25 Dramatic And Colorful Painted Fireplace Ideas You Will Love

Painted fireplaces offer a striking way to refresh your living space without the need for extensive renovations. By applying a new color to the brick, stone, or surround, homeowners can transform a traditional fireplace into a modern centerpiece or a subtle accent that complements the room’s décor.

Choosing the right color and technique is crucial for a painted fireplace, as it can either brighten the room or provide a dramatic focal point. Whether opting for a sleek, minimalist white, a bold black, or vibrant hues, painted fireplaces can enhance the overall ambiance and reflect personal style effectively.

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1. Rainbow Masonry: Colorize Your Hearth

Rainbow Masonry: Colorize Your Hearth

Image by ​​spanglelandia

Ignite your space with a burst of color; this painted fireplace idea uses vivid rainbow bricks. Each hue transitions smoothly to the next, creating a playful focal point. It’s a creative way to blend art and warmth in your living room. Perfect for those seeking a cheerful, lively ambiance at home.

2. Winter Whisper: A Seasonal Serenade

Winter Whisper: A Seasonal Serenade

Image by momma_vintage

Embrace the holiday spirit with a snowy white-painted fireplace. It becomes the stage for festive decor, transitioning from just warm to inviting. Cozy stockings and twinkling trees add charm, turning your hearth into a yuletide treasure. Ideal for those looking to celebrate the season in style.

3. Autumn Elegance: Harvest Warmth

Autumn Elegance: Harvest Warmth

Image by houseonhideaway

Celebrate autumn’s allure with an elegantly painted white fireplace, a canvas for seasonal decor. Bat-adorned walls transition to the hearth, where pumpkins and fall foliage reign. It’s a whimsical yet sophisticated take for Halloween enthusiasts. Perfect for a charming, festive touch to any living space.

4. Rustic Tranquility: Stone Charm

Rustic Tranquility: Stone Charm

Image by harbourhomeinteriors

Transform your fireplace into a tranquil retreat with natural stone paintwork. The serene white stones seamlessly transition into a modern home, providing a rustic yet refined charm. Complemented by simple decor, it’s ideal for a peaceful, grounding atmosphere. This style is perfect for those seeking a touch of nature indoors.

5. Bold and Beautiful: Pop of Fuchsia

Bold and Beautiful: Pop of Fuchsia

Image by andthentomorrow

Dare to be bold with a striking fuchsia-painted fireplace, ensuring it’s the star of your room. It’s a vibrant transition from ordinary to extraordinary, inviting a lively atmosphere. Paired with a detailed tile interior, this idea is for those craving a statement piece in their living space. A brilliant choice to inject personality and vibrance.

6. Contemporary Chic: Sleek Slate

Image by danslelakehouse

Elevate a modern aesthetic with a slate gray painted fireplace; it’s sophistication personified. This design transitions your hearth into a sleek centerpiece. Minimalist decor enhances its contemporary appeal, making it ideal for those with a modern, understated taste.

Expert tip by TCH –

“A painted fireplace can transform a room from bland to bold. I’ve found that using a high-heat, durable paint in a striking color like navy blue or forest green adds a modern touch to traditional brick fireplaces. It’s amazing how a simple coat of paint can make the fireplace the focal point of the room.”

7. Vintage Vogue: Pastel Perfection

Image by theinterioreditor

Step back in time with a pastel pink painted fireplace, oozing vintage charm. Black accents transition into antique elegance, providing a quirky yet classic look. This painted fireplace idea is perfect for those who fancy a nostalgic ambiance with a fresh twist. A delightful nod to past eras with a modern flair.

8. Cool Serenity: Aquamarine Dreams

Image by theinterioreditor

Create a serene sanctuary with an aquamarine painted fireplace, evoking calm sea breezes. This shade transitions smoothly against the neutral walls, enhancing the room’s tranquility. Ideal for those seeking a peaceful retreat with a splash of color. It’s a soothing backdrop for relaxation and contemplation.

