25 Beautiful And Creative Easter Door Hanger Ideas You Need To Try

Easter door hangers are a charming way to welcome guests and celebrate the season, offering a burst of color and joy right at your doorstep. These decorative pieces range from whimsical bunnies and eggs to more subtle floral designs, embodying the essence of spring and renewal. Crafted from materials like wood, fabric, or metal, they are a versatile addition to Easter decorations, easily customizable to fit any home’s style.

Incorporating an Easter door hanger into your seasonal decor is not only a gesture of hospitality but also a reflection of personal creativity and the joy of the season. Whether opting for a DIY project or selecting a ready-made piece, the choices are limitless. Themes can vary from classic pastel palettes to more modern, minimalist designs, allowing for a unique expression of Easter cheer and a warm, inviting entrance to your home.

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1. Floral Festivity Circle

Source – jaxlife

Bursting with the vibrant hues of spring, this lush wreath is a celebration of Easter joy. Its assortment of pink and yellow flowers against the dark door creates a striking contrast. It’s a symbol of the vibrant life Easter represents.

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2. Cotton Tail Whimsy

Source – craftsbybeba

This hanger showcases the cotton plant, symbolizing new life. It’s paired with a cheerful orange bow and greenery. The bunny ears at the top add a playful Easter touch. It’s a unique and natural take on holiday decor.

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Expert tip by TCH – 

Easter door hangers are more than just decorations; they’re a celebration of spring’s arrival and the joy of renewal. Choosing vibrant colors and integrating elements from nature, such as flowers or Easter eggs, can transform any space into a welcoming spring haven. It’s about crafting an experience that begins at the front door.”

3. Checkerboard Bunny Chic

Source – rhondacarrierdesigns

Bold black and white checks pair with soft florals for a modern twist. The wreath’s bunny shape makes it unmistakably Easter. This design mixes contemporary style with traditional holiday charm. It’s a standout piece for any door.

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4. Easter Chick Cheer

Source –blissfulwreathdesigns

This whimsical door hanger is a playful nod to Easter’s spirit with its bright chick center and “Chicks Peeping” sign. The cheerful array of ribbons and blossoms captures the essence of spring’s rebirth. It’s a delightful greeting for Easter guests.

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5. Springtime Floral Fantasy

Source – decowreathboutique

Vivid pink flowers and a lush green base scream spring. Plaid ribbons in Easter shades tie the look together. This hanger bursts with life, embodying the season’s growth. It’s a vibrant celebration of Easter’s blooming beauty.

6. Bunny’s Ribbon Retreat

Source – blissfulwreathdesigns

Adorned with a mix of pastel ribbons and a charming burlap bunny, this door hanger exudes the whimsical side of Easter. The message “He is Risen” adds a reflective touch to the joyful arrangement. It’s a warm welcome that celebrates the heart of Easter.

7. Minimalist Easter Message

Source – knocksonwood

A sleek, circular design with a bold Easter message. The black and white ribbon is a chic touch. This door hanger combines simplicity with impact. It’s a modern take on Easter’s traditional greeting.

Expert tip by TCH – 

When creating an Easter door hanger, the choice of materials is key. I prefer using sustainable materials like burlap, wood, and natural fibers. These not only add a rustic charm but also echo the ethos of Easter and springtime renewal. Plus, involving family in the crafting process can create cherished memories and traditions.”

8. Rustic Easter Greetings

Source – blessednddistressedbotkins

This piece combines wood textures with fresh greenery. A subtle bunny silhouette and soft pink bow add charm. The “Happy Easter” message is a warm welcome. It’s a rustic and inviting sign of the season.

9. Floral Checkered Extravaganza

Source – wreathwhispererbydj

A lush mix of roses and checkered ribbons creates a feast for the eyes. This hanger is a celebration of patterns and spring florals. It’s an opulent and eye-catching Easter statement. The design is perfect for a festive springtime entrance.

Expert tip by TCH – 

Easter door hangers have evolved significantly over the years. Today, they are a blend of traditional motifs and modern design principles. Incorporating interactive elements, such as pockets for Easter egg hunts or areas for personalization, can make your door hanger stand out and become a conversation starter.”

10. Dual Harmony in Plaid

Source – whiteandwillowhome

Two identical door hangers create a symmetrical welcome that doubles the charm. Each adorned with earthy tones, plaid ribbons, and soft white flowers, they frame the entrance with a classic Easter warmth. Perfectly suited for double doors, they offer a balanced and inviting entry for any Easter gathering.

11. Elegant Easter Greeting Circle

Source – porchdecor

This circular wooden hanger features an understated bunny silhouette, making it a chic Easter statement. The black and white gingham bow juxtaposes the natural wood, adding a touch of countryside elegance. It’s a refined way to celebrate the holiday, blending traditional themes with a modern design sensibility.

12. Whimsical Easter Wonderland

Source – justaddglittersatx

Vibrant and playful, this door hanger is a colorful ode to Easter candy and springtime cheer. Adorned with faux candies and bright ribbons, it’s a piece that captures the excitement and joy of Easter for children and adults alike. This hanger turns the door into a gateway to a whimsical Easter wonderland.

13. Trio of Pastel Bunnies

Source – rcreate.s

Charming in its simplicity, this wooden round showcases three pastel bunnies, each adding a pop of spring color to your door. The “Happy Easter” script flows beautifully in the center, inviting guests with its warm greeting. This design is an adorable tribute to the holiday, perfect for a family-friendly atmosphere. 

