24 Tea Sandwiches Recipes For Afternoon Tea & High Tea

Welcome to the delightful world of tea sandwiches recipes! Whether you’re hosting a sophisticated high tea party or simply looking for a tasty snack, we’ve got you covered with some mouth-watering ideas. From classic cucumber sandwiches to modern twists like hummus tea sandwich, there’s a tea sandwich recipe for everyone’s taste buds.

We know that high tea sandwiches are all about elegance and taste, and that’s why we’ve curated some of the most delicious high tea sandwich recipes for you to try. So, sit back, relax, and let’s explore the world of modern tea sandwiches that will have you reaching for seconds in no time.

Are you ready to impress your guests with some stunning tea sandwiches? Let’s dive in and discover the perfect recipe for you!

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24 Tea Party Sandwiches Recipes – Tips & How To Make

Egg salad sandwiches, smoked salmon finger sandwiches and even some biscuit BLTs are some of the more offbeat recipes that are present on this list. Whether you want something simple like cucumber and avocado or go all out with foie gras; perhaps even have a sweet cream sandwich to balance all the savory flavors with bread, there’s a recipe available for you. So go ahead and find a few you want to try out at your next tea party. 

1. Avocado and Quail Egg Tea Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by ohhowcivilized

If you love an avocado sandwich with eggs as much as everyone else, you’ll love this mini version. This recipe uses simple ingredients to make something sumptuous yet easy to make. They’re a perfect start to your tea party, especially if you enjoy runny eggs with bread. However, you can also firm up the yolks by boiling them for a little longer. 

2. Turkey Tarragon Tea Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by thirstyfortea

If you’re planning a tea party close to Thanksgiving, it’s the perfect occasion to whip up this really easy recipe. The tarragon in the recipe gives the sandwiches a subtle hint of licorice like flavor. This blends perfectly with the turkey. Not only is this a really elevated recipe, you’ll have guests asking how you made it taste so good.  

3. Salmon Watercress Finger Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by teatimemagazine

For a mini sandwich that is packed to the brim with flavor, you cannot go wrong with this one. Salmon tea sandwich recipes are always very popular for afternoon tea parties. What makes this one stand apart is the use of watercress and chives which gives the sandwiches an explosion of flavor. The best part is they can be made ahead of time and come together very quickly. 

4. Herb Crusted Chicken Salad Tea Sandwich 

Image and recipe by hobnobmag

This herb crusted traditional English tea sandwich recipe is full of flavor and very pleasing to look at. The herbs elevate the flavors in the chicken salad filling when combined with bread. You’ll probably want to start using lemon verbena in all your dishes after you taste this.

5. Spring Tea Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by leangreendad

Sometimes you don’t need things that are elaborately fancy to make a statement. This easy yet delicious English tea sandwich recipe is a good example of that. If you want, you could get your kids involved in your sandwich making too. If you’re looking for a vegan option for your next afternoon tea, this one is easily customizable for that. With fresh flavors of spring and lots of bright veggies, this recipe will be a definite hit. 

6. Salmon and Cucumber Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by bellyrumbles

With fresh cucumbers to cut the smoky flavor of the salmon, you won’t be able to stop at just one sandwich. Although this is a rather innovative idea with the cucumber slices on the outside of the bread, you won’t be disappointed. And you wouldn’t believe how quickly they come together. If you don’t believe me, give it a try yourself. 

7. Radish – Poppy Seed Tea Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by teatimemagazine

Are you looking for some adorable yet chic tea sandwich recipes that will blow everyone away? With fresh cut radishes on top of your sandwich, you’re bound to get a dose of spring with every bite. The filling of cream cheese and poppy seed tie the whole thing together really well. For something that tastes so delicious, it’s surprisingly easy to make too. And don’t you just love circular bread cut-outs like these?

8. Cucumber Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by thespruceeats

Cucumber sandwiches are pretty much a staple at your traditional tea party. And this vegetarian tea sandwich recipe makes it easy for you to make this as well. It’s great for kids tea parties because of the popular flavors. With the fresh taste of cucumbers and hint of lemon and herbs, this is a recipe you cannot go wrong with. 

9. Cheese Savory Tea Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by littlesugarsnaps

A good cheese sandwich can really be the best thing at your next afternoon tea. And what better way to elevate it than with some delicious savory flavors? Colorful and with just the right crunch, this British tea sandwich recipe will win over everyone for sure. For a tasty blend of cheese, carrots and salad cream with bread, this sandwich will have your guests reaching for more in no time. 

