40 Easy DIY Macrame Plant Hangers Ideas & Tutorials

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It is hard to resist the beauty of a macrame plant hanger. But a stylish macrame plant holder can sometimes cost you a fortune. So here are some amazing DIY macrame plant hangers ideas for you to explore. Add some more greenery to your house with these exquisite macrame plant hanger patterns.

Here are some macrame craft ideas that you can explore –

You can also use your art of knotting to make some precious heartwarming gifts for your friends. Giving some natural vibe to your indoors is in vogue. This list of ideas has all sorts of macrame plant hangers. There are options which would take up less space and you can hang it from the ceiling.

My favorite part about macrame plant hangers is that you can use anything as a planter. Whether it is a box planter or a pot, you can hang anything with a fancy macrame plant hanger!

Let’s check out some fabulous macrame plant hangers –

1. Simple Knotty Macrame Plant Hanger

(Image and tutorial by cleverbloom)

I love DIY projects. It is a great way to brush cognitive skills and a way to spend some quality time with yourself. This DIY macrame plant hanger is super easy and simple. If you want something quick and easy to give a boho touch to your indoors, then this is the best choice for you.

2. Chic Macrame Plant Hanger

(Image and tutorial by thediymommy)

If you have some glass globe vase in your house, then this is your chance to transform it into something classy. This macrame plant hanger is a chic option for your indoor decor. If you are new to the art of knotting, then this is a great start.

3. Vintage Macrame Plant Hanger

(Image and tutorial by sarahmaker)

This one is a simple macrame plant hanger that can add a vintage touch to your home decor. You can follow the step-by-step tutorial to make a similar plant hanger. This one has a few simple macrame knotting techniques and some basic craft supplies.

4. Pink Plant Hanger

(Image and tutorial by liagriffith)

Macrame is a fun technique. And as it is an art involving some knotting techniques, it is safe for both adolescents and adults. I am loving this hot pink macrame plant hanger. It has such a chic aura! This one will certainly add a unique angle to your home decor.

5. Beaded Plant Hanger

(Image and tutorial by madeinaday)

If you are looking for an easy way to display your indoor plants, then this is it. This beaded plant hanger is a great twist to the traditional macrame plant hangers. If you want to add a fancy boho touch to your indoors, then this one’s for you.

6. Macrame Plant Hanger Wall Hanging

(Image and tutorial by joyfulderivatives)

This simple macrame plant hanger is perfect for a macrame beginner! Choose this stylish boho wall hanging to display your indoor plants. This boho wall hanging is super easy and stylish; it looks so expensive yet so pocket-friendly!

7. Fringed Macrame Plant Hanger

(Image and tutorial by honestlywtf)

If you want to make this fancy and chic macrame plant hanger, then this is your sign! All you will need for this one are some 5mm single twist cotton string, 2.2” wooden rings, and scissors. Follow the tutorial to make a few of these to display your plants in style.

8. Yarn Macrame Plant Hanger

(Image and tutorial by acultivatednest)

This one is a modernized version of the traditional macrame plant hanger. It is perfect for the spring and summertime to hang your plants. It may look a little complicated but it is super simple and a lovely addition to home decor.

9. Simple DIY Plant Hanger

(Image and tutorial by yesmissy)

I love how classy this one looks! This white macrame plant hanger is extremely stylish and effortless. Some basic craft supplies, a few minutes, and an ounce of patience are all you need to make something like this.

10. Indoor Macrame Plant Hanger

(Image and tutorial by ruralsprout)

Are you an avid collector of green indoor plants? Then I am positive that you will like this macrame plant hanger! This is perfect to show off your plant collection in a classy way. Moreover, a plant hanger also saves a lot of floor space.

11. Twisted Macrame Plant Hanger

(Image and tutorial by jtayandlittlea)

This DIY project is a perfect spring craft idea. All you will need for this one are macrame string, tape, and scissors. You just have to follow the tutorial to make your DIY macrame plant hanger. This plant hanger might look a little intimidating, but once you learn how to make the square knots, it will be a piece of cake!

12. How to Make Modern Macrame Plant Hanger

(Image and tutorial by gardentherapy)

Macrame is back and in trend! And now is the best time to make some interesting DIY macrame plant hangers to flaunt your indoor plant collections. A fancy macrame hanger can change the whole look of your home decor. So get those crafty supplies and make this simple knotted macrame hanger for your plant globes.

