17 Best AI Graphic Design Tools Of 2024 – Tested & Reviewed

Did you know a Piktochart survey of over 1,000 business professionals found that about 55% of them use graphic design to market their business and communicate better with their audience. 

On the other hand, about 67% of the businesses who don’t use graphic designing tools said that they would use them if they are easier and more cost-effective. Graphic designing is an essential part of marketing, and it can be expensive and resource-intensive. 

With AI rapidly changing the digital marketing industry, businesses have been using AI tools to optimize their processes and reach their goals faster. AI has now entered the design industry to perform creative tasks in a few seconds, making it easy for designers. 

In this article, I have top AI graphic design tools that help you create professional-looking assets with just a few clicks. 

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1. Jasper Art

Rating- 4.8 / 5

Japer.ai is an all-in-one tool designed to assist you with content writing, graphic designing, text-to-image generating, etc. 

This tool is handy for marketers, social media influencers, bloggers, and businesses who want to grow their online presence and maintain a consistent brand image across their content.

Jasper ART has a text-to-image generator with many customization options. The options include adjusting colors, styles, and elements to fit your brand’s aesthetic. 

Key Features – 

  • Enhance Prompt Feature: Jasper Art has an enhanced prompt feature where you will give your input, and the AI refines it to give you highly detailed images. This means that the images created are more precise and detailed based on your initial prompt.
  • Multiple Mood Options: Jasper has many mood options, including happy, fun, excited, and more. You can choose the mood you want to convey in the images.
  • Image-to-Image Generation: Jasper Art also offers image-to-image generation. This means that AI can transform one image into another, opening up many creative possibilities.
  • Multiple Artist Styles: The tool offers many artist styles. You can pick a specific artistic style that aligns with your vision and preferences. This helps in giving your art a unique and personalized touch.

My Experience with Jasper

These are the results I got after entering our simple prompt, “teddy bears shopping for groceries.” All four results were unique, and all of them were great. 

Now, I have clicked the enhance prompt button. The software has enhanced my prompt. And the images are undoubtedly fantastic. 

To test the image to image generation, I have uploaded an image. The tool has taken only 5 seconds to generate similar images. I have to admit, I couldn’t create similar illustrations with my design skills.

Jasper Art is definitely worth a try! It’s easy to use, and it comes with a helpful guide for making images. You also have useful presets to change the style, mood, and more.

Pricing – 

There is a 6-day free trial period for Jasper. However, the basic creator plan can cost you $49 / month.

2. Designs.AI

Rating – 4.0 / 5

Designs.ai is a design software that makes graphic designing accessible to everyone. It helps you create a marketing portfolio in just two minutes, even without a design background. 

The smart editor and wizard tool help you brainstorm design ideas for graphics that you need . This saves a lot of time. 

There is a library of over 20,000 templates and 10,00 icons for you to choose from. You can use the tool not just for designing portfolios; but also logos, videos, graphics, mockups, and even speeches! 

The AI generates thousands of design variations and millions of designs. Just type in your brand information and preferences and you will be able to create your brand logo and design template in just a few clicks. 

Key Features – 

  • Unlimited Designs: You can generate unlimited designs, providing flexibility and options for various projects without limitations.
  • 20,000+ Templates: You get access to a vast library of over 20,000 templates for different design categories like social media, presentations, posters, etc., 
  • VideoMaker: Designs.ai’s VideoMaker is a powerful video production tool. It allows you to create high-quality videos easily and quickly. You can also integrate this feature with Designs.ai’s stock image and video library. This helps you in searching and incorporating high-quality media into the videos. 
  • User-Friendly Interface: The tool boasts a user-friendly interface designed for individuals without extensive design experience. The drag-and-drop functionality simplifies the design process, enabling users to effortlessly add elements like text, images, and shapes to their designs.

My Experience With Designs.ai- 

There’s a wide selection of templates available for customization based on your preferences and style. You can choose between Logo Maker, Video Maker, Design Maker, and Assistive tools for best graphics, colors, font suggestions for your designs.

However, for the focus of this article on AI graphic design, I decided to put the Wizard feature under Design Maker to the test. 

Designs.ai offers a range of design options, from business cards, Instagram posts, stories, webinars, and ads to event invitations.

My choice was to create a birthday invitation under the event invitation category using AI. The AI prompted me to input specific details such as name, address, phone number, title, caption, and date.

The interface is highly user-friendly, and there are no complications. With just a few clicks and by providing the AI with the necessary information, I was able to effortlessly create a design.

Unfortunately, the results appeared dull and lacked the vibrancy I was hoping for in a birthday invitation. It’s crucial for an invitation to be engaging, which these designs were not.

Moreover, I wasn’t able to use the edit feature. This experience proved that there are some potential bugs within the Design.ai platform that need addressing for a smoother user experience.

