30 DIY Nightstand Ideas To Spruce Up Your Bedroom

Are you tired of stretching out of bed whenever you need to grab your phone or a glass of water? Well, fear not! With these 35 brilliant DIY nightstand ideas, you’ll be able to create the perfect bedside table that serves its purpose and adds a personality to your bedroom.

From repurposed crates to sleek floating shelves, there’s a nightstand idea for every skill level and style preference. So put on your DIY hat, and let’s get started with some nightstand ideas diy!

For those with a penchant for rustic charm, consider using wooden crates or pallets to create a shabby-chic nightstand. Or, if you prefer a more modern aesthetic, try out a minimalist floating shelf or geometric wire basket.

So whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or just looking for a fun weekend project, these 35 innovative DIY nightstand ideas will inspire your inner decorator (and maybe even impress your sleeping partner). Sweet dreams and happy building!

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1. Farm Style Nightstand With Generous Storage

Image and tutorial by Shanty 2 Chic 

This DIY farmhouse nightstand is simple yet gives you a lot of character in your room. The sliding barn door is absolutely chic and provides the farmhouse vibes. Check out the tutorial; making this DIY nightstand is straightforward and simple. 

2. Simple Stool-like DIY Nightstand

Image and tutorial by We Live Happily Ever After

Doesn’t this table look like a backless chair? It has four legs and a top, just like a chair. And because it is so basic, it is also effortless to build it. The legs are painted white to contrast with the wooden top boards. Overall, this DIY nightstand has a simple yet chic look.

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3. X Shaped Legs Night Stand

Image and tutorial by Brittany Stager

It is very functional for the nightstands to have some storage space. So, take this detail into consideration. It is not just practical but also looks stylish. 

The best part – you need a few materials, and the process is pretty straightforward. 

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4. Minimalist DIY Night Stand

Image and tutorial by Fall For DIY

A simple DIY nightstand can look charming and chic if you know what details to focus on. This minimalist wooden nightstand has a simple open box/ cubby with tapered legs and gold tips. The light-colored wood is left unstained to express the beauty of the material.

5. Wood Slab Small Side Table With Hairpin Legs

Image and tutorial by Home Edit

There are numerous ways to showcase the natural beauty of wood. And this wood slab side table is one way. 

You can either use it as a nightstand in the bedroom or can also place it by the sofa in the living room. Either way, it looks chic and adds personality to the room. Plus, you can quickly build it in no time. 

6. Easy DIY Hairpin Leg Nightstand

Image and tutorial by Home Edit

This hairpin-legged side table has perfect proportions to function as a nightstand. You make something this stunning out of standard wood boards or reclaimed wood from a fence or a pallet for a worn look. 

7. DIY Rustic Wood Side Table

Image and tutorial by Rogue Engineer

Rustic DIY nightstands are particularly charming when you want a cozy space. Check out the tutorial and save it for your next DIY project. 

8. DIY Floating Shelf NightStand For Small Bedrooms

Image and tutorial by The Merry Thought

Floating nightstands are best when you have a small space because they don’t take up any floor space. I love how they give a simple and lightweight appearance. They are also super easy to build. It only requires two small pieces of wood and some screws. The best part – it has a built-in dock for the phone. 

9. Floating Wood bar Nightstand

Image and tutorial by DIYs

Want to simplify your bedroom decor and don’t really need your nightstands to include much storage? These cool hanging shelves are just perfect. 

You can directly hang them from the ceiling. Or create a custom wall-mounted system. 

10. DIY Planked Wood Nightstand

Image and tutorial by Little Glass jar

Kill two birds with a single stone by adding this DIY nightstand to your room. Not only is this table functional, but it also will add a tremendous wooden character to your bedroom decor. 

You just need 1*4s, 2*2s, a nail gun, a saw, a small paintbrush, pocket hole screws, hardwood plywood, wood stain, a saw, and 1.5″ nails to build this super stylish and handsome pallet nightstand.

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11. Quick And Easy DIY Trash Can Nightstand

Image and tutorial by Rustoleum

Introducing the ultimate life hack for anyone too lazy to go to IKEA: the Quick and Easy DIY Trash Can Nightstand! That’s right, folks, you heard it here first. All you need is a sturdy trash can and a healthy dose of creativity, and voila! 