13. Macrame Owl Plant Hanger

(Image and tutorial by interior-design.wonderhowto)

If you are looking for something more fun, then this might be the one for you – a fancy macrame owl. It adds so much more character to the otherwise simple macrame plant hanger. If you are into experimenting with something new, then go for this one!

15. Boho DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

(Image and tutorial by paisleyandsparrow)

Plants are a great way to add some life and greenery to your indoors. But making some space indoors to place new pots can be tricky; so why not hang your pots? Make this cute macrame plant hanger and add it to take your home decor to the next level.

16. DIY Project Macrame Plant Hanger

(Image and tutorial by macrameuk)

I love the pattern she has used to make this macrame plant hanger. The knots are easy to learn; you can just follow the simple tutorial to make a few plant hangers for your indoor space.

17. Macrame Plant Hanger For Beginners

(Image and tutorial by lovefordiy)

This one has to be my favorite one in this list of macrame plant hangers. I love how there is a harmonized blend of simple and complicated knots. It looks chic and elegant. It is simply perfect for boho-themed home decor.

18. Macrame 3-pot Planter

(Image and tutorial by myfrenchtwist)

If you are looking for an easy craft idea for your kids, then this is it. I love how unique and innovative this macrame plant hanger looks. This one is a perfect way to keep your kids occupied and engaged productively.

19. Macrame Plant Holder

(Image and tutorial by farmhouseonboone)

I love this simple jute DIY macrame plant hanger. It is stylish, chic, and super easy to recreate. With a plant hanger like this, you can add a natural texture to your indoor decor and flaunt your plants, simultaneously.

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20. Simple Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorial

(Image and tutorial by curiouscraftstudio)

I am in love with the simplicity that this plant hanger has brought in! It is a very chic look. This is a super simple and Scandinavian macrame plant holder that will bless your indoors with an aesthetic personality.

21. Easy Home-DIY Plant Hanger

(Image and tutorial by heylilahey)

If you are a fan of macrame and love to make simple knots, then this one’s for you. This macrame plant hanger is all you need to give your indoor decor a Bohemian vibe. I love how aesthetically pleasing this plant hanger looks! It is a super easy and inexpensive way to deck up your indoors.

22. Back to the Basics

(Image and tutorial by free-macrame-patterns)

This one is a basic macrame plant hanger that is perfect for beginners. It has three types of basic decorative knots. Once you master these knots, making this one will be a piece of cake. You will need a few basic supplies like macrame, beads, rubber bands, rings, and a measuring tape to make this plant hanger.

23. How To Make a Pink Macrame Hanger?

(Image and tutorial by gathered.how)

I think I am obsessed with this teal blue and pink combo! Look at it, it looks fantastic! The knots in this one are simple and easy. With a few tries, you can master them and recreate this pink beauty!

24. Macrame Plant Hanger Pattern

(Image and tutorial by mangoandmore)

If you are new to macrame knotting, then this one is perfect for you. In this tutorial, you can learn all the easy and beautiful knots. I love how the pots used in this one are colorful!

25. Knotted Macrame Plant Holder

(Image and tutorial by cutoutandkeep)

This macrame plant holder is a great project to introduce you to macrame! It is simple and easy. This one has 3 basic knotting techniques. Once you ace these knots, you will be able to recreate a few of these boho plant hangers.

26. Plant Hanger: Beginners’ Guide

(Image and tutorial by firstdayofhome)

I love the retro and boho vibe that this one has. This is a great way to spend your post-pandemic indoor hours. And if you are new to macrame, then this tutorial is for you! I love how she has added beads to give the macrame hanger a more interesting character.

27. Beaded Macrame Plant Hanger

(Image and tutorial by amylanham)

Plant hangers are in vogue now! And why not? They are absolutely gorgeous, inexpensive, and save a lot of space. Honestly, macrame can seem a little intimidating, but once you learn the basic knots it is fun and easy.

28. Unique Home Decor

(Image and tutorial by blog.createandcraft.tv)

I just love this one. This one is a unique take on the conventional macrame plant hangers. It has a very aesthetically pleasing and dreamy look. Make this easy macrame plant holder that will add more creative touch to your indoors.

