40 Unique Lego Storage Ideas For Better Organization

Are you tired of stepping on Lego bricks and experiencing the excruciating pain that comes with it? Look no further, my friend! We’ve scoured the universe for the quirkiest, most mind-boggling Lego storage ideas that will save you from the chaotic clutches of clutter. Brace yourself for an intergalactic journey filled with ingenious solutions.

Say goodbye to the endless quest for that missing Lego piece, and hello to a world where order reigns supreme! Prepare to embark on a storage odyssey that will have you laughing, building, and triumphing over the chaos, one brick at a time.

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1. Use Baskets For Lego Storage

Image and tutorial by Ambertysl

Bid farewell to the chaotic Lego wasteland that used to be your living room floor. Say hello to a world where your minifigures bask in the glorious organization, suspended high above the ground like fearless superheroes. These magical wall-mounted baskets will revolutionize the way you store and display your beloved plastic creations.

2. DIY Pick Up And Play Mat

Image and tutorial by Kids Activities

Introducing the revolutionary “DIY Pick Up And Play Mat” for LEGO storage. This ingenious creation combines the practicality of a storage mat with the whimsy of a playground. Simply spread it out, and voila! Your LEGO battlefield transforms into a magical wonderland.

3. Color-Coded Lego Organization

Image and tutorial by Dukes And Duchesses

Say goodbye to the frustration of searching for that elusive red 2×4 brick in a sea of blue and yellow. With this practical storage tip, your LEGO collection will be a vibrant symphony of order and creativity. So grab your paintbrushes and get ready to unleash the Picasso of organization within you!

4. Pull-Out Shelves Lego Storage Ideas

Image and tutorial by I heart Organizing

Are you tired of stepping on those tiny Lego bricks only to unleash a symphony of colorful expletives? Fear not, fellow builders, for I bring you the holy grail of Lego storage solutions: pull-out shelves! These magical shelves slide out like knights in shining plastic armor, revealing a glorious landscape of organized Lego bliss.

5. Lego Organizer Ideas

Image by Raisin 4

Are you tired of tripping over colorful landmines of creativity scattered across your home? Well, fear not, fellow LEGO enthusiasts, for I bring you the ultimate storage solution wrapped in a package of pure genius—the LEGO Tool Chest! This magical marvel is not just any old storage container; it’s a whimsical fortress of imagination that will make you the master of your LEGO domain.

Expert tip by TCH - Repurpose a tool chest. Consider using a tool chest with multiple drawers as a storage solution for Legos. The drawers can be labeled and divided into sections to sort and store different types of bricks, making it easy to locate specific pieces when needed.

6. Simple DIY Lego Table For Building And Storage

Image and tutorial by Repurpose And Upcycle

We present the ultimate solution to Lego chaos: the Simple DIY Lego Table For Building And Storage. This ingenious masterpiece combines creativity and tidiness in one delightful package. Say goodbye to lost pieces, and hello to a clutter-free home!

7. Lego Organization Ideas Using Labels

Image and tutorial by The Homes I Have made

Tired of stumbling over LEGO bricks like you’re auditioning for a slapstick comedy? Fear not, fellow builders! We’ve got the ultimate solution to your blocky chaos: LEGO Organization Using Labels! Prepare to embark on a labeling adventure that would make even the most OCD minifigure proud.

8. Tea Bags Organizers Turned Into Lego Storage Unit

Image and tutorial by At Home With Ashley

Get ready to have your mind blown and your bricks neatly sorted with the ultimate LEGO storage tip that will make you question the very essence of creativity! We present the extraordinary transformation of a simple wooden tea bag organizer into a legendary LEGO storage unit! This ingenious hack will not only keep your colorful plastic treasures organized but also add a touch of sophistication to your brick-filled abode.

9. DIY Lego Mini Figure Storage Shelves

Image and tutorial by Jedi Craft Girl

Are your LEGO mini-figures staging a tiny revolution in your home, overthrowing every ounce of the organization? Fear not, fellow builders, introducing the DIY LEGO Mini Figure Storage Shelves, where tidiness meets creativity in a harmonious symphony of plastic joy. These shelves will rescue your beloved characters from the chaos of messy drawers and cluttered floors, giving them a stage worthy of their blocky brilliance.

