30 Best St Patrick’s Day Cookies Recipes – Easy & Delicious

Don’t you love St. Patrick’s Day? It’s full of joy, fun, festivities, and lots of Irish traditions. Whether it’s dancing and partying and dressing up in green or simply eating with our loved ones – we love it all. Now you know that we like our food around here. And every holiday is a reason to feast. So it only makes sense that we bring you lots of St Patricks Day Cookies Recipes.

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Our specially curated cookies recipes list will make your St. Patrick’s day even more fun! These cookie recipes are not only delicious but also have a comparatively low sugar content to suit your diet plans. 

30 Creatively Decorated St Patrick’s Day Sugar Cookies Recipes

We also have some unique cookie recipes loved by one and all. So this St. Patrick’s day, try our exclusive decorated sugar cookie recipes and become the star of your home. 

1.Fruit Pizza Cookies 

Image and recipe by virginaisweetpea

These mini pizza cookies are a fun way to kick off any holiday. Made using regular sugar cookies and decorated with a sugar glaze and some delightful fruits, they’re both whimsical and fun. Kids love sugar cookies, they love decorating said cookies, and we love fruit. So combine the two with this easy St. Patrick’s Day cookie recipe and have fun eating them hot out of the oven or after they’ve cooled. 

2. Chocolate Chip and Toffee Potato Chip Cookies 

Image and recipe by virginiasweetpea

Yes, the title does say it all. But if you don’t believe it, you will after you read through the recipe. If you want to give your tastebuds something different but utterly delicious this year, you will want to try out this St. Patrick’s Day cookie recipe. Sweet chocolate chips and toffee combined with salty, crunchy potato chips make this heavenly treat. 

3. Bailey’s Chocolate Cookies 

Image and recipe by myorganizedchaos

Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, these are the ultimate chocolate cookies with adorable green sprinkles. And keeping in tradition with St. Patrick’s Day, these chocolate cookies are infused with Bailey’s Irish Cream. You can taste it with every bite you take. If you’re ready to be blown over by this St. Patrick’s Day sugar cookie recipe, give it a try for St. Paddy’s Day. You will not be disappointed. 

4. Pistachio Cookies with Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt 

Image and recipe by tidymom

The light green color of pistachios makes them the perfect candidate for many holidays treats – especially St. Patrick’s Day. So it’s only fair that we talk about these unique and delicious pistachio cookies. Soft and chewy, they are made with pudding mix, making them super moist and flavorful. They are buttery and salty and full of chocolate chips. We’re betting you won’t be able to stop at just one with this St. Patrick’s Day cookie recipe. 

5. Homemade M&M Cookies

Image and recipe by tidymom

Are you looking for the ultimate fun cookie recipe? Try this one. It’s crispy around the edges yet soft and chewy in the center. Just the way we like it. This St. Patrick’s Day sugar cookies recipe is bursting with flavors of vanilla and caramel; you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more balanced combination of flavours. And to top it off, we have colourful M&Ms that the kids will love. 

6. Nutella Cookies with Dark Chocolate and Cherries 

Image and recipe by heatherchristo

These dark choco cookies are decadent and delicious with a hint of sour cherries. Just what you need to get started with St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. The Nutella center makes sure you have puddly soft cookies with a crisp exterior. It sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? So give this indulgent St. Patrick’s cookies recipe a try as soon as you can.

7. German Chocolate Cookies 

Image and recipe by heatherchristo

We all love a good chocolate chip cookie. They’re the ultimate memory of childhood and comfort. So why not take a classic memory and improve on it with this St. Patrick’s Day cookies recipe ? Made with chocolate chunks, crunchy pecans and delicious fresh coconut, these cookies will be quite unlike anything you’ve ever had. If you want to go all out for St. Paddys, use some green food colouring. They’re going to taste amazing either way. 

8. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies 

Image and recipe by heatherchristo

If you think that you can’t have any cookies on your diet, don’t fret. There are plenty of healthy versions of cookies available for everyone to enjoy. And these oatmeal raisin cookies are a pretty good example of that. This St. Patrick’s Day cookie recipe is here to the rescue for the weight-conscious ones out there. They’re sweet but not too sweet. They’re made with oats and maple syrup; you can feel a little less guilty reaching for the second one. And they have cinnamon and raisins, which make them taste so yummy. 

9. Cinnamon Dulce de Leche Spritz Cookies 

Image and recipe by girlinthelittleredkitchen

These spritz cookies are as adorable as ever. They’re light and airy and super tasty. But laden with Dulce de Leche, they become a whole lot more flavorful. Just what you need for St. Patrick’s Day. Follow this fantastic little recipe to make the best spritz cookies that turn into dulce de leche sandwiches. We’re sure your day will be a whole lot sweeter with them. For a double dose of sweetness, you must try this easy St. Patrick’s Day cookies recipe. 

