. Add a personal touch by spray painting them in your favorite colors and attaching magnetic adhesive sheets, creating a stylish and practical storage solution that perfectly suits your space

28. DIY Crayon Magnets

Image and tutorial by damasklove

Get creative with DIY crayon magnets and transform your space with pops of color and playful charm. Whether for the office, kitchen, or classroom, these wooden crayon magnets are a fun and easy craft project that will brighten up any magnetic board.

29. Mini Polaroid Magnets


Image and tutorial by creatingreallyawesomefunthings

Capture memories in a charming and creative way with these adorable mini Polaroid magnets. Whether it’s a collage of precious photos or a collection of your favorite images, these magnets are easy to make using foam board, glue dots, and a bit of creativity. Display them on your fridge or magnetic board and enjoy a touch of nostalgia every time you see them.

30. Painted Rock Magnets

Image and tutorial by hearthandvine

Add a touch of charm and functionality to your refrigerator with these easy DIY painted rock magnets. Whether you choose to create ladybugs, strawberries, or other botanical designs, these strong and stylish magnets are perfect for holding up pictures and important notes.

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31. Mini Frame Fridge Magnets

Image and tutorial by sugarbeecrafts

Elevate your refrigerator decor with these adorable mini frame fridge magnets. Display your favorite photos or small artwork in these tiny frames, adding a personalized touch to your kitchen and creating a unique gallery of memories right on your fridge.

32. DIY Baby Food Jar Lid Photo Magnets

Image and tutorial by roseclearfield

Transform those empty baby food jar lids into adorable DIY photo magnets! With just a little paint and creativity, you can create personalized and sentimental gifts or decorate your own home with these charming and versatile crafts.

33. Rainbow Magnets

Image and tutorial by modpodgerocksblog

Get ready to add a vibrant touch to your fridge with these DIY rainbow magnets! No crafting experience needed – simply paint the acrylic shapes with watercolor, apply Mod Podge, and enjoy the colorful and cheerful addition to your kitchen.

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34. Hand Embroidery Magnets

Image and tutorial by diycandy

Add a touch of handmade charm to your refrigerator with these delightful hand embroidery magnets. Whether you’re a stitching pro or a beginner, these floral designs are perfect for showcasing your embroidery skills or utilizing beautiful fabrics and vintage embroidery pieces. They also make a thoughtful and lovely homemade gift idea for Mother’s Day or any special occasion.

35. Space Rocks Fridge Magnets

Image and tutorial by adventure-in-a-box

Let your little ones unleash their creativity and imagination by painting rocks to resemble the mesmerizing night sky and transforming them into space rock fridge magnets. This cosmic craft not only sparks their interest in space but also creates a special Father’s Day gift that celebrates the bond between father and child, fostering a shared passion for the wonders of the universe.

36. DIY Dinosaur Fridge Magnets

Image and tutorial by yellowbrickhome

Tap into your love for dinosaurs and create colorful DIY dinosaur fridge magnets using miniature plastic toys and a touch of creativity. Drill a small notch in each toy for the magnets to nestle in, spray paint them in your favorite colors, and use super glue to secure the magnets for a simple and adorable addition to your fridge decor.

37.Geometric Painted Fridge Magnets

Image and tutorial by thelovelydrawer

Add a touch of color and sophistication to your fridge or notice board with these geometric painted fridge magnets. Using metallic paint and glitter nail polish, create a unique and durable design that will elevate your magnet game.

38. DIY Fridge Magnets Out Of A Child’s Artwork

Image and tutorial by craftmehappy

Capture and cherish your child’s precious artwork by turning them into DIY fridge magnets. Preserve their early drawings and create a lasting memento by printing them onto inkjet shrink plastic. A perfect way to showcase their artistic journey and add a personal touch to your refrigerator.

39. Quote Magnets for Mom

Image and tutorial by thinkmakeshareblog

Add a touch of charm and humor to your mom’s refrigerator or filing cabinet with these adorable quote magnets. These DIY magnets are easy to make and perfect for gifting or personal use, holding everything from photos to notes, and bringing a smile to every mom’s face.

40. Clay Cacti Handmade Magnets

Image and tutorial by meinfeenstaub

Add a touch of handmade charm to your fridge with these adorable clay cactus magnets. Made from polymer clay and featuring a marble magnetic board, these DIY cactus magnets are a creative and fun project to bring some greenery to your kitchen.

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