In summary, while the user interface is intuitive and the process of generating a design is straightforward, the AI’s output didn’t meet the desired standard. 

Pricing – 

The basic plan is priced at $29 a month. This is best suitable for individuals, students and marketers who want to design graphics easily and quickly. 

3. Uizard

Rating – 4.7 / 5

Uizard is an AI design tool that leverages artificial intelligence to streamline your design process. You are able to generate UI designs from just text prompts. This means you just have to describe what you want, and the AI will bring your vision to life within a few seconds.

You can create professionally designed websites, web & mobile apps, and desktop interfaces with just a few clicks and within seconds. 

The best part? You can hand draw your imagination and scan the sketches to convert them into a prototype. The AI later applies this prototype to your project.

Moreover, Uizard’s drag-and-drop interface and pre-made design templates allow you to edit your designs easily and quickly. 

Key Features – 

  • Hand-drawn Sketch Conversion: This feature allows users to convert hand-drawn sketches into digital wireframes. This is beneficial for both designers and non-designers who prefer sketching ideas on paper before digitizing them. Uizard’s AI interprets these sketches and transforms them into formal wireframes for further development.
  • Screenshot to Editable Elements: You can transform your screenshots into editable design elements. This functionality is particularly useful for redesigning existing interfaces or drawing inspiration from already existing designs.
  • Pre-made Design Templates and UI Components: The tool provides you with a library of pre-made design templates and UI components. These resources significantly make the design process very easy and quick.

My Experience With    – 

In my exploration of Uizard, I found the tool remarkably easy to use. Navigating through its features was a breeze, thanks to its intuitive interface. The quality of the output was impressive, meeting my expectations precisely. The customization options provided ample flexibility, allowing me to tweak colors, text sizes, and button types effortlessly.

While the range of styles and templates was somewhat limited, the available options were sufficient for my needs. What truly stood out was the speed and efficiency of the tool—it swiftly generated outputs within mere seconds, saving valuable time in the design process.

I wanted to try AI. So I clicked on the “Generate with Autodesigner” option. I provided all the information asked by the AI to create an application for booking vacation homes for parties. 

Within a few seconds, the tool has created the entire app prototype. It is exactly what I needed. I was quite impressed with the results. The best part? There are many edit options to change app colors, buttons, etc.

When it comes to support and tutorials, the resources were average—sufficient but not exceptional. Additionally, while the tool provided many editing options, I couldn’t directly instruct the AI to make specific changes to the output, limiting the feedback mechanism.

Overall, my experience with Uizard was positive, due to its ease of use, quality output, and rapid generation capabilities. 

Pricing – 

The basic plan of Uizard is completely free. However, to access the entire output, one needs to upgrade to a paid version. 

4. Khroma

Rating – 4.8 /5

Khroma is an AI color combination generator that helps you generate unlimited color combinations useful for creating your brand’s aesthetic. You can quickly find and save unlimited color combinations and palettes you love the most. This tool is especially useful if you are designing a brand.

To generate your list of color combinations, you need to first choose 50 colors from the colors list provided by Khroma. You can view these color combinations as gradient, typography, palette, and image form. 

You can also search for new combinations or build your own collection. The best part? You can also upload your own customized image to test the combinations on it.

Key Features – 

  • Infinite Combinations and Viewing Options: Khroma provides an extensive range of color combinations and various viewing options to explore and discover diverse color schemes.
  • Unlimited Favorites Library: Users have the capability to save their favorite color combinations within a library. This enables easy access to future projects or references.
  • Personalized Algorithm: Khroma has a personalized algorithm powered by neural networks. Users can train this algorithm by selecting preferred colors and blocking undesired ones directly in their browser. This feature helps future color suggestions to align more closely with individual preferences.
  • Search Functionality: The tool offers a search feature allowing users to find specific color combinations or refine their search based on various parameters such as hue, tint, value, color, as well as hex and RGB values. 

My Experience With Khroma

Khroma is a great tool to create your brand’s aesthetics. It generates some great color combinations with just a few clicks.

As soon as you enter the website, the tool asks you to choose 50 favorite colors from the unlimited list of colors provided. 

Here are the combinations Khroma has created after I have selected my 50 favorite colors. This is the typography form. 

If you like to know how these combinations look on an image, there is an image option. You can click the feature to generate the following results. 

Below are the results in gradient form.

In my experience using Khroma, I found it to be exceptionally user-friendly. I could effortlessly identify the perfect color combinations for my brand. The output quality was great; It offered a variety of pleasing color combinations to choose from. 

However, when it came to customization, I noticed limitations—I could only swap between two colors, which restricted the level of personalization I desired.

Pricing – 

Khroma is completely free to use.