29. Pink Macrame Plant Hanger

(Image and tutorial by bhg)

Making a pretty pink macrame plant holder is easy and fun. But you will have to learn the basics with the help of this tutorial. You can get creative with bright colors like pink or yellow. You can even choose a neutral macrame to allow more attention to your beautiful flower pots. Go ahead and try this one!

30. Friendship Bracelet for Plants

(Image and tutorial by asubtlerevelry)

If you want to add some colors to your indoors without going art rogue, this one’s for you! You can hang one of these even in your bedroom! I love the pastel-colored pot in contrast with the bright pink cord. I love how marvelous this one has turned out.

31. Macrame Mason Jar Plant Hanger

(Image and tutorial by thesprucecrafts)

Mason jars are one of the most versatile craft supplies ever! You can experiment with them beyond your expectations. Here are more mason jar craft ideas for you to explore- 30+ Effortless Mason Jar Crafts Ideas for your Home.

And if you thought that macrame plant hangers are only for pots, then think again. Here is a way to make a beautiful macrame plant holder for your tiny mason jar planter. This one has a cool, modern, and trendy piece of decor!

32. DIY Plant Hanger Tutorial

(Image and tutorial by designertrapped)

There is something so therapeutic about macrame knotting. I love how simple and elegant this one has turned out. And the best part is the little touch of color. All you need to make a few of these plant hangers are cotton rope, rings, a glue gun, colored yarns, and a measuring tape.

33. Cute Macrame Plant Holder

(Image and tutorial by persialou)

I love this minimalist macrame plant hanger! It is unique, elegant, and perfect to add some flavor to your bedroom space. Houseplants are inexpensive and an easy way to add some nature and color to your indoors. So, get a little creative with this plant hanger to flaunt your houseplants in style!

34. Gold Stand Plant Hanger

(Image and tutorial by foxyoxie)

Macrame has oodles of potential. This one is a fantastic piece of Bohemian home decor. I like how houseplants create a very laid-back and cozy indoor vibe.

And if you feel the same way, then this is your sign to make a DIY macrame plant hanger! If you have a vintage stand lying around somewhere in the house then get it out and try out this tutorial!

35. Traditional Plant Hanger

(Image and tutorial by hellonest)

Even if you are new to the art of macrame knotting, this one here will only take a couple of hours to whip up. This one is so simple that you will not feel lost in the knots or exhausted. It is a perfect fun project and an easy way to set your foot into the world of macrame craftwork!

36. 70s Plant Hanger

(Image and tutorial by amiguru)

Macrame is an art of the 70s which back in a big way! And you can play around with it to give it your own modern definition. For instance, look at these beautiful magenta macrame plant hangers! They have left me mesmerized. I love the brown houseplant pots and the contrasting magenta knots.

37. Easy DIY Plant Hanger

(Image and tutorial by liagriffith)

If you are looking for something more funky and trendy, then this might be an option for you. This plant hanger is simple, easy, and the best part is the simple knots. You will need only a few minutes to accomplish this craftwork.

38. Make This Easy Macrame Plant Hanger

(Image and tutorial by kidsactivitiesblog)

This vacation, make some macrame plant hangers for the houseplants. You can hang these beautiful potted plants on your porch. This one is an easy tutorial to get you started with it.

39. Super Easy Plant Hanger

(Image and tutorial by vickymyerscreations)

This one is a step-by-step tutorial for a super easy DIY macrame plant hanger. If you like upcycled craft ideas, then this one’s for you. I love how environment-friendly this idea looks. The touch of silver balls is all the fun you need in this pastel pink macrame plant hanger!

40. Minimal Macrame Plant Hanger

(Image and tutorial by fiberartsy)

Do you like houseplants? And have an overwhelming collection of the same? Well, this is the time to make some DIY plant hangers and flaunt those green flower pots. Follow this easy and simple tutorial to recreate this plant hanger.

So there you go people!

We have come to the end of this exhaustingly long list of macrame plant hanger ideas. Here you will find easy, cool, elegant, and chic options to deck up your indoors and outdoors according to your taste.

Let us know your favorite one in the comment section below. You can also check out some fun planter ideas for your outdoor space here on- 30+ Beautiful & Stylish Pallet Planter Ideas for Outdoors.

Happy crafting, people! Also, if you like this article, you can pin it to your Pinterest board by clicking on the image below.

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