35 Living Room Window Ideas To Enhance The Interiors

Welcome to a world of interior design possibilities with our 35 Living Room Window Ideas. 

One of the most significant benefits of living room windows is their abundant natural light. Sunlight is energy-efficient and makes spaces feel brighter, more inviting, and visually appealing. It can highlight the colors and also textures of your furniture and decor, creating a warm and vibrant atmosphere. Well-placed windows can establish a visual connection between your indoor and outdoor spaces. This connection can make your living room feel more expansive and create a seamless transition between the interior and exterior, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.

Discover how these window concepts can elevate your living space and truly enhance the interiors.

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1. Large Window Accent Wall Next To Fireplace In Living Room

Image by amystormandco

The large window accent wall floods your living space with abundant natural light. It’s like inviting the outdoors in, making your room feel more spacious, vibrant, and welcoming. This cascade of sunlight complements the cozy warmth of a fireplace, creating a harmonious balance.

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2. Tall Ceiling Living Room With Windows

Image by toddhillhomes

Tall ceilings offer a sense of grandeur and vertical space. Choose furnishings and decor that draw the eye upward to enhance this effect. Consider tall bookshelves, vertical artwork, or statement lighting fixtures accentuating the room’s height.

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3. Cozy Nook In Living Room Near Windows

Image by fantasticfrank

Comfort is paramount in your cozy nook. Opt for seating that’s not just visually appealing but also incredibly comfortable. Consider adding soft cushions, throws, and pillows to make it inviting.

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4. Living Room Windows With White Trim

Image by our1925home

Windows are not merely openings; they are design elements that should harmonize with the overall aesthetic of the living room. The window style, frame material, and treatment should align with the desired interior theme. For instance, sleek, minimalist windows with slim frames can complement a modern, minimalist interior, while ornate, floor-to-ceiling windows adorned with luxurious drapes can enhance a more traditional or opulent decor.

5. Black Accent Wall Living Room With Window 

Image by dutchguy84

A black accent wall exudes sophistication, drama, and a touch of mystery. It’s a daring choice that can transform a bland room into a striking, unforgettable space. But to avoid making your living room feel too closed-in or gloomy, pairing it with a well-placed window is crucial.

6. Christmas Decorated Living Room With Large Windows

Image by aob.renos

Living room windows can manipulate our perception of space. Strategically placed windows can make a room appear larger by extending sightlines to the outdoors. They can also create a sense of coziness and intimacy, particularly when framing scenic outdoor views or surrounding greenery.

7. Boho Living Room Windows With Beige Curtains

Image by kikiandbow

Beige is often associated with warmth and serenity. It creates an inviting and cozy atmosphere when used as curtain fabric for your living room windows. The soft, neutral tones of beige curtains harmonize effortlessly with many interior styles, from contemporary to traditional, making them a versatile choice.

Expert tip by TCH: If your living room window offers a picturesque view, make it a focal point of the room. Avoid obstructing the view with bulky furniture or heavy decor. Instead, arrange your seating to face the window and consider minimalist window dressings to frame and showcase the outside scenery, creating a seamless connection to nature from within your home.

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8. Blue And White Curtains For Black Frame Windows

Image by gordondufflinton

The dark, bold lines of black window frames create a striking contrast against the soft, calming hues of blue and white. This balance between dark and light can add visual interest to your living space.

9. Luxurious Living Room With Large Window And Candle Chandelier

Image by a_touch_by_rana

Windows offers opportunities for architectural statements. Unique window designs like bay windows, clerestory windows, or large corner windows can elevate the living room’s visual appeal. These distinctive features can become focal points, enhancing the room’s character and uniqueness.

10. Modern Fireplace With Windows On Both Sides

Image by 2modern

A modern fireplace flanked by windows on both sides strikes a delicate balance between the coziness of a traditional hearth and the openness of contemporary design. It marries the warmth of a roaring fire with the expansiveness of the outdoors, creating a living room that feels simultaneously snug and spacious.

11. White Frame Design Style Windows With Sheer White Linen Curtains

Image by theneutral_abode

White frame windows open natural light. They bounce sunlight around the room, making it appear brighter and more inviting. When you add sheer white curtains to the mix, you harness the power of diffused light. These curtains filter sunlight gently, casting a soft, warm glow that transforms your space into a haven of serenity.

12. Cozy Coffee Living Room Corner With Windows

Image by fabio fantolino

The functionality of living room windows make beyond aesthetics. They provide ventilation, enabling cross breezes and improved air quality. Additionally, some windows also can double as seating or storage areas, maximizing the utility of the living space.

