40 Gorgeous Bathtub Chandelier Ideas For A Dreamy Oasis

Covert your bathroom into a luxurious sanctuary with our curated collection of 40 gorgeous bathtub chandelier ideas. 

Chandeliers provide a soft and inviting light that can create a relaxing ambiance in the bathroom. This warm and diffused light can be charming for unwinding in a spa-like bath or getting ready for a special event. A well-chosen chandelier can act as a captivating focal point in the bathroom, drawing attention to its design and creating a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Whether you seek a romantic escape or a spa-like retreat, these bathtub chandelier ideas will illuminate your path to ultimate tranquility.

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1. Crystal Bathroom Chandelier Over Tub

Image by lisapriceinteriors

Crystal chandeliers exude timeless elegance and sophistication. Suspended above your tub, they create a captivating focal point that instantly elevates the entire bathroom’s ambiance.

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2. Luxurious Master Bathroom Chandelier Over Tub

Image by inspirationbyblanca

A chandelier in a master bathroom is more than just a lighting fixture; it is a statement of luxury and style. It brings a touch of grandeur and drama to the room, instantly setting the tone for relaxation and indulgence. The soft, warm glow of the chandelier’s light complements the tranquil ambiance of a bath, creating an atmosphere that is perfect for unwinding after a long day.

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3. Pearl Lighting Over Bathtub

Image by thehannahgroup

Pearl lighting is a design concept that incorporates the lustrous, pearly sheen into your bathroom’s lighting fixtures. It’s a fantastic way to infuse a touch of elegance and sophistication into your bathing space. And when you install it over your bathtub, the result is nothing short of enchanting.

4. Small Bathroom Chandelier

Image by inspirationbyblanca

Small bathrooms require clever space utilization, and a compact chandelier fits the bill perfectly. It adds a touch of luxury without overwhelming the room, leaving you with valuable wall and floor space for other essentials.

5. Gold And Crystal Bathroom Chandelier

Image by marthadaytondesign

Gold and crystal chandeliers are the epitome of luxury. The rich, warm tones of gold add a sense of grandeur to your space. At the same time, the crystals catch and refract light, creating a mesmerizing display that bathes your bathroom in a soft, inviting glow.

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Expert tip by TCH: While a chandelier adds elegance and ambiance, don’t rely on it as the sole light source in your bathroom. Incorporate layered lighting by combining the chandelier with wall sconces, vanity lights, or recessed fixtures. This allows you to create various lighting levels for different tasks and moods, making your bathroom beautiful and functional.

6. Black Bathroom Chandelier Ideas

Image by sbkliving

Black chandeliers exude a sense of sleekness and modernity. They contrast sharply against the typically light and neutral colors found in bathrooms, creating a striking visual impact. Whether your bathroom design leans towards contemporary, industrial, or even classic, a black chandelier can find its place and enhance the overall aesthetics.

7. Gold Accent Bathroom With Crystal Chandelier

Image by inspirationbyblanca

The key to a successful gold-accented bathroom with a crystal chandelier is balance. While these elements are undeniably luxurious, ensuring they harmonize with your overall bathroom design is crucial. Consider your chandelier’s size and style, ensuring it complements the space rather than overwhelms it.

8. White Feather Light Fixture As Bathroom Light

Image by hydrosystems

The White Feather Light Fixture is a masterful creation that casts a soft, warm glow reminiscent of the gentle embrace of natural light. The delicate feathers, typically made from ostrich or goose feathers, create a dreamy, almost otherworldly ambiance. 

9. Woven Basket Chandelier Adds Bathroom Decor

Image by themoderncottageclt

Woven basket chandeliers effortlessly blend rustic charm with a touch of elegance. The basket’s intricate weave patterns and warm, earthy tones evoke a sense of natural beauty, bringing a cozy, cottage-like vibe to your bathroom.

10. Brass Hanging Pedant Light Bathroom Design

Image by peppertreeliving

Brass pendant lights exude elegance and sophistication. Their warm, golden tones can instantly transform your bathroom from a functional space into a luxurious retreat. It’s a small change that makes a big impact.

11. Minimalist Bathtub With Elegance Silver Chandelier

Image by theclevergoose

Silver chandeliers exude timeless elegance. Their metallic finish adds a touch of glamour to any space. In a minimalist bathroom, they become the focal point of the room. The silver chandelier complements the simplicity of the bathtub, creating a stunning visual contrast that’s both captivating and harmonious.

12. Bathroom Lighting Ideas For White Bathroom

Image by visualcomforteu’

A bathroom chandelier is the epitome of luxury and elegance. Its presence adds a touch of luxury and converts an ordinary bathroom into a spa-like retreat. The shimmering crystals and intricate designs of chandeliers create a dazzling focal point, elevating the overall aesthetics.

13. Clear Glass Bathroom Light Fixture Over Bathtub

Image by homziedesigns

The chandelier over the tub serves as a captivating focal point. Its sparkling crystals or intricate design draw the eye, making the bathtub area the bathroom’s centerpiece. Whether you choose a modern, minimalist chandelier or a classic, ornate one, it becomes a conversation piece, adding character and personality to your space.

