41 Easy Easter Cupcakes Recipes For Holiday Celebration

Whenever we think of desserts during the holidays, we most certainly have to have at least one themed cupcake recipe ready to bake. And why not?  These mini cakes are a little bundle of joy and surprises that everybody enjoys. 

Easter is probably the most popular holiday with themed cupcakes. The coming of spring gives up a chance to dust off our aprons and whip up something magical and fresh. In keeping with that, we have a list of some of the sweetest and most innovative Easter cupcake recipes that will really make your tastebuds dance with joy. 

Whether it’s carrot cake with cream cheese frosting or double chocolate or even something out of the box like PB and J, there’s something for everyone. So go ahead and find the perfect one for you. And who knows, maybe you’ll end up trying more than one cupcake this year. 

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1. Angel Food Cupcakes 

Image and recipe by cupcakeproject

The perfect dessert for a light spring day, these cupcakes do taste just like heaven. Sweet and spongy with a light whipped cream frosting, this mini cupcake recipe for Easter is adorable. Since all the ingredients used to make this cake are light, your cupcakes will be the perfect way to end brunch. For something that is easy to make and even easier to eat, you have to try this wonderful recipe. 

2. Chocolate Easter Cupcakes 

Image and recipe by wearetateandlylesugara

You can never go wrong with Easter chocolate cupcake recipes. This easy cupcake recipe is great for making with kids and they’ll have plenty of fun decorating with Easter themed goodies. You can add any sweet treat to your bird’s nest. With a recipe this easy, you simply cannot go wrong for Easter dessert this year. 

3. Mini Easter Cheesecakes with Cadbury Eggs 

Image and recipe by sugarandsoul

Don’t you just love cheesecake at the end of your meal? Make this mini cupcake recipe for Easter for a bite sized delight that everyone will enjoy. With a sweet shortbread crust and creamy rich cheesecake filling, everyone will love these mini desserts. If you want something truly festive this Easter, you cannot go wrong with this recipe. 

4. Morphos Butterfly Cupcakes 

Image and recipe by womansday

Aren’t these the cutest cupcakes you’ve ever seen? Gourmet Easter cupcake recipes like these are great for an Easter themed party or get together. For those of you who take yoru cupcake decorating very seriously, you’re in for a treat. Although it might look tricky, these cupcakes are really easy to make. Give everyone a surprise with the most adorable spring butterfly cupcakes and let them have the spotlight. 

5. Adorable Easter Cupcakes 

Image and recipe by cupcakeproject

With a little Easter bunny surprise hidden in these cupcakes, you can be sure that they’ll be a hit. For a quick and easy Easter cupcake recipe that has a sweeter twist, you have to try this one. The kids will enjoy the little surprise and you will adore the simple vanilla flavor of these cupcakes. To finish off, the recipe uses a strawberry cream cheese frosting. And here we thought this cupcake couldn’t be any better. 

6. Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake 

Image and recipe by chocolatewithgrace

Who doesn’t like strawberry shortcake? Don’t answer that because I know there’s nobody like that. This cute cupcake recipe for Easter has everything that you coud wish for. It’s a light yellow cupcake with lots of vanilla frosting and fresh berries on top.The perfect spring dessert, you have to try this just for the freshness and sweet flavor 

7. Carrot Cake Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting 

Image and recipe by cookingclassy

An Easter dessert recipe list would not be complete without mention of carrot cake and cream cheese frosting. This classic combination comes to you in the most adorable Easter themed cupcake recipe. Soft and tender cake with a mild spiced flavor is topped with the most decadent cream cheese icing and pecan nuts. For the most sumptuous dessert recipe, you have to try this one. 

8. Rhubarb and Custard Cupcakes 

Image and recipe by thetoughcookie

If you love the taste of rhubarb custard, you’re going to love this gourmet Easter cupcake recipe. And if you’ve never tried it before, the taste is going to blow your mind. These cupcakes are so fluffy and moist. Topped with a decadent swirl of custard buttercream, this one is going to be the talk of the evening. Super easy to make and utterly delicious, your Easter will only get better with these cupcakes on the table. 

9. Double Chocolate Easter Cupcakes 

Image and recipe by sugarhero

Double chocolate cupcakes means you get double the happiness and double the fun. This Easter chocolate cupcake recipe has a rich cake and sumptuous frosting to ensure that each bite is as sweet as can be. The best part – the creme filled chocolate egg sitting on top of these cupcakes. Who said going all out chocolate was a bad thing? 

