30 Simple And Easy DIY Polymer Clay Ideas For All Ages

Welcome to the world of polymer clay! You will turn a soft, squishy ball into just about anything you desire here. 

Whether you’re a clumsy beginner or an expert sculptor, there will be no limit to what you can create with polymer clay. And the best part? Polymer clay is for all ages; you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy it!

If you want something fun to create this weekend, you have come to the right place. This article will run you through 30 simple and easy polymer clay ideas that will spark your creativity. 

From funky jewelry to cute animals, you will find everything here. Plus, you don’t have to be a professional craftsman to make these cool and cute polymer clay ideas. In fact, the beauty of polymer clay is in its imperfections. 

So why late? It’s time to embrace your inner child and let your imagination run wild!

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1. DIY Polymer Clay Earrings

Image and tutorial by Sarah Maker

Are you looking for a simple and easy tutorials to make diy polymer clay projects? Then this is precisely what you want. 

This tutorial will show you many polymer clay jewelry techniques, including ombre, marble, terrazzo, arch shapes, and more.

2. DIY Polymer Clay Necklace

Image and tutorial by The Lovely Drawer

I love how sophisticated this tube bead necklace looks. 

Made with modeling clay and just a few basic materials, this necklace looks like a statement piece. 

3. Polymer Clay Jewellery Holder

Image and tutorial by A Beautiful Mess

Does your jewelry always end up in a tangled mess? Do you wish you had a dedicated place to store your baubles that didn’t involve throwing them in your drawer and hoping for the best? 

Well, we hear you. 

Not only is this project super easy, but it’s also a fun way to add a little personality to your decor. Plus, it’s a great excuse to play with clay like you’re back in kindergarten again.

4. DIY Marbled Clock

Image and tutorial by Gathering Beauty

Spruce up your boring walls with this fantastic DIY wall clock. The idea is straightforward. You just need to roll up the clays of different colors and flatten them to create a beautiful marbled appeal. Then, install the quartz clock system from your old clock, and voila, your beautiful wall clock is ready to rock. 

Not only is this a functional project, but it also will be a great addition to every rustic or modern interior. In addition, you can add custom numerals to make it look more appealing. 

5. DIY Polymer Clay Minimalist Bud Vase

Image and tutorial by A Beautiful Mess

While there are numerous things to do with polymer clay, this clay bud vase is what I find unique and beautiful. 

It can be added to any accent shelf or decorative mantle with more significant decor statements. The best part – it is wholly easy and quick to build. 

6. DIY Clay Card Holders

Image and tutorial by Birds Party

The projects and crafts you can make with clay are never-ending. But did you know you can also make a custom place to hold all your cards? So, put your creativity into action, make endless mini toys or figurines, and cut slides at the top to place the cards. Here, these cute little cacti were made to serve the purpose. 

This idea will surely rock your parties. The best part is that these cute cactuses require less shaping and attachments. 

You need white polymer clay, medium extra thin paint brushes, gloss acrylic paint, polymer clay varnish, and a craft knife. 

7. Polymer Clay Rainbow Coasters

Image and tutorial by Your DIY Family

This quick guide will help you create amusing rainbow coasters out of polymer clay. I am sure they become the love of all the party lovers. 

All you have to do is roll up different clay colors and assemble them; your beautiful rainbow coasters are ready! You can experiment with varying shades of clay. 

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8. DIY Fish Toy

Image and tutorial by Creators Joy

Sharpen your sculpting skills by making this cute mini fish toy. It can be added to tons of home decor for both bigger and cute nautical decor. 

First, assemble the fish body, fins, tail, and other skin shells individually. Later, make the eyes, lips, and eyebrows to complete the sculpture. Check out their tutorial for more creative polymer clay ideas.

9. Polymer Clay Keychains

Image and tutorial by Sugar and Cloth

Looking for the best last-minute gift ideas? Why not try making keychains with polymer clay? They are quick, easy to make, insanely cute, and beautiful to look at. 

You only need polymer clay, keychain rings, a rolling pin, 7mm jump rings, a toothpick, a circular cookie cutter, jewelry pliers, a knife, and parchment paper. Please go through the tutorial and save it for your next DIY project. You can also use sculpey clay, liquid polymer clay, fimo polymer clay, leather effect polymer clay to make more fun and beautiful keychains. 

10. DIY Trinket Box

Image and tutorial by Damask Love

Look at these cute trinket boxes; you will definitely fall in love with clay projects. Manage to collect a few wooden bracelets, glue, clay tools, foam brushes, and white paint markers, and you are ready to get started with this project. 

11. DIY Wall Planters

Image and tutorial by Aww Sam

Are you looking to grace up your mundane walls? Try these unique and cute ice cream planters. Add many of these cones to your wall for more extensive decor statements. 

The wall will also serve as a stunning backdrop for your photoshoots. 

12. DIY Cute Clay Bookmarks

Image and tutorial by Jebarsby

Looking for the best gift idea to gift your book lover friend? Look no further than these handmade bookmarks! You can also add nice textures, stamps, or words to suit your personality. 

13. DIY Polymer Clay Minimalist Garden Markers

Image and tutorial by Instructables

If you know somebody who loves gardening, surprise them with these minimalist garden markers. They are quick, easy to make, and will surely impress your gardener friend. 

You can create multiple markers with words displaying the name of the plants. Then, express your creative juices by experimenting with different clay shapes, colors, etc. 