10. Giant Fabric Bins Under the Coffee Table For Lego Storage

Image and tutorial by The Scrap Shoppe Blog

Introducing the magnificent Giant Fabric Bins! These bad boys are like the hulking superheroes of the Lego storage world. With their immense size, they can swallow up an army of bricks faster than you can say, “Ouch!” Their soft fabric lining also provides a cozy sanctuary for those plastic wonders.

11. Play Table With Lego Storage – An Ikea Hack

Image and tutorial by That Mommy Blog

This ingenious creation not only keeps those pesky plastic landmines at bay but also provides a designated play area for your little architects. Say goodbye to painful foot encounters and hello to a world where LEGO and organization come together like two bricks locking with a satisfying click!

Expert tip by TCH - Build a Lego table with storage. Construct a Lego table that doubles as a storage unit. Incorporate drawers, shelves, or even built-in compartments within the table design to keep your Legos neatly organized. This way, you have a dedicated space for building and storage, minimizing clutter.

12. Clear Turnable Storage Unit For Lego

Image by Organisingmum

Is your home under constant siege by the colorful, plastic invaders known as Lego bricks? Fear not, fellow brick enthusiasts, for we have unearthed a genius solution to your storage struggles! Enter the mighty hero of organization: the Clear Turnable Storage Unit For Lego. This fantastic idea combines the power of transparency with the spinning prowess of a DJ at a wild party.

13. Big Red Tool Chest – Best Lego Storage Ideas

Image and tutorial by Raising Dragons

We present the ultimate solution to your colorful problem: the Big Red Tool Chest! This majestic storage beast is not just for mortal tools—it’s your ticket to LEGO organization bliss. With its mighty presence and sturdy construction, this chest will devour all those tiny plastic landmines, keeping them safely contained and out of harm’s way.

14. DIY Lego Board And Storage Ideas To Store Lego Bricks

Image and tutorial by Crisp Collective

Looking for a brickin’ excellent way to corral your colorful chaos of LEGO bricks? Say hello to the ultimate storage solution: the DIY LEGO Board! With this nifty tip, you’ll transform your playtime paradise into a masterful masterpiece of organization. It’s like a VIP club for your bricks, where they can mingle, stick together, and never go missing again.

15. DIY Lego Tray With Organizer

Image and tutorial by The Handyman’s Daughter

This nifty creation combines a tray’s elegance with a superhero’s organizational prowess. It’s like Batman and Wonder Woman teaming up to defeat the evil forces of scattered bricks. Prepare to conquer the Lego mayhem and restore peace to your floors, one ingenious tray at a time!

16. DIY Lego Table With Storage For Small Spaces

Image and tutorial by Anika’s DIY Life

Behold, the DIY Lego Table With Storage, crafted specifically for those cramped spaces that resemble the Bermuda Triangle of Lego pieces. Prepare to embark on a journey where organization meets playfulness, where creativity thrives amidst the tidy chaos, and where your inner child reigns supreme! Let the Lego revolution begin!

Expert tip by TCH - Sort by size and shape. Instead of sorting Legos by color, consider sorting them by size and shape. Use clear plastic bins or containers with dividers to separate bricks, plates, slopes, and other specific types. This method makes it easier to find the right piece and speeds up the building process.

17. DIY Under Bed Rolling Lego Storage Cart

Image and tutorial by The Happy Housie

This ingenious Lego storage solution is not only a practical marvel but also a tribute to our creative spirit. Bid farewell to the days of searching for missing pieces under the couch and say hello to the organized bliss that lies beneath your bed. Prepare to roll into Lego storage heaven with a dash of humor and a sprinkle of genius!

18. Easy DIY Lego Storage And Table For Toddlers

Image and tutorial by The Handyman’s Daughter

Do you find yourself sinking knee-deep into colorful plastic chaos every time you enter your toddler’s room? Fear not, brave parent! We have a fantastic solution that will save your feet and your sanity. Introducing the ultimate Lego storage tip: the Easy DIY Lego Storage and Table for Toddlers! This magical creation will transform your child’s playtime into a seamless adventure of brick-building bliss.

19. DIY Wooden Lego Storage Ideas

Image and tutorial by Flipping For First

Looking for a way to conquer the LEGO brick chaos and restore peace to your home? Look no further, my fellow LEGO enthusiasts, because we have a tip to store legos that will bring joy to your heart (and save your poor feet!). Behold the DIY wooden play table with color-coded plastic trays! It’s like a magical land of organization where every brick has its place.

