25 Unique And Creative Spring Tiered Tray Decor Ideas

As the days grow longer and nature awakens from its winter slumber, the desire to refresh and rejuvenate our living spaces blooms alongside the first flowers of spring. A beautifully styled tiered tray serves as a perfect centerpiece to encapsulate the essence of spring within your home. 

Embracing the simplicity of design and the joy of seasonal change, these trays become a canvas for creativity. From budding blossoms to Easter motifs, discover how a tiered tray can transform any home decor with a touch of spring’s vibrant energy and renewal.

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1. Rustic Charm farmhouse tiered tray decor

Image by prettyandprintedshop

Embrace the simplicity of spring with this two-tiered wooden decorative tray, offering a rustic charm. Delicately nestled among the earthy wooden textures, you’ll find pops of fresh greenery. Accents like the miniature ‘love’ sign add a personalized touch. This setup blends seamlessly with an earth-toned nursery, highlighting natural materials and soft foliage.

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2. Homespun Harmony Kitchen Tiered Display

Image by briemarie

This tiered tray brings a homely warmth to the kitchen, perfect for a nursery that appreciates a cozy atmosphere. Creamy mugs and a miniature house offer a quaint, inviting look. Lush greenery intermingles with practical pieces, symbolizing growth and comfort. It’s a gentle nod to the nurturing environment of a nursery, combined with the vibrancy of spring.

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3. Blooming Elegance Entryway Arrangement

Image by simple.joy.at.home

A splash of spring adorns this tiered tray with vibrant tulips and a message of joy, ideal for a nursery’s gentle ambiance. The white bird and soft succulents add a touch of serenity and life. A blend of floral beauty with the ‘bloom’ sign inspires growth and freshness. This display exudes a crisp yet delicate charm that complements an earth-toned nursery palette.

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Expert tip by TCH – 

“Embrace the season’s vibrancy with a tiered tray decorated with spring’s florals and pastels. It’s a simple joy that refreshes the home.”

4. Vintage Springtime Dining Table Decor

Image by thisvictorianfarmhouse

Description: and soft pastel tones. The ‘Oh, Hello Spring’ sign playfully welcomes the new season. Vintage-inspired dinnerware adds a classic touch, perfect for a timeless nursery theme. The overall design offers a tranquil setting, mirroring the peacefulness desired in an earth-toned nursery.

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Expert tip by TCH – 

“Spring tiered tray decor is all about creativity. Mixing vintage finds with fresh greenery can turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.”

5. Garden Charm in Layers

Image by targettucsongirl

Embrace the essence of spring with a tiered tray that blooms with garden-inspired accents. On the top tier, a quaint wooden house and lush faux lavender hint at growth and renewal. A cheerful ‘Hello Spring’ mug adds a splash of seasonal greeting, nestled among soft greenery. The lower tier grounds the arrangement with a clear nod to nature, featuring a clear vase and a ‘hello’ sign in fresh green, surrounded by leafy sprigs.

6. Together in Spring – A Family-Inspired Display

Image by thewallshouse

This two-tiered tray celebrates togetherness with a heartfelt sign and a quaint birdhouse centerpiece. Soft purple flowers and greenery symbolize growth and new beginnings. Wooden hearts and birds nestle among the foliage, evoking a sense of love and care. Ideal for a nursery, this decor brings a family-focused vibe to springtime freshness.

7. Whimsical Springtime Storybook Stand

Image by my.farmhouse.fanatic.lifestyle

This playful tiered tray arrangement tells a springtime story with its charming ‘wet our plants’ quip. Bountiful peach roses add a soft, enchanting touch to the scene. Stacked books under the ‘this is us’ sign create a narrative of family unity. It’s a creative and sweet addition to any earth-toned nursery, inviting a sense of story and growth.

8. Blossoming Comfort Corner Display

Image by miss_lulli

The ‘Bloom’ sign in soft coral sets a hopeful tone, reflecting the growth of both spring and new life. Above, a clock fashioned from rustic wood suggests timeless elegance. On the tiered tray, homely ceramics nestle amidst gentle florals, creating a nurturing vibe. This corner is a tranquil haven, ideal for an earth-toned nursery, where moments are cherished and beauty blooms.

