35 Brilliant Linear Fireplace Ideas For A Cozy Living Room

If you’re ready to turn your living room into a toasty retreat while keeping your design game strong, these 35 brilliant linear fireplace ideas have covered you. 

A linear fireplace can act as a stunning focal point in the room, drawing attention and becoming a central element that anchors the overall design. This can be particularly effective in living rooms, bedrooms, two rooms and other communal spaces.

So, without being too late, let’s dive into the article for some fantastic inspiration.

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1. Neutral Color Linear Fireplace Ideas

Image by _mera_studio_

Linear fireplaces have become a staple in modern interior design. Their sleek and minimalistic design allows them to seamlessly blend into various spaces, creating a focal point that’s both functional and aesthetic. The long lines of a linear fireplace can elongate a room and develop a sense of expansiveness, making it an excellent choice for contemporary and open-concept interiors.

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2. Shiplap Linear Fireplace With TV Above

Image by napoleonfireplace

Installing a linear fireplace with a TV mounted above is more than just functional—it’s a bold statement that instantly becomes the room’s focal point. This design optimizes space and encourages cozy moments with loved ones while watching your favorite shows or movies.

3. Black And White Linear Fireplace Surround Ideas With Bench On One Side

Image by ayeshausmandesign

A bench on one side of the fireplace adds a practical and cozy touch to your living area. It’s not just an aesthetic choice; it offers additional seating and invites relaxation by the fireside. Choose a complementary cushion color that ties into the entire color scheme for a cohesive look.

4. Black Linear Fireplace With Mantel And TV

Image by wainscottingarizona

Linear fireplaces offer a unique opportunity to introduce a touch of luxury and sophistication into your home. Their clean lines and ability to fit into tight spaces make them a versatile choice for urban apartments and larger homes. When designing around a linear fireplace, consider using materials that complement its modern aesthetic, such as sleek metals, glass, or polished stone.

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5. Wooden paneling With White Tiles Surround Linear Fireplace Wall Ideas

Image by fireclaytile

Blend the rustic elegance of wooden paneling with the crispness of white tiles to craft a modern rustic fusion. The warmth of the wood and the clean lines of the tiles create a visually appealing contrast that adds depth to your space. Choose a linear fireplace with minimalistic detailing to maintain the contemporary vibe.

Expert tips by TCH: Accessories can enhance the fireplace experience. Consider adding a mantel for visual interest or a TV mount above for multi-functional use. Additionally, prioritize safety features like temperature controls and childproof settings, especially for households with kids or pets.

6. Natural Stone Linear Fireplace Mantel

Image by samhornbuilding

One of the most captivating aspects of a natural stone linear fireplace mantel is its versatility. Each piece of natural stone is unique, boasting its intricate patterns and colors, which means your fireplace mantel is a unique masterpiece. 

7. Gray Gas Fireplace Ideas For Living Room

Image by michaelsmoriz

Elevate your living room to new heights of luxury by incorporating a gray gas fireplace with luxurious details. Consider using gray marble with subtle veining for the fireplace surround, with opulent textiles and metallic accents. Crystal chandeliers and plush velvet furnishings complete the lavish look.

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8. Wooden Accent Wall Linear Fireplace Designs

Image by brittocharette

A wooden accent wall with a built-in linear fireplace immediately becomes the focal point of any area. The elongated flames dancing along the linear fire draw the eye, making this combination an arresting visual element. Whether in a living room, bedroom or even a dining area, the wooden accent wall provides the perfect backdrop to showcase the fireplace’s contemporary allure.

9. Marble Accent Wall With Gold Accents Modern Linear Fireplace Ideas

Image by arh.int_eduard_natasoiu

When bringing these elements together, consider the balance between the three components. The marble accent wall, gold accents, and modern linear fireplace should harmonize to create a visually striking yet balanced environment. Choose complementary color palettes and textures that enhance each element’s presence without overwhelming the senses.

10. White Accent Wall Fireplace

Image by heatnglofireplaces

Simplicity often speaks volumes in design, and this combination nails it perfectly. The linear fireplace’s sleek lines harmonize with the white built-ins’ clean and organized aesthetic. Together, they create a seamless blend of contemporary design elements that exude elegance and sophistication.

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11. Blue Linear Fireplace With Shiplap

Image by three_plusme_

Fusing a linear fireplace with blue walls shiplap paneling is a design dream come true. The visited categories of clean lines of the linear fireplace are perfectly complemented by the rustic charm of shiplap, creating a harmonious blend of modern sophistication and coastal comfort. The result is an inviting and visually striking focal point that instantly elevates the aesthetics of any room.

