35 Amazing Console Table Decor Ideas You Should Definetly Try

Get ready to transform your console table from a bland bystander to the star of your space! In this uproariously inspiring article, we’re dishing out 35 brilliantly bonkers console table decor ideas to make your guests double-take. 

Dive into a world where ordinary meets extraordinary, and your console table becomes the Picasso of home design. Whether you’re a minimalist with a hint of rebellion or a maximalist with a flair for the dramatic, these ideas will have you saying, “Move over, coffee table; there’s a new MVP in town!”

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1. Console Table Decor With Black Frame Round Mirror

Image by mrsvls_home

A black frame mirrordoesn’t just reflect light; it’s a statement piece that adds a touch of drama to your own home. The dark and daring frame creates a bold contrast against the console table, instantly drawing attention and curiosity. Watch your guests marvel at their reflections while secretly admiring your impeccable taste.

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2. Rustic Console Decor Ideas

Image by simplycornishcosy

Entryway console tables are like the unsung heroes of interior design – versatile, functional, and oh-so-stylish. When it comes to decorating these narrow wonders, balance is vital. Think of it as a mini stage where every piece plays a role in the design story.

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3. Modern Console Table Decor With Pop Of Green

Image by homedecorwithnicki

Don’t avoid incorporating living elements in small space – a potted plant or fresh flowers breathe life into the tableau. Lighting plays a crucial role, too. A well-placed table lamp illuminates and adds an extra layer of elegance.

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4. Modern Console Table Decor For A Dark Wood Table

Image by cevers_homedecor

Play with asymmetry by arranging an off-center tableau. Position a trio of mismatched contemporary art pieces on one side and balance it with a stack of art books and a statement decorative item on the other. The dynamic arrangement is a modern symphony for the eyes.

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Expert tip by TCH: Infuse your console table decor with a cohesive theme or storyline to create a captivating narrative. Whether it’s a seasonal theme, a color palette, or a collection of items of different heights that tell a personal story, having a central idea guides your decorating choices. For example, incorporate elements like seashells, driftwood, stack of coffee table books and muted blues and whites if you’re going for a coastal theme. A well-defined theme brings a sense of purpose to your decor, making it more engaging and meaningful to you and your guests.

5. Minimalist Neutral Console Table Decorating Ideas

Image by making_highview_home

For decorating a entryway table, start with a solid focal point, be it an eye-catching mirror, a striking piece of art, or an intriguing sculpture. This sets the tone for the entire arrangement. Remember, less is often more. A clutter-free console table exudes sophistication, so choose some statement pieces that reflect your personality.

6. White Living Room Console Table Decor For Fall With Tall Vase

Image by theblossomshome

In console decor, layering is the secret sauce. Mix heights, textures, and materials for visual depth. Place taller items at the back and gradually decrease height as you move forward. Books, vases, and decorative boxes are your supporting cast, adding dimension and character.

7. Farmhouse Console Table Ideas

Image by living_delecidly

Step into the cozy embrace of farmhouse aesthetics with the timeless allure of a farmhouse console table. This unassuming yet utterly captivating furniture is like a warm hug for your entryway, living room, or hallway.

8. Decorative Console Table Against Half Board And Batten Wall

Image by thepannellhome

The half board and batten wall – the unsung hero of this dynamic duo. Its timeless appeal adds depth and character to your space, serving as the perfect backdrop to make your console table shine. Plus, it’s a DIY enthusiast’s dream come true, offering endless possibilities for creativity and personalization.

9. Traditional Decor For Console Table

Image by miatcu

Feel free to switch things up. Console table decor is your creative playground. Experiment with seasonal changes, rearrange objects and refresh the look to keep it engaging and dynamic.

10. Modern Entry Table Decoration Ideas With Black Art Work

Image by laurenashleyhanson_castleryus

Imagine entering your home and being greeted by an enigmatic artwork setting the tone for the entire space. A black canvas isn’t just a blank slate; it’s a bold statement waiting to be made. Whether it’s a striking monochrome painting, an abstract sculpture, or a minimalist print, black art adds an air of sophistication that’s simply undeniable.