5. AutoDraw

Rating – 4.9 / 5

AutoDraw is an AI based drawing tool. It pairs machine learning with the drawings from talented artists to bring your imagination into drawing quickly and easily. You don’t have to download anything or pay for anything to access this tool. It works anywhere – smartphone, laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.

The tool lets you draw on the screen and then guesses what you are trying to draw. There are hundreds of drawing suggestions and I hope they add more over time. 

Key Features – 

  • AI-Based Suggestion Tool: The standout feature of AutoDraw is its AI-based suggestion tool. It analyzes and interprets rough doodles or sketches, offering suggestions and converting them into more refined, professional-looking drawings.
  • Basic Drawing Tools: The tool provides many basic drawing tools that include freehand drawing, color picker, shapes, fill options, text insertion, resizing capabilities, zoom, and rotation tools. These tools enable you to create and modify your drawings according to their preferences.
  • Download and Share Options: AutoDraw allows users to download their creations in various formats or share them directly from the platform. 

My Experience With AutoDraw- 

In my journey with AutoDraw, while creating a poster for a vibrant balloon festival, I found the AI’s suggestions incredibly great. I tried to sketch a hot air balloon. 

The AI immediately understood my drawing and offered many adorable illustrations of hot air balloons. I picked a cute illustration.  

There is a text option to add text to your illustration. It provided a seamless way to incorporate essential details about the festival, enhancing the overall poster design.

You can also add colors to your illustrations. This is how the Banner looked after I added the colors.

While the AI offered fantastic illustrations, I found a limitation —the absence of a simple copy-paste feature to replicate the same illustration. This lack of functionality made it challenging for me to maintain consistency and design elements.

Pricing – 

AutoDraw is completely free to use. 

6. Deep Art Effects

Rating – 4.7 / 5

Deep Art Effects is an AI-based tool that helps you turn your designs into works of art with a single click. With 120+ art styles, this software now has 2+ million global users and 200 million artworks. Its partners include Huawei, Globus, and Samsung. 

You can edit the background or foreground separately, render images at any resolution, create your own styles, and design images based on your favorite artists’ styles. 

You can also integrate filters and image technology into your apps using its API (Application Programming Interface)

Key Features – 

  • Image Scaling without Quality Loss: Deep Art Effects enables you to upscale images to four times their original size without compromising quality. This feature is beneficial for maintaining high-resolution and detailed images, even after resizing. This is particularly useful for printing or showcasing artwork.
  • Automatic Image Optimization and Color Enhancement: The software provides powerful tools to automatically optimize and enhance images. This helps in refining image quality, adjusting colors, and fine-tuning various visual aspects to improve overall aesthetics.
  • Automatic Background Removal: Deep Art Effects offers an automated background removal feature. This capability helps in cutting out backgrounds from images, saving time and effort.
  • Offline and German Data Protection: The tool emphasizes data security and privacy by processing all images locally in the desktop software. This ensures that your images are not sent or processed in the cloud, preserving your rights to the created artworks and maintaining their confidentiality.

My Experience With Deep Art Effects  – 

Deep Art Effects is a great tool to turn your regular photos into amazing artworks. You can convert your old photos into art, kind of like what you’d see from famous artists like Van Gogh or Picasso. 

It’s super easy to use, even if you’re not a tech person. 

Basically, you just upload a photo, and the software uses AI to add artistic styles to your picture. It’s like having a personal art studio on your computer or phone. 

Source – Filehorse.com

You can play around with different styles and even fix up old photos, making them look clearer or adding color to black-and-white ones. 

Whether you’re just having fun with your photos at home or using them for work, Deep Art Effects is a handy tool that makes photo editing simple and exciting for everyone.

Pricing – 

Deep Art Effects is completely free to use with some in-app purchases.

7. Let’s Enhance.io

Rating – 4.5 / 5

Let’s Enhance has become a go-to tool for designers, photographers, and artists. It quickly enhances low-resolution images, allowing users to focus on the creative work instead of the technical aspects of image editing. You can also access your projects from anywhere as the tool offers many cloud storage features. 

Many freelancers use this software to generate a high-quality final output. Small businesses use the upscaling feature to create top-tier campaigns. And individuals can relive memories by restoring old photos. 

The tool’s user-friendliness interface makes it a great choice for both professionals and students who want to enhance or upscale the images quickly and easily. However Let’s enhance lacks advanced editing features like removing background, etc,. 

Overall, Let’s Enhance helps us in image enhancement and upscaling without the need of any technical knowledge. 

