30 Amazing Herringbone Tile Bathroom Ideas To Sprinkle Personality

Distinguished by its timeless allure and versatile appeal, herringbone tile continues to captivate design enthusiasts with its classic charm. Elevate your living space with the enduring elegance of a herringbone tiles bathroom.

Among the various applications, a herringbone tile bathroom floor stands out as a popular choice, infusing the space with character and depth. Whether opting for a dramatic statement with sleek black tiles or a subtle refinement with neutral hues like white, gray, or beige, the possibilities are endless. In the shower area, embrace creativity by incorporating smaller tiles to create a captivating mosaic effect. 

For added flair, consider extending the herringbone pattern to adorn sink backsplashes or tub surrounds, effortlessly infusing your bathroom with timeless sophistication. Regardless of the specific application, a herringbone tile bathroom promises not just a passing trend but a lasting investment in enduring style and elegance.

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1. Sleek Elegance with a Rustic Twist

Image by elite_bathroomware

The herringbone tile in muted sea-green adds a sophisticated yet serene backdrop to the bathroom. Meanwhile, the circular mirror introduces a soft contour against the sharp tile angles. Suspended spherical lights cast a gentle glow, enhancing the wall’s texture. A raw-edged wooden shelf underlines the design, offering organic contrast and practical elegance.

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2. Emerald Oasis with Golden Accents

Image by mandarinstoneofficial

Rich emerald herringbone tiles create a luxurious, nature-inspired retreat. Golden fixtures add a touch of opulence, contrasting beautifully with the deep green. The uniform herringbone pattern provides a visual rhythm, leading the eye around the space. Lastly, the geometric tiled ceiling subtly echoes the herringbone motif, unifying the design.

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3. Timeless Monochrome with a Bronze Hue

Image by indie.interiors

The classic elegance of white marble herringbone tiles offers a timeless backdrop. Bronze fixtures and fittings introduce a warm, vintage appeal. The sleek herringbone flow adds dynamic movement to the serene space. Finally, the juxtaposition of modern and antique elements embodies a transitional style.

4. Bohemian Rhapsody in Herringbone

Image by emsrichic_victorian

The dark herringbone tiles provide a bold, dramatic statement. Accented by gold fixtures, they exude luxury within the compact space. A bohemian-style chandelier and patterned floor tiles infuse eclectic charm. Lastly, natural textures and colors soften the bathroom’s ambiance, creating a harmonious balance.

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5. Contrasting Harmony in Herringbone

Image by construction_nate

A striking alcove of black hexagonal tiles contrasts the white herringbone walls, creating a bold statement. The golden accents and fixtures impart a warm, luxurious vibe. A sleek wall sconce adds sophistication, complementing the angular tilework. The natural wood vanity grounds the design, bridging the contrast with earthy tones.

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Expert tip by TCH – 

“Having recently renovated my own bathroom with herringbone tile, I can attest to its timeless charm and versatility. The pattern effortlessly merges classic and contemporary styles, creating a luxurious ambiance that never goes out of fashion.”

6. Modern Minimalism with Herringbone Flair

Image by the.palm.co

The soft taupe herringbone tiles bring warmth and subtle texture to the minimalist space. Arch-shaped mirrors complement the tile’s angular lines with soft curves. The floating vanity in clean white maintains the bathroom’s sleek and modern aesthetic. Vertical fluted details on the wall add depth and contrast, completing the serene design.

7. Classic Charm with Herringbone Highlights

Image by newhome_oldhouse_

The light grey herringbone tiles add a subtle, refined texture to the walls. Ornate patterned floor tiles ground the space with traditional flair. The clawfoot tub introduces a timeless, elegant feature. Completing the look, a round mirror with a black frame provides a modern touch.

8. Scandinavian Serenity with Herringbone Grace

Image by rigby.residence

The pristine white herringbone tiles impart a calming, clean Scandinavian vibe. Natural wood accents add warmth and an organic touch. The freestanding tub’s sleek design serves as the focal point. Lastly, the minimalistic decor enhances the room’s airy and tranquil atmosphere.

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9. Rustic Charm with Herringbone and Terracotta

Image by dilorenzo_tiles

The white herringbone wall tiles give a crisp, clean canvas to the bathroom. Terracotta floor tiles in a herringbone pattern introduce warmth and rustic appeal. Simple bronze fixtures add a touch of understated elegance. A woven towel and natural accents create a homely, welcoming atmosphere.

Expert tip by TCH – 

“From a practical standpoint, herringbone tile layouts offer excellent traction due to the diagonal orientation of the tiles. This makes them not only visually striking but also functional, especially in wet areas like bathrooms where slip resistance is crucial.”

10.  Midnight Glamour in Herringbone

Image by westonebathrooms

Deep navy herringbone tiles set a luxurious, moody tone in this elegant bathroom. Gold fixtures complement the dark tiles, adding a hint of vintage glam. The standalone bathtub serves as a chic centrepiece. Soft lighting reflects off the tiles, creating a serene, opulent atmosphere.