You’ve got yourself a trendy new piece of furniture that will impress your friends (or at least confuse them). Think of all the money you’ll save by not buying an actual nightstand. So go ahead and try it – your bedroom (and your wallet) will thank you.

12. DIY Modern Two Drawer Nightstand

Image and tutorial by Woodshop Diaries

This mid century modern nightstand is perfect for those who want to test their handyman skills and create a stylish addition to their bedroom. 

It’s like a puzzle, but instead of finding the missing pieces, you get to make your own perfect diy nightstand! Who needs Ikea when you can make furniture that will actually last more than a year? So, put on your tool belt, and let’s get building!

13. DIY ladder Nightstand

Image and tutorial by Twelve On Main

The nightstand stands can be anything that can serve the purpose of holding night-supporting materials. So, it is time to build this ladder nightstand with several shelves to put all your books, magazines, and other night-supporting stuff. 

This ladder has an antique rustic wooden appeal and is easy and quick to build. You can also display your antique centerpieces on the top levels for more extensive decor statements. 

This is one quick and easy DIY project you can create within hours.

14. DIY Headboard Floating Nightstand

Image and tutorial by Ashley Diann Designs

Are you tired of traditional nightstands taking up precious floor space in your bedroom? Want to give your bed a trendy makeover without breaking the bank? Look no further than the DIY Headboard Floating Nightstand! 

It’s the perfect solution for those wanting to add style and functionality to their sleeping quarters.

15. Pottery Barn Inspired Nightstand

Image and tutorial by Jen Wood House

Are you tired of feeling like a peasant with a boring nightstand? Well, fear not! With this Pottery Barn Inspired Nightstand, you’ll feel like royalty whenever you go to bed (or just reach for a glass of water in the middle of the night).

16. Boho Cane Nightstand

Image and tutorial by Lynnchanglewis

Introducing the “Boho Cane Nightstand” – the perfect piece of furniture for anyone who wants to give their bedroom that “I just got back from a tropical vacation” vibe. 

Made from the finest cane materials and adorned with bohemian accents, this nightstand is guaranteed to make you feel like you’re sleeping under the stars on a beach somewhere.

17. DIY Mirrored Nightstand

Image and tutorial by lindsay Ann Bakes

Who doesn’t love mirrors? Check out their instructions to create a super beautiful mirrored nightstand that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, unlike the other mirrored furniture items you find in Ikea. This project will surely give your bedroom a decorative makeover. 

18. DIY Cabinet Style Nightstand

Image and tutorial by Ana White

Do you want to show off your DIY skills and impress your guests with a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture? Look no further than the DIY Cabinet Style Nightstand! The instructions are simple, and you need elementary materials. 

19. DIY Tapered Leg Nightstand

Image and tutorial by Pneumatic Addict

Want to impress your family and friends with your handy skills? Look no further than the DIY Tapered Leg nightstand! Not only will this modern bedside table elevate your bedroom decor, but you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that you made it with your own two hands (and maybe a few power tools).

20. DIY Modern Nightstand

Image and tutorial by My Love 2 Create

With the right finish, this nightstand will turn out beautiful and chic. Check out their instructions; they are effortless. With simple materials, you can build this super stylish nightstand within hours. 

21. DIY Bedside Magazine Holder

Image and tutorial by Pine And Poplar

Are you tired of searching around in the dark for your favorite magazine when you’re snuggled up in bed? Well, fear not, my lazy friends, because I’ve got the solution for you: the DIY Bedside Magazine Holder that has a drawer pull. 

All you need is a few pieces of wood, some screws, and some elbow grease. And voila! You are ready with your super stylish bedside table that adds personality to your room.

22. DIY Drawer And Shelf Nightstand

Image and tutorial by The HandyMans Drawer

Are you tired of tedious and expensive nightstands? Fear not, my DIY-loving friend! This Drawer and Shelf Nightstand is the perfect solution for your bedroom clutter.

This crafty creation will make all your friends jealous as you proudly tell them you built it yourself! And the best part? You can customize it to your heart’s content with funky knobs or a fresh coat of paint.