10. White Chocolate Cookies with Cranberry and Macadamia Nuts 

Image and recipe by girlinthelittleredkitchen

Soft cookies with white chocolates and macadamia nuts already sound like a treat. But the taste of tart yet sweet cranberries elevates these chewy center St. Patrick’s Day cookies recipes to a whole other level. The cookies taste a lot like buttered popcorn, making it so much better. And just in time for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations too. If you end up demolishing this plate of cookies within half a day, we’re happy to take the blame. 

11. Pumpkin Spice Honey Cookies

Image and recipe by averiecooks

If you love the flavour of pumpkin but are iffy about using pumpkin puree in your cookie batter, we have a solution for that. There is no time of the year that you can say no to these delicious honey pumpkin cookies. They’re soft, they’re fluffy, and they are downright tasty. If you like a little bit of spice in your tasty cookies, you have to try this St. Patrick’s Day cookies recipe.  

12. White Chocolate Salted Pumpkin Cookies 

Image and recipe by averiecooks 

The ultimate sweet white chocolate and salty pumpkin flavor you need this St. Patrick’s Day. If you like having the best of both worlds at once, you’ll love this chewy and soft St. Patrick’s Day cookie recipe. It is just the kind of holiday treat you can’t get enough of. With so many flavors in these cookies, everyone will be a big fan. 

13. Peanut Butter Coconut Oil Cookies 

Image and recipe by averiecooks

The taste of cookies made with coconut oil is always mild and super flavorful. On top of that, these cookies have a brilliant peanut butter taste, which is always so great. The cookies themselves are soft and puffy, almost more lightweight than a dream. If you love a crunchy cookie with a soft buttery centre, you’ll love these easy St Patrick’s Day cookies

14. Easy St. Patricks Day Cookies

Image and recipe by mydiasporakitchen

Green grass with little white pebbles – that’s what these cookies will remind you of. They’re light and airy and so very adorable to look at. If you love themed cookies, then these are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. The cookies themselves can have either a green apple or lime flavour. They’re both so delicious you’ll have a hard time picking a favourite. If you feel inspired to try it yourself, go check out the recipe for these easy St. Patrick’s Day cookies.  

15. Grasshopper Sugar Cookies 

Image and recipe by lacremedelacrumb

If you love the taste of mint and chocolate together, stay around for this one. Green mint frosting on dark chocolate seems like the right kind of cookie for St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t it? Super moist, thick and decadent chocolate cookies covered in a fluffy mint frosting make this an unmissable recipe. Basically, it’s all things a mint chocolate lover will enjoy. So go ahead and give yourself a treat with this St. Patrick’s cookies recipe 

16. Easy Shamrock Cookies 

Image and recipe by ifyougiveablondeakitchen

Shamrocks and St. Patricks Day goes hand in hand. If you love all things Irish it only makes sense to make these adorable sugar cookies shaped and decorated like shamrocks right? The melt in the month cookies are dipped in smooth melted chocolate and green sprinkles. The perfect decoration to these easy St. Patrick’s Day cookies if you ask me. 

17. Shamrock Sugar Cookies 

Image and recipe by thespruceeats

These are the classic sugar cookies that really evoke the pride of St. Patrick’s Day. The adorable shamrock shape is just the thing you need to get your celebrations started. You’re going to love the St. Patrick’s Day cookies decorating too. The green and white icing is sure to be fun to play around with. We won’t blame you if you end up eating a few before they’re decorated. 

18. Leprechaun Hat Cookies 

Image and recipe by thespruceeats 

Aren’t they the cutest cookies you’ve ever seen? They’re perfect for a school celebration, for eating at home and just in general on St. Patrick’s Day. And best part of all, they’re not really that complicated to make. Imagine a soft sugar cookie shaped like a hat and glazed with light buttercream frosting. Now that’s a cookie that’s going to get anyone excited.  

19. Themed St. Patrick’s Day Cookies

Image and recipe by jessicagavin 

Go for something different this St. Patrick’s Day with these rolled sugar cookies. The dough is easy to cut into different shapes and decorating adds to the fun. These cookies are sure to make everyone very happy. And if you have children who are willing to help, give them the piping bags and let them get to St. Patrick’s Day cookies decorating. 