11. Contemporary Clean Lines with Herringbone Detail

Image by emmalouisehomedesign

The light grey herringbone tiles provide a subtle texture, enhancing the contemporary feel. A glass shower partition amplifies the space’s open and airy quality. The minimalist vanity in muted green complements the neutral palette. Pops of colour from natural elements and a traditional rug add homely warmth.

12. Sleek Oceanic Herringbone Shower

Image by ajtillingservices

This bathroom showcases a herringbone tile pattern in a soothing ocean blue, offering a serene shower experience. Golden fixtures add a touch of luxury, contrasting beautifully with the cool tile colour. The herringbone layout adds dynamic movement, guiding the eye upward and making the space feel larger. LED downlights enhance the ambiance, creating a calm, spa-like atmosphere.

13. Minimalist Elegance in Herringbone Harmony

Image by dilorenzo_tiles

The subtle elegance of white herringbone tiles creates a clean, minimalist feel. Brass fixtures add a warm, sophisticated touch to the cool marble. A sleek wooden vanity introduces an organic element, balancing the modernity. The circular mirror and sconce lighting soften the angular tile pattern, enhancing the room’s gentle aesthetic.

14. Retro Chic with a Modern Twist

Image by designerwork92

Pink-toned herringbone tiles provide a retro vibe, cleverly merging nostalgia with contemporary design. Contrasting terrazzo flooring infuses playful character and texture. Matte black fixtures ground the space with a modern edge. The ribbed pink vanity adds a unique, tactile element, linking past and present aesthetics.

Expert tip by TCH – 

“In my experience as a tile installer, herringbone patterns require precision and attention to detail during installation. But the end result is always worth the effort. The intricate design adds texture and character to the bathroom, making it a focal point that commands attention.”

15. Monochromatic Elegance in Herringbone

Image by sinford_cornish_home

Description: The herringbone pattern exudes timeless elegance in monochromatic grey, offering a sophisticated and modern feel. Lush green plants introduce a natural, refreshing contrast to the stone hues. A round mirror breaks up the angular lines, adding softness and depth. The floating vanity maintains the clean lines, ensuring a clutter-free and stylish space.

16. Botanical Bliss on Herringbone Bricks

image by crack_the_shutters

Warm brick herringbone tiles ground the space with earthy charm, blending rustic and refined elements. The golden fixtures and mirror frame introduce a dash of opulence. A wooden vanity with marble top adds a classic touch, harmonizing with the natural theme. A potted olive tree infuses life, completing this bathroom’s organic luxury.

17. Vintage Pastel Herringbone Retreat

Image by annahainesdesign

Soft herringbone tiling in pastel shades sets a soothing, vintage mood. The clawfoot tub with brass accents infuses a touch of timeless elegance. Wooden floor in a herringbone pattern complements the walls, enhancing the room’s cohesive charm. The floral bench and classic wall art add layers of romantic nostalgia, perfect for a relaxing escape.

18.Contemporary Monochrome Herringbone Haven

Image by the.homeonvioletstreet

Neutral herringbone tiles provide a subtle backdrop, perfect for a modern minimalist design. Black accents, from the faucet to the towel, create a bold contrast. The sleek freestanding tub becomes a focal point, inviting a luxurious soak. The reflective surfaces and strategic lighting amplify the space, offering a clean, open feel.

19. Nautical Nobility with Herringbone Depth

Image by designemporiumdublin

Deep blue herringbone tiles give a nod to nautical elegance, paired with luxurious gold hardware. Built-in niches add practicality without disrupting the flow of the pattern. The contrasting grout lines accentuate the herringbone design, adding dimension and interest. This shower space marries functionality with regal aesthetics, making it both a sanctuary and a statement.

20. Serene Herringbone Elegance

Image by emmalouishomdesign

The light grey herringbone tiles exude serene sophistication, brightening the bathroom’s ambiance. A recessed niche provides convenience while maintaining the sleek design. Natural light cascades over the tiles, highlighting the pattern’s intricate beauty. Accents like a woven stool and greenery infuse the space with organic warmth.

21. Gilded Herringbone Haven

Image by mandrinstoneofficial

The herringbone pattern in muted tones creates a canvas of understated elegance. Gold shower fixtures and trimmings bring a luxurious feel to the space. The shower niche offers a sleek storage solution, blending seamlessly with the design. This bathroom merges classic sophistication with modern amenities for a truly refined experience.

Expert tip by TCH – 

“When it comes to small bathrooms, herringbone tile can work wonders in creating the illusion of space. The diagonal lines draw the eye outward, giving the impression of a larger area and adding an element of depth to the room.”

