37 October Bullet Journal Ideas To Plan The New Month

October Bullet Journal

Feature Image Source: bujoforstars

Are you stuck at the beginning of each month, thinking which page spreads to create? Do you recreate the same layout every month or prefer suiting the theme to the season? Here are some unique October bullet journal ideas for your inspiration. So grab your markers, washi tape, color pencils to create some fun October pages. We have got you covered from the cover to your habit and mood trackers! 

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October Bullet Journal Cover Ideas

An essential tip to a successful bullet journaling experience is to have a positive start. Hence, it is important to carefully and creatively plan your bujo cover page for a pleasant welcome to the new month!

1. Mysterious October Bullet Journal Cover

October Bullet Journal

Source: Vald_bujo

Get inspired by this wizards and witches’ cover idea by Vald_bujo and add that to your journal cover this month! I love the quirky hot pink shade of the witch’s hair. Make a scary witch, a fashionable witch, or any other Halloween character. Combine it with a cool font saying “October 2020” to begin your journaling journey for the month!

2. Autumnal Leaves October Cover

Source: midnightdreamreads

October is the season of falling Autumn leaves, so why not incorporate it to your October bullet journal cover? To recreate this idea by midnightdreamreads, divide the cover page into a slanting half and add some tiny orange, brown, camel, and yellow leaves to one half. Finally, write October in the center of the page and voila! Your thematic bujo cover is ready! 

3. Halloween Pumpkin October Cover

Source: tafelph

October is the month of Halloween, so why not add that to your October bullet journal cover. The randomly scattered pumpkins, leaves, spider webs, ghosts, bats, and other Halloween themed doodles are a perfect welcome to your monthly journal. Write “October” among the random doodles, and your cover page inspired by tafelph is ready!   

4. Black and White October Bullet Journal Cover

Source: an_artsy_dancer

Here is a simple yet lovely journal cover idea by an_artsy_dancer. Dedicate two pages of your journal (one black and one white) for this monthly cover. It is a star and moon night BuJo cover with an inspiring quote on one page and the month name on the other. The addition of the moon phases around the month’s name is a perfect touch to the theme.  

5. The Witches Brew October BuJo Cover

October Bullet Journal

Source: estesbujo

Here is a magical October bullet journal cover idea by estesbujo for a witchy Halloween monthly journal. Pairing a witches brew illustration with bright colors is the easiest way to add a spooky touch to your cover page. Use a quirky font to write “October” and match it to the vibe of the witchiness. Refer to our post for unique and creative BuJo font ideas for inspiration.  

6. Boo-tiful Pumpkins October Cover

October Bullet Journal

Source: a.girl.in.a.bullet

This pumpkin and spider web October bullet journal cover idea by a.girl.in.a.bullet is perfect for Halloween. Tear rough pieces of kraft paper and stick them on two pages of your monthly cover. Draw different-sized pumpkins on the bottom of each page and spiderwebs on top. Finish off by writing a Halloween phrase on one page and the month name on the other. That’s it; start your month with a spooky cover!

7. The Ghostly October Journal Cover

October Bullet Journal

Source: lola._bujo

This is a colorful ghostly October bullet journal idea by lola._bujo. The scattered ghosts all around the cover make for a spooky yet adorable welcome page. Choose the ghosts’ colors according to your liking or go for the above purple, yellow, orange, and blue! Write October in the middle, and voila! 

8. Harry Potter October Bullet Journal Cover

Source: dayana.draws

Have a bok that you are a fan of? Try incorporating it in your October bullet journal cover as well. Use this Harry Potter inspired idea by dayana.draws to create your favorite book cover! Write your favorite quote from the book on one page and add a book-related illustration to the other page. Scribble October, and your cover for the month is ready! 

9. Phases of the Moon BuJo Cover

October Bullet Journal

Source: bujo_squad

This, phases of the moon October bullet journal cover idea by bujo_squad is a simple way to design your cover. A simple addition of bright colors like gold and grey adds a unique twist to the classic black and white. Write the month’s name in the middle and add a border to the page for a finished look.

10. Hocus Pocus October Cover

October Bullet Journal

Source: cephyrus

Here is another Halloween Hocus Pocus cover idea by cephyrus, which is minimal and autumnal. The Halloween stack on each shelf adds a beautiful touch to your monthly cover. Draw some skulls, pumpkins, potions on the shelves, and write October at the bottom! Get creative and customize your own!

11. Sketched-Skull Journal Cover

Source: theartofbujo

A basic black pen is enough to help decorate your October bullet journal cover. Combine your sketching skills with some of our lovely BuJo font ideas and recreate this simplistic cover idea by theartofbujo.  A simple sketch with October written is both Halloweeny and suitable for your BuJo monthly cover. 