11. Decorating A Console Table With Candles And Mirror

Image by diariesofmyhome

The mirror’s reflective surface plays a genius trick, bouncing light around the room and making even the tiniest spaces feel open and airy. It’s like boosting your room’s virtual square footage without the hassle of knocking down walls!

12. Farmhouse Elegant Console Table Decor With Storage Baskets And Flower Vases

Image by athomewithfran

Embrace the rustic allure as woven basket effortlessly corral clutter, adding a touch of country chic. Elevate the ambiance with carefully chosen flower vases – from wildflowers for a whimsical twist to classic blooms for timeless sophistication. This fusion of farmhouse warmth and elegant flair creates a visual masterpiece that welcomes all who enter. 

13. White Console Table With Closed Cabinets

Image by homebykmb

Revitalize your living space with the allure of a white console table with closed cabinets – where beauty meets organization in a harmonious dance, leaving you to bask in the glory of clutter-free luxury.

14. Modern Black Console Table With Arched Mirror

Image by marlydiceblog

The sleek design of the black console table exudes sophistication. Its clean lines and minimalist aesthetic make it a versatile addition to any room, whether it’s placed in the entryway, living room, or even the bedroom. The matte black finish adds a sense of drama and mystery, setting the stage for a captivating decor arrangement.

15. Fall Decorated Console Table

Image by illinoisehome

The console table isn’t just a pretty face but is highly functional. Use it as a convenient spot to drop your keys, store mail, or display your treasured collectibles. The spacious tabletop provides ample room for decorative and practical items, striking the perfect balance between style and usability.

16. Minimalist Entry Table With X-shaped Legs

Image by home_accross_the_swale

Slide this table into your entryway, and watch as it transforms the entire vibe of your home. Its unobtrusive nature allows your other decor elements to shine while still leaving a lasting impression on anyone who crosses its path. The X-shaped legs, a modern twist on a classic design, offer a touch of visual intrigue while maintaining an air of simplicity. 

Expert tip by TCH: Infuse your console table decor with a cohesive theme or storyline to create a captivating narrative. Whether it’s a seasonal theme, a color palette, or a collection of items that tell a personal story, having a central idea guides your decorating choices. For example, incorporate elements like seashells, driftwood, and muted blues and whites if you’re going for a coastal theme. A well-defined theme brings a sense of purpose to your decor, making it more engaging and meaningful to you and your guests.

17. Traditional Table Decorated With lamp And Mirror

Image by fayes_home_edit

A well-chosen lamp doesn’t just light up a room; it adds a touch of warmth and character. Whether it’s a vintage find or a modern piece with a touch of nostalgia, the lamp on your console table becomes a beacon of coziness.

18. Black Iron Entry Table Decor With Brown Accents

Image by laurenashleyhanson

Whether your aesthetic leans toward a modern farmhouse or urban chic, the Black Iron Entry Table with Brown Accents invites you to play with contrasts, textures, and emotions. Let it be a canvas for your creativity, an expression of your personality, and a portal that welcomes everyone with its captivating tale of two tones.

19. Grey Table Below A Wall Hung Large Mirror

Image by our_rosebury_home

Looking to add a touch of elegance and intrigue to your living space? Look no further than the stylish combination of a chic grey table beneath a captivating wall-hung large mirror. This dynamic duo is more than just a furniture arrangement – a design statement that effortlessly merges functionality with aesthetic appeal.

20. White Entry Table With Pull Out Drawers

Image by small_derbyshire_terrace

Your entryway or the dining room is the gateway to your home’s personality, and what better way to make a stunning first impression than with a White Entry Table with pull-out drawers? This piece is more than just a table; it’s a statement, a functional work of art that effortlessly combines style and practicality.

