40 Amazing Earth Day Craft Ideas For Kids & Adults

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22nd to raise awareness about environmental protection. One way to mark the occasion is by creating Earth Day crafts. These crafts not only encourage creativity but also promote sustainable living. In this article, we’ll share some fun and eco-friendly crafting ideas that you can try at home. Let’s get started!

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1. DIY ‘Bee Happy’ Wreath

Image and Tutorial by Home is where the boat is
Who all love bees over here? Thus happy bee wreath are easy to make with all materials available at home. In addition, you can use some pretty ribbons for the bees, flowers, and plants.

2. DIY Safari Binoculars

Image and Tutorial by Crafting Cheerfully

These super funky binoculars can be easily made at home. You can use some pretty animal print papers to decorate the binoculars. To join and fix them together, you can use any waste material.

3. Marbled Art 

Image and Tutorial by iHeart Crafty Things

Just look at this beautiful piece of art! It is so facile to make this messy marble painting with the help of shaving cream. You will need an aluminum pan, cardstock paper, a rubber spatula, a toothbrush, and a plastic tablecloth.

4. Earth Day Cookies

Image and Tutorial by Pretty Petunias

How about some cookies on this Earth Day? You are surely going to enjoy these Earth look-alike cookies. These are super easy to make, and you don’t need to shop from the market as almost all the ingredients will be available at home.

5. Recycled Tin Can Ladybug Plant Holder with Hand Print Wings

Image and Tutorial by Fun Hand Print Art Blog

Here is a fun activity for your Earth Day celebrations. You can make this tin can ladybug very quickly with recycling products. You will need acrylic paints, white cardstock, pipe cleaners, pom pom, and many other things.

6. Coffee Filter Earth Paintings

Image and Recipe by Fun with Mama

After the paper towel Earth painting, here are coffee filter Earth paintings which can be made quickly with the help of a few materials required. You can paint coffee filters swiftly and then saturate them.

7. Puffy Paint Earth Day Craft 

Image and Tutorial by Happy Hooligans

This craft can be made by kids of any age. You will need just three ingredients for this craft idea. You will need a paper plate, puffy paints, and paintbrushes. After painting, you will need to keep it in the microwave for some time.

8. Stripped Slime

Image and Tutorial by Really, Are You Serious? 

You can try this recipe of slime out with any kind of slime. Here blue and green colors are used for depicting Earth. They have used Elmer’s Washable color glue for slime instead of food colorings, markers, or dyes. 

9. 3D Earth Day Craft

Image and Tutorial by Non-Toy Gifts

Making this 3-D styled Earth will surely give out a message to children that the thought of prosperity for Earth should always be in our hearts. 

10. Earth Pom Pom 

Image and Tutorial by The Gingerbread House

You can use this idea to make cute and petite pom pom Earth. You will need a pair of scissors, a pompom maker and blue and green wools. You will surely enjoy making these. 

11. Earth Day Daisy

Image and Tutorial by Buggy and Buddy

These Earth Day daisies look so beautiful. The interesting part about them is that they are made with cupcake liners. So you can paint or color Earth inside them. Or you can also use pom pom or colorful buttons instead of painting.  

12. Turn an Empty K Cup

Image and Tutorial by Artsy Momma

You can quickly create this creative K Cup for Earth Day with minimal material required. You just need paintbrushes, an empty K cup, and red, green, and blue acrylic colors. 

13. Pop Up Book

Image and Tutorial by The Craft Train

 Children will enjoy making this pop-up book while making; they will learn a lot of information related to Earth and various ways to preserve it. You can also use printable templates.

14. Recycled Plastic Squid Craft

Image and Tutorial by The Craft Train

This will be the most sustainable Earth Day project craft which you find. This plastic squid craft is made with recyclable products. You will need paper cups, string, paint, paper straw, wooden beads, googly eyes, and plastic bottle tops. 

15. DIY Earth Day Recycled Crayons

Image and Tutorial by Simply Green Rebekah

You will enjoy the process of making these Earth Day crayons by using the DIY method. You will specifically need blue, green, and white crayons to make new crayons. You can use molds of whatever shape you want. 

 16. Button Globe

Image and Tutorial by Happiness is Homemade

For this craft, you will need many buttons as you need to cover a whole sphere with them. It is not necessary to have the same type and size of buttons. You can paint them accordingly after sticking them.