14. Beige Beads Chandelier For High Ceilings 

Image by 40acre_hillstop_homestead

A beige bead chandelier combines elegance with simplicity. Its neutral color palette and the natural texture of wooden beads create a striking contrast against the vast backdrop of a high ceiling. It’s a design choice that speaks volumes without being overly ornate.

15. Rustic Golden Candle Chandelier 

Image by dcotadesign

Incorporating a chandelier in the bathroom allows homeowners to make a unique design statement. It’s an unexpected choice that immediately catches the eye and will set the tone for the entire space, showcasing the homeowner’s flair for creativity.

Expert tip by TCH: Bathrooms are high-humidity environments, so selecting a chandelier made from moisture-resistant materials is essential. Look for fixtures with sealed or waterproof components to ensure longevity and safety. This consideration will help prevent damage and ensure your chandelier remains as stunning as the day it was installed.

16. Small Bathroom With Silver Chandelier

Image by nataliadigangi

When you think of chandeliers, grand ballrooms, or sprawling dining rooms, it may come to mind. But don’t underestimate the impact of a silver chandelier in a small bathroom. It’s a design choice that defies expectations and invites elegance into even the most modest spaces.

17. Modern Gold Lighting Ideas For White Bathroom

Image by herabathroom

Gold lighting fixtures effortlessly infuse your white bathroom with contemporary elegance. Their sleek and chic designs complement the simplicity of white decor while adding a luxurious flair. Whether you opt for a gold pendant, sconces, or a chandelier, these fixtures instantly become focal points, elevating your bathroom’s style.

18. Luxurious Warm Light Fixture Over Bathtub Near Window

Image by bathrooms_of_insta

When selecting a chandelier for your master bathroom, size matters. It should be proportionate to the size of your tub and the space it occupies. An oversized chandelier may overwhelm the room, while one that’s too small might not make the impact you desire. Finding the perfect balance ensures that it enhances the overall aesthetic without overpowering it.

19. Contemporary Bathroom With Chandelier

Image by to_mimishousewego

The refractive qualities of chandelier crystals can enhance the play of natural light in the bathroom. During the day, sunlight interacts with the crystals, creating prismatic reflections that dance across the walls, adding a captivating dimension to the room.

20. Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom With Mid-Century Chandelier

Image by northernironcanada

A bathroom chandelier can contribute to a spa-like ambiance, ideal for relaxation and self-care. The soft, warm glow of the chandelier’s lights creates a tranquil atmosphere that complements soothing baths and indulgent grooming routines.

21. White Modern Chandelier For Modern Bathroom

Image by sullivaninteriordesign

Chandelier crystals have a remarkable way of interacting with light. During the day, natural light dances through the crystals, creating prismatic reflections that dance across the walls. At night, the chandelier’s illumination is softened and diffused, casting a warm and inviting glow perfect for a soothing bath or a leisurely soak.

22. Crystal Mini Chandelier

Image by oliver.designs

Mini chandeliers are the perfect solution for rooms with limited ceiling height or smaller spaces. They offer all the grandeur of a traditional chandelier in a compact size, making them versatile for various settings.

23. Chandelier Over Freestanding Tub

Image by bathrooms_of_insta

Chandeliers come in various finishes and crystal colors, allowing homeowners to integrate them seamlessly into the bathroom’s color palette. This ensures that the chandelier becomes an integral part of the overall design rather than a mere accessory.

24. Bead Chandelier Over White Tub

Image by catherinehorgan

Bathing is not just about cleansing the body; it’s about rejuvenating the soul. With a beaded chandelier casting its warm, gentle glow, your relaxation time takes on a new dimension. The soft, ambient light creates a soothing atmosphere, turning your bath into a luxurious spa-like experience.

25. Modern Black Bathtub With Gold Chandelier

Image by frescointeriordesigngroup

A modern black bathtub is a bold departure from traditional white porcelain fixtures. Its sleek lines, deep hue, and minimalist design speak volumes about contemporary luxury. These bathtubs often come in various materials, such as acrylic, stone, or composite, allowing homeowners to choose the perfect texture and finish to match their aesthetic preferences.

26. Sleek Black Chandelier For Hexagon Tile Bathroom

Image by red_river_lighting

Hexagon tiles are a timeless classic that has returned to contemporary bathroom designs. Their unique shape adds visual interest and depth to your space, making them perfect for creating a stunning backdrop.

27. Gold Sphere Chandelier For White Bathroom With Vanity

Image by deco_di_orsaria

The contrast between the radiant gold and pristine white creates a visually striking effect. The chandelier becomes the room’s centerpiece, drawing the eye and making a bold statement.

28. Grey Bathroom With Silver Chandelier

Image by kira_turner

Grey is a color that can create a sense of calm and serenity in any room. In the bathroom, it’s no different. A grey color palette can evoke tranquility and luxury, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a spa-like atmosphere.

