35 Functional And Stylish ​​Fireplace Cabinets You Will Love

Fireplace cabinets, also known as built-ins, frame the central hearth with practical elegance and provide a structured aesthetic that marries functionality with style. These custom cabinetry designs are tailored to complement your living space, maximizing the surrounding wall areas for storage or display purposes.

They not only enhance the visual appeal of the fireplace but also offer a seamless integration into the room’s overall décor.

Implementing fireplace cabinet ideas can transform a mundane living area into a sophisticated and organized space. Whether opting for classic wood finishes that evoke a cozy, traditional feel or sleek, modern lines that suit a contemporary home, these cabinets are designed to fit the unique contours of your fireplace.

This versatility allows homeowners to personalize their space while keeping essentials neatly stowed away and enhancing the room’s focal point—the fireplace.

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1. Modern Elegance with Functional Storage Fireplace TV Stand

Modern Elegance with Functional Storage Fireplace TV Stand

Image by athomefc

This fireplace cabinet design features a minimalist aesthetic. The natural wood hues and clean lines enhance the room’s modern feel. Moreover, the built-in shelving on either side offers ample space for décor and essentials, blending utility with style. Transitioning from cosy to chic, the dark fireplace contrasts with the light-toned cabinetry, creating a striking focal point.

Expert tip by TCH –

“When integrating cabinets around a fireplace, consider the balance of functionality and aesthetics. A popular trend is built-in shelving that frames the fireplace, providing both storage and a showcase for art pieces. Opt for materials that complement the fireplace, enhancing the warmth and inviting nature of the room.”

2. Classic Sophistication with Marble Accents Around Fireplace

Classic Sophistication with Marble Accents Around Fireplace

Image by visualcomfort

Elegance meets tradition in this fireplace cabinet setup, where the classic white built-ins frame a stunning marble fireplace. Above, a simple gold shelf adds a touch of luxury. Transitional elements are present in the marble-topped furniture, harmonising with the cabinet’s sophistication. This design balances the old-world charm with contemporary finesse, offering structured storage and a luxurious backdrop for relaxation.

3. Rustic Charm with Modern Amenities – Wall Mount Fireplace Built Ins

Rustic Charm with Modern Amenities - Wall Mount Fireplace Built Ins

Image by rusticbutterfly

This fireplace cabinet brings a rustic charm with its textured stone façade and rough-hewn wooden mantel and shelves. Nestled comfortably in the alcoves, the cabinets provide discreet storage. Simultaneously, the setup is modernised with a wall-mounted TV, marrying traditional textures with current technology. This design exemplifies a cosy yet functional space for gathering and entertainment.

4. Modern Elegance

Modern Elegance

Image by inspiri.designbuild

Sleek symmetry defines this modern fireplace cabinet setup.Built-in shelves with vertical wooden slats create a striking contrast against the dark, tiled fireplace.The integrated flat-screen TV blends seamlessly, optimising space and style.Clean lines and a minimalist approach exude contemporary charm.”

Expert tip by TCH –

“The key to crafting durable fireplace cabinets is choosing the right materials that can withstand heat. I recommend using heat-resistant woods or incorporating metal elements for a modern touch. Additionally, proper insulation inside the cabinets is crucial to protect your belongings and ensure safety.”

5. Textured Contrast

Textured Contrast

Image by kingdom.and.company

The harmony of mixed materials offers a tactile experience in this design.Floating wooden shelves provide warmth against the cool grey of the surrounding tiles.The elongated fireplace delivers a cosy ambiance beneath a monochrome art piece.Crisp white cabinetry grounds the aesthetic, offering a classic touch.

6. Sleek Minimalism with a Touch of Nature

Sleek Minimalism with a Touch of Nature

Image by laurenashleyelder

Marked by clean lines and a neutral palette, this fireplace cabinet embodies sleek minimalism. The concrete fireplace provides a raw, textural contrast to the smooth cabinetry beside it. Floating shelves above add a touch of warmth with natural wood tones. This design creates a serene space that feels both open and grounded, ideal for a peaceful retreat.

7. Rustic Charm with Built-in Electric Fireplace Cabinet

Rustic Charm with Built-in Electric Fireplace Cabinet

Image by vanderhornarchitects

This fireplace cabinet idea marries rustic charm with modern functionality.. Floating wooden shelves add warmth and offer display space, blending with the white cabinetry below. This design is perfect for those looking to infuse a rustic touch while maintaining a clean and organised look.