Expert tip by TCH – 

“A tiered tray is a canvas for seasonal storytelling. For spring, I layer colors, textures, and nature-inspired elements to mirror the outdoor awakening.”

9. Springtime Serenade in Monochrome

Image by decoratewith_mary

The contrasting black and white checkered accents infuse a modern twist to the classic spring theme. The phrase “April showers bring May flowers” promises renewal and growth. Lush greenery and blooming white flowers on the tray complement the nursery’s earth tones. This decor piece balances contemporary design with the tender essence of spring, perfect for a modern nursery setting.

10. Warm Welcomes Spring Tier

Image by ourhomedays

“Hello Spring” greets visitors with the promise of new beginnings in this nurturing display. The “Bless Our Home” sign adds a heartwarming sentiment, echoing the protective embrace of a nursery. White florals and earthy pinecones provide a natural contrast, enhancing the earth tones. This setup invites a sense of calm and blessing, perfect for a serene nursery environment.

11. Joyful Springtime Sentiments Display

Image by simple.joy.at.home

Description: This tiered tray brims with joy, featuring a sweet bunny and the uplifting message to “live each day with joy.” The pairing of a lit candle with delicate bird and nest elements evokes a nurturing spirit. Blue patterned details and fresh greenery complement the earthy tones of a nursery. This ensemble creates a soothing and cheerful atmosphere for a spring-themed nursery space.

Expert tip by TCH – 

Utilizing tiered trays for spring decor adds height and interest. Incorporating elements like bird nests or eggs can bring a piece of the season indoors.”

12. Garden Adventure Spring Tray

Image by decoratewith_mary

A vibrant display of tulips bursts from a watering can, signaling the start of the season. Below, a miniature truck carries a precious cargo of succulents and the word ‘love’. This tiered tray combines playful garden tools with fresh greenery. It’s a charming and lively addition to an earth-toned nursery, full of exploration and wonder.

13. Cottage Charm Spring Mantel

Image by houseonwren

The mantel celebrates spring with a whimsical ‘Cottontail Confectionery’ sign and a pastoral bunny figurine. Below, a ‘Happy Spring’ mug and a tiered tray adorned with nests, eggs, and florals evoke rebirth. The blend of rustic elements and fresh blooms brings a cottage-like feel. It’s a delightful setting for a nursery, combining cheerfulness with the gentle peace of springtime.

14. Blooming Spring Elegance – Easter Tiered Tray Decor

Image by houseonwren

Fresh tulips and soft pink gladiolus lend a burst of springtime vibrancy. The round tiered tray artfully balances pastel accents and floral motifs. A ‘CARROT’ illustrated tin pairs with Easter bunnies, introducing a festive note. The backdrop of playful birdhouses completes this serene spring tableau.

15. Serene Spring Harmony

Image by stagerroz

Earthy wooden tiers provide a natural base for this spring ensemble. Blue and white pottery adds a touch of classic charm. Lush succulents and a sweet ‘hello spring’ sign invite the warmth of the new season. Finally, the whimsical rabbit figurine nestles among the greenery, offering a playful touch.

Expert tip by TCH – 

“Don’t be afraid to mix and match on your spring-tiered tray. A harmonious blend of old and new creates a display full of character and charm.”

16. Rustic Garden Charm

Image by dining_delight

A wooden tiered tray evokes the essence of a rustic garden. Lavender sprigs add a splash of color and a hint of fragrance. The ‘life began in a garden’ sign anchors the display in nature’s simplicity. Galvanized pots and a bird’s nest with eggs bring a farmhouse decor feel to the nursery.

17. Whimsical Hello Spring Tiered Tray Decor

Image by simply_luka_home

Soft, plush bunnies nestled in faux grass bring a whimsical touch. Pastel eggs in a delicate basket hint at Easter delights. Lush roses in full bloom add a romantic, soft touch to the space. The ‘Spring has Sprung’ sign gently ushers in the joyful season.

