34 Finger Sandwiches Recipes You’ll Love To Make & Eat

Tea sandwiches – or Finger sandwiches are usually the first course in an afternoon tea party. However, with the passage of time, we have come to serve these dainty sandwiches at a number of events and occasions. From baby showers, engagement parties, early luncheons and Easter brunch, you can find crustless finger sandwiches almost anywhere. 

Traditionally, the most popular finger sandwiches consisted of ham and mustard, cucumber, smoked salmon and coronation chicken. However, now we have a variety of different fillings and spreads to choose from while making these quick and easy bites. From tuna cream cheese to tomato and even wasabi mayo, there is no limit to the kind of delicious sandwiches you can make. 

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If you’re looking for some inspiration for a Mother’s Day tea party, a baby shower or even just a formal lunch with friends, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect recipe from this carefully curated list of decadent finger sandwiches. So go ahead and try a few of these – they’re bound to catch your fancy and tempt your palate. 

1. Tomato Tea Sandwich Crusts

Tomato Tea Sandwich Crusts

Image and recipe by southernliving

If you have been on the hunt for the perfect finger sandwiches for the baby shower you’re hosting, you have to try this one. It has homey and comforting flavors, but is much more elevated than your regular cucumber sandwiches. Best part is how easy it is to make them. You can have this ready in under 30 minutes. Plenty of time to get things ready for the party is it not? 

2. Cucumber and Dill Butter With A Slice Of Bread 

Cucumber and Dill Butter Finger Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by wishesndishes

Refreshing and delicious, you can’t go wrong with cucumber sandwiches for brunch or luncheons. And what’s better than to pair them with some fresh dill and salt cream cheese. If you’re planning a dainty tea party or bridal shower, this is the best place to learn how to make finger sandwiches. For those who haven’t had crustless finger sandwiches before, this one is definitely going to be a wonderful surprise. 

Expert tip by TCH –

“Finger sandwiches are not just about delicate presentation; they’re about flavor balance. The key is to use high-quality ingredients in just the right proportions so each bite delivers a perfect mix of textures and tastes.”

3. Ham, Cheddar and Tomato Chutney For Thinly Sliced Sandwiches

Ham, Cheddar and Tomato Chutney Sandwiches

Image and recipe by taste

Do you like trying different flavor pairings until you find the perfect sweet spot of delicous? Well this recipe will surely tickle your taste buds then. The smokiness of the ham and sweetness of the mango chutney pair excellently with the creamy cheddar. This really is the perfect ham finger sandwich for your high tea party. 

4. Traditional English Tea Sandwiches with Wasabi Mayo 

Finger Sandwiches with Wasabi Mayo 

Image and recipe by pickledplum

For those of you who have an inkling to include some truly Asian flavors in your afternoon tea finger sandwiches menu, this one is a must try. With a little bit of wasabi mayonnaise, you can make simple tomato and cucumber sandwiches into something truly special. For a twist that will wow every guest who tries these easy finger sandwiches, make this recipe for your next get together. 

5. Mini Ham and Cheese Sandwich Fillings 

Mini Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

Image and recipe by appetizeraddiction

Ready in ten minutes, these really are the best ham finger sandwiches to make in a time crunch. They’re perfect for kids parties, brunch, showers and practically any other occasion you can think of. You get an explosion of different flavors in each bite – saltiness from the ham, creamy spread of cheese and freshness from the lettuce. To make preparations for the party easier, you should definitely try this recipe. 

6. Garden Veggie Stack Finger Sandwich 

Garden Veggie Stack Finger Sandwich 

Image and recipe by teatimemagazine

With eggplant, some yummy squash and lots of tomatoes, make tea sandwich stacks that are the perfect appetizer. The best bread for finger sandwiches of this type is a sturdy potato bread. And that’s not all. The red pepper aioli and some fresh guacamole can really elevate the flavor of this finger sandwich to another level. For a lip smacking start to your party, this is the recipe to try. 