10. Mini BLTs 

Image and recipe by countryliving

Made with fresh soft biscuits instead of traditional soft bread, these mini BLTs are the best sandwich recipe you didn’t know you needed.  Although they might take a little longer to make since you need to bake the biscuits, the effort is worth it. These mini BLTs are bound to be a hit and your efforts will surely be appreciated. 

11. Strawberry Tea Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by chatelaine 

The fresh and sweet taste of strawberries make a really great filling for your British tea party sandwich recipe. Topped with fragrant herbs and some cream cheese, this sandwich will be loved by one and all because of its unique ingredients. If you have never had a sweet filling sandwich before, you’re in for a treat.

12. Mini Pimiento Cheddar BLTs 

Image and recipe by pizzazzerie

Think of flaky and soft cheddar biscuits spread with pimiento cheese and bacon. That’s what this easy tea sandwich recipe is all about. Perfect for your afternoon tea menu, these BLTs are the perfect first course. They’re great to make ahead and don’t get soggy either.

13. Foie Gras Tea Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by ohhowcivilized

If you want something really decadent and indulgent at your afternoon tea, you have to try this one. Utterly creamy and slightly sweet from the jelly topping, this is the best tea sandwich recipe you could ask for. Make a statement and earn everyone’s praise with this super tasty foie gras finger sandwich. Trust me, you’ll be very thankful if you give it a try. 

14. Hummus and Salmon Tea Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by tablefortwoblog

Have you tried hummus tea sandwiches instead of the mayonnaise ones? If not, you’re in for a wonderful surprise. This little English tea sandwich recipe is easy and flavorful. The creaminess of the hummus is offset by the fresh cucumbers and smoky salmon on bread. Sounds like the perfect sandwich to eat with your tea, doesn’t it? 

15. Flower and Herb Cheese Tea Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by homeiswheretheboatis

Using edible flowers in your food can be very interesting and pretty. Use this bread sandwich recipe to add a little wow factor to your menu. Open faced sandwiches are the best way to make these sandwiches and showcase the floral elements. If you love radish and cucumber in your tea sandwich, you’ll surely love these.

16. Cucumber Avocado Tea Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by teatimemagazine

With a little twist and tweaks, this British tea party sandwich recipe is fresh and delicious. You might have not thought of adding sprouts or spinach to your sandwich but the taste will surprise you. The crunchy sprouts, creamy avocado and earthy spinach are the perfect combination for your cucumber tea sandwich recipes. Serve these and watch them be as well received as the traditional ones. 

17. Ham and Mango Chutney Sandwich 

Image and recipe by cookincanuck

NO matter what type of occasion you’re hosting your high tea for, you can be sure this easy tea sandwich recipe is a good fit for it. The mango chutney is a good contrast to your smoky ham. Mixed in with cheddar cheese and fresh black pepper, this an easy recipe to make ahead of time. For a bit of crunch, you can add some pecan to the mixture for a nutty flavor as well. 

18. Watercress Egg Salad Tea Sandwich 

Image and recipe by thespruceeats

Tea sandwiches are just so fancy and dainty they can even transform the humble egg salad into something gourmet. For a perfect traditional English tea sandwich recipe, this one will not disappoint you. The watercress gives the sandwich a light peppery taste. Egg salad can be made ahead of time and the herb butter works really well with the eggs in the mixture. Assemble just before serving and you’ll see how well received these finger sandwiches are. 

19. Ribbon Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by landolakes

With the flavor of egg salad and ham, you know that this sandwich recipe is going to be a winner. Sweet relish and tangy mustard tie the whole dish together. Even though it is a three layered sandwich, it is still very dainty and perfect for your afternoon tea. You can be sure that there will be no leftovers with this recipe. 

20. Cucumber and Radish English Tea Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by mycasualpantry

Delicious and easy to make, this english tea sandwich recipe with cucumber is perfect for your assorted afternoon tea platter. With just four ingredients, this sandwich is a riot of contrasting colors and textures. Choose a creamy cheese spread to bring all the flavors together. If you want a classic English tea sandwich recipe, this is the one for you. 

21. Prosciutto, Apple and Brie Tea Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by lemonsandanchovies

The ingredient that ties the flavors in this British tea sandwich recipe is sage butter. The herbs add an offset to the sweetness of the apple and saltiness of the meat. The sandwich is crunchy yet soft, sweet yet savory. And isn’t that just the thing you need to make your afternoon tea party the success it should be.  

22. Strawberry Shortcake Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by thenovicechefblog

Who would have thought that you could serve pound cake shortcake with tea? But here we are anyway. This is the best sandwich recipe to try for something out of the box. Fresh and sweet strawberries sitting on a bed of whipped cream between slices of soft cake make the perfect end to your sandwich course. You could replace the pound cake for sliced bread and it would be just as good. If you don’t believe it try the recipe yourself. 