8. Contemporary Farmhouse with Geometric Lighting Fireplace Surround

Contemporary Farmhouse with Geometric Lighting Fireplace Surround

Image by frontiers_designbuild

The contemporary farmhouse style is beautifully captured in this fireplace cabinet design. Exposed wooden beams and stone cladding give it a cosy, rustic feel. White built-in shelves and cabinets provide a crisp, clean look, complemented by the modern geometric light fixture. This design balances rustic elements with modern accents for a fresh, inviting space.

9. Bohemian Blend with Arched Elegance Electric Fireplace Wall

Bohemian Blend with Arched Elegance Electric Fireplace Wall

Image by ourhomesmagazine

This fireplace cabinet design captures a bohemian spirit with its arched fireplace and earth-toned palette. The open shelving is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, offering spots for artistic decor. Transitioning from the soft curves of the fireplace to the straight lines of the shelves, the room feels balanced. It’s a perfect blend for a laid-back yet elegant living space.

10. Streamlined Modernity with a Textured Facade Linear Fireplace

Streamlined Modernity with a Textured Facade Linear Fireplace

Image by cwcabinetry

A masterpiece of modern design, this fireplace is framed by a textured grey wall, giving depth to the sleek space. Above, a natural wooden mantel breaks the monochrome, adding warmth. White open shelves on either side serve as minimalist displays, creating a clean, organised look. This design is a nod to contemporary simplicity with a touch of rustic texture.

11. Bold Contrast with Navy Accents And Tile Fireplace Surround

Bold Contrast with Navy Accents And Tile Fireplace Surround

Image by thatdesign.studio

The navy cabinetry brings a bold contrast to the bright space, complementing the white fireplace. Glass-front cabinets allow for decorative displays, adding personality. The inclusion of a wine rack hints at functionality meeting entertainment. Overall, this design provides a stylish yet practical addition to any living space.

Expert tip by TCH –

“Fireplace cabinets are not just about storage; they’re a design statement. Floating shelves or glass-fronted cabinets can add a touch of elegance and keep the space from feeling too heavy. Lighting inside the cabinets can also highlight displayed items and add to the ambiance.”

12. Warmth in Simplicity Livingroom

Warmth in Simplicity Livingroom

Image by frengpartyof6

This design showcases simplicity with open shelving and clean lines, enhancing the cosy ambiance. The natural wood tones of the shelves add warmth against the white panelling. The cabinetry below provides discreet storage, keeping the focus on the fireplace. It’s a perfect blend of form and function for a relaxed home environment.

13. Sleek Symmetry Beside the Hearth Electric Fireplace Insert

Sleek Symmetry Beside the Hearth Electric Fireplace Insert

Image by prairie.homes

Effortlessly blending with the room’s aesthetics, the black cabinets offer a stark contrast to the light stone fireplace. They provide discreet storage, maintaining a clean and uncluttered ambiance. The cabinetry flanks the fireplace, creating a balanced, symmetrical look. This design exemplifies modern minimalism in fireplace cabinetry.

14. Cottage Charm with Media Integration

Cottage Charm with Media Integration

Image by makeitwithkate

White cabinets adorned with X-detailing nestles around a rugged stone fireplace. They offer a quaint, cosy vibe next to the hearth. The cabinets thoughtfully incorporate space for a mounted TV. Perfect for a multi-functional family room.

15. Elegant Open Shelving Contrast

Elegant Open Shelving Contrast

Image by katiedeandesign

Open shelving atop deep navy cabinets frames the stone fireplace beautifully. The shelves offer display space, complementing the fireplace’s warmth. Below, the cabinets add a pop of colour and practical storage. It’s a harmonious blend of form and function.

16. Classic Meets Modern in Cabinetry Fusion

Classic Meets Modern in Cabinetry Fusion

Image by alankingdesign

The fireplace, encased in a crisp white mantel, anchors the room with classic appeal. On either side, wood-toned cabinets with geometric detailing exude modern sophistication. Together, they provide stylish storage solutions. This setup marries traditional charm with contemporary design.