Expert tip by TCH - Create a labeling system. Labeling is crucial for efficient Lego storage. Attach labels or use adhesive tape on containers, drawers, or shelves to indicate the type or category of Lego pieces stored inside. This simple yet effective method saves time and ensures that everything is returned to its proper place, preventing clutter from accumulating.

20. DIY Lego Storage Cube

Image and tutorial by Addicted 2 DIY

Introducing the DIY Lego Storage Cube, the ultimate answer to your organization’s woes. With this storage cube, you’ll be a Lego master and a decluttering legend all in one colorful swoop. Say goodbye to foot-aching disasters and hello to a world of brick-tastic bliss!

21. DIY Lego Duplo Play Tray With Storage

Image and tutorial by All Things Target

Are your LEGO Duplo bricks taking over your life, multiplying faster than rabbits on a sugar rush? Fear not, my fellow brick enthusiasts, introducing the DIY LEGO Duplo Play Tray With Storage, the ultimate weapon against brick-induced bedlam. With this nifty tray, you can construct towering cities, magnificent spaceships, and epic adventures, all while effortlessly corralling those mischievous bricks.

22. DIY Play and Storage System

Image and tutorial by Good DIY Plans

No more shrieks of pain or endless tidying sessions! With this ingenious creation, you’ll not only be a master builder but also a master of organization. Say goodbye to LEGO-induced agony and hello to a world of tidy brick bliss!

23. Super Organized Lego Storage System

Image and tutorial by Ikea Hackers

This perfect method will revolutionize your brick-wrangling game and transform your chaotic LEGO abyss into a symphony of order. Say goodbye to the painful screams that escape your lips as your feet encounter LEGO landmines. With our system, you’ll not only find the right brick in a jiffy but also unleash your inner LEGO Zen master.

24. Cheap And Easy DIY Lego Storage System

Image and tutorial by Splendry

Bid farewell to the days of painful toe encounters and embrace the joy of effortless LEGO management. This clever contraption not only zips around your room like a lightning-fast racecar but also provides a hidden sanctuary for your prized LEGO creations. It’s like having a magical treasure chest on wheels—because who said LEGO organization couldn’t be an adventure?

25. Rolling Lego Sorter

Image and tutorial by Bright Green Door

You will no longer suffer the agony of searching for that elusive piece. With the Rolling Lego Sorter, you’ll have a storage solution that rolls with the punches, keeping your sanity intact and your feet blister-free. Time to bid farewell to the landmines of imagination and embrace the order of the brick realm!

26. DIY Ikea Table With Storage

Image and tutorial by Just Girl And Her Blog

This ingenious creation combines the magical powers of creativity and affordability, using the mystical force of Ikea furniture. Prepare to embark on a journey where chaos meets order and where the tiny plastic bricks find their rightful place.

27. DIY Lego Table Ikea Hack

Image and tutorial by Must Have Mom

Do you find yourself muttering profanities as you navigate through a chaotic sea of plastic blocks? Fear not, my fellow brick enthusiasts! I present to you the ultimate LEGO storage tip that will revolutionize your life: the DIY Ikea Table With Storage. Imagine a glorious land where LEGO pieces have a designated home, and you can actually walk without the risk of impromptu foot acupuncture. Prepare for organized bliss and bid farewell to the treacherous LEGO minefield!

28. DIY Lego Table With Hanging Buckets For Storage

Image and tutorial by Kojo Designs

Introducing the ultimate LEGO storage hack: the DIY LEGO Table With Hanging Buckets For Storage! Picture this: a magnificent masterpiece of engineering where your precious LEGO pieces hang from buckets like astronauts floating in space. It’s like a magical LEGO symphony where creativity meets organization. Say goodbye to chaotic playtime and hello to a world where tidy and hilarious collide!

29. Small Mounted Plastic Bins For Lego Organization

Image and tutorial by Simply Organized

Are your precious Lego bricks multiplying like rabbits, taking over every nook and cranny of your home? Fear not, fellow brick enthusiasts! We’ve discovered the ultimate solution for your colorful conundrum: small mounted plastic bins! These pint-sized warriors will conquer the chaos in your Lego universe, transforming it into a harmonious haven of organized bliss.

30. Corner Lego Organizer Ideas

Image and tutorial by Love Grows Wild

Tired of stepping on Lego bricks and engaging in epic battles with those sneaky little plastic pieces? Look no further, my fellow Lego enthusiasts, for I bring you the ultimate storage solution: the Corner Lego Organizer! This ingenious contraption is like a fortress for your bricks, standing tall and proud in the corner of your room, ready to vanquish clutter.