9. Sunshine Statement: Cheerful Yellow

Image by homestylemaguk

Illuminate your room with a sunny yellow painted fireplace, brightening up any space. This vibrant transition adds a pop of joy to a cozy corner, inviting smiles and warmth. It’s an upbeat choice for those looking to inject happiness and light into their home decor. A happy hearth for a happy home.

10. Bedroom Blues: Serene Slumber

Image by worthing_renovation

A dreamy blue painted fireplace in the bedroom offers a tranquil escape. The cool tones transition the hearth into a restful focal point. It’s a perfect match for crisp linens and soft lighting, ideal for those seeking a calming bedroom retreat. A serene space for peaceful nights and restful days.

11. Timeless Teal: Classic Elegance

Image by theginghamcottage

A teal painted fireplace anchors the room with its timeless elegance. The rich color transitions from traditional to contemporary, blending with the festive decor. It’s a versatile choice that complements every season, perfect for those who appreciate both heritage and modernity. A statement piece that transcends trends.

12. Modern Monochrome: Bold Black

Image by starlinghomesnw

Embrace a modern monochrome look with a deep black painted fireplace. This bold transition against white walls offers a dramatic, chic statement. Perfect for minimalist lovers and those who appreciate a clean, striking design. A sophisticated choice for a stylish, contemporary home.

Expert tip by TCH –

“When I decided to paint my fireplace, I went with a matte black finish. It added a sleek, contemporary feel to my living space. The process was straightforward, but prepping the surface by cleaning and priming it well was key to achieving a smooth, long-lasting finish.”

13. Nature’s Embrace: Forest Green

Image by three.arrows.home

Introduce a touch of the great outdoors with a forest green painted fireplace. This natural hue transitions seamlessly into any space, surrounded by indoor greenery. Ideal for those who desire to bring nature’s tranquility inside. A perfect blend of cozy comfort and organic elegance.

14. Holiday Heritage: Victorian Blue

Image by s.e.w.athome

A Victorian blue painted fireplace sets the stage for holiday cheer, adorned with festive greenery. This classic color transitions from historical elegance to holiday joy. Ideal for those wishing to celebrate traditions with a sophisticated touch. A merry mantle for joyful gatherings and timeless memories.

15. Eclectic Elegance: Chinoiserie Chic

Image by zigandcompany


An eye-catching turquoise fireplace creates a lively contrast against white brick. Accented with classic blue and white chinoiserie vases, this design transitions from simple to stunning. Ideal for those who adore an eclectic mix with cultural flair. A colorful mantle for a vibrant and stylish abode.

16. Simplistic Charm: Classic White

Image by momma_vintage

A classic white painted fireplace offers a clean and simplistic charm. This timeless look transitions smoothly with various decor styles, embodying the mantra “live simply”. Ideal for those seeking a peaceful and uncluttered space. A serene and welcoming hearth for all.

Expert tip by TCH –

“One of my favorite projects was transforming an old, worn-out fireplace with a fresh coat of white paint. It brightened up the entire room and gave it a clean, Scandinavian look. I recommend using a semi-gloss paint for easy cleaning and a bit of shine.”

17. Organic Oasis: Garden Green

Image by cottageandcoffee

Step into an organic oasis with a garden green painted fireplace. This earthy tone transitions the hearth into a natural sanctuary. Perfect for plant lovers and those seeking an indoor garden vibe. A refreshing touch to relax and rejuvenate.

18. Noir Nuance: Elegant Black

Image by 4009_decorates

A noir fireplace adds a touch of sophistication with its elegant black bricks. This bold choice transitions beautifully into a curated collection of brass and wood tones. Ideal for a refined look with a hint of bohemian chic. A fireplace that’s both a warm focal point and a conversation starter.

19. Floral Fancy: Blush Beauty

Image by thegarthhome


A blush-toned fireplace brings a soft, romantic touch to the room. It transitions effortlessly against a floral wallpaper backdrop, echoing a classic English garden. Perfect for adding a quaint, charming atmosphere to any space. A delightful choice for those who love a bit of floral whimsy.