22. Herringbone Elegance in Compact Spaces

Image by our_kentish_barn

Maximising a petite bathroom, the herringbone tile adds depth with its dynamic pattern. Moreover, the crisp white tiles reflect light, enhancing the room’s brightness. Strategically placed greenery introduces a pop of colour, bringing life to the monochrome palette. Lastly, the patterned floor tiles complement the walls, uniting the design with a touch of tradition.

23. Rustic Charm with Herringbone Sophistication

Image by floraliehome

The herringbone tiles create a subtle backdrop, offering a serene ambience. Accented by a wooden vanity, the rustic vibe warmly invites. A round mirror cleverly softens the room’s angles. Finally, minimalist decor completes this tranquil retreat, perfect for unwinding.

24. Contemporary Herringbone Haven

Image by mylittle.home_

The herringbone glossy tile seamlessly transitions from wall to shower, creating a continuous flow. A freestanding tub introduces a modern element, blending form with function. Glass divides the space without interrupting the herringbone motif. Finally, recessed shelves offer practicality while maintaining sleek lines.

25. Luxe Marble Herringbone Allure

Image by clariegarninteriors

The herringbone pattern, carved in marble, exudes luxury in this well-appointed bathroom. Natural light amplifies the marble’s luminosity, creating an airy feel. Warm wooden accents balance the coolness of the marble. Finally, strategic shelving adds both function and style, marrying utility with sophistication.

26. Vintage Glamour with a Herringbone Twist

Image by jtp_uk

The bathroom pairs herringbone tiles with vintage brass fittings for timeless elegance. Artistic lighting flanks a simple mirror, balancing modern and classic. Subtle greenery and premium toiletries hint at understated luxury. Lastly, the shower’s glass door ensures the herringbone pattern remains uninterrupted.

Expert tip by TCH – 

“As an avid DIY enthusiast, I decided to tackle my bathroom renovation project with herringbone tile, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Not only was it relatively easy to install, but the final look far exceeded my expectations, giving my bathroom a high-end, designer feel without breaking the bank.”

27. Mid-Century Modern Meets Herringbone Chic

Image by alexander_james

Mid-century modern vanity craftsmanship pairs with herringbone tiles for a stylish nod to the past. Gold fixtures add a dash of opulence against the cool-toned tiles. Fresh florals and curated toiletries offer an inviting personal touch. The glass shower door serves to showcase the intricate tile work within.

28. Monochrome Magic with Herringbone Highlights

Image by core_homes

The shower’s herringbone glaze tiling offers a sleek, monochromatic look, accentuating the modern aesthetic. Dark floor tiles contrast beautifully, grounding the space with elegance. Additionally, black hardware provides a contemporary touch against the muted walls. Natural light peering through amplifies the herringbone’s texture, completing the chic design.

29. Minimalist Herringbone Harmony

Image by designuk___

The uniform herringbone backsplash pattern provides a clean, minimalist backdrop. In-wall shelving is smartly integrated, offering functionality without sacrificing style. Silver fixtures add a touch of modernity to the classic tiling. Lastly, the plush towel’s texture softly contrasts with the tiles’ smooth finish.

30. Bold Contrast with Golden Accents

Image by drummonds_bathroom

Dark herringbone mosaic tiles set a dramatic backdrop, exuding bold sophistication. Gold fixtures and fittings add a luxurious contrast, gleaming against the dark walls. The overhead rain shower head promises a lavish experience. Finally, the adjacent wall’s lighter tiles offer a textured counterpoint, enhancing the shower’s allure.

30. Classic Curves and Herringbone Harmony

Image by pennrenovation

The herringbone tile wall introduces texture behind the curved vanity, softening the space. Sconce lighting provides a warm glow, enhancing the inviting atmosphere. A traditional towel rack echoes the room’s classic elegance. Lastly, the round mirror and wood accents infuse the space with a cosy, timeless feel.


1. What is herringbone tile?

Herringbone tile is a pattern of laying tiles in a zigzag formation resembling the skeleton of a herring fish. It typically involves rectangular tiles placed at 45-degree angles to create a distinctive V-shaped pattern.

2. Why choose herringbone tile for a bathroom?

Herringbone tile adds visual interest and texture to a bathroom space. The pattern can make a small bathroom appear larger by drawing the eye along the length of the tiles. It also adds a timeless and elegant look to the room.

3. What types of tiles are commonly used for herringbone patterns?

While any type of tile can be used for a herringbone pattern, popular choices include ceramic, porcelain, marble, and subway tiles. These materials offer a range of colors, textures, and finishes to suit various design preferences.

4. Is herringbone tile difficult to install?

Installing herringbone tile can be more complex than traditional tile layouts due to the precision required to achieve the pattern. It may require careful planning, especially around corners and edges, and may be best suited for experienced DIYers or professional installers.

5. How do I clean and maintain herringbone tile in the bathroom?

Regular cleaning with a mild detergent and warm water is usually sufficient for maintaining herringbone tile. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that can damage the tiles or grout. Periodically sealing the grout can help prevent staining and discoloration.

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