Key Features – 

  • High-Quality Upscaling: Let’s Enhance can increase the resolution of images without sacrificing quality. It allows upscaling by a factor of up to 16x. This capability is applicable to various image types, including old photos, digital art, portraits, landscapes, logos, and product images.
  • Image Resizing and Restoration: It provides tools to resize images effectively. Additionally, it can restore the quality of JPEG images and improve the overall quality of iPhone photos.
  • Text-to-Image Generator: This feature is intriguing, enabling users to transform text into visually appealing and unique artwork. It’s a creative tool for generating images from written content.
  • Automated Product Photo Editing: Recognizing the importance of images on websites, Let’s Enhance offers automated editing specifically designed for product photos. This functionality optimizes image quality, size, and format, catering to various devices and thereby improving website performance, user experience (UX), and ultimately, conversion rates.

My Experience With Let’s Enhance – 

I uploaded a low-quality image to test the upscaling capabilities of the tool. 

The image below is the original quality image I have uploaded.

Here is the enhanced, higher-quality version Let’s Enhance has generated.

Unfortunately, the tool didn’t perform satisfactorily in refining the head of the camel, but it did improve the overall resolution effectively.

To test the text-to-image generator, I requested the AI to create an image of a hot air balloon festival, and it produced impressive visuals. 

Overall, Let’s Enhance is effective in enhancing resolution and generating vivid scenes but falls short in refining intricate details. Also, there will be a watermark for every image it generates. This could be a bummer for few. 

However, despite these limitations, the tool’s ability to transform low-quality images into high-resolution ones and create captivating visuals remains promising. With a few improvements, I am sure Let’s Enhance can become a great asset for  image enhancement and creative generation.

Pricing – 

There is a free version of Let’s Enhance. But you will have only ten credits. For 100 credits, you need to pay 10$ a month.

8. Movavi

Rating – 4.7 / 5

Movavi is a software that excels in crafting multimedia tools and applications in many platforms including Mac, Windows, and mobile devices. 

Among all the innovative features, Movavi’s Photo Editor is the AI-infused photo editing tool that is designed for every stage of expertise. You can generate breathtaking images within seconds and with just a few clicks because of its user-friendly interface and intelligent features. 

While the Auto Enhance feature fine-tunes colors and contrasts in a split second, the Precise Object Removal tool effortlessly removes unwanted elements for the photos. 

There is also an AI Enlargement tick box that helps in image resizing without changing the image’s original quality.

Another AI-driven tool is the Auto Correction Slider that helps in adjusting exposure, shadows, highlights, brightness, and contrast, leaving your photos looking polished and professional. 

However, a major drawback of Movavi is that you cannot access it directly from the internet. One needs to download the software first to use it. 

Key Features – 

  • AI Auto Enhance: Movavi employs AI technology to automatically enhance the quality of your photos and videos, optimizing colors, contrast, and overall visual appeal.
  • AI Enlargement: Using artificial intelligence, Movavi allows you to upscale images without losing quality, enabling enlargement while maintaining sharpness and clarity.
  • Auto Correction Slider: This feature provides a slider tool that automatically corrects various aspects of your media content, such as brightness, contrast, and saturation, simplifying the editing process.
  • Denoise Slider: Movavi includes a denoise slider to reduce or eliminate visual noise from images or videos, enhancing the overall quality by smoothing out imperfections caused by graininess or pixelation.

My Experience With Movavi – 

Movavi is an user-friendly interface that helps in crafting multimedia tools within seconds and in just a few clicks. As soon as I downloaded the software I immediately uploaded the image to test the photo editing feature. 

As you can see, there are a lot of editing options. If you are a pro, you can manually edit your images. But if you are a beginner like me with zero technical language, AI is at your rescue. You don’t have to do anything; with just a click, you will be able to convert a normal image into a breathtaking high-quality image. 

I enjoyed testing Movavi, and I can see myself using it more often in the future. 

Pricing – 

There is no free version available for Movavi. You need to get a paid version if you want your images without watermarks. 

9. Looka

Rating – 4.7 / 5

Looka helps you generate your brand logo in minutes. It has a fast and simple interface. The step-by-step wizard helps you change your layout, icon, background shapes, and the overstyle style of the logo the tool has generated. 

As soon as you enter their website, it asks you a few basic questions about what kind of logo you need. Once you provide all the information, its AI will automatically generate unlimited logos within minutes. 

You can keep on clicking the generate button until you find the logo you like the most. 

Once you have chosen the logo you like, there are many editing features for you to customize. You can edit the icon, the colors, the typefaces, etc.

Key Features – 

  • Pre-designed Elegant Logos: Looka tool offers a collection of pre-designed logos that are visually appealing and elegant. The default logos provided by Looka are notably sophisticated and visually pleasing.
  • Versatile Add-ons: Looka provides various valuable add-ons, including a website builder, business card designs, and an optional social media kit. The social media kit includes your logo in different sizes tailored for various social media platforms, enhancing your brand’s presence across online channels.
  • Revision Flexibility: After generating your logo, Looka offers a window of 72 hours during which you can make semi-unlimited revisions. Additionally, if you have purchased the logo, you can benefit from unlimited edits, ensuring you have the freedom to fine-tune and perfect your logo design until you’re completely satisfied with the result.

