30 Easter Cookies Recipes For A Cheerful Spring

Easter is just the time to let go of the winter and welcome spring with open arms. And what better way to do that than with an assortment of some of the tastiest cookies. It doesn’t matter if you are a big fan of cookies or not. Easter cookies are always the sweetest treat 

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Whether you like the classic Italian Glazed Knot cookies or some coconut macaroons, we have a recipe for you. They’re all very easy to make and are just right for the arrival of spring. Bake these with your family and we won’t blame you for sneaking a few before you’ve decorated them. 

1. German Chocolate Sandwich Cookies 

Image and recipe by countryliving

Imagine the best chocolate cookies you might have ever had – full of sweet chocolate chunks and a nutty flavor. Now imagine that they are stuffed with a decadent coconut and pecan filling that just melts in your mouth. That’s what this Easter cookie recipe is all about. If you’ve been all about oreos until now, this one is going to make you convert to something so much better. 

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2. Peeps Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Image and recipe by delish

There are very few things that can take you back to your favorite childhood memories like chocolate chop cookies can. So how about we make them even better this Easter by stuffing them with gooey peeps. Now every bite will have chocolate chips as well as soft peeps. What’s not to love? Also, this easy Easter cookies recipe can be made with store bought cookie dough so you can save yourself some time too. 

3. Easter Story Cookies 

Image and recipe by allrecipes

Want the easiest and most authentic Easter egg cookies recipe? Don’t look any further than this. These cookies are light, airy and so tasty you’ll be hard pressed to have just one. They have lots of pecan nuts inside, although you can use any nuts you like. Make them the night before Easter with your kids as you tell them all about Easter lore. They’ll enjoy the stories as well as the cookies immensely. 

4. Bunny Butt Cookies 

Image and recipe by glutenfreeonashoestring

Simple round cookies decorated with candies to look like bunnies butts will make anyone go ‘aww’. Everything from the frosting to the candies make these cookies irresistible and utterly tasty. The best part is that they’re gluten free so everyone can have them guilt free. This Easter sugar cookie recipe is a great treat at any time of the day – breakfast, lunch or dinner! 

5. Best Ever Macarons

Image and recipe by delish

Indulge yourself with this Easter sugar cookie recipe like no other. These gluten free macaroons are light and airy, dipped in chocolate and taste like a dream. You don’t have to dip them in chocolate, but who doesn’t like chocolate covered desserts? With plenty of fresh shredded coconut and chocolate, these macaroons will capture everyone’s attention and refuse to let go. 

6. Koulourakia – Greek Cookies 

Image and recipe by kitchengidget

Buttery, flaky and melt in the mouth, these traditional cookies have it all. They are super crisp and not overly sweet so you can enjoy them any time of the day. If you have the desire to make a traditional Greek Easter cookies recipe, this is the place to start. With the taste of vanilla and orange these crunchy biscuit cookies will be gone in no time once you set them on the table.  

7. Easter Egg Sugar Cookies 

Image and recipe by aheadofthyme

When it’s Easter time, you have to bake a batch of Easter egg cookies. It’s only right after all. This Easter sugar cookie recipe is easy to do and you’ll soon have a big batch of tasty biscuits to decorate. With gorgeous pale tones and intricate designs, these cookies are basically pieces of art. And let me tell you, it might be the best tasting art too. Golden and crisp on the outside and soft and buttery inside, we won’t blame you if you decide to sneak a few while you’re still decorating them. 

8. Butterfly Sugar Cookies 

Image and recipe by thepioneerwoman

Don’t these cookies look like the epitome of spring beauty right on your plate. They’re so pretty, you’ll almost not want to eat them at first. If you like making foods that are really pretty to look at, this Easter sugar cookie recipe will be right up your alley. The marbled glaze is actually a lot easier to do than it looks. And you need no piping skills to get it done. Once you put these on a plate, you won’t even know how quickly they’ll be gone. 

9. Carrot Patch Cookie Cups 

Image and recip ebay ohmy-creative

These carrot patch cookies are beyond adorable and so easy to make. Sometimes, we need to think out of the box and this Easter cookie recipe does exactly that. With a decadent nutella center and oreo crumbles, these cookies are not just cute but also utterly delicious. And, they’re super easy to make too. So go grab the ingredients and start baking them as fast as you can. 