10. Cotton Candy Easter Cupcake

Image and recipe by thesweetestoccasion

This is like every single summer carnival rolled into one. For a fairy tale treat that’s come to life, you have to try this quick and easy Easter cupcake recipe. The base of vanilla cupcakes meshes really well with the light cotton candy and decadent mini eggs. For a recipe this easy, it will be no surprise if it becomes a favorite at the dessert table. 

11. Bubble Gum Frosting Cupcake 

Image and recipe by sprinklebakes

Make this Easter a super fun celebration with a completely different type of cupcake. Go all out for bubblegum. With a super cute gelatin bubble on top, this Easter cupcake decorating recipe has all sorts of colors and everything fun. The super moist vanilla cupcake is the perfect base for a rich bubblegum frosting. For a touch of whimsy and something unique, this is the perfect Easter dessert. 

12. Best Chocolate Creme Cupcakes 

Image and recipe by thepioneerwoman

When you put chocolate and chocolate together, you can only get a hit crowd pleaser. This Easter chocolate cupcake recipe has everything you need to make brunch and dinner the sweetest affair. Filled with a rich chocolate ganache, these chocolate cupcakes are the perfect surprise at the end of your meal. The glaze on top is just what you need to make this recipe the right thing for Easter. 

13. Easter Cupcake Baskets

Image and recipe by tasteofhome

And the award for the most innovate cupcake goes to these little adorable treats. Fun Easter themed cupcake recipes cannot get much better than this. The soft cream cheese buttercream frosting is just the thing you need with the orange flavored cupcakes. Decorating with colored Easter eggs and chocolate twists make this cupcake an unmissable dessert. For the child in you, try this easy cupcake recipe. 

14. Springtime Sprinkles Cupcake 

Image and recipe by wilton

Want to give everyone a really sweet surprise this Easter? Try this lovely and cute cupcake recipe for Easter. Just one bite of these cupcakes reveal sweet sprinkles inside. With a sweet sugar glaze over a moist vanilla cupcake, this quick and easy Easter cupcake recipe gets done in no time. When serving them, don’t reveal what the surprise in the cupcake is and watch as everyone goes wild eyed in delight. 

15. Spring Flower Cupcakes 

Image and recipe by ohmysugarhigh

Making flower cupcakes are actually a lot easier than they look. This spring themed cute cupcake recipe for Easter is what your brunch table needs. Make the cakes in any flavor you want – vanilla is always a favorite. This mini cupcake recipe for Easter is easy and can be done with the whole family. Let your kids go wild with the icing and watch the beautiful fresh cupcakes disappear quicker than you make them. 

16. Easter Birds Nest Cupcakes 

Image and recipe by gogogogourmet

Looking for the perfect dessert recipe for your Easter egg hunt? Well these Easter Bird’s Nest cupcakes are just what you need. Super easy to make while being really tasty too, this gourmet Easter cupcake recipe is a treat to behold. You can make them using boxed cake mix and put your frosting skills to good use. With cupcakes as adorable as these, we won’t blame anyone for giving up on the hunt just to indulge in a few before brunch. 

17. Angel Food Bird’s Nest Cupcakes 

Image and recipe by halfbakedharvest

Bake yourself and your loved ones spring in a cupcake with this Easter themed cupcake recipe. Light and soft, the cupcakes have a vanilla coconut flavor with a sumptuous whipped chocolate coconut frosting. The birds nest is made with a very ingenious technique that involves phyllo dough. If all of that sounds exciting to you, then you should definitely try this recipe. 

18. Easter Creme Egg Cupcake 

Image and recipe by tamingtwins

Here we present to your the ultimate Easter cupcake recipe. These light and fluffy cupcakes are filled with the creamiest surprise and topped with a decadent buttercream swirl. For a quick and easy Easter cupcake recipe, you have to try this gooey truffle-like cupcake. Once they’re on the table, everyone will be reaching for them. 

19. Snowball Cupcakes 

Image and recipe by bakingamoment

Decadence on a place has a new name in the form of these cute and delicious cupcakes. With a moist chocolate base and fluffy marshmallow frosting, this Easter chocolate cupcake recipe is as indulgent as can be. With all the colors in the frosting, they are the perfect springtime treat. If you liked the Hostess Snowball cakes, you’ll definitely love this version for your Easter. 