23. DIY Accent Table

Image and tutorial by Making Home Base

Looking for a new project that will accentuate your home decor? Why not try your hand at a DIY accent table? Check out the tutorial; it is elementary and quick to build. 

24. Repurposed Electrical Stool Nightstand

Image and tutorial by A Vision To Remember

Introducing the latest innovation in home decor: the Repurposed Electrical Stool Nightstand! It’s the perfect blend of vintage and modern – because who needs boring old bedside tables when you can have a stylish and contemporary bedside stool? 

25. Repurposed Crate Nightstand

Image and tutorial More Like Home

Looking for an ultimate DIY furniture hack? Try this repurposed crate nightstand. It’s like a traditional nightstand but cooler because it’s made from a repurposed crate. You can also use pallet wood to create the nightstand. 

Not only will it add a rustic touch to your bedroom, but you can also brag about your sustainability efforts to all your eco-conscious friends. And the best part? It’s super easy to make! Just find a crate, sand it down, add some legs, and voila! You’ve got yourself a trendy, environmentally-friendly piece of furniture. 

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26. DIY Bedside Basket

Image and tutorial by Jenna Sue Design

Ah, the DIY Bedside Basket: the perfect solution for those who love hoarding items in their bedroom but hate leaving their cozy bed to retrieve them. It’s the ultimate lazy person’s hack! 

You just have to pin the basket on your bedside wall, and voila, you are all set with your bedside nightstand. 

27. DIY Bedside Table For Narrow Spaces

Image and tutorial by Brick City Love

Are you looking for a DIY bedside table for a narrow space? Well, look no further, my space-saving friend! 

It’s time to channel your inner Bob the Builder and get your hands dirty (or at least a little dusty). This nightstand is so sleek and very functional.

28. DIY Pendant Light Minimalist Nightstand

Image and tutorial by My Happy Simple Living

Are you looking to upgrade your nightstand game from “blah” to “ahh”? Look no further than this DIY Pendant Light Minimalist Nightstand! 

You can turn your boring bedside table into a smart space-saving solution with just a few simple steps.

29. DIY Hexagon-shaped Night Stand

Image and tutorial by Love Create Celebrate

Introducing the latest addition to your DIY home decor collection – the hexagon-shaped nightstand! It’s the perfect way to show off your geometry skills while providing a functional and stylish addition to your bedroom.

30. DIY Craftsman Night Stand

Image and tutorial by Her Tool Belt

Looking for a new way to unwind your inner craftsman and impress all your friends with your DIY skills? Look no further than the “DIY Craftsman Night Stand”!

31. DIY Nightstand With Pull Out Ledge

Image and tutorial by Jamie Costiglio

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to take your bedroom game to the next level with the “DIY Nightstand With Pull Out Ledge and drawer slides”!

Because why settle for a regular nightstand when you can have one with a fancy pull-out ledge? It’s the perfect spot to rest your late-night snack, phone, or even a small woodland creature (just kidding, please don’t put animals on your nightstand).

32. DIY Wide Nightstand

Image and tutorial by Love And Renovations

Looking for a new DIY project to keep you up at night? Why not try building your very own DIY rustic nightstand? 

Not only will this provide you with a cozy spot to rest your book and glasses, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to show off your handiwork to anyone who comes over (whether they want to see it or not).

33. DIY BookShelf Nightstand

Image and tutorial by Andrea’s Notebook

Looking for a DIY project that will make your bedside area look like a fancy hotel suite? Well, look no further, my friend! 

With just a few simple steps and some essential tools, you can create a wide nightstand that will make all your friends green with envy.

34. DIY Parsons Nightstand

Image and tutorial by A Beautiful Mess

Are you looking for a unique, sleek diy bedside tables that instantly turns your room into a fancy hotel suite? Look no further than this DIY Parsons Nightstand. Check out their tutorial and get started with the project already!

35. DIY Super Easy Nightstand For Beginners

Image and tutorial by Remodelaholic

Are you looking for a DIY project as easy as Sunday morning? Look no further than this super easy nightstand for beginners! 

With just a few basic tools and materials, you’ll have a stylish new piece of furniture quickly. Who needs IKEA when you can make your own one-of-a-kind creation?

If you love these ideas, make sure to pin the above image to your “DIY Projects” board.

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