25 Classic Herringbone Subway Tile Ideas You Will Love

Elevate the classic charm of subway tiles by weaving them into an elegant herringbone layout. While the traditional approach to subway tiles is a simple, staggered format, exploring their flexibility allows for a unique twist on home decor. Adopting a herringbone arrangement not only adds an intricate geometric flair but also infuses spaces with a sophisticated, modern edge.

Herringbone subway tiles shine in areas like kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls, and shower enclosures, where the distinctive pattern visually expands the area and injects vibrancy. For a timeless elegance, lean towards pristine white subway tiles. Pair them with matching white grout for a sleek, unified look, or contrast them with dark grout to anchor the design in a more traditional, cottage-inspired aesthetic. Continue reading to discover how integrating herringbone subway tiles can breathe new life into your home’s interiors with their distinctive charm and versatility.

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1. Elegant Simplicity with a Twist

Image by cletile

Effortlessly blending classic and modern, this bathroom showcases a clean herringbone subway tile wall. White tiles contrast with dark grout, highlighting the pattern’s dynamic flow. A minimalist vanity complements the tiles’ understated elegance. The pattern seamlessly transitions into traditional subway tile, marrying two styles harmoniously.

2. Subtle Elegance in Herringbone

image by mercurymosaics

This design softly whispers luxury with muted herringbone tiles. Natural light enhances the gentle pattern. Gold fixtures add a midas touch, contrasting with the subtle tile hues. A perfect backdrop for greenery and wood textures, it creates a serene escape.

Expert tip by TCH – 

The herringbone pattern in subway tiles offers a dynamic and visually captivating experience that can elevate any space from ordinary to extraordinary. Its geometric precision not only adds depth and texture but also introduces a timeless elegance that complements both modern and traditional decors. Choosing a herringbone pattern is a statement of sophistication, blending art and functionality seamlessly.”

3. Textural Contrast Herringbone

Image by stylewithjackie

Here, a herringbone tile wall meets a textural delight. The transition to penny tiles creates a tactile experience. A monochrome palette keeps the focus on texture. It’s a clever play of patterns, adding depth to the space.

4. Rustic Chic Herringbone

Image by ethancharlesdesign

A rustic vanity anchors this herringbone arrangement. The tiles offer a backdrop of understated sophistication. Gold accents provide just the right amount of sparkle. Overall, it’s a harmonious blend of rustic and refined elements.

5. Bold Blue Herringbone Statement

Image by multipanel_it

The deep blue tiles offer a striking contrast, creating a focal point in the shower. Gold fixtures complement the blue, adding a touch of luxury. The herringbone pattern injects dynamic movement. Altogether, it’s a bold yet balanced feature in the space.

6. Tranquil Herringbone Harmony

Image by clearcutandco

Light herringbone tiles set a tranquil tone against the wooden accents. The large window introduces natural light, highlighting the pattern. It’s a serene, spa-like retreat. The tiles provide a subtle nod to classic design with a fresh twist.

Expert tip by TCH – 

Our herringbone subway tiles are crafted with precision to ensure each piece fits perfectly into the grand design. This pattern has surged in popularity due to its versatility and the unique character it brings to spaces. We use high-quality materials to ensure durability and beauty, making it an excellent choice for those looking to invest in their home’s aesthetics and value”.

7. Contemporary Herringbone Elegance

Image by topstiles

This herringbone tile wall exudes contemporary elegance. The neutral colour palette ensures timeless appeal. A single dark contrast line frames the space effectively. It’s a modern interpretation of a classic pattern.

8. Kitchen Sophistication with Herringbone

Image by marianneelizabethdesigm

White herringbone tiles brighten the kitchen backsplash. They add texture while maintaining a clean, cohesive look. Silver appliances and lavender hints create a subtle colour balance. It’s a sophisticated and inviting culinary space.

9. Rustic Flair Herringbone

Image by venturahometexas

The herringbone pattern behind the range hood adds a rustic flair. Additionally, the wooden hood introduces warmth. Moreover, the pattern is a beautiful contrast to the classic subway tiles. It creates a countryside charm in a modern kitchen.

10. Sophisticated Herringbone Elegance

Image by almahomes

This kitchen backsplash features an elegant herringbone design. It provides a sophisticated focal point. The glossy finish reflects light beautifully. It’s paired with a sleek, modern range, blending tradition with modernity.

Expert tip by TCH – 

Installing herringbone subway tile requires meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship. The pattern demands precise alignment and spacing to achieve its signature look. It’s a labor of love, but the end result is incredibly rewarding, creating spaces that are visually appealing and stand the test of time. This pattern not only adds beauty but also durability and easy maintenance to any tiled surface.”

11. Herringbone Highlight in a Modern Kitchen

Image by bhhsganewhomes

Herringbone tiles provide a farmhouse chic backdrop in this kitchen. For instance, the warm wood tones complement the intricate tiling. Additionally, the pattern adds depth to the white cabinetry. It’s a cosy yet stylish space for gathering.

12. Classic Meets Contemporary Herringbone

Image by housebeautiful

Here, herringbone subway tiles offer a twist on the classic. They create a dynamic backsplash that catches the eye. Furthermore, the pattern pairs well with minimalist cabinetry. Ultimately, it bridges classic and contemporary styles in the kitchen.