Expert tip by TCH –

“When assembling finger sandwiches, I always recommend a light touch with the mayonnaise or butter. It’s about enhancing the bread and fillings, not overwhelming them. The best sandwiches are those where the bread complements the fillings instead of competing with them.”

7. Gluten Free Finger Sandwich

Gluten Free Finger Sandwich

Image and recipe by nutritionbymia

For an extremely healthy option in your finger sandwiches platter, you must include this easy recipe. Gluten free might be the best bread for finger sandwiches when your guests have dietary restrictions. But best be assured that these sandwiches taste delicious either way. With cheese and cucumber these stacked sandwiches are a winner no matter what. 

8. Smoked Chicken Avocado Finger Sandwiches 

Smoked Chicken Avocado Finger Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by teatimemagazine

High tea is an occasion to bring out your hearty sandwiches and pies to make the gathering joyful and filling. And so of course we have to have this satiating yet dainty high tea sandwich recipe to try. With smoked chicken and fresh avocado, they have a surprising flavor that is very pleasing. To make things interesting, the recipe also adds watercress to the garnish for a slight spicy taste. 

Expert tip by TCH –

“In my experience, the variety of fillings can make or break your finger sandwich selection. Traditional options like cucumber and softened cream cheese are timeless, but adventurous combinations such as spiced pear with gorgonzola, or smoked salmon with a hint of dill, can elevate your offering to memorable heights.”

9. Tuna Cucumber Finger Sandwiches 

Tuna Cucumber Finger Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by somethingaboutsandwiches

Simple and delicious, we can bet no one has had a tuna and cucumber finger sandwich quite like this one. Classic tuna mayonnaise is a real friend in this recipe. If you haven’t tried make tea sandwiches using that, you must do it soon. To make this afternoon tea finger sandwich even better, add some chives and lemon juice to take the flavors to a whole new level. 

10. Pineapple Cream Cheese Finger Sandwiches 

Pineapple Cream Cheese Finger Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by sugar-n-spicegals

Have a princess tea party to plan and can’t think of a easy and elegant menu that children will truly enjoy? This cream cheese finger sandwiches recipe is here to the rescue. Laden with the flavor of sweet pineapple and with the soft texture of cream cheese, we already have a hit. If you decide to use food color to make really fun and colorful finger sandwiches. They’re also the perfect sweet sandwich for a baby showr, brunch and even holiday parties like Easter and Christmas. 

11. Roast Beef Finger Food Sandwiches 

Roast Beef Finger Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by tasteofhome

Although these high tea finger sandwiches are really easy and simple to make, they are an explosion of different flavors. The mustard suace adds the right kick to the roast beef. If you want a substantial brunch dish or something dainty yet filling, go for this recipe. Trust us, with how easy they are to make, you will not be disappointed at the taste at all. 

12. Smoked Salmon Appetizer 

Smoked Salmon Appetizer 

Image and recipe by recipeneats

Don’t want a traditional smoked salmon finger sandwich with bread?Try this recipe instead. Other than replacing the bread slices with tortilla sheets, there really isn’t much difference. The best part – besides the amazing taste – is how easy and fuss free it is to make this. 

The smoked salmon and cream cheese is already a classic combination. Adding dill and chives to the mixture is the cherry on top. Before you know it, you’ll have so many of these ready to serve. And a good thing too, because these finger sandwiches will disappear equally quickly. 

Expert tip by TCH –

“The secret to perfect finger sandwiches lies in the bread. Opt for freshly baked loaves, sliced thinly and evenly. Stale bread can turn even the most gourmet filling into a forgettable experience.”

13. Easy Sliced Cucumber Sandwiches 

Easy Cucumber Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by confettiandbliss

Savory and fun to eat, these cute cucumber finger sandwiches are actually really easy to make. If you’re planning a road trip, then this is the type of sandwich that you want to prepare. Since you can make them in under 20 minutes, they’re also ideal finger sandwiches for baby showers and bridal showers as well. 

