50 Easy Dinosaur Crafts & Activities For Preschool Kids

Roarrr! Get ready to take your little ones back in time with these roaringly fun and easy-to-make dinosaur crafts! Whether you’re looking for dinosaur crafts for toddlers, preschoolers, or kindergarten-aged children, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of options.

From dinosaur preschool crafts that teach valuable skills like cutting and pasting, to more advanced dinosaur arts and crafts for kids, your little ones will love creating their own prehistoric masterpieces.

With options like dinosaur crafts for 3 year olds and dinosaur crafts for 2 year olds, even the youngest dinosaur enthusiasts can get in on the fun. So why wait? Start exploring our collection of dinosaur crafts for preschoolers and beyond today!
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Cupcake Liner Dinosaurs

Image and tutorial by artsycraftsymom

Get ready for a roar-some crafting adventure with Cupcake Liner Dinosaur Craft! Transform ordinary cupcake liners into adorable and colorful dinosaurs, perfect for imaginative play and creative displays.

Dinosaur Soap

Image and tutorial by theinspirationedit

Unleash your inner paleontologist with Dinosaur Soap Craft! Mold and shape your own dinosaur-shaped soaps using fun dinosaur molds and colorful soap bases. Make bath time a prehistoric adventure while keeping your hands clean and fresh.

3. Dinosaur Handprint Card

Image and tutorial by thejoysharing

Be ready to get a Dinosaur Handprint Card! Capture your child’s handprint and transform it into a dinosaur, creating a personalized and adorable card for birthdays or special occasions. It’s a keepsake that will bring smiles and dino-sized joy to the lucky recipient.

4. Egg Carton Dinosaurs

Image and tutorial by ourkidthings

Give your old egg cartons a prehistoric twist with Egg Carton Dinosaurs! Transform those discarded cartons into colorful and whimsical dinosaur creations, perfect for imaginative play or as decorative pieces for a dinosaur-themed room. Let your creativity hatch and bring these unique dinosaurs to life!

5. Toddler Dinosaur Craft

Image and tutorial by fantasticfunandlearning

Engage your toddler’s imagination with this easy Dinosaur Craft! Cut out dinosaur shapes from colored paper and let your little one decorate them with watercolor ,googly eyes, sequins, and glitter glue or stickers. It’s a simple and enjoyable activity that introduces them to dinosaurs while boosting their creativity and fine motor skills.

6. Dinosaur Clothespin Puppets

Image and tutorial by trendy-pro.com

Bring the Jurassic era to life with Dinosaur Clothespin Puppets! Simply attach dinosaur cutouts to clothespins and watch as your kids create their own dinosaur puppet show. This interactive craft sparks creativity, storytelling, and endless dinosaur adventures for little ones.

7. Movable Dinosaur Craft

Image and tutorial by craftsbyamanda

Express your child’s creativity with the Movable Dinosaur Craft! They can choose their favorite colors to bring their dinosaur to life, making it a personalized and interactive experience. With movable legs, neck, and tail, this craft sparks imaginative play and endless dinosaur adventures.

8. Dinosaur Puppets

Image and tutorial by frostingandglue

Let your child’s creativity soar with Dinosaur Puppet Craft! They can decorate and personalize their own dinosaur puppets using colorful materials. Watch as their imagination comes to life through this craft, creating endless fun and entertainment for both kids and adults alike.

9. T-Rex Crafts

Image and tutorial by gluedots

Embark on a dino-mite adventure with the T-Rex Craft! Create a fearsome T-Rex using paper, scissors, and googly eyes. Let your imagination run wild as you design its sharp teeth, powerful legs, and iconic short arms. This hands-on craft is perfect for dino enthusiasts of all ages, providing hours of creative play and roaring fun!

10. Dinosaur Plushie

Image and tutorial by artsycraftsymom

Get crafty with the DIY Felt Dinosaur Plushie! Cut, sew, and stuff your own adorable dinosaur plushie using colorful felt and basic sewing skills. This huggable creation is perfect for cuddling or as a gift for dinosaur lovers, bringing joy and a touch of historic charm to any room.

11. Dinosaur Small World in a Suitcase

Image and tutorial by thecrafttrain

Create a captivating Dinosaur Small World in a Suitcase, the perfect DIY toy for dinosaur-loving kids. This imaginative craft keeps the play mess contained and is ideal for travel or when waiting at appointments. Paint the suitcase, add felt landscapes, a glittery waterway, and decorate with extra felt details for an enchanting prehistoric scene. Finally, fill it with plastic dinosaurs and let the adventures unfold!