12. Neutral Color Linear Fireplace

Image by regencyfire

The large windows in this living room play a crucial role in enhancing its atmosphere. Natural light floods the room, illuminating the neutral tones and making the space airy and open. The room’s centerpiece is the linear fireplace that stretches elegantly across one wall. Its minimalist design and clean lines perfectly complement the modern aesthetics of the space.

13. White Linear Fireplace With Hearth And Dark Wood Floor

Image by aspencreekdesignerhomes

The juxtaposition of a white linear fireplace against dark wood flooring is a study in contrast that elevates the room’s aesthetics. The stark white of the modern fireplace stands out beautifully against the deep, rich tones of the wood floor, creating a striking visual impact. This contrast adds depth and dimension to your space, making it more dynamic and engaging.

Expert tips by TCH: Look for linear fireplaces with high energy efficiency ratings. Gas models are often more efficient than wood-burning ones, offering controlled heat output. Opt for direct-vent options to maximize heating while minimizing heat loss, ensuring a cozy and cost-effective heating solution.

14. White Accent Wall Fireplace With Tall Windows On Both Sides

Image by southern.model

The symmetry of tall windows on either side of the fireplace invites natural light and frames the electric linear fireplace beautifully. This architectural choice enhances the room’s proportions, creating a sense of grandeur and balance. The vertical lines of the windows draw the eye upward, while making the room feel more spacious and airy.

15. White Shiplap Fireplace With Mirror Above It

Image by napoleon fireplace

Placing a mirror above the white shiplap fireplace is a stroke of design brilliance. The mirror not only visually expands the space, making it feel larger and more open, but it also captures and reflects the warm glow of the fire. The interplay of light and reflection adds an ethereal touch to your room, creating an enchanting atmosphere perfect for cozy evenings and vibrant gatherings.

16. Linear Fireplace Ideas With TV Above

Image by jenwidner

For modern living, maximizing space is critical. Integrating a linear fireplace with a TV optimizes your room’s layout. By placing these two elements together, you save valuable wall space that can be used for other design elements, furniture, or decor. This is particularly advantageous in smaller living areas or open-concept spaces where every square inch counts.

17. Grey Accent Wall Fireplace With Wooden Shelve On Top

Image by pinnacleinteriordesigns

Grey has emerged as a versatile and sophisticated color choice for interior design. Its neutral nature allows it to harmonize with various decor styles, while its cool undertones add a touch of modernity. By selecting a grey hue for your accent wall, you set the stage for a contemporary backdrop that’s both calming and visually appealing.

18. Wooden Accent Wall Fireplace With White Surroud

Image by napoleonfireplace

The white surround of the fireplace provides a stunning contrast to the wooden backdrop, offering a clean and modern frame that highlights the flames dancing within. This contrast not only emphasizes the fireplace as the focal point but also creates a serene ambiance.

19. White Built-In Fireplace With Bookshelf On One Side

Image by virginia.farmhouse.design

The pristine white hues of this built-in fireplace linear models and bookshelf duo create an air of sophistication and tranquility. The seamless integration of these two elements adds visual appeal and establishes a balanced and harmonious ambiance that’s inviting and chic.

20. White Fireplace With Large Planter On One And And Light Wood Floor

Image by lopi_fireplaces_au

A white standard fireplace stands as a timeless focal point, radiating elegance and sophistication. The pristine white hue enhances the feeling of space, while its clean lines, gas lines and minimalist design embrace a contemporary aesthetic. Set against a light wood floor, the fireplace’s stark contrast becomes even more pronounced, capturing attention and evoking a sense of modern luxury.

Expert tips by TCH: Proper proportion and placement are key. For larger rooms, opt for a longer linear fireplace to create balance. In smaller spaces, a narrower unit can prevent overwhelming the room. Also, position the fireplace at eye level for an optimal viewing experience and aesthetic impact.

21. Linear Gas Fireplace With TV Above

Image by nykie_designs

Linear fireplaces usually have a simple and minimalist design with fewer ornate details than traditional fireplaces. This clean and uncluttered appearance can create a sense of elegance and sophistication in the room.

22. Horizontal Fireplace With Wooden Floating Shelves On Both Sides

Image by dimplex_northamerica

Symmetry is a design principle that brings a sense of order and harmony to interiors. Placing wooden floating shelves on both sides of the horizontal fireplace achieves visual balance and provides a platform for creative expression. 

23. Wooden Paneling Wall With Fireplace

Image by cwwoodcraftusa

Even though linear fireplaces may not produce the same intense heat as some traditional fireplaces, they still provide a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The gentle modern flames and subtle warmth can create a soothing and comfortable environment.