The recipe uses Greek yogurt and lemon juice to really elevate the taste and keep these sandwiches fresh for longer. If you like herbs in your sandwich spreads, a sprinkle of dill and some lemon zest can really do wonders. 

14. Turkey, Gouda and Apple Finger Sandwiches 

Turkey, Gouda and Apple Finger Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by tasteofhome

The perfect fall turkey finger sandwiches do exist. And this recipe is a testament to that. With crunchy sweet apples and creamy gouda, these halloween finger sandwiches are just the thing to serve before a night of trick or treating. 

If you like sweet yet spicy sandwich spreads, the cranberry mayo used in this recipe adds just the sweet touch you need. All of these different flavors really bring out the meaty flavor of turkey to make this a must have at your halloween party. If you’re still on the fence, try it yourself to see how good it is. 

15. Mini Croques Monsieur Sandwiches 

Mini Croques Monsieur Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by hipfoodiemom

If you haven’t had a croques monsieur yet, then you’re really missing out. And this is your chance to remedy that. But if you have had it you know how good it is – and therefore, you must try this amazing mini ham finger sandwich at your next tea party. Or just have it because you can. You can spice them up or dress them down as you wish. Use dijon mustard and some bacon jam if you’re feeling adventurous. With how easy they are to make, we won’t fault you for having them every now and again in different combinations. 

16. Herbed Chicken Salad Sandwiches 

Herbed Chicken Salad Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by southernladymagazine

A springtime tea deserves some of the best chicken salad finger sandwiches possible. And this recipe sure does not disappoint. With garden fresh ingredients, you can be sure for the best tasting chicken salad that makes these bite sized sandwiches a yummy treat. The taste of tarragon and dill add a mild spiciness to the creamy chicken spread while the raisins and almonds provide a subtle sweetness throughout. This one is a treat that no one will be able to resist. 

17. Vegan Cucumber Tea Sandwiches 

Vegan Cucumber Tea Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by marthastewert

Here’s a vegan finger sandwich recipe that will have you reaching for seconds and maybe even thirds. You can make the spread with a variety of different herbs – tarragon, chives and parsley – for an explosion of earthy flavors that are unparalleled. What better way to turn ordinary cucumber sandwiches into something elegant. As for the best bread for finger sandwiches, there are a lot to choose from but pumpernickel is a great option. 

18. Turkey Salad Sandwiches with Dried Cherries 

Turkey Salad Sandwiches with Dried Cherries 

Image and recipe by bigflavorstinykitchen

Dried cherries add a pop of tartness to this turkey finger sandwich recipe. Simple yet elegant, they are great for leftover turkey after Thanksgiving and any other fall festival. This turkey salad filling is equal parts of delicious and clever. With dried cherries, you get an amazing sweet yet tangy flavor that balances the creaminess of the salad. With a cook time of 10 minutes, this one is surely going to become a quick party fix for the ages. 

19. Paprika Chickpea Finger Sandwiches 

Paprika Chickpea Finger Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by jazzyvegetarian

Whether these are served as elegant finger sandwiches or as whole sandwiches at lunch you cannot deny they are delicious. With a hint of lemon juice and some alfalfa sprouts, you’ll wonder why you didn’t discover this recipe earlier. Best part of all, it’s super light and healthy and can make a great vegan addition to your finger sandwiches platter. 

20. Cream Cheese and Pumpernickel Tea Sandwiches 

Cream Cheese and Pumpernickel Tea Sandwiche

Image and recipe by eatsmarter

Now that I think of it, pumpernickel might just be the best bread for finger sandwiches. The dark color stands out against most filling and toppings. And it tastes really good too. So of course these cream cheese finger sandwiches are a whole other kind of sumptuous. With paprika and lemon juice, this spread is already a winner. For a bit of healthy crunch, you can add bell peppers or other veggies to the mix as well. 

