20 Brilliant August Monthly Cover Ideas For 2023

If you are looking for some interesting concepts for your August monthly cover page, then you have reached your destination!

Here you will find something or the other that will suit your style. Start your August on a positive note with these August monthly cover ideas. 

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1. Adventurous August

August 2021 Cover Theme

Source : bujotirza

This monochromatic August monthly cover is so refreshing. I love the simplicity and the uniqueness of this one. This one is a pictorial depiction of mountains calling. I love how on the left she has included a quote that will tempt you to go on an adventure right now!

2. Koi Fish August Monthly Cover

Koi Fish August Month Cover

Source : bea.drawings

I love this simple koi fish August monthly cover. She has used only two shades of orange to create this beautiful layout. This one is super classy and chic.

3. Back to School August Monthly Cover

Source : toastyjournals 

This one has stationery, flower, and school theme. If you ask me, I will say this one is just a perfect combination of colors and aestheticism. I love how she has used yellow predominantly, some blue, and a hint of pink! 

4. Succulent August Monthly Cover

Succulents Theme August Month Cover

Source : max_cyphers

If you have planned to have a succulent theme for your August bujo, then this one is perfect for the August monthly cover! The best part is you don’t have to be too artistic to recreate this cover page. You will need a beautiful succulent picture, some washi tapes, and some colored pens.

5. Twinkle Star Monthly Cover

August Month Cover

Source : starfruitkelli

I love this kind of simple monthly cover idea. It is super easy to make and fun to look at! She has used a yellow and blue combine to make this beautiful August monthly cover. My favorite part about this layout is definitely the mini calendar.

6. Scrapbook Monthly Cover

August Month Cover

Source : vanebujo

Are you a fan of scrapbooks? Because I am! And I love how this August monthly cover has turned out. This one is effortless and aesthetically pleasing. If you are scared of doodling, then this one is a beautiful solution for you!

7. Travel On Monthly Cover

Air Balloon Theme August Month Cover

Source : andysplans

Traveling is out of the equation in this pandemic world, so why not use it as a theme for your August monthly cover?! I love how scenic this cover page has turned out. It is colorful, fun, and beautiful. The color blending game in this one is super cool.

8. Coral Life

Coral Theme August Month Cover

Source : cynthiabujo

This one is a perfect example of what you can do if you aren’t a skilled artist. In other words, this one is perfect for me! She has used printed paper cutouts to create this beautiful pastel August monthly cover. 

9. Hot Air Balloon August Monthly Cover

Source : journalsbyclara

I love hot air balloons! They are so romantic, and this one here looks like a scene from a rom-com movie. This one is a simple layout, and the doodle work is super adorable.

10. Celestial Garden

Celestial Theme August Month Cover

Source : graces.clouds

Have you ever lied under the stars and checked out constellations? As a kid, it used to be my favorite thing during the summers. And this August monthly cover makes me nostalgic. I love how she has depicted the celestial garden; it is very scenic and quaint.

11. The Cherry on the Top

Cherry Theme August Month Cover

Source : calligraphy_by_esha

Cherries and summer go hand in hand. And this one is just perfect for your August monthly cover. This one is a combination of doodle and picture. On the right side, she has used a beautiful printout; and on the left, she has drawn bright red cherries. She has also included a mini monthly calendar to complete the look.

12. Lemon-themed August Monthly Cover

Lemon Theme August Month Cover

Source : hannahruth.bujo

This one has to be my favorite ones on this list of August monthly cover ideas! It is cuteness overloaded! I love the little summer doodles; they are easy and fun. And on the left, she has drawn a refreshing jar of lemonade. Honestly, I am a big fan of using quotes in bujo pages; they keep me inspired and motivated. Check out some ideas for a lemon theme bullet journal- How To Create A Bullet Journal Lemon Theme?

13. Succulent and Cacti Monthly Cover

Cactus Theme August Month Cover

Source : bujobyabby

A succulent-themed August monthly cover is a fantastic choice for the summer season. And this one surely will flatter your eyes. It is easy to make and fun to look at! Moreover, the calendar fits in perfectly, and let’s not forget the beautiful lettering style! If you want some ideas for a succulent doodle art then check out 20+ Succulent Drawings & Cactus Doodles For Your Bujo.

14. Cute Desk Monthly Cover

Source : pens.plans.letters

I think we all can relate to this scene. Being stuck at home in this pandemonium world, a desk is where it all happens; from shopping to school to office work to greeting friends. So, when I saw this August monthly cover page, I couldn’t think of anything else more appropriate than this one! I love the colors used in this; they are bright and popping. But the best thing about this layout is the subtlety with which she has included the calendar and the quote! It is marvelous!

15. Solitude is Bliss

Source : amandarachleerecreations

This August monthly cover is too close to my heart. I love how simple yet meaningful this one has turned out. It is a simple black and white layout. She has painted a story of a solitary girl in the countryside in this one. With a minimal hint of colors, this one is a true beauty.

16. Webpage

Source : bujowithsarahh

This one is a non-traditional August monthly cover page. I love the way she has used the pink palette on this cover page. The idea is original and abstract. She has used a computer-based theme and has thrown in shades of pink to add a fun angle. This cover page also has a mini-calendar. Think out of the box with this August monthly cover page.

17. Theme Park Monthly Cover

August Month Cover

Source : books.bujo.bakes

This August monthly cover is super unique. I love how artistically she has used washi tapes and pictures to make this layout. If you are a lover of Pantone colors, then this one will be your true love. And the quote that she has used is so thought evoking. 

18. Balloon in the Air

Balloon Theme August Month Cover

Source : ghadaaltawel

If you are looking for something simple, then this is a good option. I love how playful this August monthly cover page looks. She has added colorful balloons and a monthly calendar too.

19. Abstract August Monthly Cover

August Month Cover

Source : createwithcarolina

I love how random this August monthly cover looks. This is a great solution for people who want to stay away from doodling and drawings. She has used pictures of random things to make this cover page. I love the aesthetic game in this one. 

20. Musical Monthly Cover

August Month Cover

Source : bujowithclytie

If you are looking for something unique, then this can be your style. She has kept things simple and innovative. With the music notes, this August monthly cover is truly a one-of-a-kind cover page. She has also added galaxy colors and washi tapes to give this cover page a richer character. 

There you go, people. We have explored a wide variety of options for your August monthly cover page. These ideas will certainly spark your inner creativity. Let us know your favorite in the comment section below. Happy journaling, people! 

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