12. Dinosaur Bookends with Hot Glue

Image and tutorial by doodlecraftblog

Enhance your kid’s room with stunning Dinosaur Bookends crafted with hot glue. Using an x-acto knife, plastic dinosaurs, glue sticks, and scrap wood blocks, you can create unique bookends that not only keep books organized but also add charm to any space. These sturdy and affordable bookends make a delightful gift for dinosaur enthusiasts, ensuring both style and functionality for book lovers.

13. Rainbow Dinosaur Paper Plate Craft

Image and tutorial by theinspirationedit

Get ready for some dino-mite fun with this adorable paper plate dinosaur craft! Cut the plates in half to create bodies, tails, and heads. Roll up the halves to make colorful tubes, then attach the heads and tails. Decorate with foam pieces and googly eyes, and draw cute mouths. Finally, insert the legs and watch your dinos stand tall. It’s a roaring good time!

14. Scratch Art Dinosaur Craft

Image and tutorial by messylittlemonster

Unleash your inner paleontologist with a Scratch Art Dinosaur Craft! It’s a fantastic activity for dinosaur enthusiasts and those seeking a fun and artistic project. With simple supplies and clear instructions, you’ll embark on a scratch art adventure.

15. Dinosaur Fossils Craft Ideas

Image and tutorial by reusegrowenjoy

Step into the world of ancient creatures with a Dinosaur Fossils Craft using homemade play-doh. This hands-on activity allows you to create your own dinosaur fossils by molding and imprinting dinosaur shapes into the play-doh.

16. Cardboard Dinosaur Crafts

Image and tutorial by parentingchaos

Unleash your child’s creativity with a DIY Cardboard Dinosaur Craft! With just cardboard, paint, glue, scissors, and a paintbrush, you can create a magnificent dinosaur for endless pretend play. The best part? Your child can personalize it to their liking, whether it’s a fearsome T-Rex or a gentle Triceratops. Let their imagination run wild as they embark on a prehistoric adventure. Get ready for roars of excitement and hours of crafting fun!

17. Mini Dinosaur Garden in a Jar

Image and tutorial by messylittlemonster

Create your own prehistoric paradise with a mini dinosaur garden! Transform a glass jar into a whimsical world by gluing moss inside and adding pebbles, and small rocks. Arrange fake plants for a lush landscape and don’t forget the mini plastic toy dinosaurs to bring it to life. Get ready to step back in time and let your imagination roam!

18. Dinosaur Puppet Craft


Image and tutorial by Artsycraftsymom

Get ready for some dino-mite fun with this Paper Bag Dinosaur Puppet craft! With colorful craft paper, a brown paper bag, and a few simple steps, you can bring a charming dinosaur to life. It’s the perfect activity for imaginative play, dinosaur-themed parties, or even as part of a dinosaur learning series. Let the prehistoric adventures begin!



19. DIY Paper Dinosaur Hat

Image and tutorial by paper-and-glue

Spark your child’s imagination with DIY Paper Dinosaur Hats! Made from green construction paper, these hats are simple to create using scissors, glue, and tape. Cut strips for the headband and spikes, glue them together, and secure the hat with tape. Watch your little ones stomp and play in prehistoric style with these fun accessories!

20. Hatching Baby Dinosaur Craft


Image and tutorial by kidsartncraft

You can create adorable baby dinosaurs that hatch from their eggs. This engaging and entertaining activity is perfect for children and adults alike, providing a fun way to spend quality time together while unleashing your inner paleontologist. Get ready to witness the hatching of your very own baby dinosaurs!

21. Toilet Roll Dinosaurs

Image and tutorial by.thecrafttrain

Let your creativity roar with this fun and eco-friendly craft project: Toilet Roll Dinosaurs! Simply cut, fold, paint, and decorate to bring these prehistoric creatures to life. It’s a perfect activity for dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages, providing hours of imaginative play and creative fun. Get ready to embark on a Jurassic adventure with your very own handmade toilet roll dinosaurs!

22. Popsicle Stick Dinosaur

Image and tutorial by gluedtomycraftsblog

Get ready to embark on a dino-mite crafting adventure with this Popsicle Stick Dinosaur craft! It’s a simple and engaging activity that both kids and parents will love. It’s a fantastic way to unleash creativity, repurposed materials, and beat boredom with a roar of excitement.

23. Jurassic World Foam Play

Image and tutorial by liltigers

Get ready for an epic Jurassic World adventure with this exciting foam play activity! Transform your water table into a sensory wonderland for preschoolers by creating a foam-filled dinosaur paradise.

24. Dinosaur Footprint Art

Image and tutorial by littlebinsforlittlehands

Explore the ancient history of stamping while creating unique prints with dinosaur footprints. Let their imagination run wild as they follow the footprints and discover what the dinosaurs have been up to. It is a fun and engaging art activity for kids of all ages.