13. Monochromatic Elegance

Image by collate.sg

This bathroom marries classic herringbone with chic monochrome. The white subway tiles are laid in a herringbone pattern. They provide a stark, clean background for the black vanity. The space is modern yet timeless.

14. Sleek and Sophisticated

Image by royalceramics

The shower area features a herringbone pattern ascending the wall. It transitions into hexagonal tiles on the floor. Gold fixtures offer a warm contrast to the cool tones. The design is sleek and sophisticated.

15. Gourmet Herringbone

Image by lisafurtadointeriors

Above the stove, the herringbone pattern adds a culinary charm. It pairs beautifully with the stainless steel and white cabinetry. The intricate tile work reflects light, brightening the kitchen. It’s perfect for gourmet inspirations.

Expert tip by TCH – 

The herringbone pattern with subway tiles is a game-changer for any renovation project. It instantly uplifts the ambiance of a kitchen backsplash or bathroom wall, adding a touch of luxury and complexity that other patterns can’t match. It’s a versatile choice that works well with various color schemes and design styles, making it a favorite among homeowners and designers alike.”

16. Warm Herringbone Glow

Image by beaumontinteriors

A herringbone pattern behind the vanity casts a warm glow. The round mirror softens the sharp angles of the tiles. Flowers and candlelight add a romantic touch. The ambiance is cosy and inviting.

17. Herringbone Serenity

Image by mercurymosaics

Soft grey tiles in a herringbone pattern create a peaceful backdrop for a relaxing soak. The subtle pattern adds depth without overwhelming. Sleek black fixtures provide a modern contrast. The space is a tranquil, contemporary haven.

18. Dramatic Herringbone Impact

Image by jubincantik

Bold black tiles make a dramatic herringbone statement in this bathroom. The stark contrast with white enhances the geometric pattern. Gold fixtures and accents introduce a luxurious element. This design is a study in striking contrasts.

19. Classic Herringbone Refinement

Image by colortile_au

Herringbone tiles in a delicate shade elevate the shower’s elegance. The marble-like detailing exudes luxury. A round mirror and polished fixtures add sophistication. It’s a classic look with a refined twist.

20. Textured Herringbone Allure

Image by bathrooms_of_insta

The intricate herringbone pattern adds a textured allure to this vanity wall. Its varied shades of grey provide visual depth. A stone basin contrasts with the sleek tiles. The space is a symphony of texture and sophistication.

Expert tip by TCH – 

Properties that feature herringbone subway tile details tend to attract more attention on the market. This pattern speaks to a level of detail and design savvy that resonates with buyers looking for something beyond the standard. It’s not just about the tiles but the overall aesthetic and feel they bring to a space, often contributing to a higher perceived value and appeal of the property.”

21. Herringbone Elegance

Image by houseliftdesign

The herringbone pattern in a shower space offers timeless elegance. The light grey tiles give a sense of calm continuity. Modern fixtures complement the classic pattern. The design merges simplicity with luxury.

22. Monochrome Herringbone Chic

Image by yeomansbc

This shower features a herringbone pattern with a monochrome palette. The uninterrupted flow of tiles creates a serene atmosphere. Black fixtures ground the design. It’s a chic and polished take on a traditional pattern.

23. Pastel Herringbone Whimsy

Image by diymom.ca

Pastel herringbone tiles add a whimsical charm to this bathroom. The playful palette softens the space, while wooden shelves introduce warmth. Gold hardware and fixtures add a splash of elegance. It’s a delicate, dreamy retreat.

24. Urban Edge Herringbone

Image by gowrieadappa

Herringbone tiles in this kitchen bring an urban edge to the cooking space. The white tiles contrast with dark grout for visual impact. Open shelves and wood tones add warmth. It’s a modern twist on traditional style.

25. Farmhouse Herringbone Blend

Image by tilebar

This kitchen mixes farmhouse vibes with herringbone sophistication. The pattern is subtle yet engaging against the white cabinetry. Natural light accentuates the backsplash’s texture. Black hardware completes the contemporary farmhouse look.


Q: How to Lay Subway Tile in a Herringbone Pattern?

A: The first step is to find the center point of your wall or floor space. Mark a vertical and a horizontal line intersecting at this center point to guide your pattern layout.

Q: How do I start laying the tiles?

A: Begin at the center point, laying tiles at a 45-degree angle to the lines you’ve drawn. This forms the characteristic V-shape of the herringbone pattern. Continue laying tiles, working your way outwards, ensuring each tile is aligned precisely.

Q: What tools do I need for laying tiles in a herringbone pattern?

A: You will need a tile cutter or saw, a notched trowel, spacers, a level, and a chalk line to ensure straight and even tile placement.

Q: How to Do a Herringbone Corner with 3 by 6 Subway Tile?

A: For inside corners, cut tiles to fit the space, maintaining the herringbone pattern’s flow. Use a tile cutter to achieve precise cuts. For outside corners, miter cut the tiles at a 45-degree angle to create a seamless corner that aligns with the herringbone pattern.

Q: What’s the best way to ensure the tiles fit perfectly in the corners?

A: Measure and dry-fit your tiles before making any cuts. This approach helps to visualize how the pattern will turn and ensures that the cut tiles fit perfectly, maintaining the integrity of the herringbone design.

Q: How to Install Subway Tile in a Herringbone Pattern?

A: Ensure your surface is clean, dry, and level. Apply a layer of tile adhesive with a notched trowel to the surface. The notches help to create an even bed for the tiles.

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