15 July Bullet Journal Layouts and Ideas To Inspire You

july bullet journal ideas

The month of July is almost here and it’s time for you to create your July Bullet Journal. Think of your favorite things that you do in July and decorate your bullet journal around those things. But we are all better off with some inspiration, so here are some bullet journal ideas that you can use to make this July more productive and fun than ever.

Supplies Needed To Create Your July Bullet Journal:

Just like every bullet journal page, there are a few common supplies that you will need to create this page as well. You can customize the supplies according to the layout and theme that you choose. Here are a few basic supplies that you will need:

  • Bullet journal
  • Brush pens
  • Pencils
  • Markers
  • Paint
  • Washi tape
  • Stickers 

July Bullet Journal Ideas:

Here are some bullet journal ideas for the month of July:

1. Fun July Cover Page For Your Bullet Journal

july bullet journal cover page
Source: @nicole.josephinee

The first page of your bullet journal is usually the most fun thing to create. It sets the tone for the whole month of journaling. I found this fun, cute July cover page by @nicole.josephinee  while scrolling through Instagram and I absolutely love it. I love the cute ghost and the other adorable doodles. It also has a small to-do list or goals section at the top. 

You can recreate this one by finding your own inspiration of the month. Ask yourself – What inspires me this month? What does the month of July mean to me? You can find inspiration for July cover page for your journal on social media, blogs, videos, or simply by observing things around you.  It’s a great idea to begin by creating some  simple doodles, then go ahead and make a monthly goals section. Next, you can write down a few quotes to motivate you throughout the month.

Refer- 100 Never Give Up Quotes To Keep You Going.

2. Create A July Playlist

july playlist tracker
Source: @bujo.by.es

Music is such a huge part of our lives. I can’t imagine a day without listening to my favourite songs. If music inspires you and helps you set a mood or vibe for the month, then you can create a July playlist page in your bullet journal. As a dancer, I love this idea as it helps me plan out the songs on which I’ll be learning dance combos in which month. 

Adding a playlist to your bullet journal can be a fun way to add more personality to your theme. You can create a July playlist tracker to keep you going for the month. This one is by @
bujo.by.es. You can also create different playlists for different tasks such as a sleep playlist, dance playlist, study and work playlist, workout playlist, music for cooking, and so on.

3. Colorful July Weekly Spread

july planner
Source: @artofchayo

Weekly spreads are great since it gives you an overview of the week ahead. It includes a section for each day where you add your ongoing task log, to-do lists, notes, weekly trackers, highlights of the week, and anything else that is on your mind. I found this weekly spread by @artofchayo and was instantly attracted to it. This spread is very vibrant, colorful and so full of life! It also has cute little doodles and the use of different fonts is admirable. 

Refer- 20 Best Bullet Journal Fonts For Your Bujo Pages.

4. Weekly Spread With Notes And Trackers

july bullet journal weekly spread
Source: @bullet_journallingg

This bullet journal weekly spread by @bullet_journallingg not only has a weekly task log but also a habit tracker, a sleep tracker, and a mood tracker. Just when you thought it can’t get any better, it also has a section for fitness and notes. What more, it looks absolutely stunning as well. The cool font and use of different stickers give it a very cool look. 

Do try it out if you want your week to be productive and fun-filled. 

5. Highlights Of The Day - Weekly Spread

july highlights bullet journal
Source: @artofchayo

It is a good idea to write down the highlights of your day. It helps you reflect back on your day and savor the nice moments, and also learn from your mistakes. 

So how do you decide what the highlight of your day was? Look back at your day and the activity or moment that stands out the most to you is the highlight of the day. There may be more than one at times. This bullet journal weekly spread follows a simple box layout where you write the highlights of your day in each box. You may use different fonts, stickers, washi tape to make it look more attractive. 

6. Summer Fruits Inspired July Spread

summer bullet journal ideas
Source: @bullet_jules

This fun and cute bullet journal spread by @bullet_jules is perfect for the July summer. It has adorable watermelon and lime doodles all over it and follows a fortnight layout. This means that you have the next 14 days of your month at a glance. You can write anything in those boxes ranging from your to-do list to goals, highlights, birthdays or mark other important dates.

7. Minimalist July Weekly Spread

bullet journal weekly spread july
Source: @byuljournal

Here is a minimalist weekly spread by @byuljournal. So if you are someone who isn’t artistic enough or simply lack the time and patience to doodle on your journal and create intricate designs, then this one is perfect for you. 

It follows a simple layout and the fonts used are also very basic. There is a small section for the tasks and goals of the week along with a small notes section at the end. You can use decorative washi tape and stickers to decorate your bullet journal instead of doodling or may choose to keep it plain and simple.