13. Large Picture Window For A Traditional Living Room

Image by garrowkdesigns

Traditional living room design often emphasizes a connection to nature. A large picture window allows you to feel more in touch with the natural world, making your space feel harmonious and serene. You can complement this connection by incorporating indoor plants and natural materials in your decor.

14. Single Hung Windows With Patterend White Curtains

Image by bobvilla

Black windows create a striking contrast against light-colored walls, drawing the eye and adding a touch of drama to your living room. This contrast not only enhances the visual appeal but also highlights architectural details and the view beyond.

15. Big Living Room Windows With Tall Ceilings

Image by mountainpassivehouse 

As the name suggests, big windows allow abundant natural light to flood your living room. With tall ceilings, this light has even more room to play, bouncing off surfaces and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. It makes the room feel brighter and visually expands the space, making it feel more airy and open.

16. Large Windows For Living Room Sapce With Grey Couch

Image by thegoatabode

Large windows and a grey couch exude an understated elegance that will never go out of the style. This timeless combination offers a sophisticated backdrop for decor choices, from colorful accents to statement pieces.

17. Large Living Room Window With Black And White Curtains

Image by 3dayblinds

The design of living room single-hung windows must consider privacy and security concerns. Proper window treatments and technologies like smart glass can provide privacy while allowing ample natural light to penetrate.

Expert tip by TCH: The right window treatments can significantly impact your living room’s aesthetics and functionality. For a modern look, go for clean-lined blinds or shades, while classic drapes can add elegance and warmth. Ensure that your chosen treatments are easy to operate and can be adjusted to control light levels and privacy throughout the day.

18. Modern Living Room Windows With Grey Curtains And Couch

Image by homebydesign.nc

Living room sliding windows are integral to a space’s overall design and functionality. The windows have two sashes which are more than just openings in the walls; they are the gateways to nature, the conduits of light, and the canvas upon which an interior designer can create their masterpiece. 

19. Big Windows Living Room With Pink Ceiling

Image by fritzporterchs

Pink is often associated with warmth, playfulness, and a touch of sophistication. When used on the ceiling, it adds an unexpected element of surprise and charm. It can evoke coziness and make your living room feel more inviting. This isn’t your typical pink nursery; it’s a grown-up, chic take on color in interior design.

20. Large Windows In Living Room With Stone Accent Wall Fireplace

Image by toddhillhomes

With expansive windows, you’re not just inviting light but connecting with the outdoors. Imagine gazing at your garden or the changing seasons while curled by the fireplace. It’s a living painting that evolves with time, providing a sense of tranquility and continuity with nature.

21. Victorian Living Room Window Design

Image by garrowkdesigns

At the heart of every Victorian living room is a window that doesn’t just provide a view but tells a story. Victorian windows installed are often large and imposing, with intricate wooden frames that feature detailed carvings and stained glass. These windows are not just functional; they are art pieces in their own right, inviting light to dance into the room while framing the outside world like a living painting.

22. Farmhouse Living Room With Big Windows And Black Trim

Image by tracimarlowdesigns

Black trim around large living room window inspiration creates a stunning contrast against the surrounding walls, whether they are light or dark in color. This dramatic effect adds depth and visual interest to your living room, making it a unique space.

23. Living Room Picture Window Ideas With White Curtains

Image by sunbursthutters

The quality and quantity of natural light that living room double hung windows introduce can make or break the ambiance of a space. Large, well-placed window replacement can bathe the room in a soft, diffused glow, creating a sense of serenity and comfort. This is especially crucial in today’s world, where we often find ourselves surrounded by artificial lighting. 

24. Large Front Living Room Window

Image by happenings_of_our_farmhouse

Energy-efficient windows and doors are a sustainable design choice. They contribute to lower utility bills and reduce a house’s home’s carbon footprint. When discussing living room window options, it’s essential to consider factors like window insulation, Low-E coatings, and double glazing to ensure energy efficiency.

25. Living Room Picture Windows With Blue And Green Couches

Image by stylepebbles

Blue and green are tranquil, calming colors that evoke serenity and relaxation. By incorporating these hues into your seating, you’re setting the stage for a peaceful atmosphere perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Expert tip by TCH: Make the most of your living room bay and bow windows, prioritize natural light. Opt for larger windows or strategically position smaller ones to allow sunlight to flood the space. Consider light-colored window treatments that can diffuse light while maintaining privacy, creating an inviting and airy ambiance.