21. Asparagus, Serrano Ham and Goat Cheese Finger Sandwiches 

Asparagus, Serrano Ham and Goat Cheese Finger Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by teatimemagazine

When you have asparagus as a main ingredient in your dish, you know that summer is on it’s way. These afternoon tea finger sandwiches are nothing short of gourmet, with plenty of serrano ham and goat cheese to give it flavor. For thick and creamy finger sandwiches like these, it is good to use a thick potato bread which doesn’t get soggy easily. Perfect for a cool indoor baby shower or brunch menu, this one is as easy as it is tasty. 

22. Curried Chicken Finger Sandwiches 

Curried Chicken Finger Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by myrecipes

You probably wouldn’t think of pairing coconut flakes, orange marmalade and curry powder to make chicken curry filling for your finger sandwiches. But if you were to try, the result would actually be pretty mind blowing. Perfect for engagement showers or even Easter brunch and afternoon tea, this chicken salad finger sandwich is a must try. The nuttiness of the coconut blends well with the sweetness of marmalade. Use a sturdy bread like pumpernickel would be the best bread for finger sandwiches like these.

23. Turkey, Brie and Cranberry Aioli Finger Sandwiches 

Turkey, Brie and Cranberry Aioli Finger Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by foodtolove

You know that turkey and cranberries go together very well, so why not use them to make some cool turkey finger sandwiches. The mayonnaise and cranberry sauce in this recipe provide a nice sauce for yoru turkey and brie. For a bit of crunch, add some alfalfa sprouts between the turkey and cheese. This is a really simple afternoon tea finger sandwich that will tide you over until dinner time. Also, with how quickly you can make them, they serve as great appetizers at parties. 

24. Vegetable Cream Cheese Finger Sandwich

Vegetable Cream Cheese Finger Sandwich

Image and recipe by teatimemagazine

The perfect vegetarian finger sandwiches do exist. With the fresh dill infused cream cheese and crunchy bell peppers, you will definitely not be able to stop eating these. If you’re worried about your afternoon tea menu, this easy recipe is worth the try. Of course of you want to have these for high tea instead, you can add some meat to the mixture as well. Either way, everyone is going to love the fresh flavors. 

25. Deviled Egg Salad Finger Sandwiches 

Deviled Egg Salad Finger Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by pinchmeimeating

What is more classic than a deviled egg salad recipe? Well, it’s deviled egg salad finger sandwiches. Made fresh and garnished with some chili, you can be sure that these are going to add a little spice to your get together. If you want to know how to make finger sandwiches easily, this is the recipe for you. They are perfect for afternoon tea and even light dinner with other assorted sandwiches. 

26. Mashed Avocado Finger Sandwiches 

Mashed Avocado Finger Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by theroastedroot

Who would have thought that you could make healthy finger sandwiches so tasty as well. Made with cucumber and sprouts, these sandwiches are both fresh as well as earthy for an explosion of flavor. You can use these in a finger sandwiches platter at a dinner party, lunch or even occasions like baby showers. 

27. Mini Spam Sandwiches 

Mini Spam Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by allrecipes

You don’t need much effort to get started with these high tea finger sandwiches. Lightly toasted bread encases the spam and cheese to make these sandwiches both satisfying and filling. The pineapple slices add some sweetness to the otherwise salty dish. If you’re planning a luncheon or afternoon tea, this is a quick and easy alternative to most other finger sandwiches. 

28. Creamy Cucumber Sandwiches 

Creamy Cucumber Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by chelseasmessyapron

The best bread for finger sandwiches might be debatable but white bread is best for this recipe. With seasoned cream cheese, fresh herbs and fresh crunchy cucumbers, these sandwiches are simple yet delightful. If you’re planning an elegant luncheon or brunch, this one is definitely a must have. After all, you can’t have an assortment of finger sandwiches without cucumber sandwiches. 

29. Blue Cheese and Walnut Finger Sandwiches 

Blue Cheese and Walnut Finger Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by myrecipes

The nutty flavor of walnuts adds a depth of flavor to these cream cheese finger sandwiches that is quite unmatched. The blue cheese layes also adds a different element to the sandwiches. This is a great finger sandwich for baby showers and bridal showers because of how easy it is to make them.