18. Verdant Spring Essence

Image by amy.fritz

Greenery abounds, offering a lush backdrop for this tiered display. A simple ‘spring’ sign adds a crisp, clean touch. Rustic elements, like a miniature watering can, evoke gardening charm. Sprinkles of bird and sugar pot decor keep the theme sweet and grounded.

19. Cozy Cottage Springtime

Image by thesaltypeachshop

Description: A charming ‘Happy Spring’ mug blooms with white florals, infusing life into the setting. Below, a whimsical greenery bunny peeks from behind quaint ceramic houses. The playful ‘I wet my plants’ pot humorously nods to nurturing growth. This scene, nestled against a rustic wooden tier, warmly welcomes the season’s freshness.

20. Bountiful Bunny Harvest

Image by southrennsassydecor

A teapot overflowing with whimsical whipped cream and bunnies makes a playful centerpiece. “Cottontail Farms” signage and polka-dotted wellies brim with spring’s bounty. Carrot adornments add a vibrant, earthy touch. This merry ensemble is a delightful nod to spring’s fruitful promise.

21. Checkerboard Spring Fête

Image by notafarmhousentexas

Description: Crisp black and white checkered accents offer a modern twist on spring decor. A vase cheerfully announces “April Showers Bring May Flowers.” Greenery and floral blooms symbolize growth and renewal. Wooden garden markers and a serene bunny sculpture anchor the theme in earthy charm.

22. Rustic Spring Ensemble

Image by down_mulberry_lane

This tiered tray decorations captures the essence of spring with its lively greenery nestled among warm copper tones. The wooden elements contribute a rustic feel, while cotton bolls add a soft, natural texture. The candle’s glow brings a cozy ambiance, enhancing the arrangement’s inviting appeal. Perfect for a kitchen, this setup blends functionality with seasonal charm.

23. Gentle Spring Welcome

Image by simple.joy.at.home

Description: A welcoming ‘Welcome Spring’ sign pairs beautifully with the soft glow of a candle. Above, fresh tulips and a serene bunny suggest new beginnings. Rustic gardening tools and a sprinkling of ferns add a touch of whimsy. This inviting scene blends seamlessly with a warm, earth-toned nursery aesthetic.

24. Floral Elegance in Bloom

Image by thespilledsugar

Description: A topiary adorned with pastel eggs centers this elegant spring display. Blooming roses and floral china teapots exude classic beauty. Delicate touches, like a golden bunny, add a sprinkle of enchantment. This tiered tray decor farmhouse brims with the soft, nurturing hues perfect for an earth-toned nursery.

25. Monochromatic Spring Sophistication With Tiered Tray Sign

Image by allthedayscreations

A striking black and white motif offers a bold contrast to the classic greenery. The ‘hello Spring’ tray signs warmly greets the season. Accents of purple flowers provide a pop of color. This chic arrangement harmonizes with the clean lines of a modern nursery.


1. What is tiered tray decor?

Tiered tray decor involves styling and arranging decorative items on a multi-level tray, offering a compact and eye-catching way to display seasonal themes, such as spring signs, in your home.

2. How do I choose items for my spring tiered tray?

Select items that reflect the spring season, such as floral motifs, pastel colors, Easter elements, and natural textures like wood and ceramic. Balance varied heights and sizes for visual interest.

3. Can I use items I already have at home?

Absolutely! Incorporating personal items, such as vintage pieces, handmade crafts, or seasonal finds from your garden, can add a unique touch to your tray.

4. How do I arrange items on the tray?

Start with taller items in the back or center, add medium-sized items for mid-level interest, and place smaller items in front or to fill gaps. This creates depth and balance.

5. Is it expensive to create a spring tiered tray display?

No, it doesn’t have to be. You can repurpose items, visit thrift stores, or DIY decorations to keep costs low while still achieving a festive look.

6. How often should I change the decor on my tiered tray?

While there’s no set rule, changing your decor with the seasons or for special holidays keeps your display fresh and exciting.

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