10. Easy Easter Cookies 

Image and recipe by littleblogofvegan

If you’ve been hunting (pun intended) for the most adorable animal cookies to make this Easter, we have the recipe for you. These pastel cookies are cute and delicious and you can decorate them with your kids. It’s a fun activity that everyone will thoroughly enjoy. The best part is that they get done in less than 20 minutes. So you won’t have to wait long to dig into this Easter sugar cookie recipe. 

11. Italian Love Knot Cookies 

Image and recipe by thekitchenprepblog

Tender cookies glazed with decadent flavored icing and lots of colorful sprinkles are a favorite Italian recipe. These knotted cookies are made with a tender dough so they melt in the mouth and are so tasty. The dough comes together much quicker than other recipes so you can make a lot of them in much less time. For a sprinkle of tradition, try this Italian Easter cookies recipe. 

12. Italian Easter Egg Cookies 

Image and recipe by cookingwithnonna

Cookies in the shape of eggs are just the thing you need this Easter. Made with a traditional Italian cookie recipe, these cookies are crispy on top and soft on the inside. You can ice them with different colored glazes and they’ll be amazing gifts for Easter parties too. If you love a nice sugar cookie, this Italian Easter cookie recipe will not disappoint you at all. 

  1. Greek Easter Cookies 

Image and recipe by cdkitchen

Soft cookies with plenty of sesame seeds on top make the perfect Greek Easter cookie recipe that everyone loves. These cookies have plenty of vanilla flavor and are really soft and tender on the inside. With a nice crisp and gold crust, you can be sure that these cookies are going to be a hit with everyone who eats them. 

14. Royal Icing Easter Cookies 

Image and recipe by wilton

Delicate cookies are a must at your Easter table this year. With the pretty patterns and yummy icing, you can serve these at any time of the day and they’ll be gobbled up in no time. This Easter sugar cookie recipe yields a lot of soft cookies that are crisp on the outside. Ice them in your favorite patterns and colors to make artful cookies that are as pretty to look at as well. 

15. Gluten Free Mini Egg Cookies 

Image and recipe by glutenfreecuppatea

The perfect Easter treat for everyone really does exist. And it is as yummy as can be. This Easter egg cookie recipe has all sorts of chocolate flavor without having any wheat flour. That’s the kind of cookie recipe we all need. With soft creme eggs baked into the cookies, you get a gooey mouthful with every bite. With all the chocolate chips and mini eggs, these cookies will be gone before you can blink. 

16. Lemon Butter Spritz Cookies 

Image and recipe by tasteofhome

Lemon cookies are the best way to kick off your Easter. These butter cookies will melt in your mouth. With just a handful of ingredients, this Easter cookie recipe comes together in just 30 minutes. The lemon flavor brings a freshness to these soft sugar cookies and makes them almost irresistible. For a sweet and fresh end to your Sunday brunch, you can’t skimp out on these cookies. 

17. Birthday Cake Cookies 

Image and recipe by delish

Who doesn’t love a good funfetti cake for their birthday? Well, now you can make this fun spring themed cookie for Easter and celebrate with all the people you love. Made with funfetti cake mix, these cookies are super soft and chewy, just the way they’re supposed to be. With a cook time of just 30 minutes, this Easter egg cookie recipe is ready in no time and will vanish even faster. 

18. Easter Lemon Chick Cookies

Image and recipe by thegoldlininggirl

Made with a simple lemon cake mix, this Easter egg cookie recipe is the kind of adorable we all need. Lemon flavored baked goods are the perfect treat for spring and Easter and these are no exception. Also, you can decorate them any way you want. With a cake mix dough, you can be sure that these cookies will be super soft in the center and really chewy outside. So go ahead and bake a batch of these for the whole family. 

19. Cream Cheese Spritz Cookies 

Image and recipe by keyingredient

With a touch of Fiori di Sicilia, this Italian Easter cookie recipe is both decadent yet extremely simple to make. The cookies have a wonderful hint of orange and vanilla. The cream cheese makes these spritz cookies soft in the center. Glazing these super yummy cookies makes them even more tasty. Watch out for wandering hands while you’re decorating because these cookies are amazing when straight out of the oven. 