23. Herbed Chicken Salad Tea Sandwich

Image and recipe by southernladymaagazine

Rustic and simple, this high tea sandwich recipe is so simple it’s almost unbelievable. Fresh garden ingredients make this sandwich a must have recipe since they are perfect for springtime. If you have never had a chicken salad sandwich before you are definitely in for a treat. The creaminess of the mayonnaise and sour cream in this recipe balance the chicken and fresh herbs. Completing the presentation with a chive string really brings the whole look together too. 

24. Creamy Artichoke and Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by chatelaine

There is nothing humble about this particular traditional English tea sandwich recipe. Using a delicious creamy dip made with artichokes and walnuts, this tea sandwich is nothing short of decadent. The smoky flavor of salmon adds to the depth of taste and makes this an unmissable choice for any afternoon tea. If you want your guests to ask you how you came up with such an ingenious salmon tea sandwich recipe, this is a must try. 

25. Mashed Avocado Finger Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by theroastedroot

Fresh, cruncy, healthy and very delicious are some words that you guests will use to describe these sandwiches. The earthiness of the avocado and sprouts in this vegetarian tea sandwich recipe offsets the fresh cucumbers for a medley of texture and flavor. If you want to make these even more interesting, you can use tortilla wraps instead of bread. These sandwiches will taste delicious either way. 

26. Egg Salad Tea Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by thespruceeats

Egg salad might just be the easiest side dish to make. And it is used at almost all occasions and meals. But the best part about an egg salad is how many different dishes can be made from it – including this easy tea sandwich recipe. With dijon mustard, mayonnaise and simple herbs, this sandwich recipe is simple yet special. And because it’s a salad filling, you can easily make these ahead of time and assemble later.

27. Cucumber Tea Sandwiches with Herb Aioli 

Image and recipe by victoriamag

Herb aioli is that magical spread that is going to take your classic cucumber tea sandwich recipe and make it mind blowingly delicious. The freshness and crunch of the cucumbers and radish compliments the light aioli with flavors of thyme, parsley and dill. For a fresh and easy recipe that will be ready in minutes and loved by all, this recipe is a must try. 

28. Crab Salad Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by savorflavour

Who would have thought that crab salad would yield such a delicious afternoon tea sandwich recipe. The thing to keep in mind while making these is to use fresh soft bread and tender crab meat. Since it’s a salad filling, you can make it in advance and it’s really easy to assemble before serving. The spiciness of onion and orange peppers meshes well with the soft crab meat to make this sandwich a popular choice when served on a platter. 

29. Classic Finger Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by manjulaskitchen

Flavored cream cheese and different herbs make for an assortment of tea party sandwich recipes that are too good to resist. The tutorial actually gives you the choice of different toppings and filling – from tomato to cucumber and cabbage – all of which are equally easy to make. If you want to serve a variety of different finger sandwiches that can be made in no time, you must check out this recipe. 

30. Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by gdseafoods

Dainty and delicious, this is the best sandwich recipe to make quickly. Super easy to mak with just a few ingredients, this recipe will not disappoint you. For those of you who want to bring a twist to your salmon sandwiches, this sandwich is made using tortilla wraps instead of bread. And the best part is you can make and assemble them ahead of time as they keep really well for about two days. 

31. Goat Cheese and Prosciutto Sandwiches 

Image and recipe ohhowcivilized

The most adorable and fancy looking sandwiches are here to make your tea party the hit it deserves to be. If you can make prosciutto roses, I think you can make any simple dish look very fancy. With goat’s cheese and basil filling this high tea sandwich recipe is both fresh and filling at the same time. You get the different flavors of sweet, salty, creamy and peppery in a finger sandwich that will make everyone reach for seconds. 

32. Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by bakelovegive

The classic cream and cucumber tea sandwich recipe gets a modern twist with recipe. Instead of closed sandwiches, we have canape like open faced sandwiches. Cream cheese and thinly sliced cucumber complement the ham slices Folding the meat and veggies also give the sandwich a very elegant feel. Looks like the perfect cucumber sandwich for tea time doesn’t it? 

33. Salmon Tea Sandwiches 

Image and recipe by momsdish

Elegant as an appetizer and even better as an afternoon tea sandwich recipe, this canape is delicious at any time of the day. With baguettes smeared with herbed cream cheese, the smoked salmon provides a nice contrast to fresh ingredients. And since it takes only 15 minutes to put them together, these can be made ahead of time and assembled before serving. Sounds like the kind of tea party dish we all need. 

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