31. DIY Lego Storage Container

Image and tutorial by Meatloaf And Melodrama

Introducing the magnificent marvel of DIY Lego Storage Containers! Say goodbye to jumbled messes, and hello to organized Nirvana! Armed with a spoonful of creativity, a sprinkle of resourcefulness, and a pinch of absurdity, this tutorial guides you through the wondrous realm of old containers into majestic Lego habitats.

32. DIY Living Room Lego Storage Cabinet

Image and tutorial by Mama Cheaps

We present to you the ultimate solution: the DIY Living Room Lego Storage Cabinet! This fantastic creation will not only save your poor feet from eternal agony but will also elevate your living room decor to unimaginable heights. Say goodbye to those chaotic, colorful minefields on the floor and hello to organized bliss!

33. Customized Lego Storage Cabinet

Image and tutorial by A Wonderful Thought

This LEGO storage marvel will make your heart sing with joy as you neatly arrange and categorize every single brick. No more lost pieces or endless searches! Prepare to be the envy of all builders and declare victory over the LEGO chaos!

34. Simple Lego Activity Table With Storage

Image and tutorial by Renovate Australia

No more desperate searches for missing pieces or painful encounters with those sneaky sharp edges. With this table, you’ll be the master of organization and the hero of your bare feet. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to sanity, one brick at a time!

35. Color Coded Transparent Stackable Boxes For Lego

Image by Theorderlylifestyle

These transparent marvels not only keep your precious bricks neatly contained but also let you show off your vibrant collection like a proud Lego curator. With colors assigned to specific categories, finding that elusive yellow 2×4 brick will be easier than finding Waldo in a candy cane factory.

36. Hanging Buckets Wall Storage

Image and tutorial by B-Inspired Mama

In the world of LEGO enthusiasts, keeping those beloved bricks organized can be a daunting task. Enter the ingenious solution: Hanging Buckets Wall Storage. This innovative LEGO storage tip takes organization to new heights, literally. By utilizing vertical wall space, LEGO builders can reclaim valuable floor space while maintaining easy access to their brick collection.

37. Tool Box For Small Lego Organization

Image by Johnbtoys

If you’re looking for a clever way to organize your small Lego collection, consider using a toolbox as a practical storage solution. This Lego storage tip offers convenience and efficiency, allowing you to easily access and tidy up your bricks. The sturdy compartments of a toolbox provide ideal spaces for sorting Lego pieces by color, shape, or theme.

38. Plastic Containers For lego Storage Ideas

Image and tutorial by Centsational Style

If you’re an avid Lego enthusiast, you know that keeping your bricks organized is essential for hassle-free building sessions. One tried and tested Lego storage tip is to use plastic containers. These versatile and durable containers come in various sizes and are ideal for sorting and storing your colorful plastic bricks.

39. Lego Storage For Large Collections

Image and tutorial by Brickarchitect

Are you tired of stepping on scattered LEGO bricks or spending hours searching for that one elusive piece? Look no further! This tutorial offers the ultimate LEGO storage tip for large collections. Unlock the secrets to maximizing space, preserving sets, and finding joy in building without the hassle.

40. Fabulous Lego Organization

Image and tutorial by Clean And Scentsible

Are you tired of stepping on those tiny bricks or spending endless hours searching for the perfect piece? Look no further! This tutorial provides expert guidance on how to create a unified Lego storage system that will keep your bricks organized and easily accessible.


1. What is the most efficient way to store LEGO?

The most efficient way to store LEGO is by sorting them based on similar pieces or colors. This allows for easy access and efficient building. Storage solutions like plastic bins, drawers, or tackle boxes with adjustable compartments can help keep the bricks organized.

2. How do you store large amounts of Legos?

When storing large amounts of Legos, it’s recommended to use stackable storage containers or modular storage systems. These systems provide ample space while allowing easy access and scalability as your collection grows.

3. What can I store my LEGO in?

There are various options for storing LEGO, including plastic storage bins, transparent containers, or specialized LEGO storage products like storage heads, brick-shaped boxes, or sorting trays. It ultimately depends on your preference and the size of your collection.

4. What is the best way to store built LEGO sets?

r damage. If space is limited, disassembling the sets and storing them in labeled bags or containers, accompanied by the instruction manuals, can help save space while keeping them organized. Additionally, placing the sets in a cool, dry place will help maintain their condition over time.

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