8. Write Down The Highlights Of Your Day

daily layout july bullet journal
Source: @artofchayo

Here is another highlights of the day bullet journal page. Unlike the previous one, this one is more detailed as it follows a daily layout. You can consider this more like a diary where you write down what happened throughout the day and reflect back on it. Needless to say, you can use stickers and doodles to decorate the pages. 

Also, refer- 20 Best Bullet Jornal Fonts For Your Bujo Pages to write those beautiful headings.

9. Minimalist Cover Page For Your July Bullet Journal

july bullet journal ideas
source: @notunefleurs

Here is another cover page for your July Bullet Journal. This one is scrapbook themed and is very minimalist. No fancy drawings or doodles, yet it looks very elegant and classy. You can write quotes on the cover page or even your goals for the month. But remember to keep it simple and clean and find your own inspiration for the month so that you remain motivated throughout. 

Refer- 100 Never Give Up Quotes To Keep You Going.

10. Create A Brain Dump Page

july bullet journal brain dump
Source: @cazligraphy

I find the process of brain dump quite interesting. Sometimes, your brain gets cluttered with a lot of thoughts and you may feel very restless and overwhelmed. You may have trouble focusing on the tasks at hand since your brain keeps returning to those other thoughts in your mind. In such cases, a brain dump can prove to be quite helpful.

The Brain Dump is a method where you allow all the cluttered thoughts in your head to be written down on paper, to get it out of your brain in some type of solid, tangible form.  You can use this brain dump to later convert it into a task list.

I found this adorable brain dump page by @cazligraphy on Instagram. The cute popsicle doodles make this brain dumping process quite fun.

11. Month At A Glance July Bullet Journal

July month at a glance
Source: @mybujoyesterday

We have covered weekly spreads and even daily bullet journal weekly spreads. Here is a July bullet journal monthly spread. There are 31 numbered tiles representing the different days of the month. This one is by @mybujoyesterday. She has used watercolors and then used a micron pen to doodle on top of the tiles. You can simply leave it after painting the tiles or doodle just like how she has done here. There is also a goals section and a section for next month. Use this page to mark your appointments, meetings, birthdays and other important dates. 

12. July Monthly Overview

july bullet journal monthly overview
Source: @planningwithkay

Here is another July monthly overview page for your bullet journal. I love the blue oceans and sky theme going on here. It is very vibrant and gives off a very fun vibe. Since the boxes are tiny, you can’t actually plan out your month here. It is only meant to give an overview of the month and you can use other layouts discussed above to plan out our month in detail.

This one also has a habit tracker so that you can keep track of your habits. 

Refer- What is a Habit Tracker?

13. Aesthetic Weekly Spread For Your July Bullet Journal

july weekly spread
Source: @studygram.indonesia

This bullet journal weekly spread by @studygram.indonesia is just so aesthetic. The fonts and the use of cute washi tape take this bullet journal page to the next level. The star and moon doodles and the terrarium stickers also add to the vibe. It also includes a song of the week and quotes to keep you motivated throughout the week. She has used bounce lettering to write the days of the week. 

To recreate this font, refer- 20 Best Bullet Journal Fonts For Your Bujo Pages

Also refer-  100 Never Give Up Quotes To Keep You Going.

14. Lemon Themed July Cover Page

july bullet journal cover
Source: @abiding_kelseyleigh

I love this citrus themed July bullet journal cover page by @abiding_kelseyleigh. It is minimalist yet decorative at the same time. Along with a monthly calendar, it also has goals for the month section. Here you can write down what you aim to accomplish during the month and view it regularly so that it keeps you on track. I absolutely love all the different fonts used on this page. To recreate them, refer to our blog post on 20 Best Bullet Jornal Fonts For Your Bujo Pages.

You can also use different quotes to keep you motivated. Refer- 100 Never Give Up Quotes To Keep You Going.

15. Ice Cream Themed Habit And Mood Tracker

july bullet journal ideas
Source: @cazligraphy

This popsicle themed habit cum mood tracker by @cazligraphy is the last one on the list of July Bullet Journal Ideas. Keeping track of your mood and habits is always a good idea to increase your productivity. The popsicle sticks in the background add a fun element to the task.

To know more about habit trackers, refer- What is a Habit Tracker?

To find more such mood tracker ideas, refer- 25 Best Mood Tracker Bullet Journal Ideas

Also see- 24 Best Bullet Journal Mood Tracker For Inspiration.


So there you go! Those were our compilation of July bullet journal ideas that you can recreate for a fun-filled and productive July. Do try them out and let us know which one you liked the best in the comments section below. 

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