12. The Black Coffin October Cover

Source: theartofbujo

A fan of Halloween and want to welcome it in your BuJo’s monthly cover? Try this October bullet journal idea by theartofbujo. The use of mystical colors with a coffin and bat wings illustrations gives a witchy vibe. Pair it with the fonts of your choice to scribble the calendar and the month’s name.  

13. Pumpkin Spice BuJo Cover

Source: catsandjournals_

Pumpkin spice and everything nice should be the theme of your October bullet journal cover. Try this idea by catsandjournals_ using everything orange and brown. Draw on some leaves and pumpkins circling the word October, and your cover is ready for the first entry.  

14. Halloween Doodle October Cover

Source: ausome.elementary

Doodling is an adorable and simple way of adding a twist to your BuJo cover page. Since October is the Halloween month, why not draw tiny ghosts, pumpkins, treats, or the witches pot? Personalize it your way and recreate this quick idea by ausome.elementary.  

15. The Dark Spooky BuJo Cover

October Bullet Journal

Source: bujobytuva

Switch to a dark and witchy October bullet journal idea by bujobytuva. Add some cute witchy drawings to the cover page with a witch on the broomstick, a witch’s stew pot, a pumpkin, and a starry sky. Finish off by writing October in a quirky font.    

16. Fancy Lettering October Cover

Source: andymeeart

If you don’t feel like putting too much effort, try playing with the fonts on your cover page. Recreate this October bullet journal idea by andymeeart and doodle tons of leaves and flowers around October. Switch up the font and get as creative as you can!  

17. Ghostly Greeting October Bullet Journal

Source: katiemzaun

Here is an extremely easy and quick October Bullet Journal idea re-creatable by anybody! This idea by katiemzaun uses a combination of cute pumpkin and ghost doodles aligned with the month name. Change the drawings according to your comfort and liking and continue your monthly journal entries. 

18. Motivational Potion Bullet Journal Cover

October Bullet Journal

Source: minastudyng

Combine those witchy doodles with a motivational quote to recreate this October bullet journal idea by minastudyng. The colorful potions circling the witch’s stew pot suit the Halloween month perfectly. Finally, the icky note’s motivational quote would guarantee inspiration every time you begin the month entry. 

October Bullet Journal Weekly Layout

19. Flower Works Weekly Layout

October Bullet Journal

Source: supermassiveblackink

An addition of simple patterns can instantly lift any page of your BuJo. So, try drawing these floral patterns by supermassiveblackink for this year’s October bullet journal. You can draw an outline of the floral design and leave it as is, or add some colors to it! Create this simple yet elegant design to plan your week! 

20. Gel Pen Doodling October Bullet Journal Plan

Source: barbarahaegerart

Grab a gold gel pen and get doodling on a black sheet of paper. A dark background instantly adds a classy touch to your BuJo spread. Add this doodled sheet to one half of the sheet and plan your week on the other half. For doodling ideas, refer to the above design by barbarahaegerart

21. Ghost Pattern Purple Weekly Layout

October Bullet Journal

Source: kaylizaa

Dedicate one tiny corner to a ghost pattern panel to recreate this adorable October bullet journal idea by kaylizaa. The addition of purple text boxes is a pop of color to the page and is a quirky touch to your weekly spread! Switch the colors and fonts according to your liking. 

22. Black Cats Slinking Around Weekly Cover

Source: theartofbujo

Add some Halloween creepiness to your weekly layout with this October bullet journal idea by theartofbujo. Create some steps and draw tiny cats on top of each step. Add orange text boxes and sun in the background, and your weekly spread is ready!  

23. Howlloween Weekly Spread

Source: rosieonpaper

This orange, black, and red themed weekly layout by rosieonpaper is perfect for Halloween’s spooky season. The combination of skeletons, pumpkins, spider webs is as eerie as one can think of! Use this October bullet journal weekly spread to amp your BuJo with minimal effort. 

24. The All-Orange October Bullet Journal Spread

October Bullet Journal

Source: shailiestudyjunction

A single color theme is enough to brighten up the weekly spread of your October bullet journal. Try this idea by shailiestudyjunction, which uses different orange tones for the texts, borders, and illustrations. Work with the color that you love and voila!

25. Rainbow Colors Weekly Layout

October Bullet Journal

Source: bujoforstars

Brighten up your October Bullet Journal with a mix of all the colors in your collection. Draw leaves on each side of the sheets, as shown in the above idea by bujoforstars. Finish off by creating text boxes and adding a hint of the colors to each!   

26. The Itsy Bitsy October Bullet Journal Spread

Source: kaylizaa

Create neat, tiny boxes for each date of the week and surround them with itsy bitsy illustrations. These could be ghosts, stars, phrases like the above idea by kaylizaa. Add a pop of color in each box’s headings, and your October bullet journal weekly layout is ready!  