20. St. Patrick’s Day Thumbprint Cookies

Image and recipe by dixiecrystals

Give your cookies a sweet surprise centre with this cute St. Patrick’s Day sugar cookies recipe. With a crispy exterior and soft centre – these cookies have a white chocolate in between. Ice them with green frosting, to give them that classic St. Patrick’s Day look. No one will be able to resist these delicious treats once they see it. 

21. Chewy Pistachio Cookies 

Image and recipe by butterwithasideofbread

This is the perfect easy St. Patrick’s Day cookie recipe with a mild flavor of pistachio and green pudding mix. These delicious cookies have a crisp edge but are soft and chewy on the inside – just how we like them. The pistachio nuts also give the cookies a nice surprise crunch – so you get some delicious fun in every bite. 

22. Double Fudge Mint Cookies 

Image and recipe by butterwithasideofbread

Loaded with chocolate and a decadent mint frosting, these double fudge cookies are a St. Patrick’s Day dream. They have a brilliant chocolate cookie base with plenty of chocolate chips and cocoa. The shiny mint frosting definitely makes this St. Patrick’s Day cookie recipe is a hit with everyone. Bonus points if you drizzle even more chocolate on top. 

23. Irish Soda Bread Cookies 

Image and recipe by allrecipes

Imagine the traditional Irish soda bread – but in a crispy cookie form. That’s what this classic and easy St. Patrick’s day cookies are all about. The soft dough gives rise to these amazing and chewy cookies. The cookies also have caraway seeds, which give them a sweet-savory flavor. If you want something that isn’t overly sweet, you should try this one. 

24. Irish Ginger Snaps 

Image and recipe by allrecipes

Make your St. Patrick’s Day super traditional with these fun and easy cookies. They have such a rich spice flavour that you’ll not be able to stop yourself. Made in just three steps, this St. Patrick’s day cookie recipe is probably the easiest of the bunch. But they’re just as tasty, oozing with flavours of cinnamon and ginger. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

25. Leprechaun Cookies 

Image and recipe by seededatthetable

Festive sprinkles on a shortbread cookie are just what you need to make this sweet day even sweeter. You can use this St. Patrick’s Day cookie recipe to make gift baskets or school treats. And you can sneak a few to enjoy by yourself too because they are just so delicious. Make these green cookies especially for this day and watch how quickly they start to vanish. 

26. Colourful St. Patrick’s Day Cookies

Image and recipe by thenymelrosefamily

These colourful cookies are just what you might need to start your celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day. By getting to slice and bake these cookies in whatever design and colour you want, you can make cookies without any need for frosting. Now that’s a neat idea isn’t it? This kind of St. Patrick’s Day cookie decorating is sure to be popular with everyone who tries it. So you should get to it too. 

27. Good Luck Irish Cookies

Image and recipe by tasteofhome

These cookies taste so good, you’ll have to forget about any diet you’re on for the day. Made with pistachio pudding mix, this easy St. Patrick’s Day cookie recipe has a crispy edge with a soft, chewy centre. And if that wasn’t enough, the real pistachio nuts offer a really nice crunch to the soft cookies. Talk about getting the best of both worlds.

28. Butter Mint Cookies 

Image and recipe by tasteofhome 

Think of light airy cookies that have the rich taste of butter oozing out of their crumbly centre. That’s what this wonderful cookie recipe is all about. Made with a lot of butter and wafting a delicious mint aroma, these are the kind of cookies that kids and adults will love any time of the year. But on St. Patrick’s Day, they have a special charm. All you need to get started are 5 ingredients and this treat will be done before you even know it. 

29. Green St. Patrick’s Day Cookies 

Image and recipe by thefoodnanny 

Have you wanted to try some whimsical green themed cookies for St. Paddy’s Day? The recipe does state that you can use a variety of different sugar cookie recipes. If you want to make the most of this St. Patrick’s Day cookie recipe, you might want to get your kids involved. After all, there’s cookies, sprinkles and food colour involved. Who doesn’t love that? 

30. Double Chocolate Mint Cookies 

Image and recipe by butterwithasideofbread

Rich chocolate chips and soft fudgy cookies with a fresh junior mint flavour – just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Some people might be opposed to mint and chocolate together. But for those of us who know about magic, these cookies are absolute perfection. This soft St. Patrick’s Day cookie recipe is just what your celebrations need for a little extra fresh kick. And we are happy to provide it to you. 

If you are planning on making St. Patrick’s Day cookies, it is important to remember that you use a combination of white and dark chocolate, freeze-dried cranberries, nuts or dried fruit and some dark chocolate chips for a fun St. Patrick’s Day snack to enjoy during this time of year. 

There’s not a better way to celebrate and honour St. Patrick than with some delicious cookies! Don’t forget to wear your green and toasting your favourite Irish beverage!

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