17. Chic Glass-Door Elegance

Chic Glass-Door Elegance

Image by kellystone

Navy cabinets with glass doors bring a touch of elegance to the fireplace setting. Their reflective surface magnifies the room’s light and space. These cabinets smartly combine decorative display with storage utility. They frame the fireplace, enhancing the wall’s focal point.

18. Minimalist Nook and Textured Cabinet

Minimalist Nook and Textured Cabinet

Image by lisaclarkdesign

A clean, minimalist nook beside the fireplace features a textured cabinet with cane doors. The simplicity of the design spotlights the unique textures. This cabinet offers hidden storage and a touch of organic style. It’s a subtle yet striking complement to the fireplace.

Expert tip by TCH –

“When planning for fireplace cabinets, it’s important to maintain symmetry and proportion in relation to the fireplace itself. This creates a harmonious look that feels intentional. Also, consider the scale of the room to determine the appropriate depth and height of the cabinets.”

19. Rustic Ambiance with Shiplap Charm

image by willammarkcustomhomes

Rustic cabinets set against a shiplap wall create a cosy kitchen fireplace corner. The wooden textures evoke warmth and homeliness. These cabinets blend storage with decorative alcoves, marrying functionality with design. It’s a perfect fusion of rustic charm and practicality.

20. Traditional Coziness

Traditional Coziness

Image by kimberleyparkerdesign

Rustic meets refinement with this inviting, classic fireplace cabinet ensemble.Rich wooden tones of the shelving complement the creamy white fireplace surround.A large, central artwork above the mantle serves as a charming focal point. This design brings a sense of homely nostalgia, perfect for family gatherings.

21. Sophisticated Glass Showcase

Sophisticated Glass Showcase

Image by audreycrispinteriors

Flanking a bold black marble fireplace, the glass-front cabinets add a sophisticated touch. They display curated decor while reflecting natural light. The cabinets’ sleek design complements the fireplace’s strong presence. A perfect blend for an elegant and inviting living space.

22. Modern Monolith with Ambient Shelves

Modern Monolith with Ambient Shelves

Image by majesticcabinets

A towering monolithic cabinet encompasses the modern fireplace and TV. Ambient shelving above adds warmth and a personal touch. The dark finish of the cabinet draws the eye, making it a dramatic centrepiece. It’s the epitome of modern fireplace cabinetry.

23. Farmhouse Flair with Functional Shelving

Farmhouse Flair with Functional Shelving

Image by designwelllivewell

Black built-in shelves and cabinets inject a farmhouse flair beside the white brick fireplace. They offer both open and closed storage, versatile for decor and essentials. This design balances modern lines with country-inspired charm. It’s a cosy, functional feature for any living space.

24. Contemporary Hearth Console

Contemporary Hearth Console

Image by elegant.furniture.lighting

This low-profile, white console elegantly combines an electric fireplace with media storage. Its clean lines and reflective hardware enhance a minimalist decor. The cabinet is an excellent choice for modern, understated functionality. It’s a sleek addition to any contemporary living space.

25. Sleek and Chic Storage Ensemble

Sleek and Chic Storage Ensemble

Image by trelliinc

This cabinet’s stark white and deep black contrast makes a bold statement. The floating shelves add a touch of lightness beside the solid cabinets. The unit’s straight lines provide a modern frame for the fireplace. It’s a chic solution for a sophisticated interior.

Expert tip by TCH –

“In staging homes with fireplace cabinets, I often emphasize minimalism to appeal to potential buyers. A clean, decluttered set of built-ins around the fireplace can make the space feel larger and more luxurious, which is often more attractive to those viewing the home.”

26. Mid-Century Modern Drawer Cabinet

Mid-Century Modern Drawer Cabinet

Image by lblimitedcompany

A mid-century modern cabinet with a series of drawers provides a unique take on fireplace storage. The natural wood finish offers warmth and organic appeal. The design’s simplicity allows the fireplace to remain the room’s focal point. It’s a nod to vintage style with practicality.

27. Modern Floating Shelves and Dark Cabinetry

Modern Floating Shelves and Dark Cabinetry

Image by prestigewoodworks

Dark floating shelves and cabinets offer a modern twist alongside the textured fireplace. The shelves are perfect for displaying personal items above the fireplace. Below, the sleek cabinets provide concealed storage. It’s a design that brings both warmth and contemporary elegance.

