35 DIY Bunk Beds Plans For Instant Inspiration

Are your kids tired of sleeping in the same old boring beds? Are you tired of constantly nagging them to clean up their messy rooms? Well, it’s time to spruce things up with DIY bunk beds!

In this article, we’ve rounded up 35 Built-in bunk beds to inspire you to get your DIY on. From rustic to modern, simple to elaborate, there are bunk bed plans for every taste and skill level.

So please put on your tool belt, grab some wood glue, and let’s get building a bunk room! Not only will your kids have the most incredible space in the neighborhood, but you’ll also enjoy some well-deserved peace knowing they’re snuggled up in their brand-new bunk beds.

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1. Build A House Bunk Bed

Image and tutorial by Jessica Sara Morris

The perfect way to make your kids feel like they’re on a never-ending camping trip! This bunk bed is not your average run-of-the-mill bed; it’s a cozy little nook that will make your kids always stay in their room.

This House Bunk Bed is the ultimate sleepover destination, featuring a sturdy wooden frame, two twin beds, and a sloping roof that will make you feel like you’re sleeping under the stars. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse for your kids to wear their favorite camping gear to bed every night.

2. DIY Built-In Bunk Bed

Image and tutorial by Start A Home Decor

This bunk bed is built directly into the wall, so you’ll have plenty of floor space for all the toys, clothes, and other junk your kids leave lying around.

But don’t let the built-in aspect scare you away – with the right tools and a little bit of know-how, you’ll be able to create a twin sized loft bunk that’s as sturdy as it is stylish.

3. Built-In Bunk Bed Reveal

Image and tutorial by Angela Rose Home

It’s got everything you need to make your kids’ room the ultimate sleepover destination.

With its sleek design and space-saving functionality, this bunk bed is an actual slider. No more tripping over bulky mattresses or stubbing your toes on metal frames – this bad boy fits right into the wall.

4. Modern Bunk Beds

Image and tutorial by Ana White

With built-in storage, desks, and even stairs that double as drawers, this cottage loft bed is the ultimate solution for small spaces. So whether you’re looking to maximize your kids’ bedroom or simply want to add some pizzazz to your guest room, this modern bunk bed has got you covered.

5. Minimalist Style Bunk Bed

Image and tutorial by 4 Men 1 Lady

Introducing the minimalist-style bunk bed – the ultimate space-saving solution for families who love to live in tiny homes or want to maximize their space!

But let’s not allow the simplicity to fool you – this bunk bed is a real showstopper. Its clean lines and understated design will fit right in with any decor style. Plus, it’s so easy to assemble; you’ll have it up quickly!

6. Industrial Bunk Bed

Image and tutorial by Modern Jane

This Industrial Basic Bunk Bed is the perfect addition to any kid’s room for that “gritty urban warehouse” vibe. With its steel frame and rugged design, it’s built to withstand even the roughest of playtimes. 

7. Two Builtl-it Bunk Beds

Image and tutorial by Our Faux Farm House

Get ready for double the fun with these two built-in queen bunk beds in a room! This is a fantastic solution for parents who want to keep their little ones close but still have enough space to avoid being kicked in the middle of the night.

8. Plywood Triple Bunk Beds

Image and tutorial by Life With Mack, Macy, And Molly

Made from sturdy plywood, these bunk solid wood bunk beds are built to last through all the jumping, climbing, and general tomfoolery that comes with having three kids in one room. So why to settle for two beds when you can have three? Give your kids the bunk bed bliss with these modern plywood triple bunk beds.

9. Micro Bus Bunk Bed

Image and tutorial by Home Jelly

Looking for a unique way to transport your little ones to dreamland? This twin bed is perfect for the little adventurers in your life. So hop in the driver’s seat (or should we say the captain’s chair?) and take your kids on a ride to a good night’s sleep.

10. Ikea Bunk Bed Hacks

Image and tutorial by Two Thirty-Five Designs

Whether your kids want to read a book, play a game, or hide away from the world, this bunk bed has covered them! The blue color adds a splash of fun to any room, and the sturdy construction means it can withstand even the wildest pillow fights. So why late? Grab your power tools and get started with this project already!