25. Brachiosaurus Kids’ Craft

Image and tutorial by inthebagkidscrafts

Get ready to embark on a prehistoric adventure with the Brachiosaurus Kids’ Craft! Using popsicle sticks, paint, and construction paper, create a friendly and veggie-loving Brachiosaurus.

26. Dinosaur Play Dough

Image and tutorial by fantasticfunandlearning

Get ready for some Jurassic fun with Dinosaur Play Dough! This easy and engaging craft allows you to create your own dinosaur-themed playdough using simple ingredients. Mold and shape your own prehistoric creatures, from T-rex to Triceratops, and let your imagination roam in a world of dino adventures.

27. Dinosaur Pipe Cleaner Toys

Image and tutorial by makeandtakes

Let your imagination run wild as you twist and shape the pipe cleaners into unique and adorable dinosaur toys. With just a few colorful pipe cleaners, you can create a whole world of dino fun. Customize your designs to resemble your favorite dinosaurs, like the mighty T-Rex.

28. Dinosaur Pencil Holder

Image and tutorial by ourkidthings

Get ready for a roar-some back-to-school craft with this pencil holder! Whether you’re studying at home or in the classroom, this friendly dinosaur will keep you company while holding your pencils. So, let this dino buddy make homework time a little more exciting!

29. Handprint Dinosaur Card

Image and tutorial by simpleeverydaymom

Unleash your child’s inner paleontologist with this Handprint Dinosaur Card craft! Perfect for both boys and girls, this easy and affordable craft allows kids to create their very own dinosaur using just paper.

30. Dinosaur Mason Jars

Image and tutorial by harlowandthistle

Spark your child’s imagination with his inner archaeologist and create these DIY Dinosaur Mason Jars! Perfect for party favors or as a fun storage solution, these jars are easy to make and customizable.

31. DIY Dinosaur Handle Cups

Image and tutorial by whitelightsonwednesday

Get ready to create these super fun DIY dinosaur handle cups that your kids will adore! With affordable supplies like plastic cups and dinosaur figurines you can make these personalized cups in no time. Let the dino-themed sipping adventures begin!

32. Dinosaur Succulent Garden

Image and tutorial by thecrafttrain

Transform your home into a prehistoric paradise with a DIY Dinosaur Succulent Garden! This low-maintenance project combines the beauty of succulents with the fun of plastic dinosaurs and blue glass gems to create a whimsical landscape.

33. Dinosaur Ice Cream Sundaes

Image and tutorial by cutefetti

Step into a prehistoric world with these delightful Dinosaur Ice Cream Sundaes! Featuring layers of green vanilla ice cream and topped with crushed Oreos, dino “eggs,” and gummy candies, these sundaes offer a fun twist to a classic treat. Perfect for dinosaur-themed parties or a whimsical movie night, these sundaes are easy to make and can be customized with your favorite toppings.

34. Cardboard Dinosaur

Image and tutorial by toddlerapproved

With endless possibilities for colors and design, this open-ended activity allows children to exercise their fine motor skills while exploring their imagination. From painting the dinosaur pieces to assembling them with a glue gun, your child will have a blast bringing their cardboard dinosaur to life.

35. Paper Bag Dinosaur Craft

Image and tutorial by ourkidthings

Transform plain lunch bags into roaring dinosaurs by painting them in vibrant colors like green or purple. Add some cardstock triangles for the iconic dino spikes and white triangles as teeth. With googly eyes and a touch of black marker for nostrils, these paper bag dinosaurs come to life, making for an exciting and imaginative craft activity that will leave your little ones roaring with joy.

36. Dinosaur Painting

Image and tutorial by craftymorning

Get ready to stomp into creativity with the Dinosaur Painting activity! Transform your child’s footprints into adorable dinosaur masterpieces. This footprint craft is a fun and engaging way for kids to explore their artistic side while creating unique dinosaur artworks. Don’t forget to check out other footprint crafts for even more creative adventures!

37. Flying Pterodactyl Puppets

Image and tutorial bythecrafttrain

Introducing the paper pterodactyl puppet craft, a fun and easy activity for kids! you can create your very own flying pterodactyl puppet. The puppet provides endless entertainment as kids can make it soar on a string, fostering imaginative play.

38. Mini Dinosaur Balloon

Image and tutorial by ohhappyday

Get ready for some prehistoric fun with mini dinosaur balloons! With few materials, you can create your own adorable balloon dinos. Inflate a mini balloon and attach colorful cardstock pieces to transform it into a T-Rex, Stegosaurus, or Triceratops. With the help of a hot glue gun and a balloon stick, bring these miniature dinosaurs to life and watch them roam around. It’s a creative and engaging activity that will delight dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages!