 17. Earth Day Windsocks

Image and Tutorial by iHeart Crafty Things

Here is another facile idea for Earth Day crafts. For this craft idea, you will need blue and green cardstock, clothespin, pom pom, green and blue crepe paper, green acrylic paper, scissors, stapler, and gluestick. 

 18. Simple Earth Suncatcher

Image and Tutorial by No Time for Flashcards

Another suncatcher idea is here for Earth Day. This idea is the glittery version of the previous one. You will need a plastic lid, glue, blue and green glitter, ribbon, a plate, and a hole punching machine. 

 19. Earth Crayons and Play Dough 

Image and Tutorial by The Gunny Sack

This craft is the new and creative way to present Earth on Earth’s Day. Here you will need crayons that will be melted and gunny sacks in which the melted crayons will be packed.  

20. Earth Day Bookmark Corner Design

Image and Tutorial by Red Ted Art 

Just look at these cute little Earth-faced bookmarks. You can make them easily in no time with few materials required. You will also need to do a bit of origami for the bookmark and then stick all the parts together. 

21. Garden Markers

Image and Tutorial by Creative Green Living

This garden maker is a different idea for Earth Day. You can use this as a wall hanging as it is a creative and colorful piece for your garden. For this, you will need can lids with pliers, dril and drill bit, silver jewelry wire, clear stamp box, paper or plastic plate, and paintbrush.  

22. Paper Mache Light-Up Globes

Image and Tutorial by Housing A Forest

This is the cheapest craft idea you can find as paper mache is cheap. Also, you can add lights to the paper mache globes and brighten them up. Making them is a bit messy, but the end product is worth it. 

23. Wine Cork Succulent Planter Magnet

Image and Tutorial by The Decorated Cookie

Another attractive Earth Day craft idea is here to make your idea. You can make these wine cork succulent planter magnets in simple ways. You just need wine corks, drill, wrench,craft paint, paint brushes, magnets,soil, glue, and succulent plants. 

24. Earth Day Craft with Writing Prompt

Image and Tutorial by iHeart Crafty Things

In this Earth Day craft, kids can make this with the help of coffee filter papers and paint them. Also, they can add a message to the painting which they have learned about the day and can be a valuable activity for them.

25. Earth Day Handprint & Photo Keepsake

Image and Tutorial by Teach Me Mommy

This idea consists of salt dough to make your hand imprints and keep them for future perspectives as a showpiece. For the light version, you can make this of air-drying clay in blue and green colors. 

26. DIY Cardboard Sunflower

Image and Tutorial by Salvage Sister & Mister

This is a different type of activity which children will surely enjoy for Earth Day. It is because you can create this and then decorate it as you want. Apart from cardboard you will need just scissors, hot glue gun, and yellow paint color.

27. Earth Day Necklace with Salt Dough

Image and Tutorial by Little Bins for Little Hands

Here is another salt dough activity but for the creative necklaces. You can create these beautiful necklaces in no time and will be a unique ornament style for the kids. In this you will need salt, bleached flour, and warm water. 

28. Pointillism Earth Day Craft for Kids

Image and Tutorial by 123 Home School 4 Me

Here is another interesting craft idea as you can use qtips and make colour the Earth easily. You just need some templates of Earth and watercolors and can color them easily. This will make a really pretty Earth.

29. Earth Day Handprint Flower Craft

Image and Tutorial by Pre School Play and Learn

You can make this super cute handprint flower craft to make your Earth Day celebrations more fruitful. You can take the printouts out of flowers and trees and paint them.  

30. Happy Earth Sewing Craft

Image and Tutorial by The Craft Train

This craft idea is also made with sustainable material. You can make this Earth craft with the help of sewing materials. You will need a printable template, needle, needle threader, and embroidery thread. 

31. Lorax Earth Day Slime 

Image and Tutorial by Little Bins for Little Hands

Here is another slime activity that you will enjoy making. But this is Lorax-themed slime. Slime is neither solid nor liquid. It is non-Newtonian as it is in between both of these. You will need liquid starch also for this.

32. Paper Plate Earth Craft

Image and Tutorial by Non-Toy Gifts 

This paper plate Earth can be created very quickly by children. And they won’t require any assistance also in making this. They will need a paper plate, paint colors, pom pom, scissors, glue, yarn, and a clothespin.  

So, here we come to an end with some of the most impressive Earth Day crafts ideas. You and your children will surely make these. These will bring out your creative side. And we are sure that your children will surely learn some fruitful things about Earth conservation.  

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