20. Mini Coconut Cupcakes 

Image and recipe by thefirstmess 

Are you one of those people who don’t get like the hassle of elaborated frosted cupcakes? If so, you’ll love this Easter cupcake recipe with coconut. Akin to little snack cakes, they have a glazed coconut cream and topped with toasted sesame. The best part is that they’re completely vegan. With the flavor of lemon in the cake and coconut cream on top, you can be sure it is the perfect light treat for your Easter brunch. 

21. Easy Easter Cupcakes 

Image and recipe by sugarandsoul

We can all do with some shortcuts when it comes to Easter. Using boxed cake mix, turn these simple cupcakes into something special. This cute cupcake recipe for Easter is all about fun decorations and sprinkles. To make everything even sweeter, these cupcakes are topped with orange candy dipped strawberries. Isn’t that the perfect topping for a spring theme dessert? 

22. Carnation Mini Cupcakes 

Image and recipe by wilton

Carnations are the perfect flower to describe spring weather. With classic and memorable flavors, this mini cupcake recipe for Easter is bound to be a favorite. Use whatever cupcake flavor mix you like most to make these miniature cupcakes. With the simple frosting and easy decorations, these cupcakes will be ready in no time. Serve them at the end of brunch to end on the sweetest note. 

23. Spring Themed Carrot Cake Cupcake

Image and recipe by acozykitchen

Moist and delicious fluffy cupcakes are topped with a heavenly sweet cream cheese frosting to make the perfect Easter dessert. With carrot grating mixed in with the cake batter, this mini cupcake recipe for Easter is all sorts of yummy. Once you pipe green frosting and buttercream flowers on top, you know these cupcakes are going to be a hit at the Easter get together. 

24. Birds Nest Easter Cupcake 

Image and recipe by thespruceeats

Made in under an hour, this quick and easy Easter cupcake recipe is just the thing you need in a time crunch. These birds nest cupcakes are innovate and adorable while still looking professional. With the taste of cream cheese frosting and fresh coconut, this recipe is bound to be an instant hit. Place some creme eggs on top to finish the look before serving and watch these cupcakes disappear in no time. 

25. Easter Bunny Cupcakes 

Image and recipe by realfood.tesco

Adorable Easter bunny cupcake cake recipes might just be the thing you need this year. They’re easy to make, don’t make a mess and you can have a ton of fun while decorating. Since we’re using marzipan instead of frosting, children can do a majoring of decorating and have lots of fun with it. If you want something cute and funny at your dessert table, try this simple and creative recipe. 

26. Chocolate Caramel Coconut Cupcake 

Image and recipe by sallysbakingadditction

Soft coconut cupcakes that are stuffed with a rich caramel filling will make your Easter very sweet and joyful. To remind yourself of Caramel Delite cookies, try this gourmet Easter cupcake recipe. With the combination of fluffy coconut cupcakes and chocolate frosting, this dessert is sure to satisfy all your dessert cravings

27. Grassy Lemon Cupcakes with Bees and Flowers 

Image and recipe by womansday

If there’s one thing that signals the coming of spring it’s fresh green grass and buzzing bees. So it’s really no surprise that we have this adorable Easter themed cupcake recipe featuring flowers and bees to welcome spring and joy back into our lives. Deceivingly easy to make, you’ll love making these cupcakes with the rest of your family. They make a great Easter basket addition too. So stock up on these as soon as you can.  

28. Spring Chick Cupcakes 

Image and recipe by sugarhero

Made with simple ready to use ingredients, these cupcakes are great for making with the whole family. If you love piping frosting and making amazing toppings, this Easter cupcake decorating recipe is perfect for you. For an adorable treat at the end of your Easter brunch or to fill your Easter basket with, these are the cupcakes for you. 

29. PB and J Cupcakes 

Image and recipe by womansday

Peanut butter cupcakes are the epitome of delicious. With a jam flavored or jam infused frosting, this quick and easy Easter cupcake recipe is a must have at your dessert table. Topped with a real strawberry, these cupcakes have all the flavors you need for a happy dessert. If you love PB and J sandwiches, you’ll love these cupcakes a lot. 

30. Sheep Cupcakes 

Image and recipe by goodhousekeeping

Cute springtime themes are the best thing for your Easter cupcakes this year. Turn your cupcakes into adorable sheep with  lots of buttercream frosting. With cute faces and frosting fur, these lovely cupcakes are just the thing you need to finish off your Easter dinner with. No matter what flavor you use, these cupcakes are going to be delicious and will be gone in no time. 

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