My Experience With    – 

Looka is for designing your brand logo. As soon as you log into your account, the software asks you a few questions about your company, like the name, your industry, and prompts you to select a few logos and colors that you like from a given list. 

Considering all this info, the tool creates a few brand logos for you. You can pick one and edit it according to your style, needs, and liking. 

There were many options to pick from. And I can say Looka has done a great job. I pretty much liked the logos. And there are a good amount of editing options as well to make some changes to the chosen logo. 

With a brand kit subscription, you can also create social profiles, social covers, business cards, letterheads, etc.

Looka is definitely a user-friendly interface. However, it lacks the drag-and-drop feature, which can make it even more user-friendly.

Pricing – 

Looka is completely free to use.

10. Decktopus

Rating – 4.6 / 5

Decktopus is a powerful presentation building tool. The AI content generated by the tool provides a solid structure for you to start building your presentation.

To begin your project, you need to enter the presentation title and target audience. Dectopus will later generate a series of slides based on the information given. 

There are many slide designs to choose from and all of them can be customized. Instead of using AI to generate images, Decktopus uses royalty-free artwork from Unsplash. 

This ensures that there will be no potential licensing problems that might come with AI-generated images. You can also generate slide notes and embed websites and videos into your presentation. 

Key Features – 

  • Image & Icon Finder: Dectopus simplifies the hunt for images and icons by eliminating the need to spend extensive time browsing through stock photo websites. With a simple click of a button, Dectopus swiftly locates and provides suitable images and icons for your presentations or projects, saving you valuable time and effort.
  • Slide Notes Maker: If you have the slides ready but struggle to articulate the content effectively, Decktopus comes to the rescue. It generates slide notes aligned with your topic and audience, ensuring your presentation delivers the intended message.
  • Expanded Slide Content: Dectopus offers an array of customization options to enrich your presentations, sparing you the effort of brainstorming for more talking points. This feature enhances your content by providing the elements that contribute to a more comprehensive and engaging presentation.

My Experience With Dectopus – 

As soon as you start your presentation, Decktopus asks a few basic questions about the presentation you want to create. On providing all the necessary information, it generates a few slides within minutes.

During my exploration of Decktopus, I found its text generation capabilities for headings and subheadings very suitable and appealing. The tool generated relevant and fitting content for the topic I have chosen.

What stood out for me was the diverse presentation of material across slides. Each slide had a unique design, ensuring an attractive and visually engaging presentation. This attention to design and visual appeal made me not worry about aesthetics. 

Decktopus efficiently managed the design aspects. This allowed me to concentrate on adding extra details and fine-tuning the content. 

Pricing – 

There is no free trial and free version available for Decktopus. The basic plan (PRO AI) is priced at $9.99 per month when billed annually. With this plan, you can generate 750 AI projects or presentations. 

11. Midjourney

Rating – 4.7 / 5

Midjourney is known for its unique style and artistic capabilities. It often produces images that have a surreal or abstract quality to them. The tool is particularly strong in creating graphics that replicate ink and watercolor imagery.

You can easily mimic your desired artistic styles by just uploading a reference picture or giving the tool a detailed prompt. 

The best part? You can also work with other users to make art together in real time and share your creative journeys while getting inspired every moment. This also means that the art you generated is public and may compromise your or your organization’s privacy.

Key Features – 

  • Discord BOT – Midjourney operates within the Discord platform as a Discord bot, making it accessible and usable directly through Discord.
  • Image Blending: Midjourney allows you to combine two uploaded images, creating a blended result.
  • Diverse Results: The tool provides you with four distinct results for a single prompt. You can choose an option for variation and upscaling for each image.
  • Community Sharing: You can view and share your creations with others on Discord. This provides an opportunity for inspiration and creative collaboration.

My Experience With Midjourney – 

Simply click “Join beta version” on their website, and if you’re not already a Discord user, you need to set up an account before creating art.

Once I joined the Discord server, I dove straight into a ‘newbies’ room and typed “/imagine,” followed by my prompt “teddy bears shopping for groceries.”

The outputs were spectacular. MidJourney returned four unique images, as expected, and All four images are equally good.

The pictures looked so real, showing how good MidJourney is at making art. And in the Discord channels, there were many great ideas from other people’s art, which made me excited about what I could create in the future.

Now I tried to blend two images by using the prompt “/blend.” 

Here are the images I want to blend – 

Here is the result I got.

I was in awe when I first saw the results. They were astonishing.

Pricing – 

MidJourney offers a limited trial of around 25 queries. 

Later, it provides four tiers of subscriptions, with the choice of monthly payments or an annual plan at a 20% discount. Subscribers gain access to the member gallery, the official Discord community, and general commercial use rights, among other benefits.