11. White Triple Bunk Bed

Image and tutorial by Jen Wood House

Looking for a way to fit three kids in one room without sacrificing style or sanity? Look no further than the White Triple Bunk Bed! This towering beauty is the ultimate space-saving solution for large families, sleepovers, or those who love sleeping on top of the world.

12. DIY Beach House Bunk Bed

Image and tutorial by Young House Love

This DIY Beach House Bunk Bed is perfect for any coastal-themed room or beach house. Not only does it provide a comfortable sleeping space, but it also doubles as a fun play area for kids. 

13. DIY Bunk Bed With Hanging Curtains

Image and tutorial by Chris Love Julia

Who says bunk beds have to be boring? Add some pizzazz to your kids’ room with this DIY sturdy bunk bed. Not only will your little ones love climbing up to their cozy nooks, but they’ll also have the added privacy of curtains for their personal space. 

14. DIY Built-In Bunk Bed Plan

Image and tutorial by Old Salt Farm

Not only will this queen-sized loft bunk free up precious square footage, but it will also add a touch of cozy charm to any room. In addition, the built-in design means you can customize the size, bed frame and shape to fit your needs and space requirements.

15. Amazing Twin Bunk Bed

Image and tutorial by Rogue Engineer

This Amazing Twin Bunk Bed is a game-changer in the world of bunk beds. This bed is perfect for siblings who want to share a room but want to maintain their personal space. The top bunk is raised high enough using bed slats to feel like a separate room, complete with its privacy curtain. And the best part? The bottom bunk is a cozy little nook perfect for reading, playing video games, or hiding from your annoying sibling.

16. Bunk Bed Plan With Built-In Desk

Image and tutorial by Lauren Koster

The Bunk Bed Plan With Built-In Desk is a game-changer for all your multitaskers. Not only do you get a cozy bunk bed to nap in, but you also get a built-in desk for all your work-from-home needs. It’s the perfect solution for those with limited space but unlimited to-do lists.

17. White Minimalist Bunk Beds

Image and tutorial by Garrison Street

These Minimalist Bunk Beds are perfect for parents who want to give their kids a sleek and modern sleeping space while eliminating excess clutter. These beds are so minimalistic you might even forget they’re there. But don’t let their simplicity fool you – they’re built to last.

18. Simple Rainbow Theme Bunk Bed Bedroom

Image and tutorial by Collectively Casey

This bedroom makeover is a colorful dream come true for kids (and adults who refuse to grow up). The walls are painted in a vibrant rainbow pattern, providing a cheerful backdrop for the main attraction – the bunk beds.

This bunk bed isn’t just an ordinary bunk bed but a statement piece.

19. Built-In Bunked Bed For $500

Image and tutorial by Nesting With Grace

Why spend a fortune on fancy bunk beds when you can build your own for just $500? This bunk bed is a budget-friendly solution that doesn’t skimp on style. It involves making two twin-sized beds into a cozy nook with a built-in ladder. And the best part? The total cost comes in at under $500! 

20. Connected Bunk Beds

Image and tutorial by House Beautiful

If you’re tired of yelling across the room at your sibling, these Connected Bunk Beds are here to save the day (and your vocal cords). These beds are designed to be joined together, making it easy to chat, tell a joke, or enjoy each other’s company without having to shout. 

21. Bunk Bed Pipe Rails And Ladder

Image and tutorial Ocean Front Shack

Looking for a bunk bed that’s equal parts sturdy and stylish? Look no further than this Bunk Bed! This DIY project features sleek metal pipes as the bed rails, providing both durability and an industrial-chic vibe. And don’t worry about struggling to climb up to the top bunk – the attached metal ladder makes it a breeze. 

22. Full Size On the Bottom And twin On The Top Bed

Image and tutorial by Plank And Pillow

This Bunk Bed is the perfect solution for families with a mix of little and big kids. This bunk bed is like a two-story house but for sleeping! The full-size bottom bunk is perfect for your tween or teen who needs extra space, while the twin-size top bunk is great for your younger child who doesn’t need as much room.

23. Twin Girl Bunk Bed

Image and tutorial by Plank And Pillow

Are you tired of constantly breaking up fights over who gets the top bunk? Well, say goodbye to sibling squabbles and hello to the Twin Girl Bunk Bed! This adorable DIY project features a sweet, simple design that is perfect for your little princesses. With two twin-sized beds stacked neatly on each other, there’s no more arguing over who gets to sleep on the top bunk. 