21. Distressed Wooden Table Decorated With Mirror, Table Lamps And Throw Pillows

Image by purelychichome

Decorating this entryway console table is a delightful endeavor. Showcase your favorite artwork, decorative objects, vases, or sculptural accents on the console table’s surface. The mirror’s reflective surface doubles the impact of your decor choices, making the entire arrangement visually intriguing.

22. Entry Table Below Gallery Wall

Image by diariesofmyhome

From quirky trinkets to elegant vases, the entry table becomes a stage for your favorite decorative accessories. And let’s not forget the practical side – a discreet drawer or shelf keeps clutter at bay while displaying your personality proudly.

But it’s the gallery wall that truly elevates the scene. A carefully orchestrated ensemble of frames and artwork turns your entryway into a mini art gallery.

23. Grey Console Table Decor With White Accents

Image by our_rosebury_home

A grey console table adorned with white accents isn’t just about decorating; it’s about curating an atmosphere of tranquility, sophistication, and timeless charm. So, go ahead and embrace this effortlessly chic design duo – your living space will thank you for it!

24. Minimalist Wooden Table With Grey Cushion Stools

Image by sherricalnanhome

Plush yet poised, these stools provide the perfect perch for your contemplative moments. Topped with a serene grey cushion, they blend seamlessly with the table’s minimalist aura. Slide them underneath when not in use, and your space remains open and uncluttered – a true testament to the art of living with less.

25. Black Entry Table With Brown Woven Baskets

Image by nearlynaturalfloral

The contrast of black and brown isn’t just about colors – it’s a marriage of differences that elevates your décor game. The boldness of black meets the earthy warmth of brown, creating a visual symphony that captivates anyone who crosses your threshold. It’s a design choice that whispers sophistication while embracing practicality.

26. Fall Decorated Entry Table

Image by stagerrozz

Infuse your entry table with the rich, earthy tones of fall. Adorn it with miniature pumpkins, gourds, and a burst of vibrant autumn leaves. A simple, rustic wooden bowl filled with decorative squashes acts as the perfect centerpiece, celebrating the season’s bounties.

27. Wooden Table With Pull Out Draws Decorated With Arched Mirror, Lamp, And Baskets

Image by chelseyhaledesign

The arched mirror above the console table elevates the entire setup to a new level. Its graceful curve adds an architectural element that softens the look while creating a sense of space and depth. The mirror reflects natural light, making the area feel brighter and more welcoming.

28. Sleek Wooden Console Table White Accessories

Image by blossominginteriors

In the realm of white accessories, it’s the balance that matters. A trio of porcelain sculptures, a couple of ceramic candle holders, and perhaps a statement lamp with a pristine white shade dance harmoniously, creating an enchanting symphony of textures and tones.

29. Console Decor With Landscape Painting

Image by jhambel.hambelsgetreal

Why settle for ordinary when you can turn your console table into a breathtaking masterpiece? If you’ve got a penchant for the picturesque and a soft spot for scenic beauty, it’s time to dive into the world of console decor with landscape paintings.

30. Beach Theme Decor For White Console Table

Image by thecoastalsoul

If you’re yearning for the soothing embrace of the sea, why limit your beach vibes to the shore? It’s time to unleash a tidal wave of coastal charm onto your white console table. Get ready to ride the decor waves with this beach-themed console table that’ll have you feeling the sand between your toes and the salt in the air, all from the comfort of your home.

31. White Table Decorated With Black Elements

Image by reynoldresidence

The beauty of this color pairing lies in its versatility. Whether your style leans toward the modern or the classic, a white table adorned with black accents has an uncanny ability to morph and adapt. 

32. White Table With Distressed Wooden Countertop 

Image by alittlehomedecor 

The juxtaposition of these two elements is nothing short of captivating. The white base provides a canvas for your creativity to shine, whether you’re adorning it with delicate porcelain figurines or vibrant vases bursting with blooms. Meanwhile, the distressed wooden countertop adds a dash of raw authenticity, grounding the space with its organic texture.