This may seem expensive if you don’t use the tool a lot. Also, there are image generation limits for even the most expensive plan. 

12. Stockimg.ai

Rating – 4.7 / 5

Stockimg.ai is an AI generated software that helps you create great looking visuals for your business. You can easily create a whole set of different assets in one place within a few seconds. 

You can create wallpaper designs, logos, stock images, text effects, QR codes, web UI, and book covers. You can either create designs from scratch or use Stockimg.ai’s pre-made templates that get your creative juices flowing. 

The tool also allows you to upscale images. You can even dive into their image library for some inspiration. 

Key Features – 

  • AI-Generated Images: The primary feature of Stockimg AI is its ability to generate images using artificial intelligence. This includes a wide range of image types, such as logos, book covers, posters, and more, catering to various design needs.
  • Diverse Image Categories: The website offers several categories for image generation. These include wallpapers, stock images, logos, posters, illustrations, book covers, QR codes, and text effects, providing users with a broad spectrum of options for their creative projects.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The website appears to be designed for ease of use, Allowing both individuals and teams to easily navigate and utilize its features easily for generating AI images. This user-friendly approach is likely a key aspect of their service.

My Experience With Stockimg.ai – 

There are many things Stockimg.ai can generate. You can generate wallpapers, logos, posters, illustrations, etc,.

I wanted to generate art, so I clicked on the art button.

You can choose different artistic styles like caricature, watercolor, etc. I have given a prompt “a cute puppy dancing happily” in watercolor style and hit the generate button.

The AI has immediately generated a beautiful picture of a cute dog happily dancing. I love the image quality, and the AI has clearly understood my prompt. But, if you notice more, you can see that the dog has five legs instead of four. This clearly states that further refinement in the AI’s precision and attention to detail is needed.

Overall, Stocking.ai is very user-friendly and can generate aesthetically pleasing designs just like I wanted.

Pricing – 

The basic version of the tool is entirely free to use. However, you can only generate one image in the basic version. So, clearly one needs to pay for an upgraded version to access the tool.

13. Canva Magic Design

Rating – 4.8 / 5

Canva Magic Design is a new AI feature added by Canva recently. Using this feature, you can craft whole documents and videos just by describing what you need in plain and simple text. No code or graphic design skills required. You can further customize the generated content.

Previously, Canva let you define what kind of design you wanted to create, like Instagram story, Facebook ad, poster, etc. Now, with Magic Design, you can give more personalized prompts, and the AI generates templates within seconds.

Key Features – 

  • Magic Switch: This feature leverages AI to do much more than simply switch between dimensions. It offers enhanced functionality, allowing for more comprehensive transformations in designs.
  • Quick Video Creation: With Magic Design, users can easily generate videos using their photos. This feature automatically incorporates suitable music and text based on the subjects and scenes within the photos, streamlining the video creation process.
  • Refined and Personalized Templates: The Magic Design templates are more refined and tailored to suit specific prompts. Canva’s AI personalizes not only the dimensions but also the theme and text within the designs, ensuring they align with your requirements more accurately.
  • No Coding or Advanced Design Skills Required: Canva’s Magic Design for Video eliminates the need for coding or advanced design expertise. Users can effortlessly combine their clips and images to create beautiful videos. Additionally, the feature offers music recommendations to perfectly complement the visuals, simplifying the video production process.

My Experience With Canva Magic Design – 

I’m a regular Canva user, and when I learned about Canva’s Magic Design I was thrilled because it meant I could generate what I needed more precisely and quickly. Here’s how it went down:

As soon as I entered the website, I wanted to generate a YouTube banner for a travel vlog. So, I gave the following prompt to the AI – “YouTube Banner Featuring Beautiful landscapes For A Travel Vlog”. 

The AI has immediately generated many templates. I like the one below the most. There are also plenty of edit options to customize the template as you like. The Drag-and-drop feature is great and really lets me do the work quickly and easily. 

Pricing – 

Canva is completely free to use. However, you get access for more advanced options, you need to upgrade to their paid versions. 

14. Microsoft Designer

Rating – 4.7 / 5

Microsoft Designer is an AI-powered graphic design app that leverages artificial intelligence to help you create art and graphics. You can create high-quality and impressive social media posts, digital postcards, and much more. 

Microsoft Designer is integrated into the Microsoft 365 Suite, and it is also expected to work seamlessly with other Microsoft tools. 

For instance, it will be included in Microsoft Edge, allowing users to create and share designs without leaving the browser. This helps in enhancing the workflow and usability for those of us who are already using the Microsoft ecosystem.

The inclusion of DALL-E 2, an AI text-to-art generator, is a significant feature. This enables you to create unique images based on natural-language descriptions, helping you generate more specific designs.