24. Plywood Minimalist Bunk Bed

Image and tutorial by DIY Decor Mom

Attention parents of twin girls: are you tired of hearing “That’s my side of the room!” and “She’s touching me!” Well, say goodbye to sibling squabbles and hello to sweet dreams with the Twin Girl Bunk Bed. This bed features a double bed on the bottom and a single bed on the top, giving your girls space to sleep peacefully. 

25. How To Build Bunk Into Loft Bed

Image and tutorial Pretty Handy Girl

If you’re all about that minimalist aesthetic, this Plywood Minimalist Bunk Bed is a perfect choice. It is as sleek as possible, with a simple yet stylish design that will awe all your friends and family.

26. Offset Built-In Bunk Bed

Image and tutorial by House Becoming Home

Looking for a bed that’ll make your kids feel like they’re sleeping in a cozy, elevated fort? Look no further than this Offset Built-In Bunk Bed! It turns your standard bunk bed up a notch with a clever offset design that’s sure to impress. 

27. Guest Room Built-In Bunk Bed

Image by Casa De Valentina

Looking for an easy and quirky way to make your guests feel at home? Look no further than our Guest Room Built-In Bunk Bed! With its cozy design and charming built-in ladder, your guests will feel like they are camping out in a treehouse.

28. DIY Rustic Bunk Bed

Image and tutorial by Jay Custom Creations

Looking for a bunk bed that will make you feel like you’re sleeping in a cozy log cabin in the woods? Look no further than this DIY Rustic Bunk Bed!

This bunk bed plan features all the charming details you’d expect from a cabin in the woods, including sturdy wooden posts, a natural wood finish, and a ladder that practically begs to be climbed.

29. New Triple Bunks

Image and Tutorial by Handmade Dress

With three levels of sleeping space, this bad boy can fit all your kiddos, their imaginary friends, cousins, and the family pet (if they promise to behave). So say goodbye to the days of fighting over who gets the top bunk and hello to the new era of peace, harmony, and cozy sleepovers with the Triple Bunk Bed.

30. One-Legged Bunk Beds

Image and tutorials by Instructables

Who needs stability and balance when you can have an adrenaline-fueled sleep experience? This unique bunk bed design features just one leg, making it perfect for kids who want to feel like they’re sleeping on a rollercoaster. Plus, with only one leg to worry about, you’ll have plenty of floor space to set up a crash pad. 

31. DIY Unique Bunk Beds

Image and tutorial by They Call Me Granola

Want to add some personality to your kids’ sleeping quarters? Look no further than DIY unique toddler-size bunk bed!

With some creativity and elbow grease, you can create a truly one-of-a-kind bunk bed. The possibilities are endless!

32. Princess Castle Bunk Bed

Image and tutorial by Instructables

Get ready to give your little princess the royal treatment with this Princess Castle Bunk Bed! It is fit for a queen, or at least a princess, with its towering turrets and regal pink accents.

33. Custom-Made Triple Bunk Beds

Image and tutorial by Teaching Stars

These bad boys will not only give your kids a place to sleep, but they’ll also provide hours of entertainment as they try to climb up and down the three levels without falling. Plus, with customizable designs, you can make sure they fit perfectly in your space and match your decor (or lack thereof).

So say goodbye to dull, traditional beds and hello to the ultimate sleep-and-play combo. Who needs a playground when you’ve got triple bunk beds?

34. DIY Bunk Bed With Stairs

Image and tutorial by Suburban Wife City Life

These DIY double bunk beds will not only keep your little ones safe and sound, but they’ll also add a touch of elegance to their sleeping quarters. You can finally ditch that step stool you’ve used to make the top bunk.

35. Kids Loft Bunk Bed With Stairs

Image and tutorial by Bright Green Door

Tired of your kids treating their bedroom like a warzone? This Bunk Bed is here to save the day (and your sanity)! It is the perfect solution for maximizing space and minimizing chaos. With a built-in staircase, your little ones can safely climb up to their cozy loft bed without the risk of falling off a ladder.

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