29. Black Pendant Lighting Ideas

Image by adoreluxedesign

Black pendant lights contrast sharply against lighter backgrounds, such as white ceilings or neutral walls. This juxtaposition draws the eye and highlights the fixture’s unique design, making it an instant conversation starter.

30. Pink Quartz Accent Wall Bathroom With White Beads Chandelier

Image by blithdesigns

Imagine stepping into a bathroom adorned with a Pink Quartz Accent Wall. Its gentle, rosy hue exudes warmth and tranquility, instantly setting the mood for relaxation and self-care. The natural patterns in the quartz add depth and texture, making this wall a piece of art.

Expert tip by TCH: When choosing a bathroom chandelier, carefully consider the size and proportion of the fixture in relation to your bathroom space. A chandelier that’s too small can get lost in a large bathroom, while one that’s too large may overwhelm a smaller space. Striking the right balance ensures that the chandelier enhances the room’s aesthetics without dominating it.

31. Black Vanities Bathroom With Chandelier

Image by rachaelelisedesign

One of the most appealing aspects of this pairing is the contrast it offers. The rich, dark hue of the vanity contrasts beautifully with the radiant glow of the chandelier. This dynamic interplay of light and dark adds a sense of balance and intrigue to the bathroom, making it feel inviting and luxurious.

32. Crystal Bathroom Chandelier For White Bathroom

Image by savohouselightiing_

Custom-made bathroom chandeliers offer endless possibilities for tailoring the fixture to the bathroom’s design theme. Designers can collaborate with artisans to create chandeliers that perfectly match the homeowner’s vision and requirements.

33. White Chandelier Over Stone Bathtub

Image by kathykuohome

While bathroom chandeliers are a stunning addition, they require proper maintenance. Cleaning and dusting of crystals and fixtures are necessary to maintain their brilliance. Homeowners should factor in the maintenance aspect when considering a bathroom chandelier.

34. Floral Tiles For White Bathroom

Image by elizabeth.krueger.design

In larger bathrooms, chandeliers can be used strategically to emphasize architectural details. Placing a chandelier above a freestanding bathtub or at the center of a high-ceiling bathroom draws attention to these architectural features, adding depth and grandeur.

35. White Shiplap Wall Bathroom With Black Chandelier

Image by myfloridafarmhouse

White shiplap walls have become synonymous with a clean, fresh, and coastal-inspired aesthetic. This type of wall treatment not only adds a sense of texture and dimension and brightens up the space, making it feel airy and inviting. It’s a versatile backdrop that complements various design styles, from farmhouse chic to modern minimalism.

36. Brass Bathtub With Pearl Chandelier Above

Image by vivianferne

The combination of a brass bathtub and a pearl chandelier is all about creating a spa-like retreat within your home. It’s a space to unwind, de-stress, and pamper yourself. The chandelier’s soft glow adds to the soothing atmosphere, indulging your bathing experience.

37. Dark Grey Bathroom With Sphere Golden Chandelier

Image by taylorsdallas

When selecting a bathroom chandelier, it’s essential to consider the size of the space. An appropriately sized chandelier complements the room’s proportions and doesn’t overwhelm or underwhelm the design.

38. Unique White Ambient Light Chandelier 

Image by ilitelighting.canada

White ambient light chandeliers exude timeless elegance and versatility. Their clean and neutral color palette effortlessly complements any interior style, whether it’s contemporary, classic, or eclectic.

39. Silver Chandelier Over White Bathtub

Image by inspirationbyblanca

Chandeliers are available in a wide range of traditional and modern styles, making them suitable for various bathroom aesthetics. The choice of style can reinforce the overall design theme, whether it’s classic, contemporary, or eclectic.

40. Black And Gold Chandelier For White Bathroom

Image by corbettlighting

Black and gold are timeless and versatile color choices that never go out of style. They exude an air of luxury and refinement that transcends trends, ensuring your bathroom remains chic for years.


Can you put chandeliers in a bathroom? 

Yes, you can put chandeliers in a bathroom. Bathroom chandeliers are a luxurious and stylish choice that can enhance the overall aesthetics of the space.

Where should a bathroom chandelier be placed? 

A bathroom chandelier should be placed in a central and well-ventilated area, typically above a bathtub or in the center of the room. It should be positioned to provide balanced lighting and act as a focal point.

What size chandelier should go over a bathtub? 

The size of the chandelier over a bathtub depends on the dimensions of the bathtub and the overall bathroom space. As a general guideline, the chandelier’s diameter should be 1/2 to 2/3rd the width of the bathtub. This ensures it complements the space without overwhelming it.

How low should a bathroom chandelier hang? 

The height a bathroom chandelier should hang depending on the ceiling height and personal preference. It’s recommended to leave 7 feet of clearance from the floor to the bottom of the chandelier. However, in rooms with higher ceilings, the chandelier can hang lower for a more dramatic effect, as long as it doesn’t obstruct movement or views.

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