20 Cool Pallet Pool Deck Ideas That You Should Try

Looking to transform your backyard into the ultimate summer oasis? Look no further because we’ve got the scoop on the hippest trend in outdoor lounging: pallet pool decks! These 20 cool pallet pool deck ideas will have you splashing with joy while you soak up the sun. Who needs expensive renovations when you can repurpose those humble wooden pallets into a chic, affordable paradise?

Get ready to dive deep into the sea of creative DIY projects and witness the miraculous resurrection of pallets into floating wonderlands. Whether you’re a poolside guru or a DIY novice, these ideas will make a splash and leave your friends green with envy.

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1. Above Ground Plunge Pool

Image and tutorial by Instructables

This compact marvel is perfect for those who like their swimming experiences short, sweet, and refreshing. It’s like a high-speed rollercoaster for water enthusiasts, a vertical drop into liquid delight! So, if you’re ready to elevate your pool game and make a splash in style, the above-ground plunge pool is your ticket to aquatic bliss.

2. DIY Pallet Swimming Pool

Image and tutorial by Easy Pallet Ideas

This ingenious creation takes those humble wooden pallets and transforms them into a refreshing oasis that’s perfect for a dip. Who needs a fancy, expensive pool when you can have a “pallet-tasting” water wonderland in your own backyard? Just grab some pallets, a pool liner, and a sprinkling of DIY magic, and voila! You’ll be lounging in your very own budget-friendly pallet paradise.

3. Build Yourself A Pallet Pool

Image and tutorial by Archreactor

Forget about digging massive holes and hiring a crew of experts. Instead, with just a few trusty wooden pallets, some elbow grease, and a sprinkle of imagination, you’ll be on your way to being the proud owner of a truly unique aquatic masterpiece. So without eating, check out the tutorial and start building your oasis already!

4. Pallet Deck For Stock Tank Pool

Image and tutorial by Instructables

Get ready for the ultimate backyard hack that will make your neighbors do a double take: the Pallet Deck for Stock Tank Pool! Forget about conventional pool decks; this pallet wonderland takes you to a new level of DIY greatness. So grab your swimsuit, your sense of adventure, and get ready to dive into the whole new world of pallet perfection!

5. Pallet Pool With Pallet Deck

Image by Audra gogo

Introducing the “Pallet Pool With Pallet Deck,” the ultimate backyard masterpiece for the thrifty and creative! This bad boy combines the elegance of a pool with the rustic charm of a pallet deck, giving you a one-of-a-kind experience that will make your neighbors’ jaws drop.

6. Simple Pallet Pool Decking

Image by Alisonrosson

Forget about complicated construction and back-breaking labor. With this deck, all you need are a few pallets, a splash of creativity, and a thirst for relaxation. It’s the perfect solution for those who prefer sipping margaritas by the pool rather than breaking a sweat.

7. Pallet Pool And Deck Project

Image by Natetichen

This Pallet Pool and Deck Project is the ultimate DIY adventure where you can turn your boring backyard into a summer paradise without breaking the bank (or your back). With a splash of creativity and a dash of humor, you’ll have your pallet pool and deck that will make all your neighbors and friends green with envy.

8. Pallet Pool Steps

Image by At Home With Lorna

Say goodbye to boring, ordinary pool steps and say hello to the rustic charm of repurposed pallets. These funky steps in one corner elevate not only your poolside experience but also your style game.

9. DIY Minimalist Pallet Deck Idea For Pool Area

Image by Tobibohfitlife

Forget complicated designs and intricate details because this deck takes minimalism to a new level. With just a few strategically placed pallets and a can-do attitude, you’ll have a deck that screams, “I put in the absolute bare minimum effort, and I’m proud of it!” Who said DIY had to be hard? We certainly didn’t.

10. Simple Pallet Deck With Steps Using Leftover Pallets

Image by madmadamemily

Introducing the “Simple Pallet Deck With Steps” – the perfect combination of laziness and creativity! This deck takes minimal effort and basic carpentry skills to achieve maximum relaxation. With just a few repurposed pallets and a sprinkle of imagination, you’ll have a rustic paradise in your own backyard.

11. Modern And Stylish Pallet Pool Deck

Image by Deeco Design

Prepare to witness the epitome of backyard swankiness with the Modern and Stylish Pallet Pool Deck. This extraordinary creation will make your neighbors gasp in awe, and your friends wonder if you’ve secretly become an interior design guru.

12. Above Ground Circular Pool Deck

Image and tutorial by Do It Yourself

This deck is a quirky blend of resourcefulness and creativity, offering you a place to soak up the sun while you simultaneously marvel at the ingenious transformation of discarded pallets and ratchet straps. Who knew a poolside paradise could be so sustainable and surprisingly trendy?

13. Pool Deck Made Of Pallets

Image and tutorial by The Madars

Introducing the “Pallet Paradise for Cold Baths” – the ultimate pool deck made entirely of humble wooden pallets! Who needs a fancy, expensive poolside retreat when you can have the rustic charm of repurposed pallets? This ingenious creation combines your love for swimming with your passion for budget-friendly DIY projects.

14. Small Pallet Pool With A Pallet Deck And Waterproof Plastic Fabric

Image by Cabinets By Computer

This clever creation is ideal for those tight on space but big on style. You’ll feel like the king or queen of your own little aquatic kingdom as you lounge on your pallet throne, sipping a tropical drink and soaking up the admiration from your friends who can’t believe you built such awesomeness out of humble pallets.

15. Mini Pallet Deck For A Backyard Pool

Image by Canbus1

Tired of diving straight into your pool like a commoner? Introducing the mini pallet deck for your backyard pool! It’s like a VIP section for your feet. This pint-sized paradise is perfect for those who want to make a big splash without taking up too much space.

16. Pallet Waterslide For Kids

Image by Xspye

Get ready for the wildest, wettest adventure your kids have ever experienced with the Pallet Waterslide! This epic contraption combines the thrills of a waterpark with the ingenuity of DIY genius.

17. Pallet Swimming Pool

Image and tutorial by Easy Pallet Ideas

Did you know that with just a few pallets, some waterproofing magic, and a splash of imagination, you can have your own watery oasis right at home? It’s like having a vacation resort in your backyard, except without the overpriced cocktails and constant sunscreen reapplication. So grab your swimsuit, embrace your inner DIY mermaid or merman, and prepare to make a big splash in the world of pallet pool perfection.

18. Backyard Wood Pallets Pool Deck

Image and tutorial by Popular Mechanics

This genius idea involves repurposing humble pallets into a luxurious poolside retreat. It has taken the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” to a new level. So say goodbye to expensive renovations and hello to wallet-friendly ingenuity.

19. DIY Above Ground Swimming Pool Deck Using Pallet Wood

Image and tutorial by 99 Pallets

Did you know that with a few simple steps, you can transform those pallets into a stylish platform that will make you feel like the king or queen of your own aquatic domain? Don’t believe us? Check out the tutorial now!

20. Huge Swimming Pool Built In 12 Hours

Image and tutorial by Manchester Evening News

Who needs Olympic-sized pools when you can dip in a DIY wonderland? This mammoth creation combines the elegance of recycled pallets with the audacity of backyard dreams. It’s like having your very own water park for the whole family, complete with twists, turns, and cannonball possibilities.

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