24. Black Built-In Fireplace In White Wall

Image by virginia.farmhouse.project

The contrast between the black fireplace and white wall offers a versatile canvas for decor and styling. Whether you prefer minimalist decor or eclectic arrangements, the combination accommodates various design preferences. The neutral black-and-white foundation provides ample room to experiment with colors, textures, and furnishings, allowing you to express your unique style.

25. Stone Accent Wall Linear Fireplace With Mantel

Image by firerock_inc

A stone accent wall serves as the perfect backdrop for a linear fireplace. The natural texture and varying hues of the stones create a sense of depth and character, elevating the room’s overall ambiance. The sleek lines of the linear fireplace contrast beautifully with the rugged charm of the stone, resulting in a harmonious balance between modern elegance and timeless appeal.

26. Grey Tile Accent Wall Fireplace With Built-In Bench

Image by southernstudio

A grey tile accent wall fireplace commands attention, becoming the focal point that draws the eyes of anyone entering the space. Its captivating presence lends an air of luxury and refinement, transforming the room into a captivating visual experience. 

27. Marble Accent wall With Wooden Paneling On One Side For Fireplace

Image by mhmliving

The beauty of this design lies not only in its sumptuous materials but also in its ability to create a striking focal point. The marble and wood combo draws the gaze, making it an ideal setting for gathering with loved ones or indulging in moments of solitary reflection. Its timeless beauty ensures that your space remains a source of inspiration for years to come.

28. White Marble Tv Wall With Fireplace

Image by puritydesigns

A fireplace holds the enchanting ability to draw people together, creating a cozy and inviting ambiance. This focal point becomes even more captivating when integrated with a white marble TV wall. The linear design of the fireplace complements the sleek lines of the marble, creating a harmonious visual rhythm that’s pleasing to the eye.

Expert tips by TCH: When selecting a linear fireplace, consider the overall design of your space. Choose materials and finishes that harmonize with your existing decor, whether it’s modern, rustic, or transitional. The fireplace should enhance the room’s aesthetics while seamlessly integrating into the design.

29. White Shiplap Fireplace Decor

Image by dimplex_northamerica

White shiplap has long been adored for its ability to infuse interiors with a sense of classic beauty and casual sophistication. The horizontal paneling mimics the look of wooden planks used in old-fashioned barns and cottages, evoking feelings of comfort and nostalgia. Applying white paint to the shiplap gives you a light and airy feel that brightens up any room.

30. Grey Fireplace Accent Wall With Black Built-Ins On Both Sides

Image jenmarrie_interiors

The pairing of textures and materials further amplifies the impact of this design choice. Consider combining the smooth, matte finish of the grey accent wall with the sleek, reflective surfaces of the black built-ins. The interplay of these textures creates depth and visual interest, enhancing the room’s overall ambiance.

31. Beige Fireplace With TV On Top

Image by woodlanddirect

Beige, often associated with neutrality and warmth, lends a timeless elegance to any room. Opting for a beige fireplace sets the stage for a harmonious backdrop that complements various interior styles. 

32. White Brick Accent Wall For Living Room Fireplace

Image by designbeforebuild

If your style leans more toward modern minimalism, a white brick accent wall can complement your living room’s clean lines and simplicity. The neutral color palette of the white bricks provides a serene backdrop, allowing you to showcase furniture and decor without overwhelming the space.

33. Grey Built-In Fireplace

Image by dimplexnorthamerica

A grey built-in fireplace is more than just a design element; it’s a conversation starter, a cozy retreat, and a versatile addition to your home. By blending the charm of a fireplace with the practicality of storage, you’re creating a space that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient. 

34. Concrete Linear Fireplace

Image by lopi_fireplace_au

The allure of a concrete linear fireplace lies in its simplicity. The unadorned surface and straight definite lines bring a sense of purity and tranquility to any room. The material’s raw beauty is effortlessly captivating, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the beauty of understated elegance.

35. White Marble Tile Fireplace With Gold Wall Hanging

Image by ibbdesign

The key to making this combination work lies in balance. The white marble tile fireplace offers a clean and neutral foundation, while the gold wall hanging introduces an element of decadence. This dynamic pairing doesn’t overpower the space; instead, it finds harmony through contrast, creating a luxurious and inviting ambiance.


Are linear gas fireplaces worth it? 

Yes, linear fireplaces are worth it. They add modern elegance, save space, offer versatile placement, efficient heating, customization options, and easy installation. They become a focal point, require low maintenance, and provide safety with technological advancements, enhancing property value.

What are the benefits of a linear fireplace? 

Linear fireplaces offer sleek aesthetics, space-saving design, versatile placement, efficient heating, customization options, and easy installation. They become a focal point, require low maintenance, and provide safety with advanced technology. These benefits enhance property value and provide year-round enjoyment.

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