Key Features – 

  • Turn Words into Design – Microsoft Designer is powered by DALL-E 2, which can interpret natural language inputs and create unique, relevant visual content. This capability significantly simplifies the process of creating custom graphics and can be a powerful tool for those who may not have traditional artistic skills.
  • Smart Layout Options as New Elements are Added: As you add new elements to your design, Microsoft Designer intelligently suggests layout adjustments. This feature helps maintain a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing design throughout the creative process.
  • Writing Hashtags and Captions Based on Goals for Social Media Attention: This is a unique feature that shows the software’s focus on social media content creation. Microsoft Designer doesn’t just assist with the visual aspects of design; it also helps in crafting compelling text elements like hashtags and captions. 

My Experience With Microsoft Designer – 

I wanted to design an instagram post about launching a new bakery. So I have given the AI the following prompt – “An Instagram post about the launch of my new bakery on 3rd April in a playful style” I mentioned I want the design to be in a playful style to test the software’s capabilities.

The following are the images generated by Microsoft Designer. I was pretty impressed by the results. They were very professional and at the same time very attractive and playful. 

When I clicked on one result for further customization, I saw the tool giving more similar results. I should say that Microsoft Designer is a great tool for designing graphics quickly and easily. 

There are multiple editing options to customize the design according to your needs and style.

Pricing – 

You can use Microsoft Designer for free as a web app with a few limitations. For advanced features, you need to include it with any paid Microsoft 365 Personal or Family plan (beginning at $69.99 annually)

15. Flair.ai

Rating – 4.6 / 5

Flair AI is an AI-driven content-generating platform created to help content creators, marketers, and business owners to quickly and easily generate content. 

You can easily and affordably produce social media content, generate ideas for projects, and streamline content production. One can access image examples and autocomplete features to assist with AI conversations.

Some of its users claim that flair differentiates from its competitors by producing high-quality content and providing a more user-friendly experience. 

However, there might be a few cases where the AI cannot generate the desired outputs, and there are also a few limitations in the customization options.

Key Features – 

  • Drag & Drop for Instant Product Shoots: This feature simplifies the process of creating product images. You can quickly generate professional-looking product shoots by simply dragging and dropping items into the software. 
  • Fashion Photoshoots with AI-Generated Models: Flair.ai offers a unique solution for fashion photography by allowing users to fit clothing onto AI-generated models. This feature can create high-quality, on-model imagery at scale, significantly reducing the time and cost associated with traditional photoshoots. It’s a game-changer for fashion brands and retailers, enabling them to showcase their products in a more dynamic and realistic manner.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: The collaboration feature is essential for teams working on design projects. It allows multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously, making the design process more efficient and interactive. 
  • API for Scalable Design Creation: By offering an API, Flair.ai enables businesses to integrate its design capabilities into their own systems and workflows. This means companies can automate and customize the creation of unique designs for their customers, potentially at a large scale. 

My Experience With Flair.ai – 

As soon as you enter the tool, you will get with two options – Create a new project (designed to create product images) and create a fashion project (designed to create clothing images on AI models).

I chose the “Create New Project” to generate a product image.

Then I uploaded a random product and clicked generate button. 

Within a few seconds, The tool has generated a beautiful product image that is best suitable for the product. 

You can also select your own background from the left menu bar. This tool is especially useful for businesses that sell products or are into fashion. 

Pricing – 

Flair is completely free to use. You can generate 100 designs a month. However, if you want to generate unlimited designs and projects, you need to upgrade to its pro version which is priced at $10 per month.

16. Remove.bg

Rating – 4.9 / 5

Remove.bg is a tool that helps you remove the background from any photo you upload with the drag-and-drop interface. The tool even handles challenging edges, giving your images a professional look. The best part is that you can process 50 to 1000 images at a time.  

Besides removing backgrounds from images, Remove.bg also lets you edit your work in just a few seconds. You can create highly effective visuals with just a few clicks and within seconds. You can even remove background from product images and add different backgrounds. 

Moreover, this software is fully integrated with Photoshop. This helps speed up your work process. 

Key Features – 

  • Automatic Background Removal in Seconds: Remove.bg uses advanced AI algorithms to remove backgrounds from images automatically in just 5 seconds with a single click. It’s ideal for creating transparent backgrounds (PNG) or adding a white background to photos, streamlining what can otherwise be a time-consuming process in traditional photo editing software.
  • Effortless Removal or Restoration of Image Elements: The Magic Brush tool in remove.bg allows users to remove or restore parts of the image easily after the background has been eliminated. 
  • Adding New Backgrounds and Applying Effects: Remove.bg also serves as a creative tool, allowing users to add new backgrounds to their images. This feature can transform a profile picture by placing the subject in various settings, from exotic locations to next to a favorite celebrity. Additionally, users can apply various effects to their photos, making it a versatile tool for creating content for social media, prints, or personalized gifts. 