30. Smoked Salmon Sandwiches 

Smoked Salmon Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by eatsmarter

Think of smoky salmon slices slathered with creamy soft cheese and firm cucumbers. Sounds like the time of smoked salmon finger sandwiches we all need to try once. The recipe couldn’t be easier. Ready in 20 minutes, you can prepare this before serving so it’s as fresh as possible. And the best part of all, it’s a super healthy recipe too. 

31. Chorizo Crostini 

Chorizo Crostini 

Image and recipe by appetizeraddiction 

Simple and filling, these appetizer finger sandwiches are unforgettable. Traditional Spanish sausage with cooked eggs and pickel, this open sandwich is very quick to prepare. The best bread for finger sandwiches like this is a baguette so if you have some, you have to try this recipe. Crostinis are a great finger sandwich for baby showers and other elegant occasions. So get that chef’s hat out and let’s get to preparing. 

32. Vegetable Finger Sandwiches 

Vegetable Finger Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by justapinch

Summer time calls for simple food that can be made quickly and easily. This finger sandwiches recipe is perfect for those occasions where you’d rather enjoy the summer breeze than spend time in the kitchen. Easy and simple, this is a vegetarian finger sandwich that hits all the right spots for your picnic or tea party. With fresh crunchy vegetables, you’ll relish this one for sure. 

33. Benedictine Sandwiches 

Benedictine Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by southernladymagazine

Cream cheese and cucumber blend to form a type of finger sandwich that is unforgettable. If you like eggs benedict, you’ll love this inspired dish. As an open faced sandwich, it is an afternoon tea finger sandwich that doesn’t take much time to assemble. The surprise is in the cream cheese mixture, which includes shredded cucumber. If you want to give everyone a wonderful surprise, this is finger sandwich to serve. 

34. Cucumber and Avocado Finger Sandwiches 

Cucumber and Avocado Finger Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by  thehealthjournals

These cucumber finger sandwiches are easy, delectable and very healthy. No matter what the occasion is, this recipe will fit right at home for you. The avocado adds a subtle earthy taste to the sandwiches and cucumber balances the freshness. 

If you like dill mayonnaise, you’ll definitely want to try this out. You can make them in no time and serve them immediately. Finger sandwiches really do make entertaining much easier. 


Q1: What are known as finger sandwiches?

A1: Finger sandwiches are small, dainty sandwiches typically cut into rectangles or triangles without crusts. They are designed to be eaten in two to three bites and are a staple in tea parties and social gatherings.

Q2: How to make perfect finger sandwiches?

A2: To make perfect finger sandwiches, start by choosing soft bread and spreading a thin layer of butter to the edges to keep it from drying out. Add a light, flavorful filling—common choices include cucumber, smoked salmon, egg salad, or cream cheese. Assemble the sandwiches, remove the crusts, and cut them into neat, uniform shapes. Serve chilled or at room temperature.

Q3: Can you make finger sandwiches the night before?

A3: Yes, you can prepare finger sandwiches the night before. To ensure they stay fresh, cover them tightly with plastic wrap or place them in an airtight container with a lightly damp paper towel on top and bottom to prevent the bread from drying out. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Q4: What bread is best for finger sandwiches?

A4: Soft, finely textured bread works best for finger sandwiches. White, whole wheat, and pumpernickel are popular choices. Ensure the bread is fresh and not too crusty or dense, as it should be easy to bite into and not overpower the filling.

Q5: What are those tiny sandwiches called?

A5: Those tiny sandwiches are commonly referred to as finger sandwiches. They are small enough to be eaten in a few bites and are often served at tea parties or as appetizers.

Q6: What’s another term for finger sandwiches?

A6: Another term for finger sandwiches is “tea sandwiches.” This name reflects their popularity as a light, delicate snack typically served at tea parties.

Q7: What are small open-faced sandwiches served as appetizers?

A7: Small open-faced sandwiches served as appetizers are known as canapés. These are typically made with a small piece of bread or a cracker topped with various savory toppings, designed to be eaten in one or two bites and often served at cocktail parties or receptions.

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