28. Crisp White Symmetry

Crisp White Symmetry

Image by conniescustomdesigns

White cabinets and shelving embrace the fireplace, creating a look of symmetrical cleanliness. This design provides ample display space without overwhelming the room. The shelves’ straight lines draw the eyes upward, enhancing the room’s height. It’s a serene and balanced approach to fireplace cabinetry.

29. Transitional Elegance with Open Shelving

Transitional Elegance with Open Shelving

Image by nativeoakcabinets

Grey open shelving flanks the fireplace, offering a subtle contrast against the white trim. The cabinets beneath hide away clutter, while the shelves display decorative pieces. This setup provides a transitional design that’s both open and inviting. It’s an ideal blend of form and function.

30. Coastal Cottage Cabinet Ensemble

Coastal Cottage Cabinet Ensemble

Image by saltdesigncabinetry

White built-in cabinets and shelving encase the fireplace, creating a coastal cottage feel. The open shelves are perfect for displaying eclectic finds. Below, closed cabinets keep the look neat and the focus on the charming brick fireplace. It’s a fresh and airy design.

31. Sculptural Modernity with Backlit Display

Sculptural Modernity with Backlit Display

Image by southshorecabinetry

Tall, dark, and backlit, these towering cabinets frame the fireplace with modern grandeur. Their illuminated shelves are perfect for showcasing sculptural art. The minimalist design emphasises clean lines and elegance. It’s a luxurious take on fireplace cabinetry.

32. Industrial Edge Fireplace Wall

Industrial Edge Fireplace Wall

Image by renataandcodesign

This fireplace wall features a blend of wood and metal materials, giving an industrial edge to the design. The open shelving offers spots for decorative items, while metal grate cabinets add texture. It’s a fusion of raw materials and sleek design.

33. Bold Contrast with Vertical Shelving

Bold Contrast with Vertical Shelving

Image by alphenberg

The vertical black shelves provide a striking contrast against the neutral backdrop, emphasising height and elegance. These towering shelves enhance the modernity of the space while framing the sleek fireplace. This design is a testament to the beauty of contrast and contemporary styling.

34. Traditional Elegance with Glass-Panelled Cabinets

Traditional Elegance with Glass-Panelled Cabinets

Image by christainbrotherscabinets

Glass-panelled cabinets offer a traditional touch to this classic living room design. The soft grey tone complements the warm fireplace, inviting a sense of calm. This cabinetry design is perfect for displaying cherished items and completing a sophisticated space.

35. Entertainment and Warmth Combined

Entertainment and Warmth Combined

Image by inspiredclosetsphila

This fireplace cabinet design caters to both cosiness and entertainment, featuring a stone fireplace flanked by illuminated shelves. The white cabinets provide a stark contrast to the stone, emphasising a modern-rustic vibe. Additionally, the integration of a television above the fireplace suggests a fusion of warmth with multimedia.


1. What are fireplace cabinets?

Fireplace cabinets are storage units that are either built-in or placed beside a fireplace. They are designed to complement the fireplace while providing a functional storage solution for items such as books, decorations, media equipment, and more.

2. What materials are best for fireplace cabinets?

The most common materials for fireplace cabinets include wood, metal, and glass. Wood offers a classic look and can be painted or stained to match any decor. Metal cabinets provide a modern feel and are typically more durable, while glass components can add a touch of elegance and lightness to the area.

3. Are there specific designs recommended for homes with small spaces?

Yes, for smaller spaces, vertical cabinets or floating shelves can be an excellent choice as they provide storage without taking up floor space. Custom-built cabinets that fit the exact dimensions of your space can also maximize storage efficiency.

4. How can I style my fireplace cabinets?

Styling your fireplace cabinets can include arranging books, placing decorative items like vases or pictures, and adding lighting fixtures such as sconces or LED strip lights. For a cohesive look, align the style and color scheme with the rest of your room’s decor.

5. Can fireplace cabinets be functional as well as decorative?

Absolutely. Many fireplace cabinets are designed with functionality in mind, featuring spaces for electronic devices, holes for cable management, and adjustable shelving to accommodate different sized items.

6. What safety considerations should I keep in mind when installing fireplace cabinets?

It’s important to ensure that materials used are fire-resistant and that the cabinets are securely installed to handle the heat from the fireplace. Keep flammable materials at a safe distance and consider consulting with a professional to assess safety measures.

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