14. Beaded Elegance for Easter

Source – jemcreationsstore

The wooden beads add a rustic yet sophisticated touch to this unique door hanger. Emblazoned with “Happy Easter” in a stylish font, and finished with a leopard print bow, this hanger merges classic holiday sentiments with a modern farmhouse aesthetic. It’s a standout piece that adds personality to your Easter decor.

15. Turquoise Egg Nest

Source – wreathwhispererdj

A wreath transformed into a nest cradling a multitude of turquoise eggs; it’s a celebration of new life and the season’s renewal. The striped bow provides a finishing touch of elegance, making this door hanger a captivating focal point that symbolizes the heart of Easter’s traditions.

16. Easter’s Vibrant Truckload

Source – itsasecretdesign

Overflowing with flowers and Easter eggs, this hanger brings the essence of a springtime garden to your door. The colorful plaid bow adds a festive flair, and the wooden truck is a playful nod to egg hunts and Easter joy. It’s an exuberant expression of the season’s vibrancy.

Expert tip by TCH- 

Florals are a timeless choice for Easter decorations, and incorporating them into door hangers brings instant life and color to your entryway. I recommend using a mix of real and silk flowers for a practical yet stunning look. The key is balance; the flowers should complement, not overwhelm, the overall design”

17. Burlap Charm with Carrot Flair

Source – betteroffcrafting

Crafted from burlap and adorned with faux carrots, this wreath pays homage to the Easter bunny’s favorite snack. The checkered bow ties the rustic theme together, making it a delightful and thematic choice for a country-inspired Easter celebration.

Expert tip by TCH – 

There’s something incredibly rewarding about DIY Easter door hangers. They allow for personal expression and creativity. My advice is to not shy away from using bold colors and patterns. Easter is a festive time, and your door hanger should reflect that joy and vibrancy.”

18. Floral Bunny with Checkered Bow

Source – wreathwhispererbydj

This door hanger features a bunny silhouette ensconced in soft spring blooms and pastel eggs. The large checkered bow adds a touch of grandeur, creating an elegant and welcoming Easter display. It captures the essence of a blooming spring garden, inviting and full of life.

19. Serene Willow Bunny

Source – doordecor1

Crafted from willow branches, this bunny-shaped hanger brings a serene, natural feel to your Easter decor. The cool-toned flowers and gingham bow add a breath of fresh air, reminiscent of a peaceful spring meadow. This door hanger invites tranquility and the simple joys of the Easter season.

20. Rustic Bunny Charm

Source – frontporchsittingfps

This door hanger brings rustic charm with a distressed white bunny silhouette. Accented by a vibrant bow with carrot motifs, it’s a playful nod to Easter’s favorite mascot. The greenery adds a fresh touch, making it a delightful welcome for the season.

21. Welcoming Easter Elegance

Source – beachfitcheck

A graceful wreath that whispers “Welcome” with its white bunny cutouts and warm wooden tones. The gingham bow and burlap textures infuse a farmhouse vibe, while delicate eggs and greenery hint at the renewal of spring. It’s an inviting embrace for any Easter visitor.

22. Cross of Spring Renewal

Source – ashleynicoledesigns

An Easter cross, not just a symbol of faith but also of the season’s rebirth. Adorned with vibrant flowers and bold ribbons, it’s a celebration of life in full bloom. The checkerboard pattern adds a contemporary twist, perfect for a modern Easter display.

23. Verdant Resurrection

Source – adornbyjennifer

A simple yet powerful door hanger, the greenery shaped as a cross and the message “He is Risen” reinforces the true meaning of Easter. It’s a symbol of hope and rebirth, made more poignant with the solitary cross at the top.

24. Pastel Easter Greetings

Source – customfarmcharm

A circular hanger with whimsical charm, featuring “Happy Easter” in soft blue against a wooden backdrop. The burlap bow and greenery add a rustic touch, while the pennant banners give it a festive air. It’s a heartwarming herald of the holiday.

25. Lavender Bunny Elegance

Source – wreathsbysilvia

With soft purples and pinks nestled among delicate greenery, this wreath showcases the elegance of Easter. A grapevine bunny nestles within, holding an egg, symbolizing new beginnings. This door hanger marries the tranquility of lavender with the promise of spring.


Q1: What materials do I need to make an Easter door hanger?

A1: The materials can vary depending on the design but generally include items like craft foam, fabric, paint, ribbons, glue, wreath forms, and decorative elements like faux flowers, Easter eggs, bunnies, or chicks. Basic tools might include scissors, a hot glue gun, and paintbrushes.

Q2: Are there any easy Easter door hanger projects for beginners?

A2: Yes, there are plenty of beginner-friendly projects. A simple ribbon wreath or a door hanger featuring a painted wooden Easter egg can be easy to make and requires minimal crafting skills. Look for projects with step-by-step instructions and minimal materials.

Q3: Can I make an Easter door hanger with my kids?

A3: Absolutely! Crafting an Easter door hanger can be a fun family activity. Choose projects with non-toxic materials and simple steps, like decorating foam eggs or creating a bunny silhouette from craft paper. Always supervise the use of tools like scissors and hot glue guns.

Q4: How can I make my Easter door hanger weather-resistant?

A4: To protect your door hanger from weather elements, choose materials that are weather-resistant, such as outdoor paint and waterproof adhesives. Additionally, applying a clear sealant over finished projects can help protect them from moisture and sunlight.

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