Tip: To make the gardening markers last longer, coat them with a clear, weather-proof paint once you have naked them.  

14. DIY Polymer Clay Incense Holder

Image and tutorial by Crafty Little Gnome

Do you love the soothing scent of incense but hate the boring holders they usually come in? Say no more! We have a solution – a DIY polymer clay incense holder!

Not only is this project easy and fun, but it will also allow you to customize your incense holder to match your unique style and personality.

15. DIY Christmas Ornaments

Image and tutorial by Domestic Diva Online

The happiest time of the year is around the corner, and Is there any better way to get into the festive season than with some DIY Polymer Clay Christmas Ornaments? Sure, you could buy your ornaments from the store like an average person, but where’s the fun in that?

With a few simple supplies like polymer clay, cookie cutters, and some twine, you can create your very own ornaments that are as unique as you are. You can try creating stars, snowflakes, miniature gift boxes, polymer clay moon garland, etc.. and hand them on your christmas tree. 

16. DIY Polymer Clay Pens

Image and Tutorial by Kenarry

Want to add some artistic flair to your boring stationery? Then, you are at the right place! These colorful pens made from polymer clay are what you are looking for. 

You just have to roll polymer clay around any pen and pencil. Then, decorate with different things and paint the mold to match your personality. Later, bake polymer clay for neat finishing. 

17. Polymer Clay Candle Holders

Image and tutorial by Birds Party

Want to make some functional polymer clay projects? Add a touch of handmade charm to your home decor with these polymer clay candle holders. Not only are they a fun and creative way to spend an afternoon, but you’ll also end up with some seriously stylish and unique pieces to light up your space.

18. Polymer Clay Geometric Wall Hanging

Image and tutorial by Alice And Lois

This middle-century modern-inspired decor will surely steal the hearts of your guests. The brass and peach work perfectly together. You can also try experimenting with pastel blue and silver. That is a great combination too! Either way, add lots of string tassels to finish the piece with style. 

19. DIY Polymer Clay Fridge Magnets

Image and tutorial by Collective Gen

These colorful handmade magnets will surely add charm and personality to your refrigerator. Tip: Be sure to attach the magnet to the polymer clay well to ensure longevity. 

20. DIY Clay Hair Accessories

Image and tutorial by Pretty Life Girls

Who needs to buy expensive hair accessories when you can just make your own? 

Not only are these homemade clay hair barrettes easy to make, but they’re also totally customizable to match your style. 

21. Clay Fun Owl Ornaments

Image and tutorial by Kara Creates

Try making these Polymer Clay Fun Owl Ornaments! These little guys are a hoot and a half to make, but they’ll add a touch of whimsy to your decor. 

So, put on your crafting hat and get ready to make some feathered friends that are sure to be a real hoot!

22. DIY Polymer Clay 3D Wall Hanging

Image and tutorial by Little Red Window

Are you finding different ways to add some pizzazz to your walls? Why not try your hand at DIY Polymer Clay Wall Hangings? 

This project will surely bring some dimension to your decor and is a great way to flex those crafting muscles. 

23. DIY Miniature Cookie Bracelet

Image and tutorial by Kawaiisweetworld

Do you have a sweet tooth and a love for accessorizing? Then you’ll want to sink your teeth into this DIY Miniature Cookie Bracelet! 

It’s the perfect way to show off your love for cookies while adding bling to your wrist.

24. DIY Bow Pendant Necklace

Image and tutorial by Macoccino

Up your accessory game with this DIY Bow Pendant Necklace! It’s the perfect way to show off your crafty side and add some pizzazz to your wardrobe. 

You can customize it to match any outfit, so you’ll always be on-trend. 

25. DIY Polymer Clay Ring Tower

Image and tutorial by Something Turquoise

Ladies, do you have more rings and need to know how to organize them? Well, have no fear because the DIY Polymer Clay Ring Tower is here! It is one of the simple polymer clay projects that anyone can make.

This cute little tower will keep all of your sparkly treasures collected and on display, like a mini Eiffel Tower.

26. DIY Miniature Strawberry Earrings

Image and tutorial by Ice Pandora

Are you looking for a berry cute addition to your jewelry collection? Look no further than these DIY Miniature Strawberry Earrings! They’re the perfect way to show off your sweet side while keeping your fashion game on point. 

27. DIY Braided bangles

Image and tutorial by Delineate Dwelling

Are you looking for fun polymer clay crafts? Well, it’s time to braid your way to a better wrist game with these DIY Polymer Clay Braided Bangles!

28. DIY Polymer Clay Pinch Pot

Image and tutorial by Alisa Burke

Looking to add some clay-full decor to your space? Try making a DIY Polymer Clay Pinch Pot! Plus this project is perfect for polymer clay beginners. 

These little guys are like mini works of art, except you get to play with them and put stuff in them. 

29. DIY Clay Picture Frame

Image and tutorial by Ms.Tapioca

Let’s be real; there’s nothing better than showing off your handiwork and impressing all your friends with your artistic skills. 

So, grab some clay and prepare to frame your memories with style. Your pictures will thank you for it!

30. DIY Knot paper Weight

Image and tutorial by Apartment Therapy

Looking for a statement decor piece that will add style, charm, and personality to your space? Then look no further than this unique, easy-to-make Knot paperweight. 

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