26. Living Room Windows Ideas With Black Patterend Curtains

Image by meghanbluminteriors

Black curtains exude a sense of drama and sophistication. When adorned with intricate patterns or textures, they elevate your living room’s aesthetic to a whole new level. The contrast between the dark hue and the patterns creates a captivating visual focal point.

27. Modern Living Room With Big Windows

Image by crateandbarrel

If your living room overlooks a picturesque landscape or a bustling cityscape, big transom windows frame these vistas like living pieces of art. They create a seamless indoor and outdoor connection, offering a constantly changing backdrop that adds depth and dynamism to your decor.

28. Living Room Window Ideas With Large Woven Basket Chandelier

Image by 2modern

The large woven basket chandelier adds a touch of rustic elegance to any living room. Its woven texture and earthy tones create a cozy, inviting atmosphere perfect for traditional and contemporary interiors. The contrast between the natural material and the warm glow of the lighting makes it a standout piece that captures attention.

29. Furniture In Front Of Windows In Living Area

Image by this1870house

Placing furniture in front of windows can be a clever way to make the most of natural light and transform your living room. When you position seating near a window, such as a sofa or a pair of armchairs, you create a cozy nook perfect for reading, enjoying a morning coffee, or simply basking in the sunlight.

30. Small Living Room With Pink And White Couch

Image by chelseadesignquarter

Pink and white are light and airy colors that can visually expand your living room. Opt for a white couch with pink accents with replacement window or vice versa to keep the room open and fresh.

31. Exposed Brick Fireplace Living Room With Windows

Image by happenings_of_our_farmhouse

Exposed brick styles for your living room exudes rustic charm that’s hard to replicate. The texture and earthy brick tones create a cozy, inviting atmosphere in your living room. It’s a nod to heritage and tradition that effortlessly merges with modern aesthetics.

32. Living Room Windows With Blue Blinds And Curtains

Image by katherinepooleyltd

Blue is associated with the feelings of calm, serenity, and tranquility. It’s a color that effortlessly evokes a sense of relaxation, making it an excellent choice for your window styles for your living.

33. Large Arch Shaped Best Window Styles In Living Room

Image by coastaldecor

Arch-shaped window sash is a design marvel that brings architectural sophistication to your living room. Their graceful curves and lines evoke a sense of classical beauty and refinement, making them the best choice for homes with a traditional or contemporary aesthetic.

34. Blue Ceiling Living Room With Windows

Image by _jaclynchristensendesign_

A blue ceiling mimics the open sky, creating a sense of spaciousness and airiness in your living room. When paired with well-placedbest window, it can give the impression that the ceiling extends infinitely, connecting your interior space to the outside world.

35. Black Windows For Large Living Room

Image by davidbaker_tsb

Despite their dark frames, black casement window don’t compromise on natural light. They can enhance the play of sunlight in your space, creating intriguing patterns and depth. The result is a living room that feels both airy and cozy.


What type of window is best for the living room? 

The best type of window for a living room largely depends on your preferences and the room’s design. Common options include large picture windows for maximizing natural light, bay or bow windows for creating a cozy seating area, or even sliding glass doors for a strong indoor-outdoor connection. The choice should align with your aesthetic and functional requirements.

What is the standard size of a living room window? 

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all standard for living room windows since their size varies considerably based on the room’s dimensions and design goals. However, standard sizes range from 3 feet by 5 feet for smaller windows to 6 feet by 6 feet or more significant for larger living spaces.

Should there be a window in the living room? 

Having a window in the living room is typically a good idea. Windows bring in natural light, improve ventilation, and provide views, all of which enhance the overall comfort and appeal of the living space. However, the size, style, and placement of the window should be considered to your room’s layout and privacy needs.

What do you put in front of a living room window? 

Depending on the window’s height and style, you can place various items in front of it. Common choices include seating arrangements like sofas or chairs, a stylish window seat, a low-profile coffee table, or decorative elements like indoor plants or artwork. The key is to balance aesthetics and functionality.

Where to put the TV in the living room with a bay window? 

Consider placing the TV on an adjacent wall when dealing with a bay window in your living room. Mounting it at eye level and positioning it to minimize glare from incoming light is essential for a comfortable viewing experience. You can complement this setup with seating that allows everyone in the room to enjoy TV content.

How to decorate a bay window in the living room? 

Decorating a bay window can be a delightful project. Start by adding comfortable seating like a cozy bench or cushioned chairs to create a reading nook or a cozy spot for conversation. Incorporate soft, layered window treatments like curtains or blinds to add warmth and privacy. Don’t forget to personalize the space with decorative pillows, throws, and perhaps a small table or bookshelf to complete the inviting atmosphere.

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