39. Dinosaur Card

Image and tutorial by simpleeverydaymom

If you’re searching for a special Mother’s Day craft that kids can proudly present, look no further than this delightful project. Get ready to create an adorable dinosaur card that’s perfect for Mother’s Day! This easy craft is ideal for kids too.

40. Dinosaur Nail and Wood Craft

Image and tutorial by threekidsthreecatsandahusband

Get ready to unleash your creativity with this unique dinosaur string art craft! Not only will your kids have a blast making it, but they’ll also learn the valuable skill of hammering (with adult supervision, of course). Discover the best wood for string art, choose the right string material, and even explore ready-to-use string art craft kits. Get ready to create a stunning dinosaur masterpiece that can be proudly displayed or given as a thoughtful gift.

41. Snugglesaurus Dinosaur Crafts

Image and tutorial by sunshinewhispers

Snugglesaurus Dinosaur Crafts for Kids are a fun and creative activity for little ones.These crafts allow children to explore their creativity and engage in imaginative play. With simple materials like paint, paper, and a cereal box, they can create their very own Snugglesaurus dinosaur masterpiece.

42. Paper Cone Dianosaurs

awesome paper cone dinosaurs craft for kids

Image and video by thiscraftyfamily

Discover the excitement of DIY Paper Cone Dinosaurs! Unleash your creativity as you craft these captivating prehistoric creatures from simple materials, bringing imaginative play to life with this engaging and fun activity.

43. Paper Bag Dinosaur Craft

Image and tutorial by craftymorning

Get ready for a roaring good time with Paper Bag Dinosaur Craft! Let your creativity run wild as you transform paper lunch bags into colorful and customizable dinosaurs. With a variety of cardstock colors, googly eyes, and spikes, these charming creatures will come to life in just a few simple steps.

44. Dinosaur Wreath Craft

Image and tutorial by sugarspiceandglitter

Transform a floral foam wreath into a prehistoric masterpiece as you shape it into a dinosaur head and tail. With the use of tissue paper, paint, craft foam scales, and googly eyes, watch your child’s wreath come alive with vibrant colors and textured details. Hang it proudly in their room or use it as a charming decoration for a dinosaur-themed party, sparking their imagination and love for all things Jurassic.

45. Balancing Dinosaur Paper Plate Craft

Image and tutorial by rainydaymum

Spark your child’s creativity and scientific curiosity with this engaging Balancing Dinosaur Paper Plate Craft! The real excitement begins as they experiment with the placement of clothespins to make their dinosaur balance. It’s a fun challenge that encourages hands-on exploration and imaginative play, perfect for dino enthusiasts of all ages.

46. Light The Night With Dino Lanterns

Image and tutorial by.madetobeamomma

Let your child’s imagination light up the night with these captivating Glow in the Dark Dinosaur Lanterns! This fun craft allows dinosaur-loving kids to personalize their own lanterns with their favorite paint colors and dinosaur designs. Not only do these lanterns serve as a unique decor piece for their room, but they also create a mesmerizing glow when the lights go out.

47. Dinosaur Stomp

Image and tutorial by team-cartwright

Let your child unleash their inner dinosaur with these homemade Dinosaur Stomp feet! By creating oversized cardboard footprints and painting them green, your little ones can stomp around the house or yard, engaging in dramatic play while improving their balance, spatial awareness, and proprioception.

48. Tyrannosaurus Rex Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Image and tutorial by dltk-kids

Looking for a fun and educational craft activity for kids? Try this DIY Tyrannosaurus Rex Toilet Paper Roll Craft! Transform ordinary toilet paper rolls into adorable T-Rex dinosaurs with this simple and engaging project. It’s a perfect way to spark creativity and learning while having a blast.

49. Dinosaur Sock Puppet Craft

Image and tutorial by allkidsnetwork

Transform a plain sock into a roaring dinosaur puppet that will bring endless hours of imaginative play. With just a few simple materials and some colorful decorations, your little one can bring their dino puppet to life and embark on exciting prehistoric adventures.

50. Paper Mache Dinosaur Mask

Image and tutorial by surpriseaholic

Get ready for some prehistoric fun with this Paper Mache Dinosaur Mask DIY! Transform a simple construction hat into a fierce dinosaur mask that will spark your child’s imagination. With just some scrap paper, flour, tape, and a little creativity, you can create a unique and personalized dinosaur mask. Let the paper mache adventure begin as you bring this roaring creation to life!

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