33. Console Table With Wooden Cabinets And White Framed Mirror

Image by my_neutralhome_style

The wooden cabinets offer ample storage space and add rustic elegance to your living area or hallway. Hide away those miscellaneous items that always seem to clutter up your space while showcasing your impeccable taste in furniture.

34. Small Entry Table Decorated With Candles, Books And Flower Vase

Image by floraliehome

Whether you’re saying a quick hello or bidding farewell, this small entry table packs a punch that’s impossible to ignore. It’s a greeting, an introduction, and a prelude to the magic that awaits in your home. So, embrace the charm of the small, and let your entryway make a grand statement with the understated elegance of candles, books, and a delicate flower vase.

35. White Minimalist Console table With Decor

Image and tutorial by Saffronavenue

Step into the serene realm of home decor with the timeless elegance of a White Minimalist Console Table. This sleek and slender piece adds a touch of modern charm to your space and serves as a canvas for your creative styling prowess.


How can I prevent my console table from looking cluttered or overwhelming?

Achieving a well-balanced and organized console table display is key to avoiding clutter. Start by selecting some statement pieces that represent your desired aesthetic. Embrace the concept of “less is more” and curate a collection of decor items that complement each other. Use trays or bowls to corral smaller items like keys or loose change, and remember to leave some negative space for a clean and uncluttered look. Regularly edit and rotate your decor to maintain a fresh and inviting display without overwhelming the space.

Can I mix different styles and materials when decorating my console table?

Absolutely! Mixing styles and materials can add a dynamic and eclectic charm to your console table decor. However, it’s essential to do so thoughtfully. Start with a unifying element, such as a color scheme or a theme, to tie everything together. Combine diverse materials like glass, metal, wood, and ceramics to create texture and visual interest. Just ensure that there’s a sense of harmony among the elements you choose, and consider varying heights and sizes to maintain balance. Mixing styles can create a visually engaging and uniquely personalized console table display.

How do I decorate my console table?

Decorating a console table involves balancing function and style. Start with a focal point, such as a large mirror or artwork above the table. Layer in items of varying heights, like lamps, vases, or candlesticks. Incorporate texture with books, boxes, or a small tray for keys and mail. Remember to leave some space unoccupied to prevent a cluttered look. Aim for a mix of personal items that reflect your style and practical items for everyday use.

How to decorate a 2-tier console table?

A 2-tier console table offers extra space for both decorative and functional items. On the top tier, focus on aesthetics with art pieces, photos, or a statement lamp. Use the bottom tier for additional storage or display – think decorative boxes, baskets, or a stack of books. Ensure the items on both tiers complement each other in terms of color and style to maintain a cohesive look.

What do you put on either side of a console table?

Flanking your console table with items can enhance its presence in a room. Consider placing matching lamps on either side for symmetry and balance. Tall plants, floor vases, or sculptures can also work well, adding height and interest. If the table is in a hallway or entryway, incorporating a chair or a small stool on one side can be both practical and visually appealing.

How to decorate a table for cheap?

Decorating a console table on a budget can be both fun and creative. Use items you already own, such as books, glass jars, or family photos in inexpensive frames. Visit thrift stores or flea markets for unique finds like vintage vases or decorative boxes. DIY projects, like painting a small mirror or creating your own artwork, can add a personal and cost-effective touch.

What do you put on a table when not in use?

When a console table is not in use, you can keep it looking stylish with decorative items that also serve as conversation starters. A beautifully bound book, a striking sculpture, or an elegant bowl can maintain the table’s appeal without cluttering the space. Seasonal decorations, like a vase of fresh flowers in spring or a pumpkin in fall, can keep the table looking fresh and timely.

How do you style a table when not in use?

Styling a console table when not in use involves creating an attractive setup that complements the room’s decor. A balanced arrangement of art, lighting, and decoratives works well. Consider a symmetrical setup with a central piece of art flanked by candlesticks or vases. Adding a textured runner or fabric can add depth. Experiment with themes or seasonal decor to keep the table’s look evolving throughout the year.

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