20. Glazed Easter Cookies 

Image and recipe by myrecipes

These adorable pastel glaze cookies are the perfect accompaniment for Easter brunch. The Easter sugar cookie recipe is really easy to follow and yields about two dozen delicious cookies. You can get the whole family together while decorating these. They can be made well in advance as well, although they might not last in the cookie jar very long before someone gobbles them up. 

21. Italian Easter Cookies 

Image and recipe by chefsilvia

You can make these any time of the year you want because of how delicious they are. But on Easter, these Italian cookies are a must. Shaped like shells and iced with a flavored confectioner’s sugar glaze, these cookies are puffy and soft in the center. Isn’t that the perfect description for Easter cookies? This Italian Easter cookie recipe is so easy to make you’ll have a dozen of them ready in no time. 

22. Fudgy Brownie Easter Cookies 

Image and recipe by somethingswanky

Brownie cookies are probably the ultimate dream come true for a chocolate lover. Filled with chocolate chunks and easter eggs, these cookies give you the most delicious surprise with every bite. Using brownie mix instead of regular cookie batter, you can make really fudgy center cookies that everyone will love. For the sweetest time on Sunday, make this Easter egg cookie recipe 

23. Cookie Dough Pops 

Image and recipe by womansday

These Easter treats are cookies but so much better. If you’re a fan of everything cookie dough and you also like cake pops, then we have the ultimate treat for you. Although these aren’t traditional cookies for Easter, the characters make them almost irresistible. 

You can make whatever animal you want with this Easter cookie recipe. If you’re not a fan of raw cookie dough, bake them before decorating. They’re going to taste amazing either way. 

  1. Adorable Easter Cookies 

Image and recipe by creativecookiepress

Do you want to make some adorable Easter cookies that taste amazing? The you’ve come to the right place. Decorating cookies might just be the most peaceful thing you do during the holiday weekend. These Easter sugar cookies are great for snacking on through the day and will make the best gifts for parties. Use a cookie press to make these lovely spritz cookies and you’ll have a dozen cookies ready in no time. 

25. Easter Taralli 

Image and recipe by manusmenu

This traditional Italian Easter cookie recipe is just amazing. Made almost like a pretzel because of boiling and then baking, these cookies are as yummy as can be. They are soft on the inside and very crunchy on the outside. They are glazed with a nice Sicilian anise flavored liquor and lots of colorful sprinkles. Enjoy them during brunch or as dessert after dinner and you will definitely not be disappointed. 

26. Brown Butter Easter Cookies 

Image and recipe by thatskinnychickcanbake

Chocolate chip cookies made with a brown butter base and stuffed with M&Ms. These Easter cookies are super simple and festive. The brown butter gives these cookies a boost of decadence. These cookies are gooey on the inside but crunchy on the outside with a twist of M&Ms in each bite. Once you set them out on the table, you can be sure that they’ll be gone in no time. 

27. Birds Nest and Flower Easter Cookies 

Image and recipe by findingourwaynow

Spring is a great time to make themed cookies. These bird’s nest cookies are great for a fun and happy time with your entire family. The Easter sugar cookies recipe has a soft center and golden exterior. Topped with green shredded coconut and dyed Easter eggs, you have a really great theme for your cookies. 

28. Easter Chick Cookies 

Image and recipe by diamondsfordessert

Easter is here and so is spring. Chick cookies are probably the most popular animal cookies to make. This Easter sugar cookie recipe is as tasty as it is adorable. Lemon and honey make these cookies smell and taste amazing. The soft center of these cookies is a great contrast to the crunchy top. As it is not overly sweet, these cookies are are great for everyone 

29. Strawberry Shortcake Cookies 

Image and recipe by delish

Imagine strawberry shortcake cakes but in cookie form. Soft and fluffy cookies covered with lots of cream cheese and fresh strawberries, this is just the kind of Easter sugar cookie recipe you need. It might be a little messy in the beginning while you’re mixing the cream cheese into the dough. However, the end result will definitely be worth it. 

30. Orange Shortbread Cookies 

Image and recipe by thepioneerwoman

These shortbread cookies are just the thing to make your Easter even sweeter. You can enjoy them with a hot cup of tea at breakfast. Drizzled with white and dark chocolate, these cookies are so sweet and adorable too. If you and your family love baking, this Easter sugar cookie recipe is just the thing you need.

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