My Experience With Remove.bg – 

Remove.bg is straightforward and very user-friendly. Below is what I have chosen to remove the background.

Here are the results – 

The tool undeniably delivered an impressive performance, excelling in its primary task of effortlessly removing backgrounds from images. It handled even the most intricate areas, accomplishing what seems nearly impossible for a human to achieve with such precision.

Now I tried adding a new background, and here are the results.

Remove.bg undoubtedly stands out as a handy solution for anyone seeking a hassle-free and effective way to remove and add backgrounds in images.

Pricing – 

The basic version of the tool is entirely free to use with limitations. However, if you want some advanced features you need to upgrade to their paid plans.

17. Adobe Firefly

Rating – 4.7 / 5

Adobe Firefly, is a user-friendly AI-powered content creation tool that offers many features including text-to-image generation, photo editing, text effects, and much more.

Unlike other AI tools, Firefly uses only licensed images and public domain content. This makes the tool a brand-safe option for businesses, corporations and commercial design work. 

Key Features – 

  • Match Image Style: Adobe Firefly allows users to choose a reference image from its gallery or upload their own to match the style of that image.
  • Photo Settings: This tool offers fine-tuning capabilities for photo results, enabling users to manually adjust settings such as aperture, shutter speed, and field of view. Alternatively, the auto mode simplifies the process for those who prefer automatic adjustments, ensuring flexibility and control in image creation.
  • Diverse Creative Functions: Adobe Firefly goes beyond just text-to-image generation. It offers a wide range of creative options like generative fill, text effects, generative recolor, 3D-to-image transformation, and text-to-vector capabilities. These features expand the possibilities for artistic expression and design.
  • Inspiration Gallery: Adobe Firefly provides a gallery of inspired examples to serve as a valuable resource for users to explore and draw inspiration from many creations. 

My Experience With Adobe Firefly – 

My experience with Adobe Firefly has been quite impressive. The results it generates are remarkably realistic. I have tried the prompt – “Teddy Bears Shopping for groceries”. 

The bottom right one is my favorite. It is very cute and just what I am looking for.

Exploring the various styles available in Adobe Firefly was a great experience. The results were astounding, and the quality of each output exceeded my expectations. Whether it was mimicking a specific artistic style or generating unique visuals, the tool delivered great images. 

Below are the images it developed after using a specific style.

Adobe Firefly’s user-friendly interface made the testing process enjoyable, and I look forward to exploring its capabilities further.

Pricing – 

The tool is completely free for anyone to use. The premium version costs you $4.99 a month.


When it comes to using AI for graphic design, there are many intriguing options available on the internet. Here’s a brief overview of what each AI graphic design tool specializes in:

  • Jasper Art: Specializes in creating detailed, mood-specific images, ideal for personalized content creation.
  • Designs.AI: Offers a wide range of templates and design tools, making it easy to create professional designs without prior experience.
  • Uizard: Transforms text and sketches into user interface designs, streamlining the process of digital design.
  • Khroma: Generates color palettes based on user preferences, perfect for branding and aesthetic consistency.
  • AutoDraw: Turns simple doodles into clean and professional drawings, great for quick and casual design tasks.
  • Deep Art Effects: Converts photos into art pieces in various styles, useful for artistic photo enhancement.
  • Let’s Enhance.io: Focuses on upscaling and enhancing images, particularly useful for improving photo resolution and quality.
  • Movavi: Provides a comprehensive set of photo editing tools, catering to both basic and advanced editing needs.
  • Looka: Enables easy creation of custom logos, streamlining the logo design process for brands and businesses.
  • Decktopus: Assists in quickly creating professional presentations with various templates and design elements.
  • Midjourney: Known for creating unique, artistic images with a surreal or abstract flair.
  • Stockimg.ai: Generates a wide range of visual assets like wallpapers, logos, and stock images with AI assistance.
  • Adobe Firefly: Offers a range of design functions including text-to-image generation, photo editing, and more, with a focus on licensed and public domain content.
  • Flair.ai: Specializes in generating content for social media and fashion, including AI-generated model and product photoshoots.
  • Remove.bg: Quickly removes backgrounds from images, useful for creating clean, professional-looking photos.
  • Microsoft Designer: Integrates with Microsoft 365, providing design tools for creating social media posts and digital content.
  • Canva Magic Design: Allows creation of designs and videos from text prompts, known for its ease of use and versatility.

Each of these tools brings unique capabilities to the table, enabling users to tackle a wide range of design tasks with ease and efficiency.

I have more than three years of experience as a content and copywriter, specializing in content related to lettering, bullet journaling, skincare, food, health, and well-being. I don’t usually get too personal, but often share my love for reading, travel, and the outdoors.

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