20. Cozy Contrast: Whitewashed Warmth

Image by millcityinteriors

A whitewashed fireplace against dark accents creates a cozy contrast. The textured bricks transition smoothly into a charming space with rustic touches. It’s perfect for those who love a warm, inviting atmosphere with a hint of modern country style. A welcoming hearth for year-round enjoyment.

21. Subtle Sophistication: Dusty Rose

Image by meghancarterdesign

A dusty rose painted fireplace offers a touch of understated elegance. This muted tone beautifully transitions against a neutral room palette. Ideal for a subtle yet sophisticated design aesthetic. A calming and chic addition to any living space, perfect for minimalist decor enthusiasts.

22. Bohemian Rhapsody: Olive Allure

Image by myvictorianhouselove

An olive green wall provides a rich backdrop to a classic black fireplace. This look transitions from eclectic to cozy, with vintage and bohemian elements. It’s an inviting blend for those who love a space with character and plants. A boho-chic haven for laid-back living and leisure.

Expert tip by TCH –

“Incorporating a painted fireplace into your design can create a striking contrast, especially in rooms with neutral tones. I’ve designed spaces where we used colors like charcoal grey and deep teal on the fireplace, adding depth and character to the room. It’s a cost-effective way to make a big impact.”

23. Pastel Playhouse: Whimsical Warmth

Image by homestylemaguk

A playful pastel pink fireplace complements a whimsical room. The ornate details transition from classic to contemporary with modern decorative accents. It’s a fanciful choice for those who love a blend of artistry and fun. A charming nook that radiates creativity and warmth.

24. Terracotta Tranquility: Earthy Elegance

Image by overdale_house

A terracotta painted fireplace brings earthy elegance to the room. This rich, warm color transitions smoothly into a space filled with natural light and greenery. It’s an ideal choice for creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere with a touch of rustic charm. A serene backdrop for relaxed living and heartfelt conversations.

Expert tip by TCH –

“In my experience, the best results come from using a specialized fireplace paint that’s designed to withstand high temperatures. I’ve had clients who chose bold reds and even metallic finishes, which really stand out. It’s important to use painter’s tape to get crisp lines and protect surrounding areas.”

25. Lavender Luxury: Vintage Flair

Image by cotedefolk


A lavender painted fireplace infuses the space with vintage flair. This soft purple shade transitions beautifully with the floral upholstery and classic art. It’s an elegant choice for those who appreciate the charm of pastel palettes and antique touches. A graceful nook that whispers sophistication and style.


Q1: What types of paint are safe to use on a fireplace?

A1: It’s important to use heat-resistant paint for fireplaces, typically rated for temperatures up to at least 200 degrees Fahrenheit. High-temperature spray paints or latex paint specifically formulated for high heat applications are ideal.

Q2: Can I paint the interior of my fireplace?

A2: Yes, but you must use paint that can withstand extreme heat, such as heat-resistant epoxy paint. Never paint inside a working gas or wood-burning fireplace unless the product is intended for that use.

Q3: How do I prepare my fireplace for painting?

A3: Start by cleaning the surface thoroughly to remove soot, dust, and debris. If the surface is previously painted, scrape off any flaking paint. Use a trisodium phosphate (TSP) cleaner for best results. Ensure the fireplace is completely dry before applying primer or paint.

Q4: What are some popular color ideas for painting a fireplace?

A4: Neutral colors like whites, grays, and blacks are classic and blend easily with most decor. For a bold statement, consider vibrant colors like deep blue, green, or even red. Matte, gloss, and satin finishes can all work well depending on your room’s lighting and style.

Q5: Is it necessary to use a primer before painting a fireplace?

A5: Yes, using a primer helps in providing a smooth, even surface and enhances the durability and adhesion of the topcoat, especially on brick or stone surfaces.

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