October Bullet Journal Monthly Ideas

27. Hello October Monthly Journal Spread

Source: thatscribblingwoman

Scribble some colorful Halloween doodles of pumpkins, cats, treats, and webs to recreate this idea by thatscribblingwoman. This October bullet journal idea is a creative and neat way of organizing your monthly layout. Create the monthly calendar and top it off with these doodles to finish off the layout.  

28. Fall Themed October Bullet Journal Layout

Source: bujoforstars

Add some falling leaves to your monthly BuJo layout to set the theme for Autumn! This October bullet journal idea by bujoforstars is a colorful way to create the monthly overview calendar. Add big and small leaves of different colors to liven up space around the tiny boxes. Finish off with a neat heading and get ready for some journaling. 

29. Double Page Monthly BuJo Layout

Source: colourfulcreations.cc

Here is another black and white themed BuJo layout for the month by colourfulcreations.cc. Use a black marker to create the calendar, followed by the month heading in a quirky font. Finally, add a spooky touch with some ghosts and bats and enjoy this minimal and organized monthly layout.

Mood and Habit Trackers for October

30. The Bubbly Mood and Habit Tracker

October Bullet Journal

Source: bujoroniandcheese

Try this witch’s stew habit tracker by bujoroniandcheese for a magical and colorful BuJo spread. Lay the base with a witch’s pot and some potion bottles for each mood. Next, cover the entire page with colorful numbered bubbles tracking the moods and top it off with the heading. This October bullet journal idea is a great way to assess your moods!

31. The Maple Leaf Mood Tracker

Draw a maple leaf covering the mood tracker’s sheet, as shown in this idea by bujonoteswith.nina. Color code each mood and fill up parts of the leaves displaying the rate of each mood. You can use any leaf and colors of your choice. This is a quick and adorable way of adding a mood tracker to your October bullet journal.  

Source: bujonoteswith.nina

Draw a maple leaf covering the mood tracker’s sheet, as shown in this idea by bujonoteswith.nina. Color code each mood and fill up parts of the leaves displaying the rate of each mood. You can use any leaf and colors of your choice. This is a quick and adorable way of adding a mood tracker to your October bullet journal.  

32. Tones of Yellow Fall Habit Tracker

Source: catsandjournals_

Use shades of yellow for this super adorable autumnal habit and mood tracker by catsandjournals_. Dedicate one sheet to each habit and mood tracker. Write the habits down and create a monthly calendar for each habit. Whereas, dedicate different shades to each emotion and draw leaves for each mood using the particular shade. Don’t forget to update these trackers for a successful analysis regularly.  

33. The Potion Shelf Mood Tracker

Source: bg.bujo

This is another Halloween inspired mood tracker idea created by bg.bujo. Draw some shelves on the sheet and stack some bottles on top with different colored potions. Each color for each mood and voila! Keep track of your mood this month using this October bullet journal tracker.  

34. Pumpkin Family October Bullet Journal Tracker

October Bullet Journal

Source: annamariabujo

I love how aesthetic and adorable this mood tracker by annamariabujo is. The use of subtle tones to color the mood pumpkins is a fantastic idea. Also, the quirky shapes of the pumpkins add a fun touch to the entire sheet. Finally, the dates written next to each pumpkin make it very neat and organized.  

35. Colorful Doodles Mood and Habit Tracker

Source: lalipop.lettering

Drawing tiny doodles is a fun and easy way to create your mood and habit trackers. To recreate the one above by lalipop.lettering, choose three colors that you like. For the mood tracker, make a witch’s pot with doodles popping out in different colors, reflecting different moods. Now, for the habit tracker, dedicate an equal number of habits to each chosen color and create a calendar for the same. That’s it! You are ready to track your growth. 

36. The Scattered Leaves Mood Tracker

Source: tulipnotes

Similar to the pumpkin family mood tracker is this idea by tulipnotes created using scattered leaves. It is quick and easy to make and adds color and cuteness to your October Bullet Journal spread. You can make the leaves fall inspired by using tones of orange or go green! 

37. The Moody Cauldron October Bullet Journal Spread

Source: divergent.imagination

Here is a moody witchy cauldron for your October bullet journal mood tracking. Fill the bottom of the sheet with a cauldron and potion bottles colored for each mood. Draw bubbles with the dates scattered around the entire sheet and voila! You can make stars instead of bubbles or even tiny ghosts. 

We hope these ideas get you going for your October bullet journal. Incorporate each of these ideas from the cover to the monthly and weekly spreads. Finish off with the mood and habit trackers for a complete and satisfactory BuJo experience. It is a great